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The Vampire Diaries -- FIRST LOOK

The Vampire Diaries -- FIRST LOOK

Here are some first look pictures The Vampire Diaries, set to debut Fall 2009 on The CW.

Pictured left to right: Ian Somerhalder as Daman, Nina Dobrev as Elena, Paul Wesley as Stefan.

The show is based on LJ Smith‘s book series. Stefan is described as “gloriously, amazingly, epically beautiful young man” who is actually a 200-year-old vampire who has a strong connection with Elena. His brother Damon, the evil of the two, has also taken a liking to Elena.

The Vampire Diaries airs on Thursdays @ 8PM ET/PT (right before Supernatural).

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Photos: Kharen Hill/Alan Markfield/The CW
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  • bb

    cm’on people, you are fighting over VAMPIRES!, Twilight is great, but why not giving a shot for Vamp. D? seems pretty good to me, even though there were Vamp series time ago, the successs that Twilight has been may be considered a good reason for This Vamp D to appaer on tv….
    Just enjoy what you looove the most, dn’t take stuff personal!
    atte. rl

  • rp

    omggggg :o
    iM SOOO excitd! Vampire diaries is DA BEST.. i mean i love twilight and all but vampire diaries is just amazing!…its more vampiry! All those people who think they copied twilight….thats not true because vampire diaries are older then twilight although i think everyones loves this genre because twilight was sucha success! but thats just my opinion!
    Ok now about the cast!!!! OMG..why is elena not BLONDE? i mean shes pretty but shes meant to be STUNNING*…and popular and smart! wtf?
    Ok meant to be GLORIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL…wtf? paul wesley is gd looking and all but hes not stefen! stefen is meant to have long hair, green eyes and hot body :D
    IAN is the best choice for DAMON….hes the reason im gonna watch this 4 real! hes just perfect 4 da character!
    IM looking 4ward to this though…i think if they stick to the book…this will be a hit.
    x x x

  • rp

    I agree with you omg Kristin ruined bella 4 me too and the movie wasnt that amazing and yah hope new moons better:@ I love twilight books 2 and i only started reading vampire diaries because i liked the genre bcoz of twilight and i agree 2 hours is not enough 4 me either :@
    They are 5 books out for vampire diaries but theres more coming so there will be enough to satisfy any1 hu loves the genre! you should read them they are AMAZING…stefens a lot like edward :D i love the genre so i think this show will be soo cool! although i agree the cast isnt very amazing except IAN (wow) whos gonna play damon!
    but i will definetly watch this :D
    x x x

  • Cissamalfoy

    actually it was gonna be made into a tv show since the first book they justspent all this time doing casting you should know ur fact. and ttyl there have been eay more vampire movies besides twilight and all of those were actually good. you are just made b/c twilight is a crap series and this is way better b/c surprise surprise : IT HAS A PLOT!!!!!!

  • hatersbweare urgoingdown

    this is messed up people hating it was made before twilight but elena neeeds to be blonde!

  • The Vampire Diaries lover

    I can’t wait until this show begins!! All my other vampire shoes have been getting canceled. And btw, Smallville has not been canceled, it’s just been moved to Fridays. I love Smallville as well!!

  • The Vampire Diaries lover

    I can’t wait until this show begins!! All my other vampire shows* have been getting canceled. And btw, Smallville has not been canceled, it’s just been moved to Fridays. I love Smallville as well!!

  • shante

    omg wy does everybody compare twilight to every vampire book/show!? gosh twilight is not the first ever vampire book! i LOVE twilight to death but it annoys me wen ppl wants to compare something that has to do with vampires yeah we get it twilight is AMAZING but dnt compare it to another vampire book cuz it’s most likely different gosh dis show seems interesting especially sine nina(mia frm degrassi) is in =]

  • tyt

    well im not a hardcore fan a twilight but i do believe its a rip off i think any non twilight fan can see that, now dont take it the wrong way im sure vampire diarie are great book and i understand that they were out way before twilight books but my question to you is…

    Why are they making a show until now when it was out way way before like 8 or 10 yrs ago, am i correct?
    And were they so desperate to make it fast that they couldnt get a decent cast not even a character with the right haircolor??

