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Hugh Jackman: Dashing Daughter

Hugh Jackman: Dashing Daughter

Hugh Jackman rides his bike with 3-year-old daughter Ava on a scooter at a park near their home in New York City on Sunday (May 24).

The 40-year-old Aussie actor’s movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine banked in a total of $163 million thus far.

As for what’s next for Hugh, Variety is reporting that the actor will play an ex Gotham police detective who picks up bodyguard duty for a spoiled teen heiress in a new movie called Personal Security.

Also in the works is the remake of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classic Carousel with Hugh playing Billy Bigelow and Anne Hathaway playing Julie Jordan in the musical.

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  • Leslie

    he wears a helmet, but his daughter doesn’t? somethins wrong with this picture.

  • mad about hugh

    He is soooo gorgeous. I love his family. He really seems to be a hands-on father, something that makes him even more sexy in my eyes…

  • mare


  • GQ

    Actually it’s $165 domestically and $156.7 foreign. 165+156= $321 million for X-Men Origins: Wolverine so far. Not bad at all, don’t you think?

  • GQ

    Oops! It’s $322, not $321. Wrong calculation…

  • Esteban

    Well i like his work, and is fmaily i think he need a new pair fo shorts because always wearing the same.

  • boop

    Shouldn’t his ‘adopted’ daughter be wearing a helmet? Guess if it was his own biological kid, he would probably have insisted she wear a helmet. With Ava he just doesn’t bother.

  • 1992

    @Esteban: Maybe he has a 100 pairs of the same shorts and he wears a clean one every day of the week. Can you possibly prove that he doesn’t?

  • to that ‘boob’, the a**hole

    @boop: HAVE A LOOK HERE, A**HOLE! OSCAR, HIS SON, IS ALSO ADOPTED AND HE DOES WEAR HIS HELMET. MAYBE THAT LITTLE GIRL DIDN’T WANT TO WEAR HER HELMET AND WAS CRYING & SCREAMING WHEN HE TOLD HER TO DO SO. Parents can’t always be very strict with their children and force them to do things. When you have children of your own come back and say your crap. Till then, just feel free to feel ashame of yourself for what you just said.

  • @boob
  • @boob
  • bella

    She should really be wearing a helmet . . .not to sound all parental, just using common sense. . .since he has his helmet on.

  • @boob

    Wow! Ava with a helmet! I guess that day Hugh Jackman loved his daughter, not like today… (of course I’m sarcastic to you, a**hole)

  • @boob
  • John

    hes super buff

  • Sophie

    Sure, she really should be wearing a helmet, but it looks like her hair is wet (she’s in a swimming suit), so maybe they are in a really safe zone, and they let her go without it for a bit until her hair dries.

  • caroline

    aw this is so cute ! father and daughter together =)

  • man in the moon

    Why isn’t Hugh bashed for pimping out his kids when other stars who do much less are constantly accused of doing so? Why is he exempt? No other celeb on the planet (including Tom Cruise) is seen in public doing this more than him.

  • ellie’

    Hugh Jackman your a handsome amazing gorgeous father, a lot like Tom Cruise. You know how to handle the paps and you & Tom are great out it. A Lot of you are. When you make it such a big deal about it and pimp out your children . You as couple can’t handle anything..

  • emily

    @man in the moon:

    Exactly! If Katie Holmes takes her daugther out to get a cupcake, she is accused of pimping the child out and being a famewh0re. If Brad Pitt takes his boys to see Star Trek (@ a regular movie theater) He’s accused of pimping them out. But when Hugh is seen almost EVERYDAY with his kids and that hag he’s married too doing photo ops for the paps, nobody say’s anything. I’m sick of the double-standard.

  • Erica

    He’s really involved with his kids, you always seem him playing with them. That is just so sweet!!! He just seems like the best father along with being the sexiest.

  • vivian

    I love this man!!!

  • soopx

    Jack seems to be a good Family man.His little girl is so cute.

  • soopx

    I meant Jackman.

