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Hayden Panettiere is Long in the Tooth

Hayden Panettiere is Long in the Tooth

Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere is spotted leaving the VIP Room in Cannes, France with Apple guy, Justin Long, on Friday (March 22).

Hayden, 19, is also pictured below leaving a boat in Cannes. No bikini this time though!

Justin, 30, has recently been seen again with his off-and-on girlfriend, Drew Barrymore and rumors are flying that they’re looking to move in together.

10+ pictures inside of Hayden Panettiere getting long in the tooth…

Just Jared on Facebook
hayden panettiere long tooth 01
hayden panettiere long tooth 02
hayden panettiere long tooth 03
hayden panettiere long tooth 04
hayden panettiere long tooth 05
hayden panettiere long tooth 06
hayden panettiere long tooth 07
hayden panettiere long tooth 08
hayden panettiere long tooth 09
hayden panettiere long tooth 10
hayden panettiere long tooth 11
hayden panettiere long tooth 12
hayden panettiere long tooth 13

Photos: Fame Pictures, SplashNewsOnline
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  • You/Me

    I wonder why they both have “oh sh*t” looks on their faces, they look guilty! LOL Probably nothing going on, but they sure do look funny.

  • robin

    she looks cute!

  • Toni

    Are they in a film together or something? They’ve been together a lot.

  • chels

    @You/Me: i know haha

  • Jon and kate + 8 + “friends”

    JJ – I told you the midget would get mad if you keep posting about your other gf Katie Gosselin. Now she tries to get w/ Justin because the guy with the yacht dumped her after he found out her tattoo was mispelled (thanks JJ for breaking this story) and after he saw her in the diaper bathing suit.

  • slugo

    midget hosebag

  • loulou

    Toni – Drew and Hayden are/were neighbours, so I assume she knows Justin well.

  • LuckyL

    Oh God, the title.

  • Las Vegas Nights

    hey Hayden Panettiere, justin is pair with drew! move frm him!

  • France

    Drew and Justin Long Barrimore live next door Hayden, there are certainly blogs amis.Pourquoi want to couple, when there is a man in Párraga. It’s crazy we are in 2009, girls have a right to have male friends, without thinking he had an affair.

  • madison

    that’s an uneven pair…even though i don’t find her body appealing (way too square and flat-chested), her face is so much more attractive than his. ick.

  • Andy

    @loulou: Oh she knows him very well….

    She makes Paris Hilton proud.

  • kitty

    I love Justin. :)

  • lakers fan in boston

    i gotta say ive been suprised by her lately
    ive never thought she’s looked good
    her face was just average imo
    but she seems 2 have a nice body from the pics ive seen
    she’s pretty short, that’s really her only downside

  • Llv

    How cute they’re even wearing matching outfits. Dorks.

  • Jennifer

    Hayden Panettiere is a skanky dirty whore.

  • Jennifer

    Does Hayden Panettiere sleep with every guy she sees.

  • Jennifer (the real one)

    Don’t want to be a hater anymore.

  • Jennifer (the real one)

    ‘Delta Dawn’? Is that your way of letting me know, I’m driving you crazy? The only thing I’ll promise you is, unless I find a way to create a lasting positive love between us, I never want to marry you. OK?

    Whether we’re ever a couple or not, I hope someday we do find a way to love each other in a positive way.

  • Jennifer (the real one)

    ‘Some people sleep all alone every night
    Instead of taking a lover to bed
    Some people find that it’s easier to hate
    Than to wait anymore’

    Ironically enough, it’s easier in the long run, not to hate.

  • Jennifer (the real one)

    Don’t cry D. I don’t want you to be crying anymore.

    How could I blame you for wanting to be with someone who makes you feel loved and happy?

    It must be great to be close to someone and feel that.

  • Jennifer (the real one)

    STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND – BARBRA STREISAND – “What the fuc@k are you talking about Walter? It’s got nothing to do with Vietnam, man.”

