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Kate Gosselin Rolls With Ronald McDonald

Kate Gosselin Rolls With Ronald McDonald

Kate Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus 8 brings her children to visit a Ronald McDonald House on Saturday (May 23) in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 makes its season premiere today (May 25) at 9/8c. Episode Summary: “When we last saw Jon & Kate, they were on a different page. Where are they now? In this one-hour, up close and personal season premiere, side by side Jon and Kate address what the future holds for their family.”

The season finale of Jon & Kate Plus 8 last season drew 4.6 million viewers for TLC.

WILL YOU WATCH Jon and Kate Plus 8 tonight?

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    i will def watch!! i wanna know what’s up

  • Babydoll♥

    I think i just threw up in my mouth a little bit.This idiot with that beaver on her head needs to go away.


    “It’s not true that I had nothing on. I had the radio on.”

  • Melody

    Why do her kids look so Asian? One would think that out of eight kids one would look like her.

  • Babydoll♥


    They look more Down Syndrome than Asian :)


    “It’s not true that I had nothing on. I had the radio on.”

  • ello

    If we don’t watch the show, they will go away!!

    Boycott Jon and Kate. Stop the madness and the horrible atmosphere for the children.

  • Patty

    Here’s a thought, this is a family in crisis, why not pray for them, instead of running them down. Prayer is what they really need, more than criticism

  • EMMA
  • EMMA

    its mean to talk about kids looks. the kids have done nothing wrong here it is Kate

  • Look here

    Mother of Kansas sextuplets content with life out of the spotlight

  • trashy mom

    Her children are not very cute to me and her fat, balding husband is really ugly. His eyes are scary and he looks capable of anything. Maybe if they divorce she will remarry a white guy and have eight more kids for the fame and money. I have a feeling this couple would sell their first born if the price was right.

  • Geri

    I think it would be funny if it is discovered that John and Kate purchased these children from a Chinese orphanage. It’s possible with such greedy fame whores as the Gosselins.

  • CRazy oldie

    she is actually looking hot…or its really early for me and anything will do…

  • 15 minutes are up

    Why take your “parade” to te RMH? The families that stay there are already dealing with a child at Hershey Med. Center. Hershey Med. Center is for children with tram. injuries or dealing with a life threatening illness. So if a family is staying @ RMH the last thing they need is Kate and her mob.

    Why on god’s green earth bring you circus there, Kate?

    If they wanted to do something nice, then go to the RMH w/o the cameras and the fanfare.

    Dressed up and with all those damn cameras. Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EMMA


    we have seen her when she is pregnant??? how does that work out then??? your funny get your facts right first you just made your self sound so stupid

  • Bill

    @15 minutes are up: What is most telling about these pictures is that once again she is out with her kids and Jon is nowhere to be seen. That seems to be happening a lot more lately. I really hope Jon and Kate’s marriage can survive this crisis they are going through, but I am not optimistic. They clearly have very different priorities. Jon wants out of the spotlight. Kate does not and I think is willing to sacrifice her marriage and yes, even her kids’ happiness to achieve greater fame and fortune. This will be the last season of their show, unless Kate can convice TLC to continue with Jon playing the role of an every-other-weekend parent. How sad.

  • Emma

    Jon is home on the bikes. This is all P.

    Why are these kids still getting freebies? Gift bags with stuffed bears?

    Prayer does not work for these people, money and cameras do.

    Nice shoes skank.

  • joss

    didn’t she say once that she doesn’t like or allow her kids to eat McDonald’s?

    asian gene is dominant, so that’s probably why they look more asian…and well none of her kids look like her or jon…

  • Noticias de famosos

    That beautiful picture with their daughters …

  • Little People Big World

    This little girl looks like she has the “special” gene; flat-effect, mongoloid, something in that category.

  • Trang

    @Melody: They aren’t asian, Jon is Hawaiian, thats why the look so Asian to you. But the kids are Hawaiian.

  • Alexis

    All racists should die in a fire.

  • Babydoll♥


    The Father is half Korean and half Scottish.He even has a tattoo of the Korean flag on his shoulder.
    Where did you hear he was Hawaiian?


    “It’s not true that I had nothing on. I had the radio on.”

  • Aloha

    Jon is half-korean and half white. His Korean mom moved to Hawaii when she was very young. Hawaii is a predominately Asian state. Jon has been living with his mom since February.

  • Donner

    No, his mother is the Asian one, she is Korean, his father is white. His mother is from Hawaii.

  • Gasol_fan16

    God!! @ JJ! WTF? Do you support the media wh*res desperite for a job? It certianly looks like it. This Kate makes me want to throw up in my my mouth. Jon should come with good sense and stop being Kate’s puppet!

  • Parminder

    Her husband is a chinaman that’s all.

  • chloe

    Hawaiians look nothing like the Koreans are you people blind? Stop throwing all Asians in together because in spite of what you think, we don’t all look alike.

  • emmy jay

    It’s probably an outing for the show….Kate is really rocking that dress for the camera’s that she says she hates.

    Fame has gone to their heads and pocketbooks. Heck yeah, I’ll watch one of the reruns, but not tonite.

    Kate has treated Jon like crap for the last two years….she’s got what she wants – a TV show and Jon helping her take care of the kids part of the time. Not much love lost between them, from what I’ve seen on their show any way.

    Jon is 1/4 French, 1/4 Welsh, and 1/2 Korean – that’s why the kids look Asian….they are!
    Kate doesn’t say what she is….100% bitc!….

