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Gerard Butler Visits The Village Idiot

Gerard Butler Visits The Village Idiot

Gerard Butler is all smiles as he exits The Village Idiot restaurant in Hollywood on Wednesday (May 20).

The 39-year-old actor was apparently so caught up in smiling for the cameras that he got into his car and attempted to leave without his keys that the valet tried to give him.

Last week, Gerard was charged with misdemeanor battery after allegedly getting into a scuffle with a paparazzo. Los Angeles City Attorney spokesman said he faces up to six months in jail if convicted. Gerard‘s manager, Alan Siegel, said that the actor was forced to have his driver stop the car after a paparazzo repeatedly sped through red lights and almost hit two pedestrians.

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  • anonymoose

    @You MORON!: I think it was meant to be ironic ;o)

  • Indian Hotel’s post

    was the funniest so far. You Moron – It was meant to be a joke.

  • brazilian woman

    I’ve got news for you…

    Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson was born on January 3, 1956, in Peekskill, New York, USA as the sixth of eleven children to parents Hutton Gibson, a railroad brakeman, and Ann Gibson, who was born in Australia and died in December of 1990. Though born in the US, Mel and his family moved to New South Wales, Australia. After high school, Mel studied at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, performing at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts alongside future film thespians Judy Davis and Geoffrey Rush. After college, Mel had a few stints on stage and starred in a few TV shows. Eventually, he was chosen to star in Mad Max (1979) and in a movie called Tim (1979), co-starring Piper Laurie.

    that’s all folks…

  • just saying

    Brazilian woman. So you met him in 2007 when he was here in Brazil… woman, you have no idea how much I envy you for that. I wish I could’ve been there.

  • anonymoose

    Mel COLUMCILLE Gerard Gibson



  • brazilian woman

    You don’t know more than we, Gerry’s fans, know about him.
    The difference is : we love him just the way he is.
    There are no colored sun glasses, not for me, not for his loyal fans.
    I can see clear, very clear and I’m here to support him … because I love this man, no matter what! Does this bother you ? if you can’t stand the heat don’t go near the fire (wise words).
    Keep LOL… is good for your heart.
    Wish you a nice day.

  • hangglider


    I hadn’t planned to post on this site again, it seemed dead, but I had been tempted to point out what you did and hope you come back to read it, that Mel Gibson was born in the U.S. of an American/Australian partnering and moved to Australia with his family. As I recall he was maybe as old as 12 then. He became an Australian ac tor (check out “Gallipoli”, one of his early movies, if not the first, if you haven’t seen it.)

    I get frustrated with people who don’t do ANY research before they pop off. At a party I went to I listened to someone pontificate on how, “Catherine Zeta-Jones…she’s from Spain you know…” with amazing self-assurance. I believe CZJ’s early roles in USA were Hispanics in Zorro and Traffic, but she is Welsh.

    Brazilian, you are one of the brightest bulbs on these sites, even if English is a second language for you and you seem a little more pro-GB than I am. I am not anti-GB, just anti-worship of movie stars made up and promoted to sell sex, illusions, drama, etc.

    Here’s one for the fans and posters. I just saw the current issue of Muscle & Fitness with Hugh Jackman on the cover, featuring a story about the up and coming Hollywood action movie stars of this decade. The leaders, according to this publication, are Jackman, Jason Statham, Daniel Craig (who aced out rumors that GB would get that role) and a couple or three others I don’t recall. It’s notable that GB WAS NOT even mentioned in this story. After 300 there were news stories that GB represented the tough, masculine guy Hollywood was looking for but couldn’t find in current USA movie stars. So far it seems an Australian and two Brits are considered hot commodities in this field and for whatever reason, GB didn’t even rate. This would not bother me if there were clear signs he has other goals in mind than action films. Who knows? Do Pitt and Cruise have passionate sites like this? I’ve never gone here before.
    This is new..

  • brazilian woman

    This night was a wonderful and unforgettable night for me and my friends.
    Next morning , at the Copacabana Palace Hotel a girl was crying so much that Gerry held her against his chest until she calmed down and stopped crying. She said that she could hear his heart beating… and felt the smell of his cologne.
    He’s gorgeous, big, tall, kind and has a beautiful voice. The journalits
    were waiting for him so he said goodbye and let all of us so happy!
    I wish that you were there with us.
    That was real !! So real…

  • Ayeoh

    OMG! He’s got pants on that look like they’re, actually, not cutting off his circulation!

  • brazilian woman

    I love your language since I was a litlle girl, so I dedicated a lot of my time trying to learn it. But it’s not so easy for me to write it without mistakes… that’s why I ask you all to have patience and correct me, for my own good.
    Thanks for your words about me and try to understand this passion I have for Gerry.
    PS: No, I haven’t seen Gallipoli.

