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Gerard Butler Visits The Village Idiot

Gerard Butler Visits The Village Idiot

Gerard Butler is all smiles as he exits The Village Idiot restaurant in Hollywood on Wednesday (May 20).

The 39-year-old actor was apparently so caught up in smiling for the cameras that he got into his car and attempted to leave without his keys that the valet tried to give him.

Last week, Gerard was charged with misdemeanor battery after allegedly getting into a scuffle with a paparazzo. Los Angeles City Attorney spokesman said he faces up to six months in jail if convicted. Gerard‘s manager, Alan Siegel, said that the actor was forced to have his driver stop the car after a paparazzo repeatedly sped through red lights and almost hit two pedestrians.

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  • SouthAfricanGirl

    Yay! I’m the first one!
    Gerard, you are a total hottie!!! :P

  • Caroline

    Love this actor (l)

  • nyob

    He has been looking rough lately, but here – wow. Every bit the movie star. Looking good.

  • alone?

    Would have been interesting to know with whom he actually was there. Probably got wind of the paps and left his date inside to hook up again later.

  • one size fits all

    HOT HOT HOT!!!
    WOW, He looks smokin!

  • yup

    To #4
    He is such a weirdo. He always has his grilfriend leave separately so that no one takes a picture of them together. Cant believe she keeps putting up with it.

  • bailey

    Thanks Jared. He looks so rested after India :)

  • @yup

    Have you seen him with his girlfriend? I’m surprised that in the age of cell phone cameras nobody ever took a picture of him with a girlfriend inside one of these places. If the paps knew he was in this restaurant they must have know with whom he was there as well. But you’re right, what kind of woman would put up with this shit?

  • Jo Jo

    Thanks Jared…

    Now let the crazies post their knowledge of Gerry and how and when they slept with him and on and on and on.

    Bring it girls!!!!

    PS He looks so Gorgeous!!!!!

  • StinkyLouise

    The Village Idiot?????
    *biting my tongue*!!!!!!!!

  • Rozzzzzzz

    #8, that makes way too much sense!

    Please stop it, this is Gerard Butler, the man of the craziest girlfans in the World. They love to make up shiat about Gerry because it feeds their fantasy heads with all kinds of options. They make it up, put it out there and then his fan sites go wild speculating over these made up stories (true or not).

    It’s like a f**king Olympic Sport in Gerard Butler Fandom World!

  • just saying

    I never get tired of saying it: He is a real hunk!

  • yup

    At #8.
    Gerry keeps his girlfriend hidden from the camera. He does not want to lose his fan girls! He needs them to buy tix to his movies. Especially with a rom com coming up – who goes to those movies – chicks!

  • @yup

    If he keeps his girlfriend hidden, then home come YOU know about her? So have you seen them together? Or how do you know he has a girlfriend if he is apparently so private about it? Who is she? Why don’t you spill the beans? You don’t need to care about his fangirls.

  • Sugar

    He was with Kristi people

  • what story?

    Is there a story here, or are we all back on the PR curcuit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pattycakes

    Always looks like he could use a good hosing down and a bath. Good body, but has a bloated face (parties too much likely).

  • pafan

    He’s looking good. Apparently the intestinal woes he reportedly suffered during his last couple of days in India did him no lasting harm. Now, he and Jennifer Aniston can brace themselves for all the rumors when they start filming Bounty Hunter in a few weeks in NYC and New Jersey.

  • sienna

    he is HOT as usual ;)))

  • me

    I think he has a girlfiiend too. It wouldnt hurt his rep at this point to actually be seen with her. But I guess ticket sales are too important to him to have anyone snap a picture of her.

  • Yea…ok

    @Sugar: Kristi huh? Thats odd to me since I know for a fact he is single with NO gf. All you people keep saying he does, but he doesnt. Trust me. Why is everyine always saying shit about him that just isnt true. Gerry has some of the most loyal fans out there. You need to shut the f*** up until you actually know what youre talking about…

  • me

    you almost had me convinced until you threw in the stuff about his “loyal fan base”. Then I knew, you are just another fan girl in denial over the fact that he has a girlfriend – like so many of his nutty fangirls out there.

  • Teresa

    I’m glad to see that he’s back in the states. Now we can see more of him. I will always remain loyal to my Gerry. He puts a smile on my face!

  • lol

    Here we go again, LOL. Apparently only one side can be true, he either has a steady GF or he hasn’t. Why don’t any of you come up with some proof for what you are claiming? Or at least explain HOW you know? It’s easy to say anything on an anonymous board like this. I could say I was his girlfriend, LOL.

