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Kate Gosselin is a Biker Babe

Kate Gosselin is a Biker Babe

Kate Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus 8 hops onto a motorcycle with Paul Teutul Sr. from the TV show, American Chopper in Reading, Pennsylvania on Friday (May 22).

Check out the trailer for the new season below!

Jon and Kate face each other on TV for the first time since the recent stories of martial problems. Check it out this Monday at 9pm, on TLC.

DO YOU THINK you’ll tune in on Monday – YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin, the biker babe…

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  • OMG

    She says she hate the paps, but she seem to be enjoying the attention. . .and why does she always seems to be on her damn cellphone

  • brooke

    since when is there paparazzi in Reading?? gosh come see the amish and leave these people alone and let them live there life

  • joanne

    now that is a premiere i want to see!

  • mslewis

    Jon and Kate are being FILMED for their reality show (you might have heard about it). The paps are in Reading apparently because photos are making money for them (the paps, that is). Nobody called the paps. These fools go where the money is and, right now, Jon and Kate photos are selling.

    As for watching the show . . . nobody on JJ has to watch but millions across the States will watch and I’m betting the show will get the highest ratings they have ever had. There is no such thing as bad publicity!!!

  • Briana

    Does anyone else notice how far away they are sitting from each other at the end?
    Usually, they are sitting like on top of each other…

  • lola

    Hello the mother and father of 8 NOT wearing helmets. have no idea if required in PA (assuming not) but shouldn’t they be wearing them. so irresponsible. natasha richardson anyone?

  • olls

    I don’t watch them. Never have.

    What is this woman doing on a motorbike, even if it’s going 5 mph, without a helmet? She has children depending on her!

    I don’t agree with people pimping out their kids. How much money could either one of them be making without riding on the backs of those poor kids?

    So I refuse to watch it. I hope the show crashes and the kids get to have a more normal life, even if it’s not in a $1million + home.

  • cooky46

    used to watch their show I feel badly for the kids,won’t be watching anymore,there is no good reason to cheat,ever.I don’t care who cheated etc. it is all about them being a great bad example to others.

  • Donna

    i feel bad for jon….whatever he was or wasn’t “allegedly” doing, you really feel for the guy. i don’t know if it’s a defense mechanism but Kate just seems to cold-hearted…like she’s got no emotions. It’s like someone speaking their “upset” but her body language says so little – like she really doesn’t care. I think jon really wants the family together – he left space for her and she doesn’t give a flying fart. You may say he’s “spineless” but that’s who she married and that’s what she’s gonna deal with. He’s dealt w. her crazy attitude in return after all these years.

    Anyone agree?

  • KElc

    In the second video he said he loves his kids and his family but he did not single kate and say i love my life … Hmmm
    make me think

  • lisa

    GAWD she is such a fame whore. She loves any and all attention from the cameras. Such a pity … the frst two seasons were so enjoyable.

    Hate that cross-over crap TLC is doing. They are ratings whores.

  • http://justjared jOanna

    These 8 children are in serious trouble because of their narcissistic parents. The State of PA or someone needs to step in to make sure no more harm is done. Kate is a monster and Jon is her water boy. TLC is extremely irresponsible for keeping this show on the air. It’s like watching the Titanic go down.

  • Evangeline

    Not only is she not wering a helmet her shoes are completely wrong, those exhaust pipes burn exposed skin. I doubt she woud ever be wearing short sleeves again after even a minor accident on a bike. A complete idiot Jon as well, I lost respect for the guys from American Chopper, they should have let her ride on the bike with Mikey !

  • VICTORIA # 1

    ” DONNA ,” Jon’s family has said on, that he was tired of the camera’s and intrusion on their lives ” along time ago.”
    Kate on the other hand, could only badger the other reality families like the Duggers and others on how to get ” freebies. ” Not just food and diapers and clothes and school scholarships, BUT, clothes and money, cars, specialty care from Doctors for her and Jon.
    Jon said they had more arguments over this, and Kate told him to keep to his mouth shut, because it was for his own welfare, but most importantly, his children’s: and their future.
    She had her tummy tucked, and her legs deveined, but when she went back for a free breast job, the plastic surgeon said ” NO.” Enough is enough ! Jon told his brother – in – law this remark really pissed her off. A different dermatologist in New York gave her free expensive facials, and laser treatments for ” dark spots. ” She was given the best cosmetics and creams and shampoo’s. Must be nice for a working vagina.
    Kate’s own family has said this past week, that they rarely talk to her. Her father stated that his daughter enjoy’s the camera’s and all the attention whether it is positive or negative, while Jon retreats and hides the best he can. Jon told his father-in-law, that Kate behaves like a prima donna or the Queen of England, and orders everyone around from the staff to the camera crew to pet’s. He does not know how these people stand her day to day, unless they hope to get on camera themselves.
    NUMBER # 7 ” OLLS ” Let’s don’t start that ” pimp out the kids ” crap over here please. It is so over used on the Holmes-Cruise site, it has become nauseating. Everyone who takes their child out in public, or photographs their child, can be accused of that. That ” pimp ” term is stupid sounding.
    Jon will find a way out. Then Kate can play.

