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Rihanna is Mixed Up

Rihanna is Mixed Up

Rihanna enjoys some retail therapy at the Intermix boutique as she shops in the SoHo area of New York City on Friday (March 22).

The 21-year-old Barbadian beauty was recently linked to rapper Drake Graham, but he shot down the rumor.

RiRi‘s ex, Chris Brown, however, has reportedly been in the studio working on a country song and he may be paired up with American Idol winner Carrie Underwood according to EW! Chris has previously worked with another American Idol winner, Jordin Sparks, on their hit, “No Air”.

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna all mixed up…

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# 1

What is that on her neck? An alligator?

# 2

Ri’s done copying Michael Jackson, now she is copying Prince.

# 3

Girl got a **** on her head.

# 4


# 5
Forever Kenny @ 05/22/2009 at 6:42 pm

She looks beautiful! She is not copying Prince, many people had similar style as Prince WAAY before Prince! He was just the first black he-she to do it! And atleast she is all woman!

# 6
groovlicious @ 05/22/2009 at 6:45 pm

She reminds me of that guy from Kid’n Play. Christopher Reid.
Rihanna could be his sister…

# 7
groovlicious @ 05/22/2009 at 6:46 pm

..or brother!

# 8

Too much Rihanna. She seems to be trying to her picture taken every day.

# 9

WoodyWoodPecker’s in da house!

Rihanna’s publicist is working overtime to keep her name in the news.

Girl needs a new do.
Body is awesome, but the hair has to go.

# 10……..exactly my toughts. Seriously, girl doesn’t need to make a statement every time she leaves her house. It looks like she is living more for the media. She must be exhauted to keep this up!!! Honey, I wish you well but the higher you rise, the higher you fall….stay grounded and slow down the show a bit

Rihanna looks different from those nudes floating around the Net. Her and Beyonce seem evenly matched in the thigh department these days. Nothing wrong with that.

Prince, is that you?!

She’s cute but I really dont see how people consider her the least bit fashionable.

Doe she ever sit down? Why does Rhianna’s publicist insist on shuffling her about every day of the week? I find it hard to believe she wants so much attention right now. It’s only been a few months since the assault.

she is trying so hard to be a fashion icon but she always fail.

What is she wearing???

A new low. Pretending to shop naked and flash passerbys with her trench coat for sure. P*.rn and reality tv are in her near future.

good lord she’s soooooo annoying

good lord she’s soooooo annoying

I can’t help but think about that Cameron Diaz movie — There’s Something About Mary — when I see how big her hair is now.

Rihanna got a ten foot wig to cover her fivehead.

another photo op

Rihanna’s look GLAMUROUS!
i love you RiRi ♥

love the necklace – AS LONG AS IT’S NOT A REAL ANIMAL!!!

I am sick of everyone acting like nothing happened and that she is everyone’s golden girl again. She sucks! What a poor excuse for a woman! Her fashion attempts are pathetic too.

RIHANNA IS A slut @ 05/22/2009 at 8:19 pm




wow i didnt know how super jealous people can get. if you dont like her why are you wasting you precious time talking about her. how does tht better you? exactly.

she looks great & i like her necklace :)

sorry but @ 05/22/2009 at 8:37 pm

she is fugly.

@ct: its called point of view plus i don’t hate her nor am i jealous there’s nothing to be jealous of YUCK anyways she needs saving

is she NOTT aware there is a worldwide recession going on?! seriously…i get that she’s young and “you only live once” but seriously, how the hell is she need “retail therapy” everyother day…its not cute or “fierce”…its sad and unnecessary…

Rihanna has an alien head, a nasty voice, fatty thighs…I realllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyy dont understand peoples obsession with her

Chris brown and carrie underwood?!

Idk how I feel about that. Not sure if its a good decision on her part.

dontcare.. @ 05/22/2009 at 10:12 pm

Jared, you are turning into Perez Hilton before our very eyes.. kissing serious def jam a_s_s As well as rihanna. Suckling the nipple of that cash cow, selling out. Your site use to be the best now it’s filled with overrated singers that need a good w h o r 3 ! n g out.

Glad to see Ri-Ri smilin again :)

So cute! What’s going on with her hair?

Good job rihanna! another lame look. and that thing on your neck. wtf. plus hair is becoming awful day by day. i still can’t understand why fans think the haters are jealous. who would want to be in her shoes, a silly stuck up, with a bad fashion taste and zero talent.

Good morning to everybody in the United States…

For Rihanna…Very Good luck in your professional life and in your personal life also… I believe that one thing affects the other is difficult to be concentrated in the work when our personal life is not well…So good luck again…

To Chris…. I am African, you are very dear here in Africa and that any case with Rihanna shows that you worry more in describing a work of excellent quality to your audience than to show your personal life, I know that is difficult because the freedom I was somewhat taken to you at this time and you are very young, very beautiful and you have much talent… You are artist that “the works have your very own image of pop star but is more concerned with the vocals in your songs, all passes and is not one problem who is not the end, you will return again, for your family courage at this time, because you are very young, hot boy…. Here is a lot of people to pray for you, you have the age of my brothers… Successes boy, people know you by your music not by Rihanna…Then Shows people your music, then continues to work, I think the world of music have space for all and you won your space and that no one will take you your space.. You are going to be God… Nobody will stop you…Make your music and people will be free to consume or Not…Your have many fans around the world…

I wont to wrote …You are going to be good…Excesu-me my english is not very well…

Go Chris…You can…

Doesitrealltymatter123 @ 05/23/2009 at 2:46 am

F Chris Brown! Dude is a d-bag and deserves to lose all credibility! Nuff Said!

love yah rihanna

she is so fashion and she don’t deserve what chris brown do to her but she still beautiful and she seams so happy and enjoying her life
Her clothes are so fashion and she looks so wonderful
LoOve her …. <3

hate this booring talentless *****

#30 I couldn agree more with you!!! your 10000000% right

Rihanna is killin’ em! Beautiful-style on point-just GORGEOUS! Keep makin these hataz mad Princess RiRi-you the BADDEST CHIC-so hatin and jealousy are to be expected! Get it RiRi-We LOVE you!

Rihanna your skin and hair are so gorgeous! Your fashion style is so HOTTT! To the retarded haters makin rude comments-you all can’t touch Rihanna on her worst day!Please believe it! If you that JEALOUS of rihanna-then stop stalking her daily and posting useless rude comments-you’re just wasting your time. Get a LIFE and then you won’t have so much time to stalk and hate on PRINCESS RIHANNA-comprende? Rihanna ain’t going nowhere-so hate on haters-Rihanna got yall on your jobs! Bow to princess Rihanna-everyday-all day-THE END!

Question mark @ 05/23/2009 at 11:08 am

@Forever Kenny:

“He was just the first black he-she to do it!”

LMAO!!!!!! That seriously made my day.

The title is right.
Rihanna is mixed up.
That dude thinks he’s a woman.

She looks absolutely fab! She’s never afraid to be different. Go girl!

Shakirakitten @ 05/23/2009 at 2:39 pm

Shame on Carrie Underwood for working with Chris. Get a grip girl. He is a mysogynist woman beater.

i think rihana wants to be popular thts y she is giving new get ups!

rihanna the crocodile hunter

jj get ti together mto beem knowing that cb was working on a contry song
Dina P

i just want to say that it’s bajan, not barbadian

Is that an alligator necklace? Odd.

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