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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Capitol King & Queen!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Capitol King & Queen!

Tom Cruise and wife, Katie Holmes wave to the crowd as they arrive at Capitol Hill for the memorial concert in Washington DC on Sunday (May 24).

Katie, 30, re-enacted a veteran’s family with veteran, Dianne Wiest. They both co-starred in the Broadway production of All My Sons. Katie spoke highly of Dianne, saying, “She’s amazing. She’s an extraordinary actress and an extraordinary woman – so kind and generous. I love her.” Dianne also had kind words for the former Dawson’s Creek star, saying, “There is something courageous and deeply giving about Katie, and there is a modesty and grace to her generosity. The remarkable woman she plays in (the concert) will be well-served!”

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Capitol King and Queen…

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Credit: Brandon Todd; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • ellie’

    Love this couple so sweet so good together and wonderful parents.

  • Jersey Trash

    Even the most clueless man/ boy wears a tie to a White House sponsored event on Memorail Day, honoring the American soldiers who died protecting our country.

    Tom Cruise will always be uneducated Jersey trash. Perhaps Scientology doesn’t publish an etiquette book. But then, again, his mother should have taught him how to dress respectfully before he was 12.

    Isn’t that the woman home schooling the older children?

    Shame. Millions don’t equal propriety.

  • old nutter hubbard

    Fakie Katie – ‘cankle lady’
    Loves the limelight – shame she’s shady
    Put her on a podium
    Or in a play or in a film
    Her idiotic, dire performance
    Alienates the kindest audience
    Which, perhaps is apt at least
    Since aliens are the core belief
    Of hers’ and lil hubby Tom
    Whose hero Hubbard is ‘THE ONE’
    The nutty science fiction writer
    Gives Tom a tingle in the shiter
    And makes the pretend pilot fighter
    Feel a ‘boner fide’ TOP GUN. 8)

  • LuckyL

    She looks older than every over 40 actress I’ve seen on this site.

  • Pandora

    Poor (not in regard to net worth, obviously!) Katie. She’s got MPD. Just doesn’t know whom she wants to be. She’s this tall, gangly little girl trying to be a sophistocated woman and she gets a failing grade. Many “celebs” avail themselves of a stylist — why hasn’t she? If she has, she should fire him/her.

  • voe

    It’s clear why his people kept posting that his wife looks like Jackie O now! he is trying to get into politic to stay in the limelight and turn his cult mainstream. Scary!

  • http://Fidget,Fidget,Fidget... Amen #104!

    look at herself in the monitor… distracted by herself. everything about kate is AWKWARD. the worst part of her “performance” was that she tried to play a 21 year old! what a mess. also, she should learn the word to the simple song! so disrespectful and not very professional or patriotic. this was a serious concert. she was an unfortunate choice.

    *Thank you to the troop and teir families”

  • http://Fidget,Fidget,Fidget... Amen #104!

    # 104 pr person @ 05/25/2009 at 1:05 am The reason ANYONE watched this show is because it was a Memorial tribute you blithering, blathering IDIOT!!! My grandfather fought in WWII, Great Uncle fought in Korea is MIA, father was Navy, Uncle was Air Force… THAT and THEY are why I watched it! It sure as crap wasn’t to see Holmes (a supposed actress eff up what should have been a moving tribute) or Crazy (a crazy, cult loving freak)!

  • EMMA
  • Las Vegas Nights

    wow tom cruise is really rocking!.. he looks very cool in his suits!


    A lost cause, all around.

    It’s a shame really. An amazing shame.

    The dress is all wrong!

    First, we address the lines. Holme’s lines not the garment.
    Holmes has sloping, round shoulders, further accentuated by impossibly poor posture.

    The nicely designed simple jersey dress has no choice but to cling to her weak shoulder line.

    Second, the appropriateness for her age, the season, and the event. The dress is simply put ,a winter dress, not Spring. The fabric is hot and unsuitable for the weather, The choice is aging and not a choice for a young woman. The event required something dignafied, but not this hanging mess.

    The pumps are a proper choice for a White House event, but the leather is too dark for Spring . However, the entire ensemble again emphasizes thick legs. (Note to Cruise: You and your son require neck-wear).

    Further, pairing the ensemble with a man wearing a white suit may be designed to capture the lenses of the paparazzi, but the result is more uneven.
    It’s akin to a 70′s Saturday Night Fever ‘s Travolta dating his maiden Aunt.

    Ultimately, this couple could have done much better honoring our fallen heros.

  • Karena

    They look so lovely. What a pretty pair. And Connor looks really nice too, as always. I love seeing the family together. Yes, I know Bella and Suri aren’t there, but that’s OK. The Cruises don’t have to walk with linked arms everywhere. This is nice. Lovely!