  • Jon and kate + 8 + “friends”

    JJ – don’t you think Hayden will be pissed at you when she sees that you are still making posts about and dating Kate? She thinks you are with her.
    She will get a mispelled tattoo in French cursing you on her fat ass!!!

  • earl

    How come Kate is looking directly at the paps while Paul Teutul, Sr. doesn’t seem to notice? If you look at other pics it is the same with Jon and the son (he doesn’t notice either) of Sr., Jon and Kate purposely seek out the paps and then complain about it all.
    Do they need guests each week to carry the show? Is this a try out for Kate’s “talk” show?

  • ljh

    I am sick of seeing these two all over magazines wherever you look, and I don’t even watch the show!

  • jc

    Stopped watching a long time ago and agree with #17. But since I dont think it’s worth wishing anyone bad I hope they find a way for the sake of their kids. This latest PR stunt of her riding on bike for cross marketing of shows is Im assuming an attempt to change her image…good luck.

  • jaye

    Wonder why she pretended she was afraid to ride on the ATV that Jon was riding on one episode. She seems to be enjoying the heck out of riding on that motorcycle though. I guess she just didn’t want to ride with JON. It only takes publicity for some people to get over their fears I guess. Something is seriously wrong with this woman.

  • jc

    BTW TLC and Jon and Kate should have made sure they were wearing helmets to role model safety for their kids and kids watching the show – or have they forgot this is a family show. Ask Liam Neeson if he believes in helmets to prevent head injuries after losing his beautiful, inside and out, wife and mother of kids, Natasha. Now THAT was truly loving and stable marriage despite the fame.

  • lauren

    These two continue to shock me…or not. And Why the Helll are they not wearing helmets in front of the kids..STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.
    Back to these two idiots.
    The more fame she wants, the more withdrawn he’ll get. They need to come to a decision to go back to the jobs they had before…she can make up to 40/hr being a nurse and he had a good job with computer tech.
    Kate, wake up.
    This will disinegrate before your eyes if you don’t walk away now.
    I can’t stand this fame whoree bit ch

  • pip

    Uhh. Jon has checked out.
    He’s gone.
    Never smiles anymore
    He needs to get away from her.
    He’s a better dad when she’s not around barking orders at him anyway.

  • mslewis

    Victoria, if you believe everything said about Kate BY FAMILY MEMBERS then you are an idiot!!! These family members are being PAID to make up stories for the tabloids. It’s really a shame. The family members aren’t thinking about the children.

    I know Jon is so over the show because he said so, on camera, at the end of last season. He gave in because Kate wanted to go on with it and TLC wanted to go on with it because it is their HIGHEST RATED show and is making a mint for them. If TLC is making money off these people then what’s so bad about Kate wanting to take advantage of freebies too? If you don’t like the show, fine, don’t watch it, but what you are saying is riduculous and misinformed. STFU and turn off the channel!!!

  • Jared

    i assume kate expects a chopper for Paul Sr for free, too.

  • Jared

    the helmets would have messed up Kate’s hair…duh! then she would have barked for her hair stylist all day to fix it, then order her bodygrd to put his peter in her lunchbox in between scenes

  • jo jo

    i see spin off show – “kate motorcycle momma”. at least with a screaming harley you couldn’t hear those whiny kids.

  • hrhkat

    she is disgusting, he loves all the attention, and her hidious ugly ass middle american hair cut makes me want to vomit….

  • zombie shakespeare

    What are they up to now? Trying to horn in on OCC’s fanbase. Hands off Mikey, kate!!

  • kath

    does this woman actually spend any time with her kids? she always seems to be off doing her own thing

  • Halli

    It’ll be TLC biggest premier.

  • Gosselinkids

    Jon is a dick and why wasn’t he at work like all the other dads?
    Kate is a skank and I hope when her head hits the ground it smashes into a million little fabulousishness piece.s. They should both go rot.

  • a total fan

    If their marriage is in that much trouble,then they should quit the show and work on their marriage for the sake of the children. I guess being a celebrity is more important.