  • kr

    Im a twilight fan but I also liked the vampire diaries. This series couldnt have been in the works since the first book came out in 1991, it doesnt take 18 years to cast for a television series. While maybe stephenie got some of her ideas from other vampire fiction(please we all know its true) it doesnt mean that this new series isnt riding the coat tails of this new vampire craze created by Twilight. Buffy was pretty popular, no ones denying that but it didnt have the same immense fandom or popularity that twilight does. That doesnt mean the movie adaption wasnt crappy(it was, luckily new moon looks better so far) but it was a smash hit as a book. Ive also read bram stokers Dracula and heard of ann rices Interview with a Vampire so ive been around these kind of novels before, and not one of these authors were the ones who made vampires up but that doesnt make them copycats. Some similarities between Twilight and The Vampire Diaries are: vampire-human romance(where the vampire is a guy), the both take place in small towns, love triangle, shape-shifting, set in high schools, older vamps, and crappy writing(extremely horrible in the vampire diaries), but really good plot lines and story ideas. So seriously people im just looking forward to this series despite everything everyone is saying, while hoping that it isnt as sappy and annoyingly gooshy as its book version. Everyone needs to stop comparing and let this show stand for itself apart from Twilight. Theres no need to get all upset over this series, its not that big of a deal. Although im kind of annoyed with the brunette elena, but ill get over it.

  • Vampireluver

    I’ll say Vampires have appeared in Books and Films 4 centuries and ppl throw hissy fits only now coz of Twilight..seriously who cares don’t get so worked up!!

  • lilyrose

    i agree with all u lj fans about the casting u think they could have screwed it up any worse. i might just watch the piolet just to get a good laugh. ok u twilight fans yes the books were ok and yes the movie was cool but the vampire diaries is what paved the way for ur twilight books. and from what i know of from lj’s site and fansites this was in the making long before ur glittering vampires even hit the big screen.

  • prabhjot

    aha twilight wannabe’s :P

  • Jessica

    Stop comparing this to Twlight, PLEASE. Vampire Diaries came out in 1992! WAYYYY Before Twilight came out. I actually love Twilight, but Twilight wasn’t the first Vampire story to come out, so stop comparing it to everything


    HELL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! cannot be canceled!! maybe they’re just movin’ the show to another day………really hope

  • Dean’s_ biatch

    OH MY!! i almost jump from my window when i first heard dat they were makin’ a show based on vampire diaries!! (i mean…..i was shocked i totally luv the idea) i luv the books and everything and of course loveeeeeeeeeee Ian somerhalder , and Paul (he doesn’t convince me yet ….i didn’t see him as Stefan but i’ll see) but come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn this girl Nina (i do not have nothing against her) i mean she’s not even a blond or has blue eyes as Elena is supposed to be!!!! dat was the momnt when i almost tried to jump of the window …….again!!! ok maybe their preformances are good ……anyway i’ll give it a shot =)

  • Caroline

    I certainly like all the actors who are playing, even though elena is originally blonde. I think their doing awfully good with the series. I mean come on people… some things have to be different. I mean take it down to detail…. on the first day of school elena wears this red shirt…. watch the trailer stupid…. the girl wears a red shirt. Nina has that quality about her that says she can definitly portray the character of Elena…. remember that saying people… dont judge a book by its cover. I know most of you think of Elena by the girl on the cover. Think again! In some parts of our minds we think of many different versions of elena. Sometimes the girl on the cover, sometimes that fraction in our imagination that keeps constanly changing each body feature that we think goes along with the type of expression shed be wearing. But just be thankful of Nina’s acting and the getting into character if you put it. Nina will play a great Elena. The only thing im dissapointed in is the fact that they only have bonnie. But I like that the director put both the characters into one. Bonnie has that gaurded yet fun positive side to her. Like how she was saying how kickass their year will be. It felt like she was kinda judging wether to use that phrase or not. Gaurded. Yet positive and goaled that will happen. But then at the end of the trailer she gives you that spider crawling feeling. Even though she looks nothing like either characters I like the directors pick. Most shows dont really add a black or native person as a main character. I like the director. Oh I also hear that Jeremy is Elena’s brother….. no…… absolutly no. There was no need of him. But oh well. I know I still love the shows more than Twilight movie! But I know I will like New Moon best of all. Go Vampires!!!!!!!!

