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Rihanna & Drake: Not A Kissing Couple?

Rihanna & Drake: Not A Kissing Couple?

Rihanna catches a film after leaving a movie theater in downtown New York City on Thursday (May 21). She wore Current/Elliott’s Cloud Wash Destroyed Jeans.

Yesterday, Page Six reported that the 21-year-old Bajan beauty locked lips with Canadian former child actor-turned-rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham. Turns out that rumor isn’t true!

“It’s not like that at all,” Drake told NY’s Hot 97. “I’m being honest. [She's] just a friend, that’s all. A great artist. Nothing at all [happened]. I have the most respect for her. I think she’s so talented.”

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Credit: Daniel; Photos: INFdaily
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  • fresh

    She looks like she just rolled out of bed.

  • yamla

    Of course it’s not true.
    Chris Brown has been spotted in NY this week.

  • Jen

    When did Jimmy become a real-life rapper?
    Is he still on Degrassi.

  • http://Goawaybeyonce HOTT

    RiRi looking HOTT. I love her!!!!!! My girl.

  • kali

    her outfit is really cute, but the hair has got to go.

  • Christina

    i like Rihanna but she´s really bad when she sings live…

  • LaDub

    wtf is she doing to her hair?!

  • david

    this got is fierce

    shes got talent and can sing idk what people are talking about sure she aint hno whitney houston or marih carey but her voice is very unique

    she aint got no time for the ha_tas


  • fashionista

    Something is up with her hairline. Alopecia?
    And she’s growing a mustache too.

  • emily cristy

    She deserves a good man. I thought she married Brown?

  • Rap It Up

    This girl is not interesting or important enough to ‘hate.’
    She needs to work on her vocals
    and buy a new wig.
    And the label needs to stop
    paying blogs to cover her 24/7.
    at the expensive of real singers.

  • agent orange

    This dude has bed head.

  • KING


  • diva

    I used to always love her hair but I’m not feelin it lately

  • Kill Bill

    i don’t know what’s shittier, her outfits or her music

  • Time

    Sorry but what the hell is she doing to her hair??? I appreciate her being unique but it’s definitely distracting.

  • flamethrower

    If only her albums were as incredible as her face.

  • jiggy

    what is the big deal about this girl?! i don’t get it….i can barely get past her damn clothes to listen to her ridiculously lame music.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    bishes wish they had the ball to do whatever they wanted like rihanna does.

  • Zen

    For once I like what Rihanna’s wearing but she is still trying too hard.and dont even get me started bout the weird hair thing.

  • def jam clam

    Rihanna has balls..literally..and she does whatever her label likes.
    She’s the perfect puppet.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    rihanna just got a plaque from def jam for being 12 times platinum. oh and she was the biggest artist on 08. lame music sure gets you a lot.

  • Ants

    I will say this….she makes the most of what she’s got.
    She’s trying to be this generation’s Whitney Houston.
    Difference is that all the costumes and crazy weaves
    won’t deflect that she has marginal talent.

  • GRAD


  • wish

    what did lame music get this girl?
    beaten up and broke it seems…

  • Maria

    hi does anyone know what jeans shes wearing?

  • Tosha

    I HOPE SHE AND BREEZY GET BK TOGETHA ..but he need to get his st*t togetha first!!

  • yhaaa motherr

    rihanna is a stank ass bxtch who needss to stop being suchh a whoreee i seen those naked pictures and i believe they were her and she act likeee she to good for us peoplee likee wtf WE MADE HER ! if we wasnt buying her albums and shxt she would be just another NON-AMERICAN that was broke as hell !
    she needs a reality check ASAP!

  • Jasmin

    she´s so beautiful :-)

  • Tracie

    She better stop letting all these guys pass her around. It is not a good look for a young woman. I don’t care what anyone else thinks this girl has some problems. She probably was kissing this dude, probaly phucked him too. She is spiraling out of control. Run Chris Run!!

  • Iluvmusic


  • Ilovelondon

    she is so beautiful !!! she has a beautiful face !! most of the girls cant be as hot as her with a short haircut

  • http://myspace dominique

    somin called a bra

  • lalalove

    Yup, its confirmed. They f*cked! Well, duh! That’s the only way anyone would swear by Rihanna’s so-called “talent”.

  • dontcare..