  • http://love45 arlene

    pobre nicole kidman no se ve con sus hijos biologicos desde que se caso con keith urban es muy extraño y ademas desde que se caso con keith urban como que ya no trabaja en la actuacion y casi no se ve publicamente a perdido mucha fama es una pena era una gran actris pero antes de usar botox y muy hermosa, en verdad quisiera que retome su carrera pero sin usar botox y su maridito keith me da muy mala espina se ve muy falso ya casi no salen juntos me temo que con el tiempo nicole y keith se divorciaran .vieron la alfombra de american idol keith no llego con nicole fue solo como puede explicar el por que no llevo a su supuesta amada esposa nicole ,solo el tiempo dira pero creo que ni una hija izo feliz a keith urban ,mientros otros no pueden tener hijos keith no los quiere.y su hijito connor que idiota su madre de adopcion fue nicole kidman no la idiota de katie holmes que me cae super mal por hipocrita por que ella no quiere a tom solo su fama y dinero y siempre esta triste y frustrada por que jamas va tener ni el cuerpo ,talento ,intelijencia,belleza y carisma de nicole kidman katie holmes eres una perdedora y keith urban tambien .nicole kidman y tom cruise nunca devieron dejarse ellos eran la pareja perfecta no entiendo por que se dejaron.

  • Fidget,Fidget,Fidget…

    play with hair…play with ear…forget the wod to the song…play with hair…play with ear…forget stage direction… i watch the concert EVERY YEAR because of the troops. the peformers are of the highest caliber. katie was at best a sloppy distraction.
    she’s so affected that it’s uncomfortable to watch her.

  • sweetness

    Criticize them all you want..BUT don’t see many other major stars honoring our Vets on Memorial I give Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes major props…
    heck even citizens don’t honor vets on Memorial Day..Thank You Cruises for remembering them.

  • Performance Review

    Holmes CANNOT act !

    She didn’t have the talent to be near that stage!

  • 21 years old???

    55 year old kate was playing the role of a 21 year old last night! ROTFLMAO! Let Joey Potter go already.


    Many “celebs” honor our soldiers, it’s just the rest don’t use the entrance surrounded by the paparazzi or wear white suits. YOU need to read the newspaper and not only gossip tabloid blogs.

    You’ll notice Mr. Cruise likes to play a naval officer on film, owns his own jets, but has NEVER EVER visited our troops.

    Actually, while filming Top Gun, he instructed the crew not to address him or look at him. The crew of the aircraft carrier remember him very well and they did not find him respectful in the least.

  • Real Celeb Support

    How nice of Cruise to sit in the VIP seats this ONE year. each year, MANY celebs join in and perform and PAY for this free concert for Veterans and their families. Shouldn’t a disable Vet have those seats?

  • ateh

    Looks like Kate has been busy on her knees again.
    Connor looks like he is a D.I.C.K.
    Tiny looks well…tiny

  • brad


    i think that suri with her nanny now and bella with her mom


    TC looks amazing, omg.
    Connor is really gorgeous. Very impressive.
    Looks to me like all the haters are just jealous of a very successful and beautiful, loving family.
    Too bad.
    TC, you rock, we love u.

  • 20th Annual Memorial Day

    Concert & Parade.

    I watch every year, never saw Cruise before now.

    It’s true tons of famous people perform every year. never Tom Cruise.

    The fact is that Dianne Weist volunteered and Katie was part of the play cast, so she reprised her role. Holmes didn’t volunteer either.

  • Sue

    ahaha..look at pathetic Tom Thumb already monkying Brad Pitt’s style from Cannes on Wed. the Ecru & ash colors.
    He looks like a small people

  • wtf

    @ateh: u take shots at a kid u don’t know ur th DICK

  • wtf
  • wtf
  • wtf

    @20th Annual Memorial Day: @20th Annual Memorial Day: THEY DIDN’T DO A SEEN FROM THE PLAY

  • Dear IDIOT

    The word is “scene”.

    They did perform another WW II scene. Obviously, not at the PBS concert.

    Perhaps you weren’t invited to that seperate show?

  • peachy

    Tom looks really good!Hope he makes another movie soon!He is greatly missed by his fans!

  • Right on #2

    You are right, #2…..

    Jersey Trash is what Tom Cruise is. He has a sense of entitlement that he should not wear a tie to show respect.

    He’s such a douche. I can’t believe I ever watched his movies….

    Now, when I think of him playing in Top Gun or Born of the 4th of July, I crack up laughing. Tom Cruise is not a man!

    As far as retarded Katie goes, can she not keep those cankles covered? She is a totally incompetent person not to mention incompetent “actress”, mother, golddigger (her most talented role thus far in life).

