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Halle Berry Comes Up Short

Halle Berry Comes Up Short

Halle Berry shows off her new short hair as she leaves the Marriott Hotel in Marina Del Rey, Calif. on Friday (May 22).

The 42-year-old beauty has the distinct honor of being spoofed in the new Daman Wayans-directed comedy film, Dance Flick. Her infamous hit-and-run incident is referenced and a Halle Berry look-alike makes an appearance in a Catwoman costume! Dance Flick opened yesterday across the nation.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Halle Berry’s new ‘do – YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry coming up short…

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halle berry new short hair 01
halle berry new short hair 02
halle berry new short hair 03
halle berry new short hair 04
halle berry new short hair 05
halle berry new short hair 06
halle berry new short hair 07
halle berry new short hair 08
halle berry new short hair 09
halle berry new short hair 10
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88 Responses to “Halle Berry Comes Up Short”

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  1. 51
    F_U Says:

    She doesn’t look like she used to with short hair. Rihanna has that style taken now so she’s a bit late. It looks really bland and ordinary on her

  2. 52
    say what Says:

    it fits her well and know you can see how pretty her face really is

  3. 53
    Joanne Says:

    …….. I love it, I love it, I love it.. The old Halle is back. She looks gorgeous.

  4. 54
    Dread not Says:


    They thought you were making a joke, so Fuggo chimed in with the clunker sound effect to try to make you feel stupid. Guess they didn’t realize it’s a real movie slated for 2010. Womp Womp. Lame-o.

  5. 55
    kiara Says:

    i loveeee me some halle with short hair!
    makee a grown man cry lol. =D

  6. 56
    Alexanderina Says:

    I love it

  7. 57
    laura Says:

    Thankfully her face is pretty so she can pull it off but I hate this hairstyle on most people.

  8. 58
    Joanne Says:

    To those who think that that could not have been Halle’s real hair when it was long. Think again. It could very well have been her hair..

    I am African American, and my hair as well as my mother’s hair, my daughters, my grandmother, have hair down our backs, and it is our real hair, that grows out of our scalp.

    So you people need to be educated about Black females. We don’t all have short hair, nor wear weaves.

  9. 59
    DJ Says:

    all she did was take her weave out people…..but she looks great!

  10. 60
    notsogood Says:


    god she also has huge BALD PATCHES REALLY BADLY..

  11. 61
    Hmmmm Says:


    “EMMA”, what picture are you looking at? The crazy part is…Halle probably looks younger then you (and you are probably younger then her by age).

    @# 36,

    “Patty”…hetorosexual men dont care how long or short hair is when it comes to a women like Halle Berry. A vast majority of people were wishing she would cut her hair back off and she did…now she is back to her signiture style.


    “F_U”…Either you are very young or very silly…The haircut that Halle is wearing is her signiture haircut, it helped put her on the one rocked a short haircut like that women. Rhiyanna and Halle both have short hair but in different styles. Halle’s is a pixie cut and Rhiyannas is more edgy, rocker chic. No one owns a haircut. There are plenty of people in Hollywood with the same types of hairstyles….some of you act as if two people cant have their hair short at the same time. Either way, both of them look their best with short hair. Halle is a grown women, who is in a league of her own.

    As far as people saying “she just took her weave out”…yes, there were times that Halle has rocked weaves while she was growing her hair out, but for the past few years or so..that was her hair. She has been growing her hair out for years, do you honastly think that her hair stayed the exact same length for five years? Some of you lack real commen sense…its almost scary.

  12. 62
    Hmmmm Says:

    @#60 “notsogood”

    Where do you see bald patches? Please explain this to us? I swear, some people online are pathetic…you have to be a real ugly person (both inside and out) to blantenly hate on someone the way some of you do. Some of you dont make any sense what so ever. That women looks like she could pass for 25 years old…give us all a break and get a life. Some of you are probably in here posting under different screennames (but are the same person) just to hate on people..thats how pathetic you are.

