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Katie Holmes: Memorial Day Concert Rehearsals!

Katie Holmes: Memorial Day Concert Rehearsals!

Katie Holmes practices her lines at the 20th annual PBS National Memorial Day Concert Rehearsals on the West Lawn at the US Capitol on Saturday (May 23) in Washington, D.C.

The 30-year-old actress will get help re-enact a veteran’s family from her All My Sons co-star Dianne Wiest.

“It’s important to tell these stories and honor the sacrifice and service of these men and women and their families,” Katie has told USA Today. “It’s a real gift to be able to portray an American of such strength. I’m excited. I want to do justice to her story.”

The National Memorial Day Concert will broadcast from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol on Sunday @ 8PM ET/PT on PBS.

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Credit: Brandon Todd; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Paul Morigi/WireImage
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  • irene

    uglu blouse, ugly legs, ugly feet, no butt (jared is missing one or 2 pics of her turning her back)
    Pretty face when she gets her act together.
    Blue outfit seems also of her own creation, or like from an old japanese magazine pattern, but is covering her legs.
    She is still doing the smirk smile, she could smile better, like she used to before you-know-who.

  • irene

    hahaha I had not seen the big sciento add!!!! this is an add!! my bad. outtahere.

  • palmie

    Am I first??!!! Wow the pic of her in the navy blue makes her look like she is walking on stilts. Her legs look huge so long and outfit makes her look as if she has no waist or chest or even back just legs.

  • palmie

    Katie’s walking on stilts in the navy blue outfit.

  • Sandra

    Katie looks beautiful as usual and sha is an example to women. She is a faithful wife, a dedicated and loving mother and a hard working woman. She is down to earth, real and does not try to dress to impress when in day to day activities – like normal women but does dress up and look fabulous when the occasion demands ……. Good job Katie !

  • LuckyL

    Old (Wo)Man and the Sea

  • kate

    did you guys even read the article? I am not even an american and i appreciate what she does. she is also very pretty.

  • Mousse

    It’s as if she is two persons: in the blue outfit she’s a skeleton and in the the jeans pic she looks better than she did in years.. AT LAST!! (And Michaelangelo knows I am NOT a fan.)
    But she has no fashion taste at all. That white and dunno what blouse is beyond words ugly.

  • zoe

    not a fan of what she’s wearing but she looks good and decent.

  • 477

    Ugly tramp. She can’t dress and looks scared to be in her skin. What is up with that shirt???? Wonder where Tiny and Suri are…..think being in DC would be a better experience for the poor little tot than American Idol.

  • toast

    Ahaha she looks like a giant. So… awkward

  • REGI

    One of the best looking chicks in Hollywood!

  • Sal

    I’m sure they had to explain to her what Memorial Day stands for.

  • ellie’

    Katie is just a sweetheart with a wonderful family..

  • brad

    Wow ,she looks really good here

  • Chaz

    She looks like she needs to throw up or take a big sh*t. Maybe both.

  • ——–

    wow the jolie-pitt fans are really disgusting. so many horrible comments. you should be ashamed

  • dIETER

    I think she is the biggest freak around in the bedroom. I guess she spanks Tom and gets spanked and she definitely likes in the pooper !!!

  • lindsie

    She has put on alot of weight and has aged alot too.

    She is also very gross.

  • show us your teeth

    her teeth are underconstruction

  • to #17

    what the fck are you talking about? you should be ashamed of yourself for accusing people.

  • she is a


  • dido

    ı am happy not to se bitch angelina, at least katie is a devoted wife and mother

  • lmao

    Yes, she is an example to those women out there who wants to gain instant A-list celebrity status and fortune and privileges. Great career move Katie! Very smart and classy. lmao.

  • eh

    calling you jolie names won’t make holmes any better.

  • yani

    Ha! Those security guys and everybody else are looking at her like “Who the eff is that fugly female?”

    Nobody even knows who she is.

  • .

    fame wh0r3!

  • i don’t get the point?

    i can see some Katie fans are insecure about Angelina. why bring up and call her name here?

