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Vanessa Hudgens: Official Bandslam Poster!

Vanessa Hudgens: Official Bandslam Poster!

Vanessa Hudgens, Gaelan Connell and Aly Michalka are ready to rock out on the official poster of their upcoming flick, Bandslam.

In the flick, a high school outcast (Connell) bonds with a popular girl (Michalka) over their shared love of music and results in them assembling a rock group that looks to win their school’s upcoming battle of the bands competition.

Bandslam also stars former Friends star Lisa Kudrow. The movie hits theaters on August 14th.

Check out the official trailer below!

“Bandslam” Official Trailer
Just Jared on Facebook
official bandslam poster 01

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  • chels

    looks goood! stunning as alwayys

  • bey rocks

    vanessa is the best, i love her

  • Saudia

    cool poster.. the movie will bomb though, should have gone straight to DVD, would have been more successful that way .. can’t compete with all the major summer blockbusters :)

  • mary

    it’s annoying how the main characters are aly and that guy
    but because vanessa is VANESSA HUDGENS, she gets featured as the main one..
    like look at the ‘synopsis’, it doesn’t mention her at all..

  • Hannah

    I don’t normally like these films at all, but this one looks a bit more promising. With Lisa Kudrow it could actually be quite funny. But you never know.

  • awurbii

    The movie looks a good. Looks like a fun indie film for people to enjoy. I have to watch it first though.

    Yep it’s true, Vanessa is not the main character yet she is at the front. It isn’t right but you would be suprised how many times that happens in the business. It’s just because she’s better known.

    To any adult’s who are going to say this looks like crap. This is a teen movie. A fun summer film!! It is not for you in the first place. It was frustrating when adults said HSM was horrible when the truth is you weren’t supposed to like it in the first place and if you did that’s great becuase you are able unlock the child in you. That’s a great quality!

    If your a teenager and you still think this film is crap. That is fine, you are entitled to your own opinion. All I have to say is take the time to watch the film before you criticise it.

  • stereotype

    can’t she do any role beside singing?

  • awurbii


    I understand where you are coming from but I don’t think it will bomb. Even though i don’t think it will top the box office or anything. It wasn’t made on a large budget. It will probably make a modest profit becuase it seems to be the only teenage film out of the summer blockbusters.

    Not only that but it comes out after most of all the huge summer bockbusters have been out for at least two weeks so it has a chance. We won’t know till it comes out though.

    P.S I meant to say “looks good” in my first post, sorry :D

  • Soy

    At 1:30, Vanessa is reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower! Haha I just noticed she’s reading 3 or 4 different books in this trailer

  • rpatzfan

    WE ROCK! WE ROCK! that looks like Camp Rock

  • NYC

    This is ‘school of rock’ lite! That guy on the poster looks like the teen Shia Labeouf.

  • Malia

    From the trailer, the movie seems to follow the script. I think it’s going to be an amazing movie. Can’t wait to see it.

    Only 82 more days.

  • Malia

    . . . and it’s not an indi film. It’s being distributed by Summit Entertainment.

  • Daniel

    soo ugly vanessa :S

  • Kay

    JJJ, please.

  • awurbii


    Oh, i meant it has the kind of feel. Sorry, i should’ve explained that.

  • Jossie


  • eliza

    really, the only onw who’s seeing this movie are Vanessa’s fans who can’t make any difference between a good and a bad actress

  • nina

    Agreed. If you see the way Naomi, Malia and the rest of the fantastics praise her, they act as if she’s the next Audrey Hepburn.

  • Jess!


  • nina

    I meant fanantics.

  • yipee!

    the movie seems really stupid….but, for some reason i bet you i’ll still end up watching it.
    and so many tweens/kids are probably dying to see it.

  • LuckyL

    I really am wondering as well why they had to pick such an attractive guy. That’s definitely going to pull from the numbers.

    He needed to be adorably awkward like a Michael Cera type or hot like a Zac Efron type. Fail. Vanessa and the other chick may save it though.

  • go sox

    Who knows? Maybe she IS the next Audrey Hepburn, and you’ll never know cause you’re so steeped with ignorance and hatred, that you can’t ever understand that people grow and improve with experience. NO ONE is Audrey Hepburn when they start out.

