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American Idols Kris Allen & Adam Lambert Live!

American Idols Kris Allen & Adam Lambert Live!

American Idol 8 winner Kris Allen and runner-up Adam Lambert rock some shades as they leave the CNN studios after appearing on Larry King Live on Friday (May 22).

Also pictured below are your other favorite American Idols – Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta and Megan Joy!

The singers then headed to Poquito Mas on Sunset Strip for some Mexican food with their friends.

15+ pictures of Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and the American Idols Live…

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kris allen adam lambert larry king live 01
kris allen adam lambert larry king live 02
kris allen adam lambert larry king live 03
kris allen adam lambert larry king live 04
kris allen adam lambert larry king live 05
kris allen adam lambert larry king live 06
kris allen adam lambert larry king live 07
kris allen adam lambert larry king live 08
kris allen adam lambert larry king live 09
kris allen adam lambert larry king live 10
kris allen adam lambert larry king live 11
kris allen adam lambert larry king live 12
kris allen adam lambert larry king live 13
kris allen adam lambert larry king live 14
kris allen adam lambert larry king live 15
kris allen adam lambert larry king live 16

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  • mallory

    If I didnt know any better, I would have thought Adam was the American Idol. He looks like a star already.

  • Coolspotters

    Those guys are awesome. They deserve everything they’ve got from American Idol, which will be a lot more than we think judging by the publicity they’ve been getting!

  • Corymartine

    ARGH! I hate the title. It should be retracted and the proper title should follow:

    American Idol Kris Allen and Followup Adam Lambert Live!

    or better yet:

    American Idol Kris Allen Live!

  • anon

    Kris looks hot.

  • vika

    LOVE THEM !!!!!
    ofcourse i think adam should have won. but kris is also GREAT singer!
    Adam is also a great performer, but who cares. coz these two will have big future!!!!!!

  • Roberta

    Kris has no star power! And his reaction to the results was so BLAH!

    He is cute though..

  • Christian

    I’m glad that Lambert lost, he sucks.

  • Cami

    I love Kris. <3

  • eh?

    OMG Adam looks so cute!

    Why Kris looks like that?

  • AI

    Kris who?

  • Alex

    Oh, please, haters. Adam is fierce. He makes the baby Jesus cry rhinestones with his fierceness.

  • John

    kris = boring

    Adam = cool

  • eh?

    Don’t accuse Jesus, that’s rude
    Kris just doesn’t look happy, his body language shows

  • HH

    They are ALL adorable and very talented!

  • Noticias de famosos

    That is good that Kris Allen won …

  • ophu

    If they did an album together, I’d certainly buy it.

  • Kristina

    aww, I love Allison’s style..her and adam were my top 2

  • Rose

    Kris looks hot hot hot!!

    I don’t see peoples and the medias fascination with Adam…

  • lori

    I thought the Larry King interview was great. Adam is already a superstar. Kris was really sweet. They seem like great friends. I loved when they listened to what the judges had said. Kris will have a nice career and Adam’s is going to soar.

  • rpatzfan

    Kris = cute
    Adam = gay@John:

  • vale

    Adam Hot Hot Hot


  • Carla

    @mallory: Yeah he does already look like a star. Hes got an awesome voice and EVERYTHING. Kris’s voice is nice too. (:

  • Mari

    Adam is just a Super Star!! look at the pics people!! He is so fierce!!

  • Shannon beckham


  • Kira

    I love Adam, Allison, Megan and PAULA

    Kris is OK but I can’t stand him.

  • Cara

    They were both amazing! I was addicted this season!
    They both so hot! Yummy..

  • whaledancer99


    Adam and Allison were my faves….. the two A’s… they should do another duet. .and it would sell big time..

  • Yar

    Adam is pretty sexy!

  • Tom

    Anybody have high resolution versions of these? i want to try and figure out what brand kris’s glasses are..


    wow~~~Adam u r a STAR! The other one ?Not so much.

  • Joe

    Kris = HOT

    Adam = ok.

  • CQ

    Adam is waaayy better than the guy who won. what’s his name again?

    And Adam has more pix than that other guy. :)

  • Kateline

    So, is it 100% true Adam loves boys?

  • Kathy K

    @Kateline: I hope he likes girls! He said the favorite thing about a shoot they had were the (female) cheerleaders. So there’s hope! He will be — like Simon said — the first worldwide stare from AI.

  • marisa

    God, i can’t express in words how much i love Adam. I’m actually listening to him right now<3

  • Kathy K

    I’m in Adam Lambert withdrawl.

  • yb normal

    Ah, Adam and the blast from the past 80′s! I don’t think the glam makeup, huge platform shoes, and screeching singing would have made much of a comeback. He would have had a better chance as his natural self, singing without all the theatrics.

    Kris sings right to the heart of each and every one in the audience. And, he’s multi-talented. Plays piano, guitar and viola. Would love to see him pair up with Danny for a few tunes.

  • Melissa

    Yeah Kris is kinda cute. Too bad he doesn’t have much stage presence. I would be bored to tears watching a whole concert by him.

  • Hendrix

    @Christian: @Christian: LOL. Queen, Plant, The Stones, Slash, Bono, KISS and a ton of other legends disagree. Your argument is invalid ;)

  • The real idol

    Adam is so very cool and hot and will be a worldwide star!

    Kris is so very boring, bland, average, generic, mediocre and blah!

  • Alissa

    Wow those pics are really telling! ADAM clearly looks like the star and Kris looks like he’s a member of his entourage. Adam is going to be a huge star, it’s so clear. Kris is nice and sweet, but *yawn* b-o-r-i-n-g, his 15 minutes will start ticking soon.

  • tj


  • JC


  • hannah

    adam looks so sexy,hot, & cute look at that sexy smile L♥VE ADAM SO MUCH can’t wait 2 buy his cd!!!! :} ♥♥♥♫♪☻

  • aseret64

    @Rose: are you blind or what? browse more in the internet and watch y–t-be to see for yourself lol

  • Gaby

    Adam’s hot! As always!

  • yb normal

    hendrix, not sure if your comment was to me, but for sure all those aging legends wanted Adam in the forefront so they could resurrect their faded careers and drag their 60-year-old bodies on stage in the hope of reliving their youth.

    Ozzy Osborne would be a hoot to watch, however.

  • justyna

    omg~~~! adam is so hot~~~!

  • Nana

    Adam, lookin’ like the star he is.

  • queeneetha

    I am in Adam withdrawal also….Thanks for the pics.
    Look what a star he is. People are probably screaming for him as
    they come out. Not Kris though. Kris is frowning….I like Kris also – but I feel sorry for him because he feels like an imposter to the throne. The truth….his votes were bought by little girls. Adam has the bigger fan base from the littlest to the 90 year old grandmas!!!!! They love him. BUT — they didn’t – couldn’t vote….so Kris won.