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Taylor Lautner is Very Vancouver

Taylor Lautner is Very Vancouver

Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner arrives back at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Friday (May 22).

The 17-year-old Michigan-born actor returned from Vancouver after working on the set of his new film, New Moon.

He’s recently been seen hanging out with Disney starlet Selena Gomez recently. Sel blogged, ” I remember when I was 12 telling my friends I would never ever wear dresses because i thought they were too prissy. Now I own more floral dresses than pants. Or how I hated mustard and gagged at the sight of it, now I will not touch a hot dog without it. I also said that I would never fall in love until I was much older to really understand the word…..The number one thing in my life besides my family and friends is you guys and my job and I would love the chance to grow and CHANGE with you of course, that is if you allow me to.”

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  • babe_luv_ya

    “twilight hunk”?
    wowsa,he’s ugly!
    look at his nose…

  • lisa

    so hot, i love him.

  • babe_luv_ya

    all i can say is “yuk”

  • Anne

    Hunk?! NOT.

    that nose. T_T

  • jenny

    taylena!!!! love em

  • babe_luv_ya

    two talentless “actors”

  • talk

    I thought the same thing about his huge nose. Other than that he’s okay.

  • Carina

    give me a break you superficial people,it isn’t his fault he has that nose,it’s a normal nose,he’s beautiful and a good actor

  • chels

    why dating a bobble head? taylor you can do better

  • rach09elm

    Overall, from his style, he’s fine. Well, he looks like 20′s something rather than 17.

  • joanne

    he has pig nose

  • jeannette laframboise

    That’s kind of mean to call him ugly. In interviews I’ve seen, he seems like a nice, down to earth kid. Some people seem to think he is handsome and to each his own right?

  • yipee!

    he has an ugly nose (tee hee)….but, still i think he can do WAAAAYYY better then selena gomez, she is fugly! (with a face of a 3 year old, a bobble head and a skinny body) eek.

  • babe_luv_ya

    aw poor thong…
    still so not hot
    plus his ego is…surmimentional
    omg he’s beautiful? he looks like my lil brother,and my lil brother is sexier…he’s 12!
    he doesn’t deserve to be Jacob,he’s too short!

  • vanessa

    u haters are blind. most 17 year olds are not this hott. he is so sexy.

  • the_boyfriend

    what first, a nose job or lipo under his chinny chin chin?

  • aeon

    That must be it you guys are very young.

    Taylor is a nice looking young man with a fine looking nose. He is perfect as Jacob. And yes he is a Hunk.

  • LuckyL

    These kids are jail bait Jared.

  • babe_luv_ya

    aeon: you cracked me up!
    look at him : BIG,oh no well VERY BIG head,skinny by the legs,short,longest neck EVER…
    “hes perfect as jacob”,oh yeah…
    “with a fine nose”…haha
    “yes he is a hunk”…he looks like a FREaK.

  • Kay

    God, you guys are so rude! Honestly, do you have nothing better to do then be superficial snobs? LOOK AT YOURSELVES BEFORE TALKING SHIT ABOUT PEOPLE YOU DONT EVEN KNOW! Our society is so into looks, its ridiculous. Stop being such ass holes and stop judging people, hello that’s what made the holocaust happen; because hilter only wanted people with blue eyes blond hair blah blah blah. Okay, I’m done ranting. Taylor is an amazing Jacob, and thank god hasnt let fame make him a jack ass.

  • Las Vegas Nights

    Taylor Lautner’s NEW MOON will rock!
    then nice hair style dude!

  • Tatiana

    Aeon: Umm, I don’t think you have the right to be condescending. You obviously read Twilight and saw the movie, and although I’m sure both are good, they are both ultimately teen sagas. You must be pretty young yourself.

    No one is saying he isn’t a good person. I’m sure he’s a great guy. But if someone thinks he’s ugly, they think he’s ugly. And I’m one of them. He’s hideous. Period. That doesn’t take anything away from his personality.

    Get off the soapboxes people! All of that, “Oh that’s mean!” and “That’s not right to call him ugly!” is BS. Everyone judges everyone. Everyone might not act a certain way or treat someone differently based on that judgement, but they do size people up. Doesn’t make it right, but to pretend you don’t do it is crap. Besides, you think he gives a damn what we think?? And if he does, he really shouldn’t because it’s the people who like him that are putting money into his pocket. That’s why I hate when I hear if a celeb is a jerk to their fans. Makes me instantly dislike them. He seems to be a sweetie though. Ugly, but a sweetheart.

  • star

    I think he’s hot!!!!!!!!! Just my opinion though.