  • http://N/A Madison

    you twilight obsessed people are kinda crazy, i mean not everything came out after twilight. And was a total copy off it. This is actually a great book series. Hope it will be a good TV series too (even tho the casting sux!).

    PS read twilight and a few other vampire stuff (what can i say vampires and humans and stuff in love fascinate me!) and i loved twilight too. :)

    PS PS I totally recommend Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

  • Allyssa

    Wow. You guys are all stupid as hell.
    For starters, there’s so many similarities between the two, and since Vampire Diaries was published first, that means that Stephenie probably got her inspiration from L J Smith.
    So, yeah. If not for LJ, there would be no Twilight.
    Twilight is a good series, but this one is so much better.
    There’s nothing like the originals.
    This one’s going into production because it’s GOOD. Not because of Twilight. Twilight has nothing on the Vampire Diaries. Nothing at all.
    The series is amazing, and it’s usually messed up when people try and remake something, so don’t say shit. Sure, the characters are all messed up, EXCEPT FOR THE GORGEOUS DAMON, but that’s probably because they needed something different. Although Elena as a brunette is pretty dumb.
    Give the show a chance. People PAY the author to be able to make it into something they want, so STFU. That’s why it’s not like the books. Because it’s been bought by the CW.


    but i thought Elena was supposed to have blonde hair not brown hair????

  • Malinda

    @Anastacia: i was reading the vamire diaries more than a decade ago, if you are going to make comments make sure you do your research properly because all you have done is made a fool out of your self. Twilight is not the be all and end all of vampire stories in fact many others were telling that sort of vamp tale before S Meyer wrote those boring books that lack imagination

  • Malinda

    @A_proud_twilighter: Bram Stoker DRACULA

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    YAY more freaking vampires. Just what this world needs. NOT.

  • Allyssa Vasquez

    i know she is blond i think they cant read…………… or there just stupid

  • allyfelizzz

    okay, why the heck is elena not BLONDE?!
    that’s going to be so annoying.
    i mean, i’m reading The Vampire Diaries The Return: Nightfall
    and every time they talk about elena they mention her BLONDE HAIR!
    Stefan and damon are okay, both hot.
    and please, people this is nothing like Twilight, so stop comparing.
    (twilight’s better:p)


    The Vampire Diaries books were actually published before Twilight so you could actually say Twilight ripped the Vampire Diaries off.

  • Nikki

    just because twilight made it big and is about vampires doesnt mean everything people write and put on tv is going to be a twilight rip off. come on people get into your thick skulls NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO BE AVOUT TWILIGHT!!!!!

  • alexandria_thegreat

    calm down you ignorant iliterate twilight fanatics. twilight”s storyline was amazing, BUT it was poorly written.poorly directly.and it isn’ t the only vampire book out there. give this show a chance. oh and btw, elena is gorgeous as a brunnett. being blonde is overrated anyways!

  • Nellie

    this might be a let down, I read the books when they came out and i fell in love with the circle of power series and the vampire diaries, and yah elena a brunette???? and stefan is supposed to be like smoking hot that actor not so much. Im scared to watch …

  • nic

    i love nina she’s awesome but she’s no elena, and elena’s supposed to be blond, i’m sorry i don’t agree with casting.

  • cheyenne

    i dont care what you idiots are trying to get at about vampire diaries riping twilight off bc i like both and i think its stupid that all of you have something bad to say about one of these shows. they are both AWESOME so you ppl leave them alone! i bet half of you havent read the books you are complaing over so get over it! Either read the books or shut your mouths!!!

  • DianaGosuckyourself

    Tru That

  • brooke:)

    I have something very urgent to say..*ahem*

    Elena is supposed to have bright blue eyes and BLONDE hair because she is supposed to remind stefan of kristina.
    Damon is supposed to look big and powerful ( which he doesnt)
    Stefan is supposed to look strong but not as big as damon (which you can seein the picture stefan is bigger then damon)

    whoever picked these people to star in the show is stupid and clearly hasnt read the book, or paid enough attention to it.
    This is a really good book series and i along with lots of others will be furious if it gets screwed up like the twilight movie did. Its not that hard to amke it right. You dont even really have to ave imagination. All you have to do is READ THE BOOK!

