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Pete Wentz is Happy, Ashlee Simpson is Not

Pete Wentz is Happy, Ashlee Simpson is Not

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz tries to cheer up wife, Ashlee Simpson after eating at Nobu 57 in New York City on Friday (May 22).

Looks like Pete is trying to liven things up and Ashlee isn’t having any of it! Perhaps Ash is mad at Pete for something?

If you’ve been missing your Ashlee Simpson fix, get ready to start watching her in the new Melrose Place!

10+ pictures inside of Pete Wentz happy and Ashlee Simpson sad…

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pete wentz happy ashlee simpson sad 01
pete wentz happy ashlee simpson sad 02
pete wentz happy ashlee simpson sad 03
pete wentz happy ashlee simpson sad 04
pete wentz happy ashlee simpson sad 05
pete wentz happy ashlee simpson sad 06
pete wentz happy ashlee simpson sad 07
pete wentz happy ashlee simpson sad 08
pete wentz happy ashlee simpson sad 09
pete wentz happy ashlee simpson sad 10

Credit: Turgeon/Rocke; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • hey y’all


  • Kateline

    It has finally happened. Ashlee Simpson is now prettier than Jessica Simpson.

  • john

    dump that emo

  • patty

    She’s so beautiful. Breathakingly so.

  • ashlee’s chin

    He must be cheating. How much longer will this one last? She looks a lot better than her fat a$s sister.

  • pip

    Wow is she thin…she looks good. Why doesn’t her sister take some advice from Ashley???
    And she looks pissed as sh it. Wonder what happend. My boyfriends has had that look in his eyes when he’s done something stupid…”baby, things are great!”…
    He’s gonna get his ass ed ripped when he gets in that car.

  • irees

    Ashlee’s gotten so much prettier!! She definitely looks prettier than her sister now. Ashlee’s gotten prettier and has that really amazing aura around her after she’s gotten married and all. ^^ Jessica nowadays is just being a hoe.

  • http://facebook Alyberry

    Ashley is better looking than her sister, ALOT better looking. Jessica needs a nose job now, it wouldn’t for her to have one.

  • chels

    @Kateline: agreed

  • http://facebook Alyberry

    Ashley is better looking than her sister, ALOT better looking. Jessica needs a nose job now, it wouldn’t hurt for her to have one.

  • boo

    She is really gorgeous. She was born with the basics but she does have the resources to polish it to a glow.

  • kategosselin

    What did she do to her face? Plastic surgery or massive weight loss. Didn’t recognize her.

  • anon

    I would be mad too if I got dressed up nicely and my husband looked like he was dressed to go skateboarding. He is a tool and has been since their baby was born. I hope he cleans up his act because I think she has too much self respect to stay with a loser dad and hubby.

  • omg

    She looks different and has lost a lot of weight. She looks beautiful. Agree with comment #2. But the weight loss is a shock since she looks a lot thinner.
    She also looks pissed at Pete . . .maybe she is realizing that he is a bit of an a**.

  • hahaha

    Pete caught Ashlee sucking my dick. now he’s begging her for not leaving him. hahaha

  • ness17

    wow, her post baby body looks great!

  • my two cent

    Yes he is a rock star but he needs to act like as married man when he is in public.

  • mOOnmist

    Look at her gross husband. No wonder she’s mad. Can you say, “regret”?

  • Angela

    WOW! When did she become the most beautiful sister?

  • faith

    it doesn’t look like she’s mad at him. It just looks like she’s being stuck up.

  • patty

    You know Nicole Richie became more beautiful when she started curling her hair abit. And now it seems like Ashlee is also abandoning the reed straight hair style.

    I hope more girls will follow suit. 80-90% straight is fine. But 100% straight is too severe for most girls. And a little wave is so softening to the face.

    I know that there is no getting this across to girls still in high school. But, I’m glad at least some of the young adults are finally figuring it out.

    A loose curl is so flattering.

  • pam

    yeah…..she is and always has been stuck up.

  • go sox

    @anon: I gotta agree with that. I can’t say I know much about Pete, but I’d say it’s time to look like a grown-up,and dress a little nicer when you take your gorgeous wife out for dinner. I don’t care if you’re a rocker dude. Keep that onstage, and show your wife a little respect.

  • sade

    It looks like she has had more work done on her face. Her chin looks different. Regardless, she is a true success story for Cosmetic surgery. Go back and look at her pre surgery!!

    I think Jessica needs to get a little work done to softern her look. She doesnt need as dramatic as Ashley had to go, but, she does need a nose job and her chin softened.