    Where is Suri? The organizers of the event probably told Tom and Katie they didn’t want the little spoiled brat there and to leave her at home. Don’t blame them.. I think everybody is tired of looking at the brat.

  • annite

    They look not forced for once and nice enough since this is them but she looks 40 , He looks more little than he is . It is a memorial day where is the tie?

  • I say

    They are poping everywhere to show they are normal. Katie did this to show she still can act. Hope it works.

  • Shanna

    Looks like little Tommy Boy has his big lifts on today! He’s almost as tall as Katie in those pics and you know he’s nowhere near her height especially when she’s wearing heels.

    I agree that Cruise should have atleast worn a tie. How disrespectful. The only reason they show up at these events is for publicity. Cruise or Holmes have NEVER supported the troops or anything outside of Scientology causes. It’s all about the pics taken and looking like a real family even if they have to use the troops or their kid to get the press. Can’t stand either one of them.

  • robotwoman

    Does Katie even talk anymore or does she just need permission from Tom to speak casually? She cannot perform a simple task such as reading a small tribute to Veterans. She probably doesn’t even know what a Veteran is.

    This is the kind of trash that Obama attracts. I guess we’ll find out later that he is a member of the cult too.

    These two losers are the two biggest FAKES I have ever seen.
    BTW, wtf is wrong with her legs?

    I thought the robot got her snaggled teeth fixed? why doesn’t she smile?

  • jake

    I bet her butt whole hurts.

  • jake

    I bet her buthole hurts

  • sam

    To All of the Above:
    What a bunch of retards u are.
    Most of you cannot even spell words correctly.
    Get a life

  • IMO

    I am not a fan nor am I a hater.. Tom Cruise is a STAR.. Katie is just a wife trying to make a name for herself. I just don’t see her becoming the woman that Tom wants her to be.. It just seems so forced. First we were to believe that Katie was the Great Actress, Then the Great mommy, Next the Fashion Icon.. So I am just confused about what she will ultimately become..

    I think she dresses too old. This is another example of her becoming what she is not. Is this outfit from her fashion line. If so I find it a miss. She is what 30 years old or 31..She dresses like a 60 year old. And let me say no 40 year old woman would wear that dress. It is an insult.

    I hope they are happy I would not know since I don’t know them But It would be nice for Katie.. not Kate Holmes to figure out who and what she is.

  • kitty

    She’s dressed too conservatively compared to the tiny one.

    He’s always in control, even when it’s supposed to be her day. Although, he’s not flashing that phony grin anymore.

    I believe she was there only because of Diane Wiest who is fond of Katie.

  • HEY

    @Dear IDIOT: yea i know i spelled it wrong but i just was repling to the idiot who said the reason katie was there was because they where doing a scene from the play

  • to IMO #40

    i agree. don’t forget the dancer and the singer identity criisis.

  • Chaz

    She made a fool out of herself, yet again. A sour grape in a barrel full of fresh fruit. Did anyone notice at the end how she was looking off stage like she had no clue what was going on? Everyone else was doing what they thought right, taking pride and remembering. And singing their hearts out. Katie stood there with her mouth open, looking around like a idiot.

  • Annie

    Capital King and Queen? Are you kidding? Thought it was about the VETS…..I will NEVER watch another film that either of these two pukes do.

  • torpedo

    OMG! OK people, this is pretty much getting out of hand. What they did was very nice, participating in this type of program. Few so-called stars do this so easily. They deserve some credit. BTW, when true actors recite an important piece, they under-dress, or dress in black, so that their words, not their looks, are the most important.

  • XXX

    Dear IDIOT @ 5/25/2009 @ 12:36 pm

    The word is “separate.”

  • Cork

    What the hell is he doing waving? This isnt a movie premiere! The stars are the veterans. And why is he dressed like Don Johnson? “HI, I’m Tom Cruise, and I paid for my disgusting wife to make a fool out of herself. Yes, I had to tell her what Memorial Day was about, but who cares? She’s here isnt she? and thats the only thing we care about”.

  • 477

    Another sad attempt to get her out in public when in fact he has no idea what to do with her.

  • dabu

    sweetness @ 05/25/2009 at 12:13 pm
    torpedo @ 05/25/2009 at 1:09 pm

    A lot of stars entertain the military. Stars that can actually act and WANT to entertain and not be a publicity token.

    Katie was INVITED by Diane Weist to do this. She did NOT volunteer. If she’d not been invited, she wouldn’t have been here.

    She can’t act as her performance showed–awkward, vapid, dull. She stood on stage in a dress that emphasized all her bad points and then fidgeted constantly.

    Next to the powerhouse talent on stage, she looked like a little girl trying to be a grown up.