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Kate Gosselin is Petsmart Pretty

Kate Gosselin is Petsmart Pretty

Kate Gosselin covers up her famous haircut with a cap as she shops at Petsmart on Monday (May 25) in Reading, Penn.

The 34-year-old reality TV mom picked up treats for the Gosselin family dogs — two German Shepherd dogs named Shooka and Nala.

Afterwards, Kate was seen getting her caffeine fix at Starbucks.

Be sure to watch the season premiere of Jon and Kate Plus 8 TONIGHT (May 25) at 9/8c on TLC to watch scenes of Kate Gosselin before and after the scandal.

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  • shellrunner

    JJ why are treating Kate like a celeb? And why do you keep plugging their “show”. I respect you far more than the other celeb blogger, so PLEASE just stop!!

  • a total fan

    I will definitly NOT be watching.

  • 15 minutes are up

    Kate why did you wear a hat? Now, everyone can’t see the crazy hairdo of yours.

    JJ, really are you getting a deal on the Kate pictures? Please stop.

  • leslie arnelle


  • NativeNYker

    Why are we supposed to care about this?

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • mela

    if she has only done one thing right for jon, it is the fact she hasn’t let herself “go” after all these kids. you can tell she works out, look at her arms!, and wears cute outfits and make up.

    i hope they work things out.

  • emma.

    All these hate comments. Aha. I like her.
    And I shall be watching.

  • Evangeline

    Can we all say photo -op, “let me throw on my bathing suit and a cover up because I am in dire need of dog toys and dog food the day MY season will debut” Sure Kate any excuse to get your picture taken, maybe she will go later and get some tampons.

  • jackee

    JJ…is TLC paying you to cover this bi tch of a mother and wife? God, you’ve had like 50 posts about her in a week..
    No one cares. Quit feeding the fire..

  • Anonymous

    She and the Gosselins are bigger celebs than those phonies in Hollywood. I guarantee you, Jared gets a huge amount of hits from photos of the Gosselins. Look at the amount of posts on US about them versus any boring regular celeb. The show is a monster hit.

  • Susie q

    She just cracks me up! Doesn’t want the paps following her…yeah right! Wants privacy! Uh huh. Love the Oprah hat!

  • Susie q

    She just cracks me up! Doesn’t want the paps following her…yeah right! Wants privacy! Uh huh. Love the Oprah hat!

  • ANNA


  • Evangeline

    Susie Q,
    Good eye there girl, I didn’t even see the Oprah hat, so Dina Lohan is the orange Oprah, kate is the reverse mullet Oprah? I wish they would go away, they ar disrupting my celebblog enjoyment!

  • marisa

    Lately it may not seem as portrayed so, but I think she’s a good mother. Yes, she shouldn’t treat her husband as a 9th child, but she HAS to be that way- she has 8 kids!

  • Jon and kate + 8 + “friends”

    JJ – when you are on the show “JJ and Kate plus 8″ will you still keep writing on the gossip site?

  • nikki

    She is pimpin those babies hella good, she one smart white ho, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ wish I could pimp my kids out like that, my baby daddies ain’t paying me nuthin, that one smart bitch. I take me a trip to any where who be paying naone

  • Steve the bodyguard

    #15 – I have seen her vayjayjay and it’s not gross. She says “oh my word” when we have sex.

  • Baby mama

    I have a fan site you people are just jelous of Kate I know she id a bitch but I Iove her. Id love to do her shes so lovely.

  • jah gives love

    Dem pickneys dem moneymakers dem is.

  • Jon

    kate is a lesbian with this baby mama, it is all good


    Everytime I see her picture she reminds me of the Octomom- She loves the camera and attention. She considers herself a celebrity- She is even trying to act like one- Sure is not the same person from first show- Money and fame has went to her head- They can say they want their privacy- These two couples would do anything for fame and money- I feel so sad for their children.

  • Saudia

    I really wish the paparazzi would leave them alone .. it just sickens me that they can’t just live their lives now .. if you watch the show (I have for a couple yrs now) you can see that they do love each other, and you can’t believe everything you read, also you don’t see their complete lives, for the show they only tape 3 days a week .. so you people can’t possibly judge them by what you get on TLC .. that’s just my two cents .. really hope they work things out for the kids sake and Kate should really lighten up, she’s really controlling

  • k

    Half of the comments here are disgusting. I expected more from the fans of Just Jared.

  • chels

    stop the postings about her

  • Jon

    I love sticking it to Deeana and anyone other than Kate!

  • debbie DDD

    To the poster K,
    Kate is disgusting there should be more post that offend when Kate is the topic, than not . She is not Angelina for christ sake!


    I myself will not be watching this Fake show!!!

