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Idol Winner Kris Allen: I'm Shocked!

Idol Winner Kris Allen: I'm Shocked!
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  • Las Vegas Nights

    Wow! Its Kris-THE WINNER!

    He said after winning the idol : “Adam deserves this. I’m sorry.”

  • bald outing

    everyone thought adam had it, but you just never know!

  • Fergie Fan !

    BLACK EYED PEAS were GREAT at this event ! FERGIE IS SO SEXY !

  • PhDude

    The only reason Kris won was the K K K Kristian “hate vote”. Wear that badge for the rest of your short-lived career Kris

  • o.o

    FVCK I WAS GOIN TO WATCH THE SHOW RIGHT NOW =_= ….recorded it last night …=_______________________________________=

  • jaye

    Perez Hilton must have poo poo’d in his britches.

  • vivian

    I’m so gald that he won!!!

  • jess

    LOL that’s the same reaction Kris had everytime he made it through each round. even when he made the top 12 or should i say 13. too funny!! i think he just needs to bring a bit more of a character out..he’s a little boring.

  • emily cristy

    I can’t believe Adam lost, he was robbed by the producers

  • marisa

    hey jared is that american idol controversy true about how adam really one because arkansas cheated by using voting machines? please fine out! i would love it if adam really one. he deserves it

  • yup

    We all know Adam was the real winner. Too many factors came into play which made Kris get the slight edge. Simon was so mad I could tell.. haha. and it is so funny cause in a recent interview he said that kris shouldn’t make it to the finale. so reminiscent of taylor hicks.

  • lakers fan in boston

    is this all we’re gonna be hearing about?
    i dont like ai, so i kinda dont like the multiple posts of the same stuff
    reese looks pretty good, i love her, she’s so adorable =]
    altho i think angelina didnt look that good, her legs did

  • Idol is lame

    Kris better enjoy his 15! He is going to end up like Taylor Hicks, Rueben Studdard and that loser Justin Guarini.

  • gitaIndo

    I really sad and disaponinted with the result… come on… adam is away better than kris…

  • voting machines

    I’m glad Kris is IDOL! Adam is an opera singer! The fat lady sung!

  • jclarke

    What a surprise, out comes the Taylor Hicks bashing. Get over it, it has been 3 years, and 10 years from now he will still be the season 5 winner. Referencing Hicks has become lame, trite, and unoriginal. Get new material people.

  • Jaime

    @voting machines: Opera singer?? Are you serious? Kris could never hit notes like Adam or perform like him either. Yep enjoy your 15 Kris cause Adam will be Iconic!

  • Adam fan

    Adam is the real deal no contest. I just want to know why people critize musical theatre. Musical Theatre in my oppinion is the most taxing & difficult of all types of entertainment. 8 performances a week, singing, dancing acting. Extreamly demanding, requiring great disapiln Why is it looked down on. I saw Hugh Jackman in the boy from Oz is anyone critizing him?? doubtful. Sorry I got off track. Adam will be iconic & if he does do a lead in some fantastic Broadway musical I say more power to him. But don’t worry I’m sure Simon & Kara have deals & songs written for him. I’m hoping there will be a duet with Alison because they sounded fantastic together. Ada you will by far be the bigger star. As for Opera singing – Kris hasn’t a hope in hell hitting those notes!

  • mary

    i voted for adam lambert because he deserved to win. but i know people who voted for kris. a few of these people voted against adam because, if you can believe it in this day and age, he is gay. that’s rightt! idiots that they are. the other people voted for kris because of simon cowell. in their way of thinking simon had already decided who the winner was to be way back when.

    that made these people angry. they were going to show simon just who had the power to decide the winner. so they voted against adam lambert just to put simon in his place. strange, i know but there is no doubting lack of intelligence.

  • aya

    This season is the most horrible & worst ever!!..from season 1-7, i think the votings & judgments are fair..I’m not from the U.S. and people from my country/continent are crazy about adam..Kris is talented that doesn’t have the voice & x-factor..he can sing but can’t sing anything..Adam is flexible!!..He can sing anything & have the good quality of voice with an outrageous range!!..Everyone is aware how Kris won the title..American Idol should not allow this kind of votings..majority of the people from eastcoast have at&t phones so they can vote up to 40 times in one phone..another thing is the gizmo5 system kind of voting that makes 1 vote into 10,000..Kris’s fans knows how to operate/use these thing to vote for’s so unfair! should be 1 person = 1 vote..we should not blame Kris for being lame and for getting the title..i just pity him ’cause i think he’ll end up like taylor hicks & i pity him because he won the title because of his cheater fans..he will just sing in arkansas (SINCE THEY ARE THE ONE WHO IS “ONLY” VOTING FOR HIM)with his guitar & piano while adam will perform around the world..For those people saying that he didn’t get the title because he’s a gay, bi, or whatever, this is not a basis on your american idol..i am a christian & for me, we should not judge him of what he should not have him qualified from the beginning if he’s a gay & you think that gays don’t deserve to win the title!..american idol is so afraid to market a gay guys said that your country is superior among should be honest & won’t allow cheating to the person who will be crowned..adam is the definition of an american idol!!adam deserves the title & more than that!!..he’s an “UNIVERSAL IDOL”!..this is not all about adam & kris but it’s also about the show..because of what happened this season, i’m sure people are not anymore interested to watch this..enter AdamIdol/ if you want to file for a petition..Kris has nothing to do with’s his fans & the show..

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