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Gerard Butler is Ready for Teddy

Gerard Butler is Ready for Teddy

Gerard Butler behaves himself outside of Teddy’s bar in Los Angeles on Friday (May 22).

Last week, the 39-year-old Scottish actor was charged with misdemeanor battery after allegedly getting into a scuffle with a paparazzo. He could face up to six months in jail if convicted.

Coming up for Gerry is his new flick, Gamer, where humans can control other humans in a multi-player online gaming environment. Check out the trailer below!

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  • Larissa

    he’s so fucking hot ;)

  • tuna

    twitter – @tunaaeverynight

  • bailey


  • Sue

    Great to see he is looking as good as ever-. Good luck on the battery charge, GB. We are all on your side!

  • bonnie

    He’s smoking HOT!! I swear, he’s got the best body EVER!

  • tina

    He looks like he’s lost some weight. Definitely an improvement from the chubby face guy from a few months back.

  • Yvette

    Gerard does a fine looking body and a great looking face to go with it. This man is HOT!!!!!!!!

  • ?

    Does this boy ever have a meal at home?

  • Shana

    OMG! Logan Lerman is so hot! He plays Simon:)

  • stella

    I went to Teddys a couple of weeks ago on a friday and it was sooo lame. Im suprised celebs still go there, the crowd is horrible

  • Irish Girl

    He leaves me nearly speechless. Beautiful, beautiful man.

  • zzzzzzzzzz

    Poor Gerry…He needs a home cooked meal..
    some Spaghetti alla Bolegese…

    Seriously, he looks great…Love Ya Gerry!! Glad to see your back..Can’t wait to see your future movies..They are coming up shortly :)

  • tzuxi

    Fug bastard. I hope he gets gang banged in prison

  • traci

    ewww. He’s old and haggard looking. In a few short years, he’ll resemble Mickey Rourke sans the talent and comeback.

  • s.d.

    He is a true butterface! Great body, effing ugly face. GIve me Robert Pattinson’s face and Gerard’s body and we’ll have something special.

  • goawaywithpattinson

    Gerard’s a real man, not a babyface boy. Great to see he’s obviously taken care of himself lately.

  • Julie

    Gerry looks as handsome as ever; however, if the rumors are true, and he got that thin from being ill I feel badly for him. It’s hell to be that ill and I hope he is well now.

  • Christian

    The Papz suck, screw harvey levin. Go Gerard!

  • Sugar

    Is he wearing the same outfit from the village idiot?

  • http://MAIL sv

    лучший из лучших, мужчина мечта

  • kutie

    He is actually really hot in person. Super tall and amazing body. Nice guy too, it is too bad he lost his temper but paparazzis are parasites anyway so who could blame him.

  • s.d.

    #16, your right, he’s a man. A butt ugly one at that! Ha, ha, ha

  • Teresa

    Gerry’s looking better all the time. Some men get better looking with age, and he’s definitely one of them! I will always be loyal to Gerry!

  • peaches

    #10 Stella- “the crowd is horrible”

    horrible in what way?

  • Katrina – Deped

    That is a real bad boy. He is suited for action movies as villain of course

  • pafan

    He’s just gorgeous.

  • nyob

    I sure would like to know the name of the miracle worker that got rid of his splotchy skin, wrinkles, and under eye bags. Well worth the money – he looks great.

  • brazilian woman

    #16 #23
    That’s exactly what I want to say… He has a manly beauty.
    I got a life but I’ll always find some time to come here….

  • hangglider

    #28 Brazilian woman

    Hey gal! I have nothing to say, there’s nothing controversial here to comment on, GB walking out of a bar–so what? what else is new?– but when I saw your name I had to say hi, smart lady. How many languages do you speak? I wish I could speak Portugese. (sp?) I am American and my grandmother was a teacher of English as a second language. She was very involved in a Portugese (sp?) mission but I don’t know that I am any Portugese (sp?) I’m what President Obama calls an American mutt.
    Whatever else I question ruthlessly about GB I agree he’s a good looking man, in all his incarnations. And better with age. Definitely.
    Some sites have a system whereby you can communicate with other posters individually but anonymously. This one doesn’t seem to. I have my most interesting dialogs with people who want to share with certain posters and get private communication going. Listening, JJ? Get with the program JJ. We need more friendship sites.
    Sh*t. Even with nothing to say, I spout off.