  • star

    BTW, every person is different when it comes to what they think is cute or not. For example, some guy that one person might think is cute might be hideous to another, and likewise, someone who might be completely ugly to one person might be the hottest person on earth to another. LOL. It’s ok to have different opinions.

    P.S. Taylor has a smoking body! Have you seen his abs? Can’t wait to see “New Moon”!!!!!

  • Wi

    Everytime I see him I cant help but think about that movie “Penelope” with Cristina Ricci in it.
    He still seems like a decent kid tough.

  • Chloe

    If you don’t having anything nice to say don’t bother writing anything. It’s pointless and a waste of time!

  • sophie

    you guys are so mean. there’s nothing wrong with his nose, so shut up

  • Lo

    He is such a cutie. Can’t wait for New Moon!!!

  • k

    why are people making fun of his nose? that is kinda pointless. you’re obviously just trying to attack him cuz a ton of teenage girls like him these days. i’ve never even noticed his nose, but he doesn’t even have an ugly nose. i mean, what the heck?

    but, yeah, he’s really cute! haha. and i can’t wait for the first trailer of New Moon…or just a first look at New Moon. and especially the movie! even though i hate that book. haha. it’s my least favorite of the saga.

  • LALA

    HEZ HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zanessalovin’_happenedsofast(:

    when i first saw him i knew some people wouldn’t exactly agree with him having any sort of beauty, because his look isn’t anywhere near conventional
    however if you look at his from a positive perspective his look will eventually grow on you
    well, at least it did to me, but hey that’s just coming from my standpoint
    give him a shot guys

    haha, i think ‘taylena’ is cute, too ;)

  • zanessalovin’_happenedsofast(:


  • aly


  • Jenny

    Is he mixed? his nose is very ethnic similar to jay-z!!

  • rozza

    hmm sexy hes only for the teens all the oldes can stay away haha

  • jade

    seriously for all you mindless plastic twilight dimwitted tweeny kids who says any of these people (rob/ zac/ vanessa) are ‘good actors’ you need to watch real movies with real actors or ‘good actors’ then come back and mention it again!

    ‘good actors’ ie daniel day lewis, marion cotillard, cate blanchett…. even dakota fanning who is in your ‘target market’ shits all over these talentless wannabes!!!!!!

  • Divine Goddess

    he’s pretty attractive. he and selena make a cute couple, she’s gorgeous. and they are both sweet down to earth actors

  • Kaka

    Why is this celebufetus famous?

  • Bella Black

    Babe-luv-ya & the rest of you shallow trollops please post a photo of yourselves so that the rest of us can pick at every flaw of yours (NOSES included) & see exactly how hideous you are compared to subject in discussion but yet are so quick to judge others because it makes you feel better in order to hide the fact that you are jealous of how well these young people have done for themselves at such a young age & you will amount to nothing! WTF is surmimentional – is that even a word that exists?

    Taylor doesn’t have an ego ya knob jockey! Well certainly not a horrible one! I’ve seen a lot of footage of Taylor & he is a sweet young man who conducts himself exceptionally well for someone his age, especially with all the fame. From a young age, Taylor worked hard to achieve his goals & get to where he is & wants to go but he has always been grounded as a person & not let the fame get to his head! He has never expected the star treatment from anyone & has always tried to live his young life as a regular kid which has also had to do with his upbringing & support from his parents (which is more than I can say for your parents babe – a pig would get more respect than you in life with the way you are!) So snap out if it & wake up to yourself! Taylor has a great set of chompers, is down to earth, intelligent, friendly & a beautiful person to watch not to mention the hot body to perv on – how many guys to you know with an 8 pack? (which incidentally he has had since the age of 8 years old! Taylor was lucky enough to find out at a young age what he wanted in life & started working towards it. He still takes time out to go around & give pep talks to children who want to make something of themselves & achieve what goals they can in life without the negative rubbish that people such as yourself dish out in order to try & hold them back. He represents the perfect role model for the youth of today!

    Taylor was smaller when he was younger & looked 10 when he was 13 but had his growth spurt at 15. The young teenage boy was gone as soon as he finished filming on Twilight when he had to start working harder to develop himself for the transition he goes through in New Moon. The last 6-12 months has seen him transform from a teenage kid into a fine young man (divine one at that!). That wasn’t an easy task but he worked at it & did whatever was needed to reprise his role as Jacob. You should give him more credit!