    It’s kinda funny; I use to not care for either. Ha, what do you know I still don’t but I would take listening to chris brown’s music than rihanna’s. Atleast he writes the bulk of his, & he wrote her song ‘Disturbia’. Where as her mediocre talent won’t get her far she’s gotta go down on more writers to continue her gravy train off the backs of unsuspecting people.

  • Jughed

    Love the shoes:D

  • mertz

    lol. aubrey is not still on degrassi. he started writting songs for more famous singers (i’m sure you’ve heard some of his songs and not realized he penned them) before he set up the leave from degrassi, and he has been on the rap/music career for a while now. no one knew because of course no one pays attention to us, but w/e. and i was laughing because it was a definate leak…a planned and deliberate leak because everyone knows (well i guess not people on this website, but kanye and weezy fans would know this even) that aubrey is blowing up, finally, and he’s been getting pushed. he’s already been hitting it in europe and canadians (who follow hip hop) know who he is already. like i said in the previous thread…he has been friends with rihanna, and probably knows her from way back before she got major because they know mutual peeps., and she was living here for some time. lol. she was drunk, and he’s kinda single. people check out melanie fiona, because she’s about to get blown up also (hopefully the universal/def jam machine is on point and promoting people’s records. they’ve got to be one of musics most powerful teams. gah.). what jeans is rihanna wearing. best thing about this was that drizzy got his name out. CONGRATS AUBREY.

  • mia

    *sigh* I wish the media would stop giving in to this girl. Her whole career depends on being seen 24/7 then she gets albums sold depending on which man she’s dating which always seems to be a rumor. If she really didn’t want these rumors spreading around, she would make private party dinners but she lives off of the rumors. But its ok, her career is going to go down the toilet without Jay-Z there to look out for her. Def Jam is going to take her for everything she’s worth, just like they tried to do before.

  • mia

    @yamla: …he lives in NY so he’s always going 2 be there until summer comes around.

  • mertz

    i doubt aubrey lives anywhere nowadays since he’s on the road constantly. he doesn’t live in new york.

  • goons

    another day, another rihanna post.. not even angelina and brat pitt are all over like this and they are way bigger stars than this tart.. well guess her life is to get seen everyday without fail..

  • bajangirl

    Everyone hates chris at least he had her dressing and acting like a lady not a little whore.Thats why we love him in Barbados.

  • enoughalready

    #8 that’s funny, her voice is unique, that’s the new name for not being able to carry a tune, note, and hollaring like a cat to some nice beats

    I see she is wearing Chris Brown’s watch..

    You know what else I find very disturbing? Those pics that went out, they should’ve been alked about by the main press like E, People, TMZ an so on. They should come out and say who sent them cause you can check and see who did it. Like they did that one Cheetah girl.

    It’s like is was a cover up or something on her behalf. They dog others, dog her, dont just let us do it, do it worldwide. Put her on that stripper pole like they would have put Miley or Carrie, these are so called good girls like she’s suppose to be..

    Kanye’s Video is still WACK!

  • manchh

    i so hae her! fuuuf

  • manchh

    i soo hate her! FuuF

  • ohmygoodness

    uuuuuuhhh… talented?? by showing her brests he means hahahaha
    everyone saw her pictures i mean come onnnnn
    she just wants the attention and she’s getting it by you guys
    cut the crap she’s nothing anymore
    just overexposed and a attention wh re… anyways…
    her days are done….

  • ohmygoodness

    GRAD @ 05/21/2009 at 8:52 pm HEAD TRANSPLANT AND SHE’D BE FINE!


    her inner self is a dude.. maybe thats why she cut her hair like this
    she’s trying toooooooooo much to be ”unique” so thats not unique anymore
    its just wanting attention…

    whats with the brown thing?
    cus she’s famous he can’t do anything to her..
    and she WILL get back with him ofcourse.. nobody else wants to f ck her.. only her @ss was oke to look at, not her head
    chris was thinking he was scr wing his friend hhaahah

  • Rime

    I like her She looks so fashion & chic She had a very nice LoOk Todoy
    With LOoVe … <3

  • cutie pie

    She fine just like she is, and her body is model type for sure.. tall , curvy and long legs.. go Rihanna!

  • tres

    the hair is ridiculous. and jay-z is just wasting his time and effort to save this girl’s sorry aSsS. it’s so hard to believe she’s only 21, what a tranny