    As for Pete, I guess he looks the way he did when she married him, but, she has blossomed so much more – she may be ready to trade up.

  • cannescannes

    starving makes a girl miserable…..these chicks who land roles on these silly TV show’s are all starving themselves. Tori Spelling is a great example, and Ashley is is a member of that clique.

  • Lovesimpsonsis

    all of you saying that ashlee`s more beautiful than jessica, just stop it! ashlee and jessica are both extremely pretty, gorgeous and talented. it`s sad to see all the bashing here…:(

  • Toni

    I wonder if the paps mentioned the stripper he was with on tour?

  • kara

    If she smiles, plastic surgery will be gone :-)

  • dolly

    hey, she picked him – now she can live with it. too bad she’s miserable. i’ll cry for her tomorrow. with all their advantages these so called “celebrities” like paris, ashlee, lindsay, etc…can be doing a lot more if you ask me.

  • Bella’s mommy

    I think she just looks hungry

  • L

    with her hair red she sorta resembles michelle trachenberg

  • Taylor

    She looks like Brittany Snow like crazy in the first straight on photo.

  • Xenu

    She says, “Why did I marry this short fugly azzh*le?” That’s why she looks like that – she knows she made a huge mistake.
    He is a dou&schebag – he went around talking about what he was thinking when having se$x with her. What adult man does that? No one just this little unclassy emo midget – so fugly.
    Watch – they will get divorced and the baby will get a nose job because it is ugly like its daddy. She is miserable with this short pile of doodah.

  • joe bob briggs

    She could carve her nose down ot a razor – she will still be ugly. She has an ugly soul – there is no surgery for that.

    p.s. – She has no talent either.

  • eve

    I love her hair ♥ it’s beautiful.

  • Ashley

    She had to have her nose cut down two times and her big chin cut down too.

  • Lee

    Hope her kid doesnt get her ugly ass nose and chin ewwwwwww.

  • madison

    i can’t even believe how beautiful she’s been looking in the past few days! i never liked the red on her until now. such a skinny minny!

  • self

    These are just the photos where she looks unhappy maybe because the paps are following them everywhere and they want privacy. there are photos from that night where she’s grinning ear to ear and holding hands with Pete .

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol he looks his usual typical douchey self
    she looks all nice and he looks like some teenager
    i gotta say she’s looking much better than jessica
    jessica has let herself go, bad career and she’s lost her glow

  • http://justjared Callie

    They’ll be separated soon enough!!!!!! Let’s just say this won’t be their last marriages. They’ll part ways one day…..just like all the young celebs do who are in lust at 1st sight and get hitched right away with a baby on the way, with the perfectly in love, fairy tale romance that always ends one day……especially in good, old Hollywood.

    This is inevitable!!!!

  • in out burger

    If shge is angry is way too late. seems she wouldhave been angry at him for the howard stern interview where pete talked about her breastmilk that he and the baby liked so much and how ashlee likes pete giving her an*l.

  • uh-huh. :|

    Pete is an awesome person and people should really not diss him based on his looks or weather you like the band or not. If she married him, she probably loved him at some point.
    So he’s probably done something wrong. Bug deal. Don’t all guys do that sometimes? they’ll be fine.

  • georgette

    The y look cute together! Jessica is beautiful

  • ashley

    Aww Pete, you deserve better!! Not just because of these pictures, but she seems like a bitch. Bring your hoodie collection to my place, I’ll help you out……:)

  • Cara

    So bursts the illusionary bubble…they all get pregnant due to their rampant and youthful hormones and “sometimes” get married as an afterthought of the pregnancy. The truthful reality, however, is that “babies are not dolls” and “on-the-road rockers where ignorant women make themselves into a “dime a dozen one-night stands” are not solid material for great husbands and dutiful fathers. Jealousy and betrayal are not becoming personal traits of either women or men!

  • petelover93


    How can you type that about Pete????!!!!! He is a awesome father to Bronx and a wonderful hubby to Ash. And maybe he dresses up like he is going skateboarding because he is punk and in a punk band what do you expect him to dress in a tux. And maybe your just jelious because you wish you can have the same style and actually look hot…LIKE HE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!! The next person who disses Pete will be yelled at like this person is!!!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • chi chi

    I’ve always preferred Ashlee over Jessica. Jessica acts dumb sometimes she’s annoying. Ashlee’s more “real”.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Maybe she’s pissed because she knows she totally deserves better than this weirdo rocker boy.