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Reese Witherspoon is a Pilates Princess

Reese Witherspoon is a Pilates Princess

Reese Witherspoon leaves a pilates gym after working up a sweat on Friday (May 22) in Brentwood, Calif.

Boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal was also at the gym, but the couple left in separate vehicles.

The 33-year-old Legally Blonde actress was also seen practicing some of her softball skills with Jake yesterday in Los Angeles. She’s currently preparing for her role in an upcoming movie.

10+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon being a pilats princess…

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reese witherspoon pilates princess 01
reese witherspoon pilates princess 02
reese witherspoon pilates princess 03
reese witherspoon pilates princess 04
reese witherspoon pilates princess 05
reese witherspoon pilates princess 06
reese witherspoon pilates princess 07
reese witherspoon pilates princess 08
reese witherspoon pilates princess 09
reese witherspoon pilates princess 10

Credit: Pedro Andrade/Bret Thompsett; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • reese stinks

    That is one ugly rat face

  • dIETER

    Jared – if you post woman in spandex sports pants, could you please make sure to include a booty shot? Thank you !!!

  • remember da truth

    Oh look, the haters have nothing to do but rush here and make fools of themselves! So jealous of this talented, pretty girl….

    Funny how Jake wasn’t a “homo” when he was with Kirsten Dunst.. Some people just can’t let others be happy, so sad for them.

    And if that is an ugly face, you are delusional. She is just walking from the gym, not making a clownish smile for those who harass her.

  • movie fan

    Reese is looking more curvy these days. Love the pulled in waist with the curvy hips and bigger boobs. She’s really grown into a woman. Jake is so lucky!

    Ryan is about to dump Abbie now that she’s becoming more successful than he is, too. HAAA!! Glad Reese got out and found a man who is not threatened by her talent and popularity!

  • Jake is gay

    Reese Witherspoon is fugly, overrated b!tch.
    Jake Gyllenhaal is Princess of Persia.

  • bearding

    “Funny how Jake wasn’t a “homo” when he was with Kirsten Dunst”
    Jake was f*cked by many guys and he f*cked a lot of guys when he was with Kirsten Dunst.

  • Saudia

    she’s in great shape, keep it up Reese .. I love her

  • victoria

    Reece looks good, and I think her and Jake make a lovely looking couple. :-)

  • showmance

    Reese and Jake are couple of phonies.

  • candy

    She look s great, Jake is a lucky dude!

  • Jake Gyllenhaal

    Lucky to beard with that midget?!

  • Dread not

    Nice! Reese, you’re lookin’ tight! Now I’m reminded why RP hooked up with you in the first place. I’m feeling the urge to knock you up. Think about it, Reese, we could have some seriously sweet hell spawns together.

    Not to change our baby making plans, but, again, Reese. You’re carrying almost an identical tote bag to carry your H2O and towels to the estrofest that is pilates class, that you use to carry your sons baseball gear and cup in. WTF?! See anything wrong with that? Come on, babe, putting his name on the bag doesn’t make it cool. If anything, it’s gonna get him beat up, only teased, if you’re lucky. And while we have this time together, can I ask a favor? Could you get someone to snap some picks of you actually doing pilates in the studio? That’d be sooooooo mint!

    Gotta go along with, dIETER @ 05/23/2009 at 9:19 am

    Jared – if you post woman in spandex sports pants, could you please make sure to include a booty shot? Thank you !!!

    I second that!

  • Dr 90210

    She has a weird body shape. With all that exercise her girth around the belly/butt/thigh area should be managed but it’s not. She needs some lipo.

  • Natalia

    #8 and how do you know for all this guys?
    Did you read gossip crap or you one of that guys. Sorry to say this but your life is miserable since you have no better thing to do but this.
    Live YOUR life.

  • Big Boy

    “Jake was f*cked by many guys and he f*cked a lot of guys”
    Great, I thought Jake is bottom.

  • G.B

    Did Kirsten Dunst cried like brat when she found out for him and Reese.
    If he cheated her with guys, she would ignore him and his smell rest of her life.

  • Noticias de famosos

    It is all very well to do some exercise, having provided for his new film ..