    If you don’t like the character Jacob that’s fine, we all have different tastes. Edward is up himself & would be more your cup o tea by reading your comments. I actually don’t mind Edward’s character but I just can’t handle his possessive nature. But separate the actor from the character they portray & comment accordingly. I don’t find Rob Pat that attractive at all & I don’t go around rubbishing the guy or his looks on the net (except for the next line). If you’re a big Rob Pat fan then I’m sure you’ve noticed that he needs a nose job because it makes his face look squishy like one of them little pug dogs & there are only a few pix floating around that he looks decent in without his nose stuffing things up for him. In saying that, I think Rob Pat actually is pretty kewl for a British dude, as most can be too obnoxious in one way or another but Rob actually has a good personality & sense of humor.

    We all have different tastes that change as we develop & find out who we are & what we want as people & from people in our lives. Don’t rubbish the guy because you don’t like his nose. That is really sad & shallow of you! When looking through mags etc, take a closer look at the pictures of people you see in them. 90% of people have a misproportioned nose, face or body. If you want to criticize either the actor or character they portray, separate the two first & at least have some valid points to offer on hand for people to debate on. That rubbish coming out of your mouth just makes Taylor strive for success even more. He has a bright future ahead of him girls, his star is just starting to spark & is only destined to shine & burn brighter so get used to seeing him around because he’s only going to climb higher from here on in.

    Don’t be surprised if you find Mr Lautner more appealing over the next few years. He is like a fine wine that only gets better as it matures with age (unlike you who probably wouldn’t have had the pleasure of discovering as yet due to the age factor you have shown is more like your shoe size!) I believe & see Taylor as being a fine wine with a mixture of attributes from the following actors Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Leonardo De Caprio, James Dean, Will Smith & Heathy (Ledger) all bottled up allowing to be developed & breathe each year in order to be intoxicated & exhilarated by savoring the flavor & indulge in his exuberance!

    I’ll buy a lifetime supply of that vino gracias!

    Bella Black

    Lolll… I just burnt my dinner due to writting my essay!

  • Vicki

    He can do better than a tramp like Selena Gomez

  • Marco

    Gorgeous hair, lips and dark eyes!

  • babe_luv_ya

    Bella Black: WTF?
    “Don’t be surprised if you find Mr Lautner more appealing over the next few years. He is like a fine wine that only gets better as it matures with age (unlike you who probably wouldn’t have had the pleasure of discovering as yet due to the age factor you have shown is more like your shoe size!) I believe & see Taylor as being a fine wine with a mixture of attributes from the following actors Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Leonardo De Caprio, James Dean, Will Smith & Heathy (Ledger) all bottled up allowing to be developed & breathe each year in order to be intoxicated & exhilarated by savoring the flavor & indulge in his exuberance!”


  • alexandra

    ok he was a lot better looking before he gained all that weight for the movie…and wtf is he doing with selena gomez…she’s gross and swears she’s the hot shit…please in a year from now no-one will even remember her name.

  • !!!!!!!!

    taylor is amazing and so beautiful i dont kno what most of you guys are talking about!

  • gaby JACOB =)




    yhu guys say “oh jacob has a big nose” well edward has a HUGE head!!! jacobs sooooo CUTE wen he tries to get bella to kiss him!!
    i also love wen he says “Sure,sure” ps. TAYLORS SOOOOOOO SEXY!!!!!

  • gaby JACOB =)

    Bella Black- i agree with yhu 1000000%

    and TAYLOR ISSS sooooo SEXY!!!!!!!!
    i lovee him too much!!!
    & he looks better NOW he has ABS!!!
    omg i cant get over himm!! idk y yhu guys r sayin hes ugly NOT everbody is perfect…….
    wtf does a NOSE have to do with this its pointless!!!
    him n selena make a GREAT couple!!!

  • Bella Black

    Oh I dared Babe & done so! I will eat my words if the only claim to fame Taylor Lautner has, doesn’t supersede his roles in the Twilight Saga! I’ll explain my fine wine analogy to you in laymen’s terms so you understand…

    It wasn’t a comparison to the brilliance of the above mentioned actors as such but more so saying I can see the potential in Taylor of having similar qualities & attributes as those actors which we will get to see as he evolves in future roles of characters he is asked to depict & portray in the future.

    Hello Johnny Depps first role was a teenager who was killed in his bedroom by being sucked into his bed (which doubled as a juicer / blender / blowhole of sorts) only to be spat back out in a stream of blood all over the ceiling!) Not a lot of dialogue or action but still damn fine to look at & look at the brilliance now OVER THE YEARS!

    Brad Pitt – first role hunky hitch hiker in Thelma & Louise & when he sticks it to Geena Davis – whoaaaa what eye candy… Again, not an out of this world script but hey it was a start for him & look at the treasure now? Legends of the Fall – long haired mountain man how much more divine can a man be?!