    I’m excited to see all these new projects of Vanessa’s; so many people believe in her and her potential, and I’m happy to be one of them!!

  • lslsharon

    can’t wait for the movie!!!
    love vanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • birdie

    I can’t wait for this . It’s just the kind of film to see to take your mind off
    your troubles and just have fun.

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    I’m super excited for this movie
    seems to be a movie with good music
    a good story
    and beautiful people
    super excited, the wait
    vanessa this beautiful as always

  • Sofia

    @go sox: only Audrey Hepburn is Audrey Hepburn, no one can emulate her, she won’t have any heir, u must know this…at least u can say vanessa may become a good actress but plz, leave Audrey alone!XD

  • Boji

    Sofia, hold your horses, dearie. Go Sox was just replying to the poster who said that we treat Vanessa like she was the next Audrey Hepburn. Well, now that it is mentioned, one never knows right. Noone would have thought then that Angelina would be what she is now, same goes for Brad Pitt and countless others. What I’m trying to say is have an open mind and don’t be too hasty to discount it out. Noone would have thought that we will be having a Black President of the US so soon, well it has happened.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    bandslam?!? hahahahahaha.. “bandslam”?!!? hahahahahahahahaha.. oh man, to funny.

  • nina

    @go sox:
    Compare High School Musical to Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I bet you haven’t seen any Audrey’s movies. You’re delusional if you think Vanessa could ever one of the next greats from the last generation of actresses like Audrey, Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Meryl Streep, etc. Or this generation with Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, etc. This girl is just a Disney girl who’ll fade away like the rest of them.

  • Marie

    Vanessa is going to do amazing job in this movie,

  • rosileee9

    I’m saving judgement until I’ve seen the film but from the trailer it looks like a okay fun film to go and watch.

    I’ve gone and seen films with my favourite actors/actresses in and have enjoyed the film but have’nt raved about it but still enjoyed it and maybe even bought it out when it came out on DVD, the thing is your favourite actors/actresses are always going to make some films that you don’t like but other people do it’s a personal choice thing.

    Vanessa is really just starting out on the big screen on a more regular basis so with every choice she makes some will like it some won’t but I don’t get why some people have to be so nasty about a film that’s not even out yet and so nasty about Vanessa as well.

    Wheather it’s a big hit or a small one it does’nt matter it’s what she chose to do and by all accounts all the cast really enjoyed making it and had a good time. I think like it’s been said that Vanessa will suprise a lot of people with each movie role she does as a lot of people still see her as Gabriella and that role she done is now done with and she’s ready to move on and do more grown up roles but she is doing it gradually and not rushing. And in this one she only has 1 song to sing and that’s at the end.

  • Bradley


    I totally agree.

  • Naomi


    Give us some credit, we’re neither fantastics nor fanantics. I think the word you were looking for is fanatic. ;)

    I must say I’m flattered, you remembered my name. Since I rarely visit other threads I’m assuming you’re a regular lurker here to be able to identify us.

    Now I wonder why a non-fan will constantly sit on the threads of a ‘no talent’ ‘wannabe’ actress. That’s dangerous, before you know it, you too won’t be able to tell between good or bad acting, we’re already corrupted so there’s no hope for us.

    Thanks for the compliment, though. We think she already has Audrey’s grace, poise and style. She’s still 20, there’s time enough to step into those huge shoes.

    Now scram and go take your spelling lesson.

  • Naomi

    Go Sox and Boji,

    Ignore them. They are so obsessed with Vanessa and claim she’s fading away and yet will never leave her threads alone. I can assure you neither of them have watched any of Audrey’s movies.

    They just can’t control their resentment and they won’t disappear to Meryl Streep’s and Kate Winslet’s thread so we’re spared the sight of them.

    I guess it’s impressive if at the start of her career, Van is already being compared to Audrey Hepburn and actresses twice and thrice her age. Gosh, when she hits 30, she’ll be a legend at this rate.

  • Naomi

    Back to the more pleasant topic:

    That is such an adorable smile Van is sporting on that poster. Love the play of colors on the poster and the guitars she and Aly are sporting.