  • pafan

    #108: A great story. There are many others like that which show just how nice a person GB is. I just do not get the people who post negatively about him. I think they are just trying to get a rise out of his fans. Well, too bad. All the silly madeup posts aren’t going to change his fan’s opinions. To all of us, GB is the best. Of course, we know he’s only human. He’s not perfect and you can cite some bad behavior. But only those of you who are perfect can throw the first stones.

  • pafan

    OK, if you look at JJ, he has the jacket info posted for anyone who wants one. It’s John Bartlet, nylon and cotton, $174.99.

  • Soulsearching stars

    I think the craziness of Hollywood can get to an actor, they get a little stir crazy, as in Gerry’s case. So maybe his stints to India, with all its mysticism and inner channeling of the soul, gives Gerry that time out to do some soul searching, to be reflective and put things in perspective. Didn’t the Beatles back in the 60′s spend alot a time in India for the same reason. He looks really great and refreshed and I hope he’s back now with some new focus and purpose. He’ll be 40 in September, I wonder if that will have an effect on him, the BIG 40. Alot of the men I know, were effected by turning 40, they wanted to have children, as I pointed out to them, their boys might not be able to swim as far, the older they get. Yes, I reckon the best is yet to come and we won’t have to wait too long.

  • just me

    #109, thank you, I though I was the only one commenting on his jeans or pants. Like 3 months ago, he was wearing the skinny jeans/pants etc. I think he should leave that to the younger crowd. He’s almost 40 and just oozes man, so, you have to wear pants that define that, in my opinion anyway..he’s so damn handsome…
    Now I’m going to talk about his shoes…lol. He seems to like funky shoes like Puma’s, etc. He should get a pair of Keen’s…they look good on guy’s wearing jeans or whatever and they are soooo comfy.
    I like his style…he looks comfortable. He’s totally my type of guy.
    *smooches* Gerry!!

  • hangglider

    #brazilian women

    So far I haven’t seen any language mistakes to correct, girl. You communicate better in English than many native speakers.
    Let’s get real. If we are posting on this site, we have some sort of interest in GB for whatever reason-loyal fans, disappointed disllusioned fans, confused fans, pop culture researchers, maybe his own employees, who knows, whatever. The extremists are hate-mongers on one side and blind worshippers on the other. The latter seem to fall back eventually on the position, GB is a human being with flaws. Isn’t that the point?


    @ #86 – Indian Hotel Toilet Cleaner


  • Jezze…

    okay….first… lmao I really agree with “wow” I.Q is really loosing points reading all this shit here lol…great….better then TV!

    first of all …to all the haters there:
    wtf is ur problem?
    man, hes just a actor/human-yes he is human lol so let him be whatever!
    Go and watch teletubbies and hate them then! ;P

    To the jealous fangirls/fans:
    WTF!? Man hes a guy too with possibilities! let him get them! ure compressing the poor guy lol
    GF or not its HIS LIFE not urs get an own.
    If he belives its right to hide her then accept that
    Love or hate him.

    To the other freaks-yes I count mine too as freak before the stupid replays are comming;
    well 17 Mio. hmpf…maybe I dunno lol but it are much around the world, with stalkers – hello you by the way ;) dramaqueens like u showed us here, fake fans…like u showed here too, liars….ya know what I wanna say, haters,…totally sick lovers – get outta ur illusion btw!

    Hell yes Im a fan since 8 years but now Im sick of nearly all others, thats what makes this sad. the more he gets famous the more are comming HATERS and MADLY FANGIRLS asking stupid Q´s belivin every shit whats written here and there and bring the drama on the fansites….so sad… it was fun as G was not famous lol
    no one cared about where or in whom his cock was…

    loyal fanbase….oh yes sure….when I look on this board here….where? where the fook are they? I see nothing then shit, lies and hate.

    he´s a grown man, he´s another person behind the mask wich we dont know and we have no right to judge about every fart he make.

    So calm down weirdos and let the love flow

    PS No, Im not stoned LOL

  • @Jezze…

    If you can’t stand what’s being said here go back to your fansites. Once again, this is a public gossip board with freedom of speech and not a censored gusher fansite.

    You might not know him but there are people out there who do and they have every right to judge him, even if you who they prefer not to look behind the mask don’t like that.

    And one more thing: YOU should get a life of your own in the first place.

  • JustSaying

    I don’t hate him but I truly despise his lunatic fangurls… and #117 is definitely one of them.

  • tzuxi

    @Jezze…: B i t c h. go back to school. You type like a spacker.

  • you

    I love the Teletubbies ~ but only when I’m on acid.