    James Dean – The Lengend created supersedes his acting abilies & he was taken away from Hollywood too soon – but there were people that realised his potential along with the fact that he improvised alot in East of Eden & Rebel Without A Cause! Unfortunately we will never know how much of his talent he could bring to the screen & what further impact it wood have in Hollywood!

    Will Smith – he’s down to earth – funny – happy & a grounded genuine human being not to mention very talented not only in his acting ability but with his first love of music! Over the years he has excelled himself & keeps getting bigger!

    Pacino & De Niro – well nothing needs to be said or mentioned apart from their names. In some roles or stages of their lives they havent totally been taken care of by the beauty fairy & infact have looked like they’ve been hit with the ugly stick a couple of times. How many immature morons (babe) have slandered them over net or media because of it?! I think they would laugh in your face & tell you to get a life!

    De Caprio – He started his acting career at a young age just like Taylor & has stepped up the plate many times mostly renowned for his roles as Arnie in Whats Eating Gilbert Grape (very impressive) & Titanic! His performance as an actor is attributed to the experience he has gained over the years playing the many different roles he has.

    As for old mate Heathy – he was an awsum actor & sadly like Jimmy D he was taken from us way before his time. He had so much more to offer the world. He started off young too one of his first roles was playing Scott Irwin a young surfer in Home & Away (Australian series) & he went onto bigger & better things! I knew him & it hurts to see him gone!

    So my point is that all the above mentioned actors started off young somewhere along the way & made a name for themselves in the own right! I personally feel that Taylor Lautner has the ability to have a bright future, with the same impact on Hollywood over the years to come as these actors themselves have made. Taylor is given the chance to demonstrate his ability in his forth coming performance as Jacob Black in the sequel to the Twilight Saga “New Moon” which is a bigger role for his character to be brought to life for many people. That said, you yourself may learn to appreciate him as an actor over the years if he succeeds in fulfilling his dreams & following in the footsteps of named actors & think yourself a complete fool for criticising him over what, his nose? Pfft!! Snap out of it!

    And to you & those people baggin out Selena, leave the kid alone! What has she ever done to you for you to be so mean about someone you know nothing about!?! How dare you pass judgement on her when the jerks are you lot, displaying your vile character on website fuelled by jealousy of some sort! They are young respectable teens doing what teens do… Hanging out, getting to know eachother & developing feelings that they have the decency & respect for eachother not to make a public display of it in the media. They are cute because they are still young pups & are living as teens not trying to be more grown up that what they are! They are really good role models for young kids unlike some low life celebs like Paris Hilton & Lyndsay Lohan & co who flash their gash, are in & out of rehab due to drug habits they shouldn’t have or indulge in! So please, think of something more plausible to comment on.

    Bella Black!

  • Veronica

    To everyone who says we live in a superficial society, we don’t .
    We just criticize people who don’t have the looks OR the talent to achieve it in hollywood. (I mean who in their right minds hire these people?)

    I mean Paris has the looks, NO talent and Shia has NO looks loads of talent. Im not gonna criticize them, but this guy? Both these disney ‘stars’ have NO looks NO talent, selena and taylor, No wonder their perfect for one another.

    Demi on the other hand totally rocks it!!! Love her!!

  • babe_luv_ya

    omg bella or something!
    Gaby jacob: rob is gorgous and he’s talented,taylor is like a big body body but nothing on the inside,he’s not charismatic,sorry
    and the abs are horrific:)

  • Bella Black

    babe luv ya – puhhleeeeeez!
    Humor me & post a photo of yourself some where we can all criticise & pass judgement on you!!
    You wanna go on about the nose thing – take a closer look at Rob Patts honker before you bag anyone else for theirs!
    Taylor is like a big body body?? Geez you’re really showing off your intellect there babe. WTF does that mean? Same with your make believe word “surmimentional” from a few comments back?? Really?!! I think you need to take a day trip back to kindi & get the teacher to spend the day with you trying to work out 1+1=3!!
    WTF? Are you that mentally challenged you can’t understand English?

    Rob has 5 – 6 years on Taylor which is probably why you can see Rob in that mature way that you’re going gaga over him about. Taylor is still a teen. With him being a teen of course he will still look young, he has a baby face & has done so all his life! That’s why he is “cute”! But i totally dissagree with you about the no charisma or anything else for that matter! Do you even know what the word means without looking it up in the dictionary..!?!

    You have absolutely no idea of what you are babbling on about Miss 10 cents short of a dollar. I think you need to grow a few more brain cells before you even contemplate inflicting us with anymore of your verbal diarrhea…. I’ll leave a bucket to the side just incase.

    For the record Roni – Paris has no looks, no talent not even between her legs!! I’ve seen that sex tape & I’d rather do a downey! It would be more entertaining!