  • man in the moon

    That’s what I talking about Emily @ #20. I don’t have a problem with celebs spending quality time with their kids, I just hate the double standard some people practice. Fair is fair and right is right people. Stop the madness and just enjoy the pics.

  • Mary

    Not only doesn’t she have on a helmet, but she also has no shorts on! I don’t care how young a kid is or what the weather feels like, a little girl with no pants or shorts on (roaming around the streets) is irresponsible on the parent’s part. It just doesn’t look right, even though she’s a toddler. People always wonder why there’s so many pedophiles in the world. And yet, they put their children out on display.

  • snoopy

    maybe she’s in a bathing suit, did it ever occur to you? what, now kids shouldn’t be allowed to run around in their bathing suits either?
    . I didn’t have a helmet on when I was a kid, and I’m just fine.
    you seem anxious to judge a man you’ve never met. why don’t you stop and think first before automatically saying it’s not right?

  • Jughed

    Ha, cute pics. She’s really flyin’ on that scooter.

    I agree w/ the rest that she should probably be wearing a helmet, too, but I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for it….

    Hugh Jackman seems like a good father, although I question exposing his kids to the celebrity limelight so much…

  • snoopy

    I assume you question the paps who follow him and his kids everyday, and not himself for taking his kids out for activies everyday, right? because they’re the ones exposing those poor kids to the limelight. they wait outside his house and follow them all over new york.
    but I think it’ll calm down in a month or so and we’ll see less pics.

  • Las Vegas Nights

    she is riding very fast than him! she really needs helmet! give to her man!

  • Hmm…yeah, don’t think so!


    I’m pretty sure Hugh arranged this photo op with the paps. He is just another Tom Cruise. Always trying to be in and stay in the spotlight. I feel sorry for the children who have to deal with fame whoring parents and paparazzis!

  • max

    his kid is so cute!!!!
    so tiny!

  • Mary


    It does seem like she’s wearing a bathing suit under her shirt. But she’s not in a pool or on a beach. So why is she outside roaming around half-dressed? It just doesn’t look right. My last comment wasn’t just for Hugh, It was for people/parents in general. I see to many girls, her age and up, dressed inappropriately. I’m not saying he’s bad person. He looks like a good father. But he should have put some shorts on his daugther before they went out. So don’t tell me to stop and think. Because I did looked at these pics and stopped, than took a moment to “think” and I posted what I thought about the pics. SO GET THE F*** OVER IT!

  • ariel


    Maybe she should were a shador – or all girls should be closed up at home.
    Gosh, you are prude and close minded.

  • snoopy

    tell me something, do you think you see every single thing that they do? if you don’t see a pool, it means he didn’t take her to a pool at some point? i’ve seen many pics of them this past week, and she was wearing a bathing suit because at some point he took his kids to the pool. so yeah, think again. what you see isn’t all that happens in their lives!

  • snoopy

    @Hmm…yeah, don’t think so!:
    yeah, poor kids whose daddy spends every day with them outdoors. he should stick them at home with the video games like all responsible parents!

  • drol

    what’s all these hoopla about the helmets?? i don’t get it. seriously.
    assuming that these comments come mostly from the states where wearing a helmet is supposed to be manditory.. this kid is playing on the street on not even a bike with her dad right next to her! what is it over there?! are people who are not inside motorvehicles just moving targets on the street?? do pedestrians and bikers get hit ALL the time?
    don’t people in cars look where they drive at all over there?? countries with a lot of bike culture (netherlands, denmark, china, japan) don’t seem to so spastic with wearing helmets at all, and still people don’t die more from headinjuries. odd.

    and @mary with the no-pants comment; my (and with me many i think) mind didn’t even go there. this is a playing toddler for crying out loud. even if a kid just want to run around in their nappies, this is the time. shame on you for even thinking that. brrr…dirty mind.