  • Maddie

    dido your bitterness for Angelina is way too obvious this thread is about Katie. Why don’t you go find some a “I’m a bitter lonely person” thread some where get out of Katie’s thread.Thank God Katie is not as a horrible person like you. So amazing that you are trying to Start a fight here between Angie/Brad fans and Katie/Tom fans. Some thing is seriously wrong with you triangle Jen fans.

  • baked

    Katie and Angelina are both beautiful and responsible mothers. They also both have beautiful childrens and really good looking husband/partner. No need to insult any one of them.

  • Nat

    Jennifer Aniston fans are trying to start rubbish between Katie and Angelina fans. What a low act. I like Katie and Angelina. Both women have families and very much love them but I can see why Jen fans are so bitter and negative about these two sweet ladies.
    I see why John Mayer said he hate being around negative people.

  • sniffles

    The face looks pretty, but those outfits have to go.

  • Jennifer

    I love Katie Holmes. She is very beautiful and a very talented actress. I have seen all her movies and love them all.

  • plez

    Don’t like the blouse but I love what she is doing to remember the veterans. Thank you Katie

  • 35

    Money can’t buy class.

  • slugo

    hmmm- Why does she look like a prisoner of a cult to me?

  • jinnifer

    That is WITHOUT A DOUBT the ugliest blouse I’ve ever seen.

  • http://love45 arlene

    Ella me cae muy mal es tan hipocrita, katie y tom no los soporto .katie se cree mucho desde que esta con tom si no se hubiera casado con tom no fuera tan famosa como una idiota y sin maquillaje es horrible.

  • her outfit

    The navy outfit is the exact same she wore for InStyle magazine in January 2008: Hermes silk blouse and wool pants. Another one of her usual outfits: exclusive label, super expensive, traditional style and… mostly boring, especially for someone of her age.

    See the InStyle photo:,0,6

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    The most pathetuc gold digger of the world. Katie is one greedy woman and a fame wh- ore.

  • pam


    Of all the blouses she could have chosen……..! That one made me dizzy.

    tacky clothes as usual. She can’t even stand right……look at photo # 7. Feet all in- pigeon-toed. She’s a nobody and and a big joke. When are people gonna learn? I guess they will catch on eventually that she has no talent, no brain, no sense to dress right, etc……

    I’m not gonna listen to that bimbo talking about something she had to practice!

    What a big joke. If she never married TomCruise……she would have disappeared in the woodwork!

  • sadie

    # 30 and 33….you are the same

    grow up!

  • She brushed her hair!

    OMG! She finally brushed her hair and put some makeup on! What a shock!! That blouse is horrible and she really should not wear leggings on those huge legs, but the other outfit is nice. Must have had a real stylist put it together for her.

    Seriously, most of the time Holmes looks dazed, out of it, dirty and confused, her movies are trash and her career would be in the crapper if it wasn’t for marrying that loony tune Cruise. She’s just a curiosity, nothing more.

  • amanda

    Are her teeth still messed up?

  • Annie

    I was just watching CNN…..they show clips of people singing for the PBS concert. They cut to Holmley, and it’s a RIOT!!!! BIG blank stare/just standing there with her mouth open like she’s catching flies. an absolute disgrace. The rest of the people they show on CNN seem to know exactly why they are there……She doesnt have a clue. Stupid b*tch, probably thinks it Labor Day or something.

  • Annie

    HA-HA!!!! I just went on the PBS website to read it and check out the line-up. They list all the people who are singing/speaking/etc….You can click on them all to see their accomplishments…..But you can’t click on Katie Holmes. Apparently, Gold digger, robot wife, crap movie maker wasnt impressive enough to address. Thats so funny!!!!!

  • kim

    she has to looks like she is 45??? I feel sorry for her she used to be cute…

  • eliza

    Katie is very pretty. Glad to see she’s letting her hair grow. The blouse IS atrocious, though. She needs the help of a good stylist.

  • um

    She is cute but she looks homely.

  • Tranny Granny

    i’m sorry but that is a man’s body in a granny’s wardrobe.