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Kara DioGuardi is a Bikini Babe

Kara DioGuardi is a Bikini Babe

American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi strips down to her bikini while performing onstage during the American Idol Season 8 Grand Finale held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Wednesday (May 20) in Los Angeles.

The 38-year-old sang a duet with Katrina Darrell, aka Bikini Girl. The twosome performed their own rendition of Mariah Carey‘s “Vision of Love.” Watch the performance below!

FYI: As host Ryan Seacrest so poignantly pointed out, Katrina got breast implants since we last saw her during auditions!

Kara DioGuardi & Bikini Girl Sing Duet
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kara dioguardi bikini 01
kara dioguardi bikini 02
kara dioguardi bikini 03
kara dioguardi bikini 04
kara dioguardi bikini 05

Photos: Kevin Winter/American Idol 2009/Getty/FOX
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  • Issa

    i love kara!

  • allure


  • allure

    oh my

  • bella

    She made AI more exciting!! i am loving this woman!

  • HAHA

    pathetic. that bikini girl has no talent it’s so sad that she’s on this show. they’re all such sell outs.

  • hehe

    i thought bikini girl would have a n.ip.ple slip while performing.

  • jtredway

    This was the funniest moment of the show! I love Kara, even if she’s not the best fit.

  • jtredway

    As a judge that is. She’s in GREAT shape!

  • marisa

    Hahaha this was too funny! I liked seeing her do that because it showed more of her funny side. I’m really dissapointed Adam didn’t win. He was the one that really deserved it. Kris can go suck an egg.

  • What

    Her body is so banging. Even better than bikini babe!!! BB was so pissed lol!

  • Gino

    Damn Bikini chick is the real winner. LOL

  • ae

    It looked like Bikini Girl was upset that the AI judge came out o sing. She proboly though she was singing the entire song herself. If you look towards the end Bikini Girl started to sing again. She looked dumb and couldn’t sing regardless.

  • Jughed

    Bikini girl is hot! :D

  • emma.

    I earned a ton of respect for Kara for that.


    can’t believe Kris won this $hit! that guy sounds like just another singer around. he might be the “winner” but I don’t think he’ll have a good career out of that boy next door crap! Adam is unique and LITERALLY rocks the show! regarding Kara… I’ll creampie her all night long! :)

  • retrobanana

    yeah that was so awesome and kara looks greattttt!

    i know BB couldnt even be a good sport about it and like sing with her or play along or try to like “compete” aaginst kara she just stood there looking dumb. she looks like she gained weight too besides implants.

    kara really sounded great and looked aweomse my fav part of the night!

  • hahahha

    yahh kara! that dumb bitch was pisseddddd

  • Donna

    @ae: hahah yuuup, i totally agree!!!

  • Diana

    1. Adam totally should’ve won! -__-

    2. Katrina def gained weight. She got a little thicker ;)

    3. Bahahaha i love Kara now. she’s so funny.

    4. I thought Katrina was gonna have a nipple slip too! She needed to fix her top. Looked a LITTLE whore-ish (;

  • mm


  • Russ

    That was by far the best part of the whole show.
    Kara was great. She totally humiliated bikini girl.
    And when she popped open the dress, it was like, “take THAT bitch”!!!

  • athena

    I’m surprised at such the hard body that Kara Rocks. I like a softer looking body such as Katrina’s for myself. I’m not shocked that Kris Allen won because he’s got universal appeal. He’s a cross between David Archuleta and David Cook…. I think Adam and the other guy I think his name is Daniel, are all safe for getting record deals…and Jason Miraz, I didn’t know he was a contestant…I like his voice and style…he’s a star on his own…The show was great and these idols showed they can sing with the best of the Legends of Music.

  • ninette

    this was one of the highlights of the show…. i was laughing for several moments…. kara is the best…. she showed her funny side and really showed that no good girl how to sing it…. :-)… and when she showed her body…. it was just priceless haha

  • natcat

    ahhaha this was great! kara rocks..and i love how bikini girl was giving her dirty looks like really how old are we?

  • trina

    bikini girl is a talentless insecure gal
    thinking that huge deformed breast implants will help her career
    yes maybe for movies that are not mainstream – you get my meaning
    she has a very average body
    short legs pot sticking out
    no class
    and very unsexy
    she opens her mouth and it only gets worse
    too bad idol gave her more fame whore time

  • marla

    Did anyone notice that bikini girl’s boob got bigger than the last time she audition. It’s so easy to point them now. you all know that don’t you?

