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Beyonce - "Ego" Music Video

Beyonce -

Check out Beyonce‘s new music video for “Ego“, the fifth single off her latest album, I Am… Sasha Fierce.

“My goal for [the] video is simplicity,” the 27-year-old singer told EW. “In ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)’, I saw this old tape of Bob Fosse’s wife, and I used that as inspiration. I thought in this world, with all the technology and everything that’s going on, to strip everything down—great idea. So I kind of did the same thing, but glossy and black, for ‘Ego’.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Beyonce’s new music vid — HOT or NOT?

Beyonce – “Ego” Music Video
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  • Mrs. JRM

    I’m not feeling the hair. I guess the theme is black & white this time around, which is cool. But the trio thing is getting boring now.
    She needs to hurry up and release ‘Radio’ – club banger!!!

  • Lillianne

    Visually it’s very artistic – but not sure I want to watch again. Musically, uh okay. I usually love everthing she does.

  • mezus in poland

    hmm troche single ladies przypomina ale ogolnie jest ok beyonce jest fenomenalna!

  • sefora

    quite good the same that the last clip

  • mochakiss

    I kind of hate it…where is the fresh and innovative Beyonce from the past?

  • girlygirl

    I love it! She is gorgeous and choreography is on point.

  • NOt

    It’s boring to watch, even with all the bootah.

  • dori

    This is not on the cd I have, but I really dont like the song, the choreography is beyonce good though

  • athena

    Although I’m not a big fan of R & B songs such as this, I was happy to hear that she credited her inspiration for her videos and dance were from Bob Fosse..if he were still alive today, he may find it interesting and like the cross over from professional dance to music videos…it is a hot video….I like her dancing and that she has kept it all to a minimum…thanks for that Beyonce.

  • anita in hungary

    I love it!!!
    HasonlĂ­t a Single Ladies-re.

  • supercalifragilispiralioso

    i like how she says she got the inspiration fomr bob fosse’s wife…THIS VIDEO IS THE EXACT SAME COPY OF SINGLE LADY….she just changed hair and bodysuit….

  • shoegal421

    i’m kind of getting sick of beyonce. no disrespect towards her, but she’s been everywhere for so long.

  • athena

    @shoegal421: And this is what will make her legendary….She has made such an impact on music…think about it…when she first began, she was part of Destiny’s Child, and since then, she has evolved into a big icon in the music industry….Like a Dreamgirl…only better.

  • ants

    I like how she pays tribute to the artists of the past.

  • brett

    Beyonce can do no wrong. She is an excellent business woman with very good work ethic. She built and empire and has a lot to show for it.
    Artists of today can only dream of getting the 11 grammy’s she has won throughout her career. Which may I say will still last for a very long time.

  • **FAN

    I bet we are going to see a lot of people try to duplicate this again.
    I actually want to see the remixed video with Kanye West in it.

  • Shanae

    Love it!

  • samia

    Shoe gal if u sick of her dont click on her.

  • SL

    She is such an innovator. She has class.
    Not like Rihanna who….has provocative pictures that were leaked on the internet.

  • **The Best**

    I love Beyonce’s performances on video and live. She brings entertainment to a whole new level. To sing the notes that she does while performing those amazing numbers on a 110 city tour goes above and beyond her call of duty as an artist and entertainer of this generation.
    Beyonce is a true artist and a living inspiration of class and determintation.

  • B

    # 1 in the game.

  • Ryan

    Very artisctic and hot her cuthair is horrible ! I like the video but not the song .

  • rennis

    Sexy video. I like it.

  • XenO

    That’s hot.
    At first I was like “Ego” really? But now I’m actually feeling the song, it’s pretty catchy and different.

  • michelle

    # 16 was right. I want to learn the dance moves to this song.

  • bijou

    I’m a little Beyonced-out, she’s everywhere, how can we miss her if she never disappears. It’s like she tries way too hard.

    And did this latest album produce any #1 (or even top 5 hits)?? Anybody know? Seems like she’s always releasing something from it, but I know my radio station doesn’t play her alot, doesn’t seem to be burning up the charts, does anybody else know??

  • onetwo

    I love Beyonce but c’mon. This is one hell of a cheap ass video. She probly paid $2.50 to make it.

  • Cam

    “Some call it arrogance, I call it confidence” People are going to be using that. I know I will.

  • nop

    work it girl

  • emma.

    I love itttt. Good song too.

