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Clay Aiken Doesn't Like Lambert

Clay Aiken Doesn't Like Lambert
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  • Tanner

    Personally, I don’t care about Clay.

  • Las Vegas Nights

    Clay told that he thinks Kris Allen was very likeable, and that it all comes down to personal taste of the voters, as when he and Ruben Studdard competed in the final two.

  • hmmmm

    Those are the pics of Miranda where you can see a ring on her left hand. I guess that these are the ones that sparked the engagement rumors.

  • Bette

    Clay WENT to AI and got snubed not only by Lambert but the producers of Idol…
    So the little Queen is a bit miffed and has resorted to b!tchy blogs.
    (in fact he does like Idol and wants Lambert)

  • jess

    LOL i had to laugh when I read what Clay wrote..

  • jess

    but ring of fire was one of adams worst performances.. so that doesnt count??

  • H.

    Why is Sharon Stone wearing a comb-over? *insert wtf face*

  • Anon

    I love Adam!!! I went on youtube and he can sing classical music and church music too. Randy says Adam can sing the telephone book and I agree. Clay is just a bitter queen. How can he say he doesn’t watch, then he picks Adam’s most weak performance ? I bet he does watches Idol! Clay is a self hater. His “Good Christian” background at war with his gay self! Adam is HUGE compared to Claykins. Adam has training in voice and community theater from when he was little. You can’t compare now, to when AI was only two years old, and Clay was in it. Now there’s people like Allison, who watched it when they were little dreaming of being there. Adam and a lot of other kids now have something to reach for. Before, there was no AI, so they had no place to look forward to. I bet Clay would like to be part of the hype of finale week. But he was dissed. I heard he is hard to work with.
    Clay = beee-yotch!

  • Mimmers

    Clay Aiken sucks!!!! His music SUCKS, he SUCKS!!!1

  • JJ


  • LuckyL

    Clay’s just mad because he didn’t have the balls to live his life outside of the closet until recently like Adam.

  • melanie

    I think Clay has a crush on Adam. Adam’s very beefy and muscular. I’m sure he could hold his own unlike the wimpy Clay.

  • aida

    Clay is just jealous because he knows that Adam will be far more successful than he has been. Clay actually was complaining that Adam had too much experience before he went on American Idol, and then says the guy’s singing makes his ears bleed? Which is it, is Adam too professional and polish or he can’t sing according to Clay? Clay is worried that no one will be talking about him any more, so he needs to use Adam’s name to get his name in print. People rather take photos of Bristol and Tripp instead of Clay and his son. Clay is quickly becomming insignificant and he is JEALOUS. KISS has said that they would welcom Adam to tour with them.

  • http://justjared tanii

    Clay a wimp and a sore loser.

  • The truth

    I think Clay had an opinion and simply stated it. Something we all do on this site. I happen to agree with his assessment of Adam. He basically sucks donkey balls.

  • Val

    Oh my god! Clay please STOP BEING A BITCH we all know that you only want the spotlight and you plan getting it by talking trash about this year’s favorite, so do everyone a favor and shut up because guess what? NOBODY ASKED FOR YOUR OPINION!

  • yup

    Clay is so jealous. and we all know how American Idol keeps growing every season (with some exceptions like kelly clarkson). We find sooo much talent just in one season, it is crazy! and that Adam is runner-up just like Clay is just shameful when one:adam can out sing clay on any song. two: adam can captivate a crowd instantly instead of making us bored to tears like clay.. (and yes, I did watch him on AI) and most importantly THREE: Adam is a very sweet guy who is respectful to everyone and obviously Clay is extremely jealous because Adam has caused way more craze and commotion than Clay has in his whole career.

  • Yar

    Clay is a boy bitch!

  • La’Nae Zumo

    Clay should never complain about rudness again after his un called for remarks posted about Adam Lambert. Who is such a mega talent.
    He won’t even say he is sorry and make it sound real. I was a fan of what i thought was a great guy(human being) but now I can’t stand him. I think he is more of a Danny Golkey type guy.Jealous and lacking the real factor. It is sad and painful to see a star act like that stupid Danny man. Really sad indeed…GO ADAM AND KRIS>

  • Just Interested

    LOL why does his opinion matter?
    seriously you people need to calm down not everyone worships adam & that’s fine ;]]

    i dislike adam too i hate his screaming when he sings

  • y

    clay is lame. he needs to close his mouth already. in more ways than one.

  • pam

    As one of the original Clay fans I can tell you that we are a long suffering bunch. Time and again Clay does or says something STUPID and we go into over drive making excuses for him because we thought he was truly something different than the superficial entertainers we were use to. Now there is no denying that he is as self centered and shallow as anyone.

    So what if you don’t like Adam’s music Clay? Do you think you are being ‘cute’ in TRASHING it….and this from a guy who has NO personal talent in making music, just gifted with a great voice.

    Clay is VERY low class to trash Adam’s music after listening to only one performance (sure….I think we know that Clay has been following Adam much more closely than that…especially since his boyfriend is an Adam Lambert fan).

  • Suppress your appetite


  • fanesiitaa :D

    Clay Aiken does not watch American Idol, and he doesn’t enjoy Adam Lambert.


    Fu.Ck yoU clay STU.PID Aiken ¬¬
    Adam the best (: ♥

  • fanesiitaa :D

    The truth @ 05/22/2009 at 6:47 pm

    I think Clay had an opinion and simply stated it. Something we all do on this site. I happen to agree with his assessment of Adam. He basically sucks donkey balls.


    F.uck yoU stu.Pid “the truth”
    shut up and get out of here ¬¬
    I hate yOu..

    Adam the best ♥

  • Jermaine

    Newslash. Aside from your messed up fanbase, no one likes YOU Gaiken. Whereas Lambo has fans — and FRIENDS, in real life LEGENDS. Lmfao. Clay’s such a catty wuss.