    The people staying at Ronald Mc House don’t need her sideshow…but she had to make another episode, IMO.

  • Adam Lambert likes her hair

    Everyone is adopting that hairstyle even Adam lambert from American Idol.

  • Sarath


    Racist Asshole!! I bet they look better then you.


    This couple wants the cameras- If they did not like the attention they would get out of the spot light.They like the freebies and the money. When you watch the show you feed their bank account and they are laughing all the way to the bank. This show is not about a couple raising their children . How many couples have emeral the chief in kitchen – How many couples have all these famous people in their house. This show is a joke!!! They don’t even have family or friends on the show- they only have famous people and strangers just so they can make an episode.This show is only about making an episode and not everyday life raising a family. I will not be watching- I stopped watching a long time ago.

  • Khate is a scumbucket

    Transparent BS………I hear a visit to Mother Theresa ‘s grave is in the works

  • EMMA
  • Stage Dad Jon

    So would that make their kids 1/4th Asian? They look 1/2 Asian? Some of them look 100% Asian. If Kate is one hundred percent bitch so is her husband because he sanctions the exploiting of his own children.

  • Wonderwoman15

    That asian gene is reallly strong at least in this family or maybe its the Korean gene thats what Jon’s mom said in one episode, because I have seen various mixing and when its only 1/4 of another race and 3/4 white the kids usually favor the white gene or have blue eyes or something…its quite amazing how genetics work even Jon has GREEN eyes, and kate has BLUE eyes and yet all the children have BROWN eyes and a very asian look amazing…

  • Kate&Ashley

    Jon isn’t exactly father of the year material, I think Kate can do much better.

  • sucre

    Ha, way to go promoting ”We ONLY eat ORGANIC!”
    And then we go to RmcD

  • Peta

    They only eat organic…dogs. You must have misunderstood Jon.

  • JR

    They went to the Ronald McDonald House to visit sick kids…not eat there…you idiots!

  • emmy jay

    Mullins – you make a good point in that they don’t have any friends or family in their shows. My cable station has shown a marathon of their shows this weekend, leading up to the episode tonight. I have been turning it on during commercials or if I am cooking. My hubby can not stand it, saying “Who want to watch other kids screaming and crying?

    Well, early in the show they had some friends – a really nice lady named Beth, but I haven’t seen her again. And nice Aunt Jody who helped watch the older kids sometimes. They are not on the show now. We’ll see if Aunt Jody ever gets to be on the show again.

    I feel sorry for their kids, as it seems both parents would rather be anywhere but home. TLC is doing a great job of exploiting 8 kids and their messed up parents!

  • Jackman2369

    HOLY CRAP….with all your $$$$, Grubbin’ Kate, you should be able to find a pair of shoes that fit right…..your sausage feet are hanging over the top of the shoes (we call that a “fashion DON’T”)….
    and I’m sure your boyfriend, SteveO, is lurking somewhere in the shadows like he was @ your kids’ birthday party……His wife should kick his ass to the curb!

  • h

    i’m not the biggest kate fan but, i have to say, she is rocking that pink dress. looks great!! now about that hair….

  • psychic newsflash


    - Kate will rescue a young disabled orphan from a burning building using the strap from her Louis Vuitton handbag the morning of the “Premiere”.

  • Wondering in Omaha

    I wonder if John has the typical tiny Asian wee-wee as well.

  • jackee

    yeah, we’re trying to stay out of the limelight…McDonalds was super choice for being private…with the camera crew, staff and security gaurd….

  • 15 minutes are up

    If they truly want to keep their children out of the public eye, then film an episode at your 1000 (just kidding) acre house, um, I don’t know playing with your kids. Get out a board game and play with them.

    Keep your kids close, give them comfort at home. Not out at this place or that place every chance they get. Horrible for those children.

    Read on AOL that they more trouble Kate and Jon have the more money that roles in. The more popular they get they more the bank account goes up.

    At least I hope for all this mess that the only reason RMH agreed to let them come was for a donation to the House by TLC.

  • manny

    It’s a shame that those children have to grow up in front of the camera like this.

  • Jan

    Kate has received a “bad rep”. She wants the best for her children. They are all smart as they show it on the show. Jodie the sister in law gave her children JUNK FOOD and lots of it knowing Kate wanted them to have healthy organic food. I believe they are doing so well as Kate has fed them healthy foods and cleans her house with non chemical based products for their protection. Jon,her brother, and Jodie undermine Kate’s attempt to keep them healthy and clean. She goes overboard on the “clean” but has been working hard to allow some messy projects. The pudding art was gross but her kids enjoyed it. I hope she stays on the show even if Jon blows so he can ride his cycles,new cars,and new YOUNGER woman. Jon is selfish and spoiled by all the “toys” this show has bought him. THE GIFT BAGS WERE FOR THE CHILDREN TO GIVE AWAY TO KIDS AT RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE NOT FOR KATE’S KIDS. SHE IS TEACHING THEM COMPASSION AND SHARING.

  • yourmom

    nice new boobies katie. Now I know what you did with Jon’s “boys”
    By the way you look like a hooker.

  • emmy jay

    I think that Kate wants out of the marriage, but not out of the TLC contract. That can all be worked out though. TLC is giving us quite an education in how regular folks become celebrities. Kate love the attention, Jon not so much.

    The show must go on! Kate just said so.