  • Jennifer (the real one)

    But just in case, in some kooky way that was meant for me, I’d love to hold your hand. :)

  • Jennifer (the real one)

    You were calling me a loser just last night and not a week ago making sure I felt that I was unliked and alone. :)

    Part of me goes, “She’s trying to give me a wake-up call, b/c she doesn’t want me to live like that and I understand she’s in a rough spot over there, so she’s doing whatever she feels she has to.” and then another part of me can’t help but notice that ‘our love is only fading away’ when I might find some comfort with someone else. But it’s OK when you do it, just not when I even attempt to.

    So I try to keep in mind the bigger picture and do whatever I have to do, to keep forward positive motion happening.

    I’ve had to ask myself the hard question “If I don’t manage to make something good come of all this, I really will be a loser for good.” and what is worse? Just staying here and being a loser for life, or doing whatever I have to do right now and taking the chance you won’t want to be with me b/c of it?

    I have my doubts that you want to be with me now anyway, but at least if I manage to make something happen, nobody else will be in a bad way. There’s a chance we might at least be friends, even if you don’t want to be in a relationship with me. So like you, I’ll do what I need to do to find a bit of happiness to be able to carry on for the here and now. Like I’ve said before, if I do something that makes you want to know me, then come to something I’m doing or call me.

  • Jennifer (the real one)

    If this means that you pick him, maybe that’s how it was meant to be. I won’t get in your way again. You never needed to hide your real feelings on my account anyway, but please be aware that you can feel free to live your life however you need to.

  • Jennifer (the real one)

    HEART What About Love?

    I’ve been paying attention to what you’ve been trying to teach me, and you know what I’ve figured out? Evil abusive people have trouble finding love – keeping it anyway. Going without sex, can make you evil and nobody wants to sleep with someone who’s in a sh!tty liver and desperate. That’s what I’ve learned. Common sense.

    So what about love? If I want to find some love, not take it for granted and have a chance of making it last, I’ve got to find a way to create the life I want and have a good heart. That at least starts with finding a way to not be evil.

  • The female Melvin udall

    I wonder how Melvin would have fared if he had a similar thing put on him? You should tell me ‘I’ll never sleep with you! And I’m going to keep sleeping with Mac over here. He’s really the love of my life not you. I was just yanking your chain, you silly arsehole.’ That would keep me up at night and make me start taking my crazy pills for sure. ‘Never, she says!’

  • J

    Don’t worry. Everything will work out all right. Lovely Drew.

  • J

    Seriously. Is the real problem, just when I do something that you can’t control? This isn’t about love or whether I’m going to become an artist. You’d be thrilled if I wrote and performed a song like ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ by Abba and you’d go off with Justin or whoever being extatic whether or not you were with me. Why does it have to be all or nothing/now or never?

    Tell me you don’t notice something maybe brewing? Something good maybe rustling behind my curtain. Tell me you don’t feel it. Maybe, something… A spark perhaps. One that might bring a kinder heart and that that doesn’t matter…or that you don’t know that that has everything to do with you?

    Are you telling me you’d want someone in any capacity with no spark? Would you want to know a person walking around with a dim lifeforce or who was dead inside?

  • J

    Would you want to know anyone who was a bastard? I wouldn’t and I don’t want to be that either. I had to find that. But if you ever gave me the chance to know you in any way, I would be someone you’d want to know. I know I can be that now.

  • J

    Yeah. I’m not into being your Yoko thanks or was that that you were going to be mine? :)

    Either way, doesn’t sound like a good fit. Besides, part of what makes you sexy is the whole ‘I know what I’m doing, so look out.’ thing.
    “I was shot-listed, storyboarded, and completely prepared on every single level,” she said of the flick, which co-stars Juliette Lewis, Kristen Wiig, Eve and herself. “So that we could have as much fun as possible….Every second counts and the room for weakness is just not allowed when you’re directing.”

    Sexy as hell.

  • J

    Darlin’ you can love whoever you like in whatever capacity you like – just as you’ve been doing all along I might add.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    They’re obviously just friends. Relax people.