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Gerard Butler Visits The Village Idiot

Gerard Butler Visits The Village Idiot

Gerard Butler is all smiles as he exits The Village Idiot restaurant in Hollywood on Wednesday (May 20).

The 39-year-old actor was apparently so caught up in smiling for the cameras that he got into his car and attempted to leave without his keys that the valet tried to give him.

Last week, Gerard was charged with misdemeanor battery after allegedly getting into a scuffle with a paparazzo. Los Angeles City Attorney spokesman said he faces up to six months in jail if convicted. Gerard‘s manager, Alan Siegel, said that the actor was forced to have his driver stop the car after a paparazzo repeatedly sped through red lights and almost hit two pedestrians.

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149 Responses to “Gerard Butler Visits The Village Idiot”

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  1. 51
    GERRyishot Says:

    I heard Gerry was after Priyanka Chopra but whether they are now a couple or not I don’t know. He is so hot; I’ve been a huge fan of him ever since I saw him in POTO.
    Gerry is the sexiest man alive and all us GALS know it!

  2. 52
    wow Says:


    I think my I.Q. went down a couple of points just reading that.

  3. 53
    Sandy Says:

    Gerry Butler will be AROUND in the business as long as he wants
    to be. He is gorgeous, getting more so every day, he is intelligent,
    getting more so every day, he is talented, getting more so every day.
    He has mass appeal: doing every genre in films imaginable from
    musical to kids movies, to action films to romcoms, all to perfection.
    He makes any character believable and REAL. His characters take
    on a life of their own. And his fan base is 17 MILLION worldwide.
    He is known as well in Japan as he is in India as he is in Canada as
    he is in the US. People see his sweet spirit as well as his other
    attributes. Only the simple minded see him differently, or the jealous.
    He just smiles and keeps doing his thing, which is to make movies.
    Love him absolutely. He is a REAL man, not just a movie star. Don’t find many of those around anymore.

  4. 54
    s.d. Says:

    I thought when I read ” The Village Idiot,” Jared was referring to Gerard himself, which makes sense, because he is a lumbering dudderhead. The guy is ugly and bloated looking all the time. Thank godness he’s a star, otherwise no woman would give him the time of day.

  5. 55
    s.d. Says:

    I meant dunderhead.

  6. 56
    no he isn't Says:


    Uh, he is NOT well known in India. When he was at the GQ party, no one knew who he was until finally someone explained that he was in “300″ and then it was whispered throughout the party…
    He is also NOT a household name in the US or Canada.

    You’re “love him absolutely” identifies you. You are one of his more vocal fangurls onGALs, which is fine. But don’t overstate his popularity just because you desire it to be so.

  7. 57
    Pellegrino Says:

    me too, sweetie.

  8. 58
    Sally tomato Says:

    He’s neither a dunderhead nor a god, but a guy with some talent, lots of possibilities, some very nice eyes and a good work ethic.

  9. 59
    Peatootin' Says:

    Well. How interesting , all this chatter! I dropped in on another thread to see what the real G. B. has been up to . What emotion and drama he inspires ! So what’s up about that ? Surely it has to do with more than just his pretty face . And despite what fans girls claim about his depth – Sorry ! Just don’t see that evidenced anywhere . Other than in some of his acting . Hmmm , I did say acting.
    I have a theory . Maybe right on , maybe B.S. Is Gerry representative of that high school boy we all had a mad crush on ? You know the one – Goodlooking , cool , maybe slightly mischevious , a sort of “bad boy but good at heart ” type ? And when you finally went on a date , all you got was a horndog who wasn’t really interesting or that special after all… But you STILL lusted after him anyway ?? Cause he was just so dadgum CUTE !!
    Well, maybe I’m all wrong and Gerry is a mature man of depth and quality , but as of now , I just don’t see it . He’s a mortal , he’s flawed . Like you and me .
    I wish him well. Fangirls and haters too. There are more important isuues facing our planet . I’m off to those sites. Bye !

  10. 60
    Liz Says:

    To “Marketsite Madam”…RNR was only in 800 theatres due to slimy CEO Warners’ chief Frenchie Shortie (not his name) who didn’t think American audiences would “get ” it. I had to go to another state (a two-and-a-half hour drive to see it in Lexington, KY!!!!!! I saw it twice in a row, but I then had to go back home. More fans would have seen it if they had played it in more theatres! Jackman’s “Wolverine” was in over 4000 theatres…RNR didn’t get a chance to thrive. It did win Best British Film from the Empire Magazine in the UK>

  11. 61
    Carmen Says:

    He’s sexy. I would let him hit it.