  13. 63
    angelica Says:

    I’m sorry but her time has come and gone a loooong time ago…guess it was time re-invent herself or should I say bring back the past because that cut on her is old ~

  14. 64
    @Hmmmm Says:

    Thanks for your critique of everyone’s comments..I’m sure we were all waiting for you to grace us with your supreme knowledge. If you don’t like others comments, I highly suggest you spread the love on her fan site or kindly respect others opinions.
    FYI – You many want to spell-check or better yet, learn HOW to spell before trying to educate others.

  15. 65
    nuggetfan Says:

    ewww she looks washed up WTF!!

  16. 66
    Hmmmm Says:

    ^^ You may want to stop posting under different screennames to say a comment. Its more then obvious you are doing so…obviously my comment hit a nerve. Why dont some of you go find a hobby other then being ignorant…you dont need to be a super fan of someone to not want to read a bunch of ignorant comments that obviously dont apply to this women. Like I said, half of you are miserable, which is why you come to blog sites to vent hate. You are not fooling anyone.

    As far as “spell check” is concerned, this is a blog site..not a college essay (in which i’ll save my “spell check” for)..that was pretty lame come back on your part because you dont have **** else to say. Considering that 99.9% of this comment section agrees the haircut is fabulous, I think I did pretty well with my comments. You are free to comment on whatever you want, the same way I am free to comment that I dont agree with your comment (see how that works?). I stick by my original comment that only miserable ugly people (both inside and out) sit around blogsites and hate…and you know its true which is why your mad. Good luck with that, ill leave you to troll the internet :)

    Feel free to comment back, but the comment wont be addressed nor will it be read. Im moving along and brushing you haters off..just like Halle is. Bye Bye now.

  17. 67
    Sol i Mio Says:

    …..dear god….this is horrible……….

  18. 68
    Lovely Says:

    Im sorry but maybe some of you do need to be educated on hairstyles. Some people are in here compairing Rihannas hairstyle to Halles when they are very different. Rihanna is walking around looking like a rooster right now with her haircut, and I love Rihanna, but she needs to cut some of that mess off the top of her haid. As someone has stated, Halle has had long hair/weave/whatever for the past few years, while she may have had extensions to make her hair thicker at times, a lot of that hair was hers. It really doesn’t matter because the woman is beautiful. Period, thats really not up for argument.

  19. 69
    Lovely Says:

    As far as the silly comments in here saying she looks old or washed up or whatever else, I guess because the majority of the comments in here are positive, some people just feel the need to throw any negative comment in here, even if it doesn’t make sense just to stir the pot. Then they get angry if they get called out. Folks, ignore some of these people because its not even worth the argument. These people want that, which is why they post ridiculous things, to get a rise out of people. Im sure Halle Berry doesn’t care what anyone on here thinks. The women is beyond beautiful, successful in her career, extremely rich and she has a beautiful family. Her life seems very full, shes very blessed. The individuals with the negative comments wouldn’t have the balls to say anything crazy to Halles face. Its really pathetic. So just let the people rant, whocares.

  20. 70
    Ed Says:

    wow i didnt realize how old she looked until now. it does look like she has some bald spots maybe from pregnancy hormones. i hear that women sometimes loose their hair or it gets thin, its pretty noticeable in the back.

  21. 71
    Lucy Says:

    she looks younger with the short hair ;)
    I love it :D

  22. 72
    love the hair!!! Says:

    always looked good with shorter hair – the long hair made her look ordinary

  23. 73
    fiona Says:

    why won’t this hag go somewhere and stay there?

  24. 74
    Toni Says:

    Comes up Short?
    Um, that would be a NEGATIVE!
    HALLE looks awesome with this new Cut! She is beautiful regardless with long or short, BUT SHORT DO’S, SHE DEFINITELY OWNS!


  25. 75
    Maritza Says:

    She definitely looks much younger with short hair, I love it!

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