  • mander

    For the record, y’all should put your Twilight and Vampire Diaries books on a shelf for awhile and watch some actual blood-sucking vampires/V addicted humans on True Blood…something to really get your heart racing!

  • clemence

    Elena is blonde with blue eyes, and she’s tall
    Stephan has green eyes and Damon black eyes
    i read the book !!!

    ps; Stephan and Elena must be beautiful !!

  • clemence

    Elena is blonde with blue eyes, and she’s tall
    Stephan has green eyes and Damon black eyes
    i read the book !!!

    ps; Stephan and Elena must be beautiful !!

  • watch the vampire diaries

    I think Damon looks better than Stefan. Anyway we’ll have to wait to see if it is a good series.

  • tassibelle

    i am a twilighter and i think the vampire diaries is totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can it be a complete copy of twilight if it was written before twilight was even “dreamt” stephenie! and i’ve seen a few clips of this too it looks cool even though the casting IS lame. The Stefan is hot if you give it a good thought. Twilight Rules and The Vampire Diaries Rule! GET OVER IT PEOPLE. if you don’t like it DONT EFFING COMMENT IT!!

  • tassibelle

    @brooke:): well you obviously didnt read the book properly because Elena is meant to remind Stefan of someone called Catherine…not Kristina.

  • tassibelle

    @mander: yeah true blood looks cool i might even sit down and watch it.

  • cindy

    @charles: the books this show is based from came out before twilight.. in 1991 i think. and it is a lot like twilight.. who is a wanna be now?

  • loli

    OK elena is supposed to be blond, but this girl is soooooooo gorgeous that im fine fith it! And i would choose the guy who plays demon to play stefan! But trailers are HOT , THIS CAST IS SOOOO MUCH HOTTER THAN TWIGHLIGHT! I`ll definitely watch it!!!

  • Isabella Black

    I loved reading the books, and so I couldn’t wait for the TV show. I’m disappointed to find that Elena is the total opposite from what she is in the books. The guys are nicely chosen especially Ian. I still love it no matter what though. Like everything else, nothing can beat the books.

  • smugfeline


    Actually the chip only prevented Spike from hurting LIVING creatures (ie; humans). That’s why he started killing other vamps for sport and later joined Buffy on patrol.

  • smugfeline


    Besides even when he had the chip he could hurt other vamps, just not humans. he patrolled with Buffy in season 6

  • JEREMyglover

    Vampire Diaries was written 14 years before stupid twilight. please understand meyer copied lj smith not the other way around for those of you who only read stupid twilight and not else do some homework before posting stuff on the internet cause you look dumb when make accusations against something you know nothing of. meyer copied many books she said it was a dream my booty. she copied other books and made it as her own people. she changed a couple things like being sparkled but mostly her vampire human romance was all on bases of others. either way i loved the show. but i don’t get it why would someone arrest Nina for taking photos. its so stupid. anyways. love the show can’t wait for another episode

  • whitelace

    Ian is in it so I will give it a go tomorrow night. Haven’t seen Ian Somerhalder in anything since HBO’s “Tell Me You Love Me” series.

  • Kat.

    Personally, I loved Twilight, hated the movie. This, looks really good. Though honesty, it’s a lot like twilight, but much much much better. In comparison, it totally beats Twilight.

  • jane

    i dont see how the color of her eyes or hair matter. It is a relativelydescent show. Very basic story so far but looks like it will soon get very complicated between the characters. So far loving the CW, for casting such beautiful people in their shows.

  • Michelle

    This is NOT a Twilight copy. Man, people these days are really stupid. If there was only 1 of every type of movie/TV show, there wouldn’t BE any more shows to watch. I can’t believe immature kids are judging this show without even trying to watch it.

    And I don’t understand what the big deal is! If you a person that’s tired of watching vampire shows, they don’t watch it? I don’t think anybody is pointing a gun at you and forcing you to watch.

    I personally think this doesn’t look so bad, because unlike some, I have an open mind.