  • ridiculous

    Just for the record, I have no idea if he has a girlfriend or not. But it’s absolutely ridiculous to say he’s hiding a girlfriend because of his fanbase. Even if he lost all his fans due to a girlfriend it wouldn’t make any significant difference in ticket sales. His fanbase isn’t nearly that large to have any impact on that. It’s the masses (who for the most part have no idea who he is) that make or break his movies, not his fans. If he is hiding a girlfriend it’s because he doesn’t want to commit to her and uses this fan shit as a cheap excuse.

  • Yea…ok

    I am somewhat of a fan yes, but NOT a fangirl. Like I said before, I know for a fact he does NOT have a gf. He is way too much of a player for that. He has not had a steady girl in many years. Sure he dates, but at the moment, no, he is with no one. Leave it at that.

  • luciana

    If he has a girlfriend then what difference does it make? He probably does have ‘somebody’ or whatever. It might not be that serious, but I doubt he’s alone. Even a a player has what we call a ‘bottom chick’. I just don’t understand why that would matter to any of you if he decides to parade her around or not. Even if we saw him with the same girl every time he wouldn’t confirm it and people would still continue having this argument. So get over it already. He’s never gonna give an answer about his love life either way.

  • Pellegrino


    I doubt you know more than most on this board.

  • Yea…ok


    Ha!! I know more then you think….

  • sunny

    As far as it being good for his rep to be seen with someone – i dont think he cares about that. That’s why I like him. He doesnt give a sh****.

  • StinkyLouise

    @luciana: So, umm, any chance that Jasom Statham is the “bottom chick”? Cause that’s kind of a personal fantasy.

  • sunny

    I also think he looks good. You can tell by his smile he is thinking – WTF get out of my face……douche bag pap.

  • FWB

    I tend to believe that he probably has several (or maybe even a whole herd, lol) “steady” FWBs in various cities that he calls on when he’s in town or when he wasn’t successful in picking up “fresh meat”, LOL. Maybe some of these girls like to think they’re more than that or hope to become more one day and therefore put up with this hiding game.


    Gerry’s fanbase at present is around 17 million worldwide…his US fanbase alone is about 8 million, so his fanbase is larger than you may think. For him to be “not that well known,” he has one of the largest fan bases of any actor working, which reaches far wider than just his main fan sites. The man has seven worldwide conventions given for his charities every year, and his worldwide fan base is extensive. The majority of his fans are there to support him in his work, but also for the man himself, as there is much there to be admired that most of the world, outside of his fan bases, have no idea about. His status as an actor is only part of his fan’s reasons for supporting him and sticking by him. It’s the total man that keeps us all intact, and I daresay, that Gerry’s fans are by far the most faithful in the world, and there are many reasons for that. Too bad that those outside of his fan base do not know.


    Then why didn’t these 17 million go to see RNR?

    I never said his fans weren’t faithful or loyal, but face the fact that they don’t make any difference whatsoever at the box office!

    And please take off your rose-colored glasses and stop thinking you KNOW that guy. You actually don’t have any idea how he really is. You only know what he wants his fans to know about him and how to perceive him. It’s an illusion, an image. But it has nothing to do with the truth or the real man.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    8 million in the US?..Huh?…Where are those figures coming from..I highly doubt that. He has fans but not that many…Maybe 14,000 worldwide…seriously…that isn’t alot..and no, no one knows him except for his family and close friends. Celebrities all have a illusion they play on..It’s part of PR..and part of being a “star”.

    As far as the gf thingy is concerned..who cares? He has one..he doesn’t…so?…

  • Stuart F

    Thanks for the new pics !!

  • sunny

    I remember him stating in a few articles last summer that he had a gf who supposedly lived in NYC. I am sure whoever that was is history now, but if what you say is true, then he musta been lying about it.

  • remember da truth

    What is wrong with you people?
    If I were his girlfriend, I’d want to be protected from the paps and losing my privacy, too. He’s being a GENTLEMAN.

    Especially after some pap chased him down and needed to be assaulted before he would leave Butler alone, it’s best to leave the private citizens out of the craziness these paps cause.

    Admit it, you all just want to see her picture and are frustrated you’re not getting your wish. Well, it isn’t about you. Get over it.

  • oh please!