    I keep watching the trailer over and over again. I’m really excited about the musical performances in the movie. I can’t wait to hear the soundtrack and check out the movie multiple times.


    Hopefully, someone will explain to the twats that there are different genres in movies and people generally go to see what appeals to them. That’s freedom of choice.

    If a movie doesn’t appeal to you, don’t click on the thread and stay away from the theaters. Period.

    I don’t get this online stalking of someone or something that doesn’t appeal to one! It’s not anyone’s business what fans think of the movie or actress or who is going to see it. But then resentment rarely reasons. What sour grapes!

  • Naomi


    Thank you, thank you. At least there will be more than enough room in the theater for us to fully appreciate the lameness. Can’t wait!

    Now if only you can ‘make the difference’ between a Vanessa thread and a non-Vanessa thread and stick to the latter, we will be giddy all round. :)

  • babygurrl

    Vanessa is awsome……cant wait to see this!!!!!!!

  • Rose

    Looks interesting. Love Aly, so i’ll definitely be watching :)

  • tee

    @Naomi: I’ll be there enjoying what should be a “feel good film” I love my classic films I enjoy Audrey in every thing from ‘Roman Holiday” to “Funny Face” but lets just be realistic here if the same movies were to come out today opening the same day as Star Wars 12 or Terminator 100 while they might get critical acclaim which films would rule the box office? So I won’t miss the people who want to spend their 10 dollars watching cars flip and blood and gore. Remember while these films make 60 million on their first week, they cost over 100 million to make. Do the math to really be successful they have to make back the 100 million and then another 100 million. A small film that costs less will be consider a success making a lot less. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

  • LuckyL

    nina @ 05/23/2009 at 12:52 am

    @go sox:
    Compare High School Musical to Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I bet you haven’t seen any Audrey’s movies. You’re delusional if you think Vanessa could ever one of the next greats from the last generation of actresses like Audrey, Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Meryl Streep, etc. Or this generation with Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, etc. This girl is just a Disney girl who’ll fade away like the rest of them.

    Omg, are you really comparing a 32-year-old woman’s performance to a teen’s? Come on. Give the b*tch time to grow and evolve, which any actor was allowed to do without all the invasive sh** we have now and conglomerates that would rather make you a cash cow than mentor you.

  • Naomi


    I know right? I have all Audrey’s dvds. Truth is that very few films will match those classics but then films are made today to the level of today’s audience or rather the loudest ones. Good films will always get good or mixed reviews but are hardly Box Office hits.

    I burst out laughing when I read the inane comments because obviously anyone who has the good taste to appreciate Audrey’s movies would not be making the kind of comments those twats were making and for sure if Audrey’s movies were to be shown in the theaters today, you will not catch them dead or alive there irrespective of the ridiculous posing.

    Box Office Mojo estimates Bandslam’s budget to be in the lower region of $10m -$15m, and considering the kind of movie it is, hopefully it should make a decent profit. It’s a feel-good movie with great music, perfect for the end of summer.

    I’ll admit I watch very few teen movies (10 things I Hate About You being one of the few) but I think I’ll enjoy this one based on the trailer and the music, besides, Vanessa is in it. Definitely seeing it, whatever.

    Hopefully we’ll only have like-minded people in the theaters with us while others go appreciate the blockbusters. At least, we won’t have to stand too long in the queue to get our pop corn.

  • dimitri-soe

    hmm..she play the “rebelious” one, and when she sing, shes still sounds like chipmunk..very disney for a punk kid huh?
    but she is the selling point of the movie though..

  • lovebabynessa!!!

    love nessa!
    she is the best!!!

  • zanessafan4ever

    I reall like the trailer!
    It’s really cool!

    n the poster is nice!

    I hope the movie is nice!

  • http://deleted lolooooo

    goaaaaaaaaad i love it , and i love that vanessa in the center she’s So gr8 and i’m so Exai

  • HsM_GiU



    Go Vanessaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  • LOL



    Naomi just go kiss Vanessa’s a$$ already

  • LOL

    and why is she the one in the center?