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Hayden Panettiere: White Hot Bikini!

Hayden Panettiere: White Hot Bikini!

Hayden Panettiere shows off her assets while wearing a white hot bikini while on vacation in Antibes, Frances on Friday (May 22).

Looks like Hayden is gettin’ some lovin!

The 19-year-old Heroes actress then went for some fun while riding a jet ski with her friend. Hayden attended the amfAR Cinema Against Aids 2009 benefit last night at the Hotel duCap.

10+ pictures inside of Hayden Panettiere and her white hot bikini…

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hayden panettiere white hot bikini 01
hayden panettiere white hot bikini 02
hayden panettiere white hot bikini 03
hayden panettiere white hot bikini 04
hayden panettiere white hot bikini 05
hayden panettiere white hot bikini 06
hayden panettiere white hot bikini 07
hayden panettiere white hot bikini 08
hayden panettiere white hot bikini 09
hayden panettiere white hot bikini 10

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  • Las Vegas Nights

    oh sexy and tooo hot bikni! she looks damn beautiful!

  • Tanner

    Looks like she’s been having a good time on her vacation! That’s two days in a row now where pics of her have been all over celeb sites.

  • Robin

    people say she’s fat and stuff, but i’d kill to have her body.

  • NJ

    Just how tall is she?!

  • vika

    imdb says she is 5’1″ (1.55)

  • tUrly

    She’s about 5’2 I think

  • annie

    I want that bikini, anybody knows where i can get it???
    Real cute and damn never thought i would ever say that about the midget..

  • NJ

    Vika, thanks!

    She seems shorter but otherwise confident in her skin.

  • Andy

    I’ll lick her Cameltoe :D

  • Robin


    actually she’s about 5’4″.

  • jules

    Hot? let’s say not!!! chubby and ugly

  • vivian

    I dont think she’s 5″4
    she’s either 5″0 or 5″1
    neverless she look weird like always

  • Sara

    Poor thing has no chest and little T-rex arms. Love that bikini though.

  • LuckyL

    vivian @ 05/22/2009 at 3:55 pm

    I dont think she’s 5″4
    she’s either 5″0 or 5″1
    neverless she look weird like always
    Vivian’s right. She’s known for being very short and this is knowledge that can be confirmed online as well.

    She’s not fat, just stocky, like a Polish butcher.

  • LuckyL

    God, what older man is touching her now?

    The bikini has a little too much crotch action for my tastes. At least on her it does.

  • melanie

    I wonder how often she gets loving. Perhaps twice a day, she is very energetic.

  • xo

    her face is gorgeous… her body, not so much. I would be sooo sad if I had her stumpy little body.. her face is SO much prettier than mine.. but still.. wouldnt swap.. her body freaks me out a little…

  • Tuna

    Thanks JJ for making yet another post highlighting this untalented midget with a mispelled tattoo. My life is complete now.

  • xo


  • lakers fan in boston

    i gotta give it 2 her
    for a pretty short girl, she has a pretty good body
    even her legs dont look that stumpy

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    stupid little midget.

  • liv

    She’s built like a tree stump.

  • bey rocks

    LOL she has no boobs

  • Dave

    She has little boobies!!! HaHa

  • just me

    Assets?? WHAT assets???

  • milli

    Does anyone know who made the bikini? Is it la Perla?

  • victoria

    i really do like that bikini .. if she had boobs and not like overly huge one just a little bigger her body would look totally diff

  • male

    she looks like shes like 5

    that is not hot!!

    no curves but shes not like a model thats like flat but looks elegant

  • http://JUSTJARED.COM jayleesa

    she has a gymnists body like she must have been in gymnastics or sothing bc it stunts your growth and she looks like she must have done that when she was younger???

  • Luciilockett

    wtf is everyone one about? she has a friggen amazing bod. She looks really healthy and toned, not like some disgusting anorexic skeletons in hollywood. Jealous much?

  • Luciilockett

    wtf is everyone one about? she has an amazing bod!
    She looks really healthy and toned, as opposed to a disgusting skeletal like body.
    Jealous much?

  • Luciilockett

    woops my comment appeared twice. My bad : 0

  • mc

    My gosh people are so mean! This what a lot of everyday girls’ bodies looks like. Many girls are short and don’t have big boobs (like me for example, and I like my body except for the fact that I’ve got some extra pounds on me). In fact, Hayden has an amazing body- she uses what she’s got! She obviously works out and she eats. She’s a good body role model. I don’t get why ppl must criticize her body shape. After all, it’s not their body and it doesn’t affect them. Also, I’m sure if she got breast implants, then people would criticize her.

  • martin

    she already got a tatoo, the next step would be to get some breast implants, at least people would shut up about her small boobs. haha…Joking

  • remember da truth

    THAT is chubby? Stumpy? Stocky?

    What pictures are YOU looking at???

    She’s short, but still petite. Obviously, people unhappy with themselves see only what they want to see. Bet you think she’s not pretty or smart, too.

    Do you guys realize you might as well tattoo LOSER on your heads when you talk like this? Your jealous, hateful delusions are soooo obvious.

    I’ve never seen Heroes nor do I want to, but some things are just fact, That is not a chubby girl.

  • victoria

    i do think she is cute and has a cute body, but honestly somethings dont look like on her body and make her look almost child-ish and if she had a little bigger chest or hips it would look better.

  • itstrueagain

    She’s cute, but looks like a little girl.

  • Kaka

    This looks like a diaper.

  • y

    she’s joined the reese club as a member of the truly boring…

  • Ernie

    Couldn’t agree more – No. 25. She has absolutely no assets that I can see from these pics. Very very flat-chested indeed with that huge gap between what little there is. If I were her and had her money, I would be giving the vacationing thing a miss 4 a while and going for the implant option. She is also the scattiest, bimbo out there in Hollywood at the moment and from all accounts, opens her legs to anyone worth visiting. Old men preferred I think she has said in the past. Close the legs Hayden and stop being such a pop-tart and people will respect you more.

  • Just

    Arrhhhhh god bless the ‘whale’ – she is still getting the mileage out of her training bra. An investment that will be with her for life I bet.

  • James

    leave her alone!

    you born with your body shape and no matter what you do you can’t change that!

    The only thing you can do is improve it and make the best of it through exercise and diet choices. I think Hayden is very toned and stunning.

    If she got breast implants for her so called flat chest, then all of you would jump up and down complaining and saying shes fake.

  • bob

    looks like a diaper.

  • Lingerie

    great little bikini :)

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She has a really weird shaped body.

  • Bianca

    I don’t think she looks fat,she just doesn’t look as unhealthy skinny as other actresses. And I really respect her for not dieting until she has size zero…
    The only thing that looks maybe a little weird on her is that she has like no breasts at all – but I have D cups and I’m not happy with that either so…
    Being pretty short myself I know that you have to be very careful how much you weight for your body to look proportional and not to look like you’re 20 pounds heavier – with that in mind she has an awesome body!

  • Rachel

    haha, t-rex arms. She’s still a cute girl.

  • Rachel

    You people are assholes. How would you feel if you were always under the microscope for people to criticize. She looks cute. She’s not a runway model and either are any of you. My god.

  • she male michael boyle

    As a manhattan male secretary who loves to flaunt my ass and bounce around i wish i had haydens ass… michael boyle

  • billybob

    I always wondered if shes anatural blonde either way id still let her sit on my face