  12. 62
    Crazy 88's Says:

    Please stop inflating this man’s fanbase and his merits. Gerard Butler is a C-Lister at best. His fan base is nowhere near 17 million if it were, then his box office returns would put him along side Will Smith & Tom Cruise. I can respect the fact that he’s your fantasy and you wish the best for him but let’s not interject too much of the make believe into the issue. The truth is that he is marginally talented and makes mediocre films. Although he did well in “300″, the film was a hit mainly because of the popularity of the graphic novel, Frank Miller’s loyal fans and the remarkable CGI. Oh and please stop saying that people are jealous of him because they happen to see through the B.S. that you can’t (or won’t allow yourself). There are plenty of actors in Hollywood that have careers that are hot as Hell, who have talent to burn and have youth and looks on their side. Sadly, Gerard Butler does not bid well in any of those categories.

  13. 63
    zzzzzzzz Says:

    I have to agree with some points you make Crazy 88′s..
    I thought Gerry did better in his earlier career..Films, like The Jury, Shooters, Please…and 300 was fabulous..Yes, the graphics is what made that film but I have to say..Gerry’s solo battle dance was classic. He did work hard for that flick..building a spartan look with body building etc..I think, at times, over doing it..and I’m still holding out a chance for him on future projects like Law Abiding Citizen and Gamer. Maybe he’ll surprise us all….maybe…I still would like to think so..

    He maybe a C-lister but some of the A-listers movies I’ve seen lately aren’t that hot either…ALot of them have fizzled..I think Gerry has the talent to pull it through..if given proper scripts with the right story

  14. 64
    zzzzzzzz Says:

    Also..I forgot to add Dear Frankie..a quiet..yet great performance…not full of CGI and special effects…but still effective..:)

  15. 65
    zzzzzzzz Says:

    oh and I forgot Dear Frankie…a quiet movie…not full of CGI and special effects…yet it was effective and Gerry was great in it..

  16. 66
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    he’s starting 2 lose his title as a man ***** from john mayer imo
    come on man, get back with the ladies….have them walking 2 ur car lol =p

  17. 67
    Sugar Says:

    This man doesn’t deserve all this crap from you people. Why don’t you go and harass the alcoholic, racist homewrecking celebreties instead

  18. 68
    Joan Says:

    So why can’t he be private. Who wants everything all over the paper.s I think it’s sweet that he wants to protect her. A Gentleman is our Gerry, well bred and refined. Bit more of that wouldn’t hurt. Good luck with Burns Gerry. Love ya. Joan (A FAN) xxHug.

  19. 69
    brazilian woman Says:

    I’m a loyal fan of this adorable man.
    He has a lot of loyal fans here in Brazil. There are also many blogs dedicated to him but sometimes what counts is quality not quantity.
    I’ve loved Gerry and held him in my heart since 2005 and I’ll never forget the day he kissed me and how nice he was with all his fans in Rio de Janeiro (2007).
    I’m a happy woman, I live in a lovely city by the sea, I have an adorable family, I’m a normal person and I’m in love with Gerry, I respect and support him and I always will. What’s wrong with that?
    He has the right to keep his private live just for himself, doesn’t he? …don’t you, too?
    Thanks JJ… Gerry is gorgeous in these photos…… India did him good!
    #23… #21… #1… #3… #4… #7… #9… #12… #18… #19… Same here!

    PS: Yes, I have a lot of time to do whatever I want… and it’s a pleasure for me to come to this place, all of you are cool… even when your opinions are different from mine.

  20. 70
    enough Says:

    i agree with #59. gerry has the bad boy appeal. some people want to protect these guys, other’s love to beat’em up, some like to analyze them. it’s very interesting (and educational) to read everyone’s views but this guy really is an empty shell.
    love ya all, but have had enough of this lame character.

  21. 71

    I like to analyze the posts that analyze GB

  22. 72
    lmao Says:

    #68: Just how naive do you need to be to think he protects a woman by hiding her? That is such BS. A gentleman? LOL. You really have a weird notion of a gentleman. A gentleman that denies his girlfriend, cheats on her, publically declares he wants to f*** another woman and constantly fuels the manwhoring rumors.

  23. 73
    Sister Foxy Loxy Says:

    I’d let him throat-hammer me until my eyes bleed.

  24. 74
    so what Says:

    if there is one thing I know it is that Gerard has very loyal fans, but I am glad he has even more loyal friend..
    There could be a screenplay written with all your bad and hatefull comments and all the crazyness you come up are only here to make trouble and make people sad..

  25. 75
    lol Says:

    #74: At the contrary, my dear. We are here to tear off your rose-colored glasses, LOL. Keep on believing what you want, but this is a public gossip board and not a censored fansite, so if you can’t stand the heat don’t go near the fire. And stop lecturing us on what we can or can’t say here.

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