  • Hm

    hes looking fine! :D but I prefer him a little more bulky (is that a word? english is not my native language..oh god Im sorry for screwing it :( )

  • no news just PR

    Finally had enough – yet another ‘no news’ item – just another cheap excuse for PR – closely followed by the rabid fangurls. No point in following any of this anymore – heartily bored with gushing fans and even more bored with the non story of GB at a bar/restaurant/club (recurring). Pointless stuff. Bearing in mind that this movie doesn’t get premiered till September, and we are still in May, and we have TUT to contend with too as well as his Aniston adventure(S), I am feeling more than slightly sickened now. No point, what a waste of time.

  • JUDE

    I wanna give him a big hug! (heck, who wouldn’t??)

  • Liz

    Jared, you rock big time!!!! I can always count onyour site to show me some hunky Gerard pix!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!I’ll never get tired of looking at, listening to, and watching this exquisite man!!!!I wonder how many leather jackets he owns.? I think this gray one is one of my faves!!!! I’m sorry, too, if the Indian water gave him “the revenge”, but he surely looks terrific!!!! I love his mind, his sense of humor, and his wit: he’s gorgeous!!! It’s funny, like many of his fans, I fell for his looks when I didn’t know it was the same man in several movies. I loved him in “Attila,” but I never caught his name way back then. I saw him in”Timeline” on Direct TV Pay–per-view, and I was fascinated with his role of Andre Marek! (I paid for it3 times just to see him, not knowing he was also the Hun.) Then after I saw “TRII” and “POTO”..again I drooled. Imagine my surprise when I googled him, and he was the hottie in all those other roles!!!! I hope that TUT and G will be big this year!!!!! A NYC super-ad agency has picked him as one of 99 “things” to watch for in 2009..let’s hope they’re right.

  • Wi

    Wow he’s looking better than usual…

  • Wi

    Wow he’s looking better than usual…

  • Sammy

    Look in your pocket Gerry…

    Have you remembered your ‘gift’ cards this time, as it’s a requirement for each member of the hurd !!!!!

    Yep! I’ve seen how you operate in the clubs! How old are you???

  • Lena

    #31 Totally agree.

    A lot of women in these clubs need a good banging. At least if the acting doesn’t work out he has another..*ahem*…profession as a male escort to fall back on. in fact, I believe he used to be birthday messager guy (doing the male stripper bit) after leaving the law firm and acting jobs in London. I’m sure there are a lot of women who have some very interesting hen night photos which are now worth a fortune.

  • just saying

    He is as handsome as ever… impossible not to like him! And honestly, even when he is a little chubby with a round face, I still find him gorgeous… those eyes… OMG…

  • Hi Gerry

    Thank God you are back Gerry. The LA clubs have missed you!

    The nighty takings were down, the paps were looking lonely, just hanging around outside waiting for you.

    This country needs you! Come inside, we have lined up many women with sloppy pu$$ies just for you…(as per agreement).

  • Julie


  • Summer

    Has he marry Kristi or that blond Norwegian chick???

  • Tica Takca

    He’s looking very happy, like a man in love. It wouldn’t surprise me if he got married in secret. Flew the families out to India. The scenery out there would be beautiful as a back-drop for a wedding.

  • WTF???

    I won’t believe that this guy hasn’t got some illigitimate kids tucked away!!! Either that, or he is one of the luckiest SOB on the planet. To have slept with THAT many women and no accidential kid! You have got to be kidding (ouch)!

  • StinkyLouise

    @WTF? Maybe he had a vasectomy? Or is sterile? It’s possible!
    He looks happy to be home and back clubbing. He’s in his element.

  • brazilian woman

    I’m here just to say that it’s always a pleasure to read your comments.
    Thank you for letting me know a litlle more about you. Portuguese is a very complicated language. I think that Spanish will be easier for you to learn, more useful when you travel and has much in common with Portuguese.
    I wish you a very nice evening!
    JJ’s site is friendship, too… why not?

  • Sugar

    If he married, it would be Kristi because the Indian media would know if it is Pryinaka. However, he’s been with Kristi since November only, why would he marry so fast?

  • lol

    Yes, he went to india with four men and got married to one of them. The only question is whether gerry was the bride or the groom.

  • ?

    which one did he marry?

  • !

    I hope it was the boy!!