  • meh

    yep pretty sure everyone knows ^, as ryan pointed out, ‘what’s new’… and kara pointing to them as well

  • remember da truth

    In the picture at the top, Kara looks like she’s packing a p e n i s in that black bikini bottom!

  • honeybunch

    That was just embarassing–Kara should be ashamed of herself and she sure can’t sing worth a damn.

  • Rachelle

    What a slap in the face of bikini girl she fell off her cloud when Kara came out singing, in my opinion way way sooo much better than BB…

    She had it coming acting like that who would take her seriously anyway, BB girl that is.

    I did enjoy all the performances of the AI finale…. but this part, I am really hoping that it would come and see Kara put her BB in her place. I wonder how she feels of herself right now, humiliated much?

  • kimmm

    Kara ROCKS!!! and She can definitely sing better than the stupid bikini whore.

    In your face Bikini Girl! You’re all fake! even your nose looks fake! hah!

  • Cammie

    The Bikini is cute, but the girl in it isn’t

  • Cammie

    The Bikini is cute, but the girl in it isn’t

  • wendy

    I absolutely LOVED Kara!!! That was a fantastic bit! That poor bikini girl CANNOT SING!!!!! It was so embarrassing, except that I don’t think she realized how awful she sounded!!! Well, there go her 15 minutes! But Kara sang great! And she looks incredible. Kara was such a good sport, putting her arm around Bikini girl. Bikini girl was so obviously outplayed. It would have been so much better if she would have laughed but she couldn’t get that grumpy pout off her face!!!! Go Kara! In your FACE bikini girl!!!!!!!!

  • skippingsarah

    kat seriously does not sound good! you cannot sing baby and i dont lie. i dont understand why simon said yes to her in audition. ergh. i like danny, i was devasted when he’s out. he can sing!

  • omg

    truly sad. Its pathetic when you have no talent and just going off looks. Your looks will go but talent stays . . .so sucks to be her.

  • Kategosselin

    Ok, can we spell desperation? Obviously Kara will not be invited back next year and she is looking fof a new gig. Not going to happen this way unless it involves a pole. Sorry honey.

  • criss

    screeewwww Adam!

    Kara’s so hot. shes got a bangin body. and I loved hearing her sing haha. kudos girl.

  • Tiffany

    Owned ;)

  • jared fan

    Cannot believe Kara stooped to her level! :( This is an entertaining FAMILY show on tv. Felt this was TOTALLY unnecessary! They should get rid of Kara anyways…who needs to hear an extra judge babble on more?!?!?!??? Keep it aimed at the SINGING or they WILL loose viewers! WOW, disappointed!!!

  • Derek

    American Idol is still on TV? And who the hell is Kara DioGuardi? Never heard of her!!! In fact, havent heard much about the past few American Idol winners. No talent wanna-bees who became has-beens 10 minutes after winning. Believe me, if you have real talent you dont need to go on this train wreck to get noticed.

  • emily

    Yes, we need more more more of bikini girl. Your implants look great babe!

  • Robin

    god kara is so annoying.

  • barron797

    Bikini girl is insecure? Kara was insecure the moment Bikini girl entered the room. When the Bikini girl sang her song, Kara immediately jumped all over her, saying she didn’t have the pipes to sing that song. Then, Kara had to sing the song to demonstrate how its ‘really’ done. Kara just wanted to steal the attention away from her.

    Kara’s actions (including the performance at the Idol finale) translate to ‘look at me! look at me! not the young girl with the body. I’m alive and youthful too! ‘

    Kara is downright embarrassing. Can’t she see how transparent her actions are?

  • e

    Bikini girl is fug in da face. Her nose looks like someone sat on it.
    Kara is no beauty but no one sat on her nose.

  • Lisa

    I was embarrassed for Bikini girl.

  • dEE

    @jared fan: I AGREE!!!!!!!!! FAMILY SHOW

  • cocov

    WOW Kara looked great! Loved the humor. Obviously bikini girl did not seem to think it funny. the looked pi$$ed off! haha

  • seesaw

    I loved it & laughed out loud! Ha…take that! That girl was rude to her at the audition. Kara was right on about that girl’s singing ability. It was a little risque for a family show, but it was great! I really like Kara on this show. She knows what she is talking about & is not afraid to speak her mind. She does not just tell everyone how pretty they are like Paula. It is tough to be the new kid!

  • desiree

    I love that kara did that! Bikini babe was pi$$ed!
    Kara has an awesome body and she’s 38? wtf!? she looks awesome! plus she did it for charity… not a boob job. enough said.

    Talent and natural beauty beat that fake stuff any day.

    Thanks Kara, your awesome!!!