  • Fan

    # 26 To answer your question.

    SINGLE LADIES – Went # 1 on….
    US Billboard Hot 100
    US Billboard Hot R&B and Hip Hop Songs
    US BillBoard Hot Dance Club Play

    IF I WERE A BOY – Went # 1 on….
    Danish Singles Chart
    Dutch Top 40
    European Hot 100
    Israeli Singles Chart
    Norwegian Single chart
    Polish Singles Chart
    Portuguese Single Chart
    Swedish Singles Chart
    UK Singles Chart

    DIVA – Went # 1 on….
    US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play
    US Billboard Mainstream R&B and Hip Hop Songs

    HALO – Went # 1 on….
    Croatian Singles Chart
    Israeli Singles Chart
    Norwegian Singles Chart
    US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play
    Currently # 3 on Us Billboard Pop 100

    The above does not include any listings where the songs reached between #2 and # 5. It also does not include Singles Sales where several songs peaked at # 1. There would just be to much to write down.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    how many videos is that now? you haters must be sick. LOL.. this video will have about a million youtube imitations – get ready.

  • bey rocks

    love bey, great video

  • Fergie Fan !

    well, she should do something differet, this video really looks like SINGLE LADIES and the song is horrible !

  • mertz

    i think the song is okay. i also don’t like the hair. the video had the potential to be killer…but like everyone said i’ve seen that look, the idea, the dance moves all before so maybe it’s time to change it up benonce. and am not feeling the hair. it’s all the same length around her fave. they could have definately gone with a more classic look…i like crimp, but not that much. i agree with the person who said she has to hurry up and release radio. come on now.

  • mertz

    and i’ve seen it the one time and i don’t even have the stomach to click play again. ugh. she needs to change it up. and all her background vocals are always the same. don’t become like mariah benonce.

  • west

    I like the song and the video. It is a very different and innovative concept for a song. People who hate on it just have a hard time dealing with something that is different and not your typical pop song.
    There is conent in this song and I think it’s Genius!

  • Las Vegas Nights

    Wow the video is very nice! these steps are diff to practice!
    Hats off to Beyonce!


    just getting sick and tired of what she’s wearing on stage….IS SHE A STRIPPER OR A SINGER?

  • mertz

    if this video is innovative among the music video genre, the videos that have been release recently, the videos she’s released…then i really must be a sqwaking chicken. it might be better than some videos out now, or for the pop dance genre, but it’s not that good actually. and i watched the whole thing…there was nothing neat with the way they filmed it. the dance moves lol are all the same. you don’t even need to relearn them because it’s most likely that if you’re a beyonce fan…you’ve seen it all before. i love b, but she needs to change it up.

  • at

    um isn’t this the single ladies video but with a chair? and a shiny bodysuit?

  • shenanyginz

    favorite song on the album. NOT impress with the video. I was really hoping this one would have a plot of some sort. Not more meaningless bootyshaking. We know you can shake ur ass ms beyonce can u give us a bit more depth???

  • mertz

    since when did music video require more depth than shaking your hips…lmao. sarcasm is great. anyways wasn’t there plot in hero, ring the alram, deja vu, diva, single ladies, etc…i don’t care. all i know is that she prides herdelf on her high standars and high quality and all that jazz…and this is kinda borderline. bringing back black and white and something from the past is not innovative…neither is rocking gareth pugh like you’re the first to discover him.

  • Bretten

    all her latest videos look the exact same. i’m not a fan anymore, i still support her but i dont find her so hot. back in the “crazy in love” days she was a stunner

  • Diva Liscious

    Stop Hating the Diva of many Decades to come…

    Get over it she is the #1 Chick in the Game…

    Stop fighting it.. Cheez!

  • Diva Liscious

    Stop Hating the Diva of many Decades to come…

    Get over it she is the #1 Chick in the Game…

    Stop fighting it.. Cheez!

  • huhwhat

    oh gawd, the youtube queens will go crazy over this.

  • cynda

    BORING. Follow the wig wearer. No innovation whatsoevah.
    This is mirror dancing at itz best.
    At this point she has her follwers so hypnotized, she would FART on key, and her fans would see that as groundbreaking and CLASSY.

  • ann

    i loved her halo video..
    she needs to work out a little.. i wish she’d put more clothes on.. i’m starting to think she’s too khaki.. and the hair..

  • JERI

    ha ha! LOLl!! I suppose there’s an audience for everything.