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Matilda Ledger: Peek-a-Boo!

Matilda Ledger: Peek-a-Boo!

Michelle Williams plays peek-a-boo with her daughter Matilda as they play in the park in New York City on Saturday (May 23).

The cutie-pie turns four in October! Both Michelle and Matilda enjoyed the beautiful New York weather in simple sundresses.

Looks like Matilda loves riding her scooter! She was seen riding here and here!

10+ pictures of Matilda Ledger playing peek-a-boo with her mom Michelle Williams

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matilda ledger peek a boo 01
matilda ledger peek a boo 02
matilda ledger peek a boo 03
matilda ledger peek a boo 04
matilda ledger peek a boo 05
matilda ledger peek a boo 06
matilda ledger peek a boo 07
matilda ledger peek a boo 08
matilda ledger peek a boo 09
matilda ledger peek a boo 10

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  • me

    Matilda’s very cute, but the paparazzi need to stop stalking that poor kid. It’s enough. Oh and she isn’t wearing the helmet correctly.

  • um

    matilda is very cute toddler.

  • aw

    aw so cute who cares about the helmet we all did the same thing when we were kids. she is so adorable move over suri

  • EMMA
  • jellybean

    she’s so adorable!

  • Las Vegas Nights

    Matilda-She’s always very cute n naughty!
    love her!

  • cas

    soooo michelle’s dress

  • Jess

    Cutest hollywood child, all categories. Suri and Shilo have nothing on sweet Matilda =D

  • ali

    she is the cutest celebrity baby… because she looks like a normal kid.

  • p.

    cutie pie (:

  • whortensia

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: the contrast between this happy little girl and Witherspoon’s glum unsmiling kids is amazing. Just amazing.

  • Karon

    What a beautiful child and great mom! Could you see Suri Cruise that happy running around on a scooter like normal kids?? Absolutely not! Suri’s still in diapers being carried around like a pet dog. But Michelle knows what it takes to have children in stardom grow up. And that little girl? Probably one of the richest children in history….but obviously, that doesnt matter. Love does. Good for you Michelle!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Adorable. Matilda is the cutest!!

  • Great

    Happy Mom, happy daughter…..It shows.

  • Michaelangelo

    Quit comparing kids, #11. It’s pointless.

    Suri Cruise walks all the time and does fun kid stuff as well, #12.

  • Mousse

    @Michelangelo you need to get adviced over children, their body language, what smiling is and what not and especially to learn to see how a happy child looks like.
    Everyone sees Suri isn’t happy and you just continue to ignore it.
    Look at little Matilda; she’s strong, almost always glowing from happiness (oh and she isn’t in Disneyland, the only time Suri almost bursted from happiness) and Matilda has a very self confident presence. Dare to look at the difference, it is there and it is painfully obvious.
    Your little princess lacks it all.

  • Annie

    Thanks JJ, great pics. Happy children. Unlike other celeb kids we know.

  • Prove it Michaelango

    PROVE IT!!! A scooter? playing in a sandbox, collecting leaves, picking grass, gathering rocks, swimming, playing with other kids at the playground, park???? PROVE IT!!!! Aside from the movie premier photo ops that is……..Valkyrie crap DOES NOT count. THAt was photo Ops!!!!!

  • Prove it Michaelango

    By the Way, If you arent be paid by Cruise Control, why are you on the site for Matilda???? It is in case someone says something about Cruise Control,,,,,,,,hope your getting paid BIG bucks.

    Matilda is gorgoues, just the F up M!

  • me me

    She looks the splitting image of her DADDY!!!

    She looks so happy being a kid ;-)

    I agree that Suri looks like a miserable kid in ALL the pics…

    Difference in Parenting…

  • Poppy

    Matilda is such an adorable little girl.

    #18, I saw photos of Suri playing in the sandbox when she was living in NYC with Katie. Now that they are back in L.A., she has a huge playground in her backyard and doesn’t need to go to a public park.

  • cannescannes

    she is darling, and seems to be stalked by the paps less than most of the celeb kids…Michelle seems sad to me, but that’s just a sense I have always had about her..

  • vivian

    Wow i must said she looks exactly like her father.

  • madison

    what a cute girl! she’s always so happy and smiley (in contrast to shiloh or suri, for example). i can’t believe she’ll be 4! i’m so glad that michelle has done such a good job with her despite their major loss.

  • lilly

    Wish we could see Matilda with Heath :( Michelle is obviouslyyyyy doing the right thing raising this child. Kudos to her!

  • Lola

    Can we PLEASE stop talking about Suri on this thread? Yes, obviously we all think Matilda is a more down to earth kid than Suri, so you don’t have to keep saying it!

  • Lola

    Oh and #1, she’s a child and she’s obviously going to keep fiddling with it. These are only a 1/3 of the photos taken, in the others, Michelle would fix it and Matilda would just move it again.

  • frankie

    I adore michelle’s outfit, the dress is great (another vintage find im guessing?) and I’m loving that hat. She always looks so effortlessly beautiful and down to earth.

    Matilda is such a sweetheart

  • http://aol Susan

    Why do we keep seeing this child! Ugh!
    I could care less about her! Where is Suri, the Pitt clan, JLo’s twins?

  • http://aol Susan

    I think we can talk about whatever we want here!!!! If you don’t like what we talk about here, move on to another thead.

  • lilly

    Susan.. two words..shuttuppp PUH LEASE lol!

  • Lola

    @Susan It might have escaped your attention, but this is a thread about MATILDA. Other celeb kids are irrelevant; please stop flaunting your ignorance, you are only making a fool of yourself. Go to the appropriate thread if you want to argue about other celeb kids.




  • tiffany jewelery

    Michelle Williams is a qualified mum. she always dedicate her major time to her little pretty daughter..

  • laura

    She’s seriously one of the cutest kids EVER!

  • crystal

    Thanks for the link #33 your right they are much cuter pics of m&m . My fav was the one where matilda is talking to a boy on another scooter and playing with her dress. she’s so adorable!

  • Laura

    I love seeing pictures of these two. They clearly have such a sweet relationship, its obvious Matilda adores Michelle, and vice versa.

  • please…………

    @Susan: Search:::Suri Cruise and then you can post!

  • Anon

    I wonder if someone from Austrailia sent her that little smocked dress. Austrailians are famous for smocking.

  • sj

    @Anon: are they really? funny, im australian and thats the first i’ve heard of it! but it would be nice if one her aussie relatives sent her that as a present :-)

  • zara

    she’s so cute and looks alot like heath!

  • tiffanys

    I was just now searching around about this when I found your blog post. Thx~! :) I’m only visiting to say that I really enjoyed seeing this post, it is really clear and well written. Are you going to post more about this? It appears like there is more material here for more posts.

  • tiffanys

    Thx~! :) I’m only visiting to say that I really enjoyed seeing this post

  • mouse

    Matilda is so cute, mailnly cos she looks like any normal little kid. She and other celeb kids like Violet Affleck and Sadie Sandler always seem to just be mucking around like normal kids while some of the more over-exposed children such as Suri and the Jolie-Pitt crew seem lonely and unhappy.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    CUTIE! :)

  • Lilianetty

    Matilda looks so happy and enjoying everything. She looks like every normal kid, having a good time. Michelle realy knows how to take care of her. She is doing a wonderfull job. Money isnt everything if you have love and family, plus friendship. Money can help, but dosnt give you love.

  • inkywinky

    michelle is wearing one of heaths hats it has the little red thing on the side there are photos of him wearing it with michelle perhaps she still wants to feel close to him and who wouldnt.