  • Jon

    Kate sucks

  • Gasol_fan16

    Oh yeah! Keep on giving this media Wh*re more press attention and more vacation’s this sl*t takes. How nice! F*ck! People stop posting on this slug if, you would like to see her disapear! I know I would!

  • the bodyguard

    when we have sex, Kate says Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • succubus

    This beeotch has 8 kids and she doesn’t take 1 of them with her if her television cameras are not following her around. Has anyone noticed she is only a mom when TLC is filming.

  • s.d.

    I love that pooper of hers! She looks great, especially when you consider all the kids she has had. Jon, on the other hand, looks like crap! Not only does he have an ugly face, but is fat to boot. Not a winning combination LOL.

    I’ll be tuning in tonight. I love the show and think her children are adorable. Keep going Kate, you have at least one fan out here (me).

  • TVsnarkie

    Don’t watch the show.
    Save the Gosselin 8

  • Barbara

    Oh my gosh. How can you photograph Kate sans make-up, sans bodyguard, sans everything. Shame on you.

  • Taylor

    If only people would be as outspoken about children who suffer from “real abuse”. Unfortunately, the KJ blogs have become little more than a place for people to insult one another and use vile language.

    JJ, I don’t know your site, well, yet, but from reading a few posts, here, it seems that people are ragging on you for blogging anything even remotely positive about Kate (their obsession).

    If the program continues, I hope its focus changes and is taken away from the kids, but even if it isn’t, the Gosselin children are far from abused. They may, now, come from a broken home, but they are certainly not alone in that respect with divorce rate being very high in this country.

    In the episodes I’ve watched, the kids seem to love their parents and each other…they’ll be a lot better off than many children from broken homes, in my opinion. Maybe we’ll be surprised, and Jon and Kate will be able to recapture what they once saw in each other and save their marriage…that, of course, is the best scenario, though I think it’s highly unlikely.

  • alana

    mela said:

    “If she has done one thing for Jon, she hasn’t let herself go…”

    She “hasn’t let herself go” – for JON? BWHAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAA!!!
    She isn’t spending tens of thousands of dollars on HERSELF and her FAKER-BY-THE-MINUTE body, for JON! OR, the KIDS, for that matter!

    Take does or doesn’t do EVERYTHING for one reason and one person only; and it’s NOT Yawn.

    It’s ALL for TAKE and ALL for MONEY, mela!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    ughh she looks horrible
    how jon is or ever was attracted 2 her idk
    if they break up i hope jon will have his own show, i will def watch that =]

  • Donna

    proff that kate is just a plain mean bitch:

  • Donna

    proff that kate is just a plain mean bitch:

  • ericka

    I’ll b watching tonight and i hope the ratings are good cause the show is very entertaining. but hey should move outta the shit hole town they live in. I saw the clip of the sister in law she is fugly and jealous…….Can’t u tell

  • ericka

    I’ll b watching tonight and i hope the ratings are good cause the show is very entertaining. but hey should move outta the shit hole town they live in. I saw the clip of the sister in law she is fugly and jealous…….Can’t u tell

  • TWPumpkin


  • lisa

    Looks like she suffering. Can’t wait for the nervous breakdown. …and to all the slobbering fans; watch away rejects !
    I’m going to take a walk around my development to see who’s watchin’ & find out just who in my neighborhood mentally deficient.

  • Dano

    Petsmart?…Did she pick up a muzzle for herself,—- & a rabies test kit?………all the signs are there, foaming at the mouth, acting peculiar while lashing out at those around her.

  • really not a hater y’all

    Not a hater but must tell the truth: 4 words = gross toes and cankles. Sorry Kate fans.

  • just me

    @marisa: I totally agree with you! She is a great Mom. She has beautiful, well behaved children and they show that they are being raised with love and discipline. I really hope this family can work things out-love them.

  • Steve the bodyguard

    Please watch my girlfriend’s show tonite.

  • Grandma of 4

    Perhaps I am the only one concerned about Jon’s remark about how he “might as well be in prison” but if my husband ever made such a remark he would find his belonging packed and sitting by the front door where the locks were changed! How crushing! The negative remarks about Kate are just too much! I would suggest all the people making those remarks try 8 little children along with an extremely laid back (his words) husband who has (again, his words) women friends he meets up with very late at night at bars while his wife is out working and promoting her book that will add to the family income!! He says he cannot be Jon…well maybe he needs to remember being Jon with 8 kids and wonder how he was going to support them. Hey, Jon…be grateful and stop your belly aching!

  • Kelly

    Seriously people. It’s time to put a stop to this. If you are going to make young children work you may as well teach them a real and useful occupation…like..running a laundry, a dry -cleaners, nail salon, or take-out restaurant.