  • Jezze…

    boohoo bwahahahaha

  • Jezze…


    lol….thats a total antilogy- free place huh? then let me say what I think too.

    uhh and you are one of those who know him? should we treat you now like a queen? LOL
    I really doubt that they who know him will write HERE anything.

  • Hm

    This is crazy here

  • @Jezze

    You have no idea.

  • Hm

    I have no clue too what you ALL are talking about…Im addlepated…Too much info lol

  • Jeeze


    oh yeah? So you wanna call yourself one of them, right?
    Wich one are you?
    The “oh I met Gerry Butler once at a premiere and I know him now sooo good ´cause he gave me a autograph and talked two sentences with me”

    Or the ” I fooked Gerry Butler tehehe but he didnt call back”

    The “Soulmate” maybe? It happened in your imagination not in real life.

    Oh the “Miss busybody” of course who just wanna get a little spotlight

    Or you are a “friend” ´cause u met him in a club or so and partied with him ….-well then Gerry really should ask himself what “Good Friends” he has when they are running over to this boards and post.

  • @Jeeze

    You’re really probably the biggest idiot I’ve ever come across on these boards.

  • Jezze

    Boo Hoo

  • Jeeze

    Your reaction shows that Im right :P

  • @jeeze

    If it makes you happy to believe that… Dream on.

  • Jeeze

    again boo hoo
    totally sick here, first the big talking and then….*buff* nothing then hot air

  • donnakat

    I feel like I’m standing in the middle of a shopping mall food court on a Friday night, surrounded by a bunch of gum smacking teenage girls.

  • i agree


    More like mentally challenged girls.
    It’s not even fun when there is a lack of intelligent, funny posts.

  • perfect – the village idiot

    The Village Idiot — perfect description of Butler AND his crazy fans.
    The poor guy has no chance.

  • jamie

    teenage girls? sounds to me like a bunch of adolescent boys trying to one better the other.
    everyone should ignore the crazies.

  • hm

    Okay…I need your help now…is the article saying Gerry forgot his keys? Or do I understand something false?

  • bj


    Yes, apparently he got into his car before getting his keys from the
    valet, ( I think that’s why he has that funny look on his face in the car.
    Either that, or he wondering, “Now where did I tell that chick to meet

  • hm

    @bj: LMAO Thank you

  • Doncare

    He looks healthy and about 7 years younger! I don’t care if he has a girlfriend or never has one. He’s fine looking and a great actor. That’s all that should be required of any actor or actress. We don’t own their lives.

  • MAB

    English is my second language so I hope that It be clear.
    I do like him as an actor as a person I do not know him so I will not presume anything. I just think that the people have the right to express any opinions but also that if everybody was actually happy and not frustrated in there lifes they would not feel better by trashing somebody or anybody for that matter. The world would be a better place if people would not talking trash others others to feel better about them self. Poeple do that in high school and still does it seems.
    I just feel that all haters are a reason why your life sucks is because you are negative, victims of your own attitudes. Negative attract negativeness and you are probably surrounded by youre own kind and not even seeing the good in anybody… And persons that respond by negative comments about this post you are prooving me right.
    Gerard Butler is an actor and he has the right to be wathever he wants even gay or not gay who cares. Do you care if your mailman is gay or not. I believe in free speech but I believe that when you are attacking someone with you opinions you loose that right because an opinion is not suppose to be imposed but propose and it’s not because somebody think the opposite that they are stupid. That goes for the fans too.

  • anyonecansayit


    Well said and English is my first language although I have many who think not.

    This so totally true. Negative people do then to flock together. It’s their dot so to speak… they’re common ground. There’s a mob mentality that negativity for some reason is brought out more for GB than need be.

    Gerry’s eyes are talkin’ here people. And the word from someone who should know, they don’t lie.

  • gerrylover

    Gerry looks great ,well rested, happy. The man is the most talented actor to come along in a long time. All the trash talking by people who don’t know him are just people with nothing better to do than be vicious a–holes. Let the man do his job in peace which is to make great movies .Stop all the speculating.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Can he an I just get married and get this over with already?! He is perfect<3

  • ****

    big c*ck

  • susan lancaster

    I believe he is homosexual and has no girlfriend and is not interested in girls at all. He is never seen with anyone male or female and lives in West Hollywood which is notorious for homosexual trade. He is secretive about his private life not because of ticket sales but because he needs to perpetuate the fantasy he is heterosexual.


    Hi- larious – the whole key scene is right of RocknRolla……..


    @I wonder:

    I thought that was David Beckham’s schtick?

  • sina88

    When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the exact same comment. Is there any way you are able to remove me from that service? Thanks!