  • Gosselinkids

    NEW SHOW: Road kill with the Gosselins

  • susan

    welp,hate to say it but there are enough female noodnicks around to keep this idiotic train wreck of a show going for some time.

    by the way, I hear that the Tuttles are losing big money in their new chopper manufacturing venture

  • CYN

    where do all of you get your information and how do you know it is true? . the children have a pretty nice life. i would kill to have the experiences that they had. so in the end it benefits them too. just leave this family alone, if the children read your comments what would they think, it’s not exactly the kind of stuff you want to hear about your mom or dad, even if it’s true. stop being so mean. in the end she’s rolling in cash and you’re not.

  • bluelake

    ****** I hope his pitts stank *********

  • tbo

    WTF? I thought this show was supposed to be about the kiddies, but it looks like TLC thinks we want to see Kate and John as road “hogs”. Hogs for money, maybe.

  • OH NO

    Check out Kate’s cell phone–the color is so yesterday, so Paris Hilton-esque, so appropriate for a tween. Or did she rip off Mady’s?

  • MM2/12

    She’s riding choppers for the kiiiiiiids, all of her plastic surgery is for the kiiiiiids, spa treatments?………….you guessed it , for the kiiiiids………………………..touching

  • beth

    Kate, please go away. Far far away. Oh- take Maddy with you too. You two can act like diva’s and have melt downs together. Thanks!

  • sickofkate+TLC

    Nay…won’t watch.
    Neither adult has ANY talent. He looks unhappy and she looks like “Mommy Dearest”. I can watch my neighbors if I want to watch couples fight and PO each other off.
    The kids were cute, a couple seasons ago. Now they are just stressed out- screaming hitting. I can see that in the park.
    Lots better stuff to watch on TV or I can just go play chutes and ladders with my kids.
    PS Can’t believe they rode those bikes without helmets.
    Kids learn by what they SEE not what you tell them.
    Oh yeah- Jon and Kate don’t believe that….

  • Donna

    So, I guess there’s a marathon today and I just saw the “christmas” episode where they went to toys r us to get the kids’ xmas presents and kate was YELLING at him in public (no surprise) and he ACTUALLY STOOD UP FOR HIMSELF! (Go jon!) He stated clearly, honestly, and in a straightforward matter what Kate was doing and how it made him feel. She “apologized” but WOW…go jon!

    He may be innocent/guilty of what he was/wasn’t “allegedly” doing fr. the magazines now but he’s such a loving day. He seems more motherly than kate. Giving the kids positive feedback, hugs, and kisses; genuinely excited to be and play w. the kids.

  • Donna

    oh and jon just went to get the ball across the street. jon said, “if i leave, i won’t run away…you know me better than that”

    kate said, “well remember our address because we need your paycheck.”

    wowww what a loving wife

  • myomy

    They need to get marriage counseling right now before the problems grow too deep. They need to stay together no matter what or their children are really going to suffer and probably become problematic.

    Jon and Kate love each other, you can tell. Jon is easy-going and not really a man who chases other women. He’s just a little exhausted and probably not getting enough validation from his wife. I think he’s easy to care for, but Kate had better make the effort. All men start acting weird if they no longer feel important. I think Jon feels like a fifth wheel have the time. Kate isn’t showing him enough appreciation and attention.

    They need to really find a way to make for time for their marriage or they will end up as a very sad statistic.

  • mslewis is an idiot


    And where is your source of information?
    The tv show? The show that TLC runs?


  • me

    I am soooooo sick of this publicity hound! Please Jared ENOUGH about her!

  • Sallt

    NO way will I watch this crap.

  • hrhkat

    I would much rather hear about heidi and spencer then these two… least heidi and spencer admit they are famewhores…jon and kate plus divorce attorneys plus lovers plus tv cameras plus ugly hair plus 4 kids plus US magazine plus 3 more kids plus Star Magazine plus one more kid plus a bodyguard plus another hick on a motorcycle is reallllly getting to be too much….this circus needs its tent to catch on fire and trap everyone inside.

  • Tara

    KATE GOSSELIN = FAMEWHORE! She is so disgusting. Riding on a motorcycle with cork wedge high heels and no helmet. she’s totally trailer trash!

  • sarah

    Ohhhhh will they get FREE MOTORCYCLES TOO!? This family is so disgusting! Gimme gimme gimme, want, want, want = can’t wait for their day in the spotlight to go away once and for all. THE WHORE OUT YOUR KIDS FREEBIE FAMILY with their hands always out, pimping out the little ones for money – pathetic and sad.

    Jon said his kids were his meal ticket – it’s true (and obviously shows!)