  • snoopy

    could be an american thing.. I’m not american and here sometimes kids don’t ride their bikes with helmets, and never on their scooters.
    i rode a bike all the time as a kid without a helmet, and nothing happened. she’s on a scooter with her dad next to her, so i don’t see the problem.
    I think there is no one right way to raise a child. every parent raises their kids in the way they think is the safest.
    as for the bathing suit thing.. not a problem here as well. i used to come back home in my bathing suit after the beach. big deal. as long as the parent watches over their child.. that’s the important thing in my eyes.

  • bonzo

    He wears a helmut but not the kid? Niiice going, stud.

  • Chili Pepper

    What a pimp. Being seen with our kids everyday doesn’t make you the best father ever, just a good pimp for the press. Bravo to the famous dads who spend time with their kids and avoid the press at the same time.

  • ra

    The paparazzi are outside Hugh’s home daily. Hugh isn’t asking for the attention. The paparazzi love him because he’s polite to them and doesn’t shove his hand into their cameras. Bravo to Hugh for being such a good dad. It’s obvious he loves spending time with his kids.

  • ozzy

    Where’s the hag he’s usually with? I haven’t seem him with her lately. Did he put her in a nursing home?

  • christine

    @Mary: And you must be one of them, because only a sick person would think that way when watching a 4-year old girl without her pants! It never crossed my mind when I saw these pics. What’s wrong with you, people? She’s just a little girl, she’s not a teenager. When I was 2, I used to go to the beach naked. You mean that my mum was irresponsible for letting me exposed? At the age of 2???? Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!

  • pitt67

    Hugh Jackman is a SUPERSTAR with everything that this word means. Paparazzi die to get a picture of him, that’s why you come across him everyday in every gossip site. So is Tom Cruise. Why should they force their kids to live hidden in their houses? They are huge stars, very popular, people want to know everything about them and paparazzi do whatever they can to give ppl what they want. They “sell”. Jackman is not Christian Bale on the first place, or Tobey Maquire. The reason why you never see any pics of their children is because noone gives a s**t about them. They are not even close to Jackman’s enormous popularity and I’m sure they’ll never get there no matter what they do. So JUST GET OVER IT!

  • snoopy

    it’s like a lose-lose situation with these type of people.
    Either the celebrities act like kanye west or woody harllison and attack the photogs to stop taking their pics (I’ve seen them smash photogs’ cameras), in which case these people will call them “stuck up celebs” who think they’re better than everyone else cause they won’t let anyone take their pics, or the celebs act like jackman and cruise and are nice to the photogs, in which case these people will say they’re “fame whores” who use their kids for fame, cause they’re smiling and not hiding inside. idiots.

  • pitt67

    @snoopy: Nice said, snoopy!

  • Shandal

    You only get one shot at life and one childhood, and I think that Hugh Jackman realises that, especially in light of his own childhood. A single father bringing up five kids whilst working hard (his mother left when his was eight), he seems to realise that being a hands on father, giving his kids quality time, regardless of the press intrusion, is important.

    Coming from Syndey where outdoor activities are high, he is just giving his kids the healthy and happy childhood he believes is best.

    I salute him for his patience with the press, his hands on commitment with his kids, his loyalty and love for his wife, against all snide comments, and his amazing acting ability. (watch his performance in The Fountain and Erskinville Kings, as well as his great singing in Carousel at Carnegie Hall) and his ability to give hilarious unhibitied interviews which are highly entertaining, whilst telling very funny stories that take the piss out of himself.

    Seems to me a very rounded human being.

  • snoopy

    i just saw his press conference in mexico on the net, live. he was so funny :)
    did you see it?

  • sham


  • Chili Pepper

    Sorry, just because you don’t see the stars out pimping their kids doesn’t mean they aren’t good dads. Jackman is getting way too overexposed while he’s pimping his film, too. Just like Tom Cruise when he was pimping his. Jackman ain’t no superdad, he ain’t no better than any other dad, and he ain’t a f*ckin’ superstar! My god, you people are senseless. Plenty of celebs have interested fans, but the parents choose to shield their children to protect them from droolers like you.