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Cam Gigandet Punches Twilight Fan Girls

Cam Gigandet Punches Twilight Fan Girls

Cam Gigandet proves to all Twilight fans why he was nominated for Best Fight in the upcoming 2009 MTV Movie Awards in this hilarious video.

Last week, the 26-year-old actor filmed the new video to promote the upcoming awards show in Los Angeles.

You can vote for Cam and his fight against Robert Pattinson in Twilight at

The 2009 MTV Movie Awards will air on Sunday, May 31st.

Cam Gigandet vs. Twilight Fans: Funny or Die!
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  • hillsfan

    did he need some votes to win or something? i thought this was pretty stupid.

  • joey

    Why does he wear those wierd socks? At least his girlfriend wasn’t in the video.

  • Tanner

    Too funny!

  • lauren


  • jules

    It was hilarious lol and he is so hot!

  • fridayiminlove

    he is in the movie for five minutes. known as a fighter? thats not really sexy lol. like those socks to.

  • Saudia

    LOL I watched this yesterday .. laughed so hard .. Cam’s hot

  • tlt

    hahah! that’s so funny!!!

  • EFFY

    hilarious, that ginger kid rocked.

  • kimberly

    this was just a fun video that is for twilight being nom for best fight, cam didnt write the scene, you know the girls and cam had fun, it was just a spoof video. and you know cam would never beat up his fans, cam loves his fans, wonder if there are some fans like that out there.

    that was great and cam was a great sport for doing this.

    cam is so hot, love the socks, so what cam likes weird socks.

  • Las Vegas Nights

    What a stunning fight by Cam Gigandet! thats why he is nominated for MTV awards!

  • rose

    this was really great, cam was so nice to do this and the girls had fun, and it was just a video spoof his best fight nom, and being a fun ad for the awards, nothing wrong with that, i mean its not like cam came up with the idea, and i love cam’s unique style thats great and cam is hot. there is an interview on with cam and the girls talking about this. they had fun. cam was so sweet to do this.
    and fridayiminlove, cam was in the movie for about 50 mins, give or take. not that much but more than 5 min and he was the fighter and he can fight and he is a great actor with a great career ahead of him. i just love this, this was so great and funny, i watch it so much yesterday, i love it. it amazing as it cam.
    i just love talking about cam.

  • casey

    cam is really great for doing this. he is so sweet and loves his fans, that was great, funny.

  • anna

    cam is great sexy man, and yea he was a great sport for doing this, those girls where lucky, but i wouldnt try to beat him up, i love him, cam is such a sweetheart.

  • foolishdreams

    Most amusing and it shows he has a sense of humor about himself. Doesn’t take himself so seriously. The girls did a good job, too!

  • miller

    yep that’s right #15,

    cam did a great job. that was funny girls were good too. and you know cam would never really do that to his fans good to see him having fun.

  • vmars111

    Kill them! Kill them all!

    But to be honest, that was some bad choreography, but to be fair, it would be hard to do that with tween girls.

  • jenny

    #17 it was a spoof vid not going to be like a real movie fight, that was great and cam was great, good job to the girls too, and i love the last line.

    CAM is so great.

  • monicapt


  • chels

    he is so hot! i voted for him ,tthanks god LC wasnt in the video!

    hahah twilight HARDCORE fans

  • melanie

    That’s hilarious!

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol that was pretty funny
    i love how they make fun of those obsessed teenage girls =p
    it’s crazy imo
    the fighting part of the video was kinda corny tho

  • nika

    its so cool. american twilight fan are so funny, and stupid!!!!!!!!!. so fun. stupid teen girl.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    even funnier how so many tweenie twilight fans are getting offended.

  • CAM#1FAN

    @[~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]:

    i havent heard of any fans getting offended, they should know that this is just all in fun, just to show that twilight got a best fight nom. at the mtv movie awards, the fans should not be worrying about it, its just for fun and that is it. CAM LOVES HIS FANS AND WOULD NEVER EVER TREAT THEM LIKE THIS. ITS JUST A FUN VIDEO, AND I SEEN THAT ON A LOT OF TWILIGHT FANS SITES PEOPLE ARE FINDING THIS TO BE FUNNY.



  • arantxa

    me too
    i saw it o Celebuzz

  • Lesley

    how do you say his last name?

  • Mari

    LOL!!! Loved it!!
    I used to be a fan of Twilight (book) and since that stupid movie came out it all became pure HELL!! I would love to kick some stupid fans asses!!! :D

  • me

    Wow…the sad thing about it is that it’s actually a pretty acurate representation of those crazy twilighters. :P

  • kelly

    i’ve never been a fan of twilight, i’m just in LOVE WITH CAM GIGANDET AND WILL VOTE FOR HIM.

    i didnt enjoy the movie, well cam b/c honestly cam did make that movie better, i agree mari it has gone of control and really does need to calm down. but this video was funny and great cam was amazing, love to see him making fun of himself and everything

  • liv

    I think it was hilarious. Tweenie massacre.

  • BB

    so funny,

    cam was great he is so sexy and such a sweetheart. i love him so much he is great. i love his outfit and also seeing him making fun of everything is great, YOU GO CAM YEA.

  • punk

    loved it!!!

  • Alison

    Very funny spoof!

  • olga@israel

    Wow!!!! I like him even more now… Such a cute guy!!! LOL!



  • Vestes de Cuisine

    He is so beautiful.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    He is so beautiful.

  • twilight fan

    So funny. omg

  • kaley

    wow that was really funny lol and cam is so freaking hot!!!!!!!!!