  • blah

    Reese is just plain and ugly.

  • emma

    Why she always looks a snob?

  • closet

    # 18, Kirsten Dunst doesn’t give a sh!t about Jake’s fauxmance.
    She knows that bearding is part of the job for many closeted actors.

  • lizzyt

    She has a mean face.

  • whortensia

    Well, all the rumors about Jake don’t seem to have killed his career. He always seems to have work, so I guess the rumors do him no harm.

  • se

    She is mediocre actress and she is a very bad mother like lot of actresses of Hollywood shantytown!

  • well

    Ugly as hell, but….what do you expect from a gay guy,…he is not going to date a top model, is he?

  • gosh!

    sexless woman in Hollywood, that’s probaly why she is living with JG.

  • gay, gay, gay

    Any new gossip about Jake’s boyfriend?

  • Las Vegas Nights

    Wow! what a nice structure of Reese Witherspoon! its rocking!!

  • trevor

    Looks a bit chunky. Even in black.

  • diva

    Jake is not gay, i don’t care how many times you change your name and say it, some people are just plain old jealous, he’s good looking, nice, talented, successful and a real man, of course you will start rumors , you are jealous, reese is lucky to have jake, deal with that you gay jealous hateful fool.

  • whaaaat?

    Dive, I don’t know why you use that name anyway, you don’t sound like a diva at all,……..people are free to express themselves, they are not changing names, if people say Jake is gay is beacuse he’s got a past in Hollywood that shows that, people are not stupid, he’s been with men in the past, whether he is with R just for the money and fame, I don;t know, but he is a homo, that’s for sure……

  • asco

    ….plus, I’ve heard her chocho stinks, she said in an int. she doesn’t have a shower everyday. I guess jake has to put up with all that because he lost all of is sex appeal,…he is not hot anymore……he was when he was a teen, remember DD.

  • Jake is gay

    There is nothing wrong with being gay.
    Bearding is business as usual in Hollywood, but it doesn’t make it right or nice.

  • Irish Girl

    People, please.

    How annoyed would you be if you were followed around all the time while you’re doing nothing more than living your life? I would NEVER want to be a celebrity. I feel like I live in a little fishbowl with my own job, I couldn’t imagine how she feels.

    If I had a constant barrage of attention and scrutiny, I would have a way snottier look on my face.

  • publicity $$$

    @Irish Girl: LOL, God you are naive!!!
    What about all those times when PR ARRANGED paparazzi to take Reese and Jake pictures and sell the fauxmance to the tabloids?

  • well…..

    @Irish Girl:
    If you don’t want to be followed around all the time, you wouldn’t live in LA where they live, obviously they love the attention, otherwise they would have moved somewhere else, they still can make movies without living in the fish bowl, but it’s obvious they prefer to be on the limelight 24/7.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks alright but she was exercising so ill give her a pass
    she does look kinda grumpy tho, wonder who
    i love her hair, it looks so sexy even after she was at the jim
    love yah reese!

  • Princess?

    Princess of phony is more like it. For someone who stages alot of photo ops of herself ready to go jogging/yoga/pilates, she shouldn’t have such flabby thighs and stomach. Maybe she should really do the exercies instead of pretend to. She should get her Princess of Persia boyfriend and his date to go to class with her.

  • Pattycake

    @well…..: Yeah, that’s a good idea. LA is where the industry is headquartered. Even foreign stars eventually migrate to LA. You gotta play the game to be a player. I too think it would be super annoying to be followed all the time. Even though I believe she sets up PR photo events I still think she gets followed too much. Once the PR machine is turned on, it’s hard to control.

  • well…..

    Reese and Jake have their PR machine 24/7,man.
    That’s no good if you really want a life and some privacy, so I guess they are phony PR wh*ores and can’t live without the attention……

  • Trine


  • Irish Girl

    #35 #36 – Give me a break people. I am far from naive and you are far from intelligent.

  • xxx

    @Irish Girl:
    who gives a s*hit?


    she’s cute, but her body structure is really really, ugly

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She looks pumped for pilates!! :)