    17 million fans – oh please do grow up! LOL!!!!!- I suppose these are all paid up, card carrying members of gbfan bases – otherwise how do’ya get for figures – and why don’t 17 million poeple go and each pay for tickets to his films. Certainly 17 million fans don’t all go to his conventions (I suspect more likely a couple of hundred obsessed core fans).
    Please do elaborate on this vast fan base, as I am sure that many political parties in nations around the world would be impressed by gaining this much support for thier campaigns – perhaps GB for president??? I would point out to those who are not wearing the regulation fan rose coloured glasses that the word ‘fan’ is derived from FANATIC!

  • suki

    My sister LOVES GB (I like him as well), but she refuses to visit JJ because of all the “nasty” comments.
    I don’t understand why the comments have turned from “he’s so adorable” to “he’s a manwh@re” over the past months. Is this another step on the celebrity ladder for GB?, as I have noticed this similar pattern with other celebs.
    First only the loyal fans comment and gush, then when the celeb becomes better known the rumours start (with GB it was “he’s Gay”) and then finally the anti-fans with their character assassination comments.
    It has been quite funny reading the comments, loyal fan versus anti-fan, but recently it has become a little one-sided, Many of the loyal fans are not taking the bait and the anti-fans seem a bit desperate!
    A lot of the comments now appear to be opinions that when written enough times turn into “facts”. I expect by the time #100 is reached it will be a “fact” that GB left the restaurant alone and his girlfriend took a cab because he didn’t want to be photographed with her. While driving home GB picked up a couple of PYT and went back to their apartment for a quick f###! leaving his poor girlfriend waiting outside his place for hours (he refuses to give her a key). In the past GB’s pet dog would have unlocked the door for her but GB has given his dog away (another “fact”). When GB finally returned home the poor girlfriend was curled up asleep on the doormat. GB was hungry after all the f###ing, so he kicked his girlfriend to wake her and ordered her to make him breakfast. GB is not all bad though, after breakfast he did give the girlfriend cab fare so she wouldn’t be late for school!
    Hmm,I can see why the anti-fans make up so much cr@p, it’s quite fun!

  • Angela

    What a gorgeous MANLY Man. There aren’t many like him around – very smart, funny, talented, can sing and he seems like an all around good guy. Besides, he’s got the best male body EVERRRR!

  • lucious

    Does it matter if he has a girlfriend or not? Come on, let it go girls. Who he is with or not nobody’s business. Enjoy him for his talent and let the man live. Geezus!

    Bye the way, Gerry you look amazing as never disappoint me.

  • lucious


    LMAO…you hit the nail on the head.

  • Julie

    Gerry looks very handsome, attractive, and well-rested…and I love his jacket. His time off must have agreed with him.

  • sunny

    gf or no gf who the hell knows. If indeed he does have a gf then she certainly is quite patient LOL! Paps or no paps dont know why she would put up with staying hidden while the never ending GB gossip machine keeps chugging along to a fevered pitch. (and that’s an understatement). Either way, we wont know until he decides to make it known and my guess is he holds the cards on that one. I also dont see what this discussion has to do with fan girls or anti-fan girls. Its just observations people are making.

  • anyonecansayit

    His extended stay worked wonders. When was the last time we saw THAT smile? Seriously folks, the man’s happy and shining from within. Might have found that inner peace again, good. I think he has a secret source of happiness, and it isn’t a woman, or maybe it is? Regardless, he looks well rested, fita and very healthy. Just glad the gruesome horrible stuff he had to do in LAC are now a memory. Now, on to the next project! I suspect he’s in LA for that reason… work.

    Love you babe, K

  • lol

    #39: Please gimme a break! Butler is not hunted by paps. He was left alone in Philly for months. He’s hiding the women he’s with because they’re just flings to him. And he probably has more than one “girlfriend” at a time and doesn’t want them to know about each other, LOL. You sound like you’re one of his dillusional FWBs who thinks she’s exclusive, LOL.

    I also agree with sunny, no woman in her right mind would agree to such an arrangement, paps or not. Many A list hunks have girlfriends and wifes who are not hidden away and -suprise- they are not stalked by paps.

  • NY

    #38: He actually never used the word “girlfriend” when he talked about this woman in NY he was dating. Maybe that’s the key to all these different views here. Whenever he mentioned the NY woman in interviews he immediately added that he still didn’t mean to settle down or that this was an area he wasn’t mature in. Sounded to me like he didn’t see this as a steady relationship. But people who might have seen them together several times could have believed they were a couple.

    Might be the same this time. I guess the NY woman is indeed history but if he’s been dating someone in LA people who saw them could have jumped to the conclusion that she was his girlfriend even if he might not see things that way.

  • What happend????

    He is totally manorexic. His career is over!!!! He is going to be just
    a loser trying to get pap attention.