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Shawn Johnson's Coca-Cola Car

Shawn Johnson's Coca-Cola Car

Olympic Gold Medal-winning gymnast Shawn Johnson prepares to get into the Coca-Cola car on the track prior to practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Coca-Cola 600 on Saturday (May 23) at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina.

The 17-year-old Dancing with the Stars champ recently talked about her favorite performance of the season in an interview with the LA Times. “Well, of course the freestyle, by far, is my favorite. We just put so much effort into that and really just went crazy with it, and had so much fun. It was just our best costumes, our best performance, and all we did was go out there and have fun. But my other one was the paso. I loved that dance, I felt I really had a great time in that dance and showed everybody that I could do any type of dance,” she said.

Shawn also talked about the difference in being in the public eye because of DWTS and being in the Olympics. “It’s different, of course, just because it’s totally different experience and different audience,” she said. “I’m getting almost more attention from this than from the Olympics. It’s one of those things where it’s more in the public eye. It’s a TV show rather than a sport, and it’s sad to say, but the TV shows usually get more viewers than sports on a regular basis.”

35+ pictures inside of Shawn Johnson‘s Coca-Cola car…

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shawn johnson coca cola car 01
shawn johnson coca cola car 02
shawn johnson coca cola car 03
shawn johnson coca cola car 04
shawn johnson coca cola car 05
shawn johnson coca cola car 06
shawn johnson coca cola car 07
shawn johnson coca cola car 08
shawn johnson coca cola car 09
shawn johnson coca cola car 10
shawn johnson coca cola car 11
shawn johnson coca cola car 12
shawn johnson coca cola car 13
shawn johnson coca cola car 14
shawn johnson coca cola car 15
shawn johnson coca cola car 16
shawn johnson coca cola car 17
shawn johnson coca cola car 18
shawn johnson coca cola car 19
shawn johnson coca cola car 20
shawn johnson coca cola car 21
shawn johnson coca cola car 22
shawn johnson coca cola car 23
shawn johnson coca cola car 24
shawn johnson coca cola car 25
shawn johnson coca cola car 26
shawn johnson coca cola car 27
shawn johnson coca cola car 28
shawn johnson coca cola car 29
shawn johnson coca cola car 30
shawn johnson coca cola car 31
shawn johnson coca cola car 32
shawn johnson coca cola car 33
shawn johnson coca cola car 34
shawn johnson coca cola car 35

Photos: Streeter Lecka/Getty, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Raquel

    Love her legs!

  • jo jo

    I’ve never cared for this rat faced girl.. can’t stand her mousy voice either. Her legs look like stumps.

  • HowLegit

    Defend your favorite stars from celeb gossip that just ain’t true by signing up to be a HowLegit Star Ambassador. Details here:

  • LolaSvelt

    I never got why Olympic Gold Medalists always turned to Dancing with the Has-Beens afterwards. They have more talent than that!

  • cort

    I love that she’s not stick thin and she proudly shows off her muscles. She works hard at what she does and I’m so glad she won Dancing With the Stars. While they have so much talent (as LolaSvelt said), I’m glad they can show how truly talented they are by succeeding in nearly anything they attempt…including dancing. :o)

  • trevor

    -that’s a whole lot of fidget packed into a tiny space… POW!!!

  • Betina

    she looks SO fat =)

  • Jennifer

    Wow, she is turning into quiet the attention wh—

  • hahaha

    so fat. lol

  • joy

    short and fat

  • NativeNYker

    She is one thick girl! And not in a cute way….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Dread not

    Shawn represented her country on the world stage, while basically still a kid, and did it quite well. Then when she went on, Dancing With The Tards, had to do it with the knowledge that some nut bag was on his way to do a Bardo on her ass. Even after THAT, she still stops to take pictures and sign autographs for fans, never knowing if there’s a Bardo 2 lurkin’ about. Pretty gutsy stuff for such a youngin’. It’s hard to rip this chick.

  • anon

    congrats to this young lady who is very talented. Dancing is considered a sport as well and there is talk that the producers should not have athletes on the show. They do very well because they have an advantage.

  • Susan

    Shawn is such an adorable little one that is was impossible not to pull for her on DWTS. I have never voted until the finale this season, but I voted my 5 online votes for Shawn in the finales.

    The french guy had more dancing talent, but Cheryl put too much “sexy overdone” in his dances for me. He would have won with Julianne Hough or that new girl, Anna, who will be on next season.

  • Birdy

    Just because she was “thin”(she had to be feather thin to perform her job well) she should gain tons of weight to “LOOK” health. Let’s just be realistic, she is obviously over weight here. She was so cute. :(

  • LuckyL

    I don’t think it’s fat y’all. Just athletic build. Some people build muscles rather quickly and much more, but for a gymnast, this isn’t unnatural. Check out her pictures pack when the Olympics was going on. Plus she’s already quite short, which makes her seem even more stocky–kind of like Hayden Panettierre.

  • LuckyL

    People say the same thing about Serena. These are all just athletes and depends on what sport you do, you build up different muscles. No one will have broader shoulders than a swimmer.

  • pear

    It makes me sick that people are coming here and calling her fat. She is 17, an athlete, and very fit. What is wrong with people??

  • kitty

    Holy shit, her legs look HUGE. I’m sure in person she isn’t fat, just a bit chubby. It’s probably because she’s so so short that ANY bit of weight makes her look BIG. Though, she definitely has gained some weight…last year she looked teeny in comparison to this.

  • LuckyL

    kitty @ 05/25/2009 at 12:00 pm

    Holy ****, her legs look HUGE. I’m sure in person she isn’t fat, just a bit chubby. It’s probably because she’s so so short that ANY bit of weight makes her look BIG. Though, she definitely has gained some weight…last year she looked teeny in comparison to this.
    I have to agree with this post =/ I looked at last year’s pics.

  • Genine

    Well…there’s always a future for Shawn as a human cannonball in the circus.

  • Billybob

    —I’m no longer calling her Shawn

    Her new name is—–” Volume” Johnson

  • sam

    I don’t think this girl should have won DWTS at all.
    Her body threw me off every time because she is not built like a dancer.
    Does the world have a brain?
    DWTS is so boring, anyway.
    I barely could watch 20% of it.
    That actor Gilles was fantastic and proved himself worthy over and over again. He got ripped off, for sure.
    She’s an American hero, no doubt but the trophy went to the wrong person.

  • Jughed

    Cute as a button :D

  • TWPumpkin

    She has put on weight since the Olympics.

  • StumpyShawn

    Despite Shawn’s short stocky build, she was not fun to watch on Dancing with the Stars nor did she emit any personality whatsoever.

    Gilles was robbed!

  • laura

    she’s so so short, that just a few extra pounds makes her look fat

  • sars

    wow she got fat

  • g!na

    apparently, it was said that her small height makes her officially dwarf size!

  • aleksandr

    shes soooo nasty looking she has a pug face and i feel bad that she looks like that.
    and she couldnt dance her legs are too thick and short. she sucks

  • Lary

    Shawn is one of the more gentle, cute and talented person I saw. She is not fat, it’s body of gymnast!

  • gigi

    She’s too short and thick.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ughhh she’s so small
    she honestly looks like a midget
    and worse she’s trying 2 look cute lol
    not with that body and stumpy legs
    thunder thighs!!! but it’s not her fault, she’s short

  • Anon

    Now she’ll run to fat for sure

  • Holly

    Oh my! I haven’t seen her since the olympics and dang did she blow up. Terrible news.

  • Luciilockett

    I guarantee you that if you took away all her muscle she would look like a skeleton

  • Las Vegas Nights

    be aware of Shawn Johnson! she has all the power to damage you! hehehe! BIG LADY

  • jay

    she has a double chin. that is not muscle, that is fat. she is chubby

  • Denise

    To Shawn Johnson haters,

    Actually, her legs look the same as they did after she won her medal last year. I checked the pics.

    Her face was also round last year, so she hasn’t turned into a pudge. There’s no way you could and do the kind of dancing she did.

    She may be prone to getting a fuller face, but I’ve seen skinny people with double chins. Some people develop fat in different areas.

    However….Lots of athletes have on and off periods where they gain or lose as much as 30 pounds and still remain fit (because they are gaining or losing muscle as well and it’s over a long period of time).

    I’m sure she knows what to do with her body a lot more than you know what to do with yours.

  • Natasha

    You guys are pathetic. She is extremely fit. She is muscular. and ALL GYMNASTS GAIN WEIGHT WHEN THEY STOP THEIR TRAINING. I’m sure she had to work ALOT up until the olympics. She is now moving on to other things. I expected to gain a bit. Carly patterson gained weight after she won the olympics aswell. But not alot. These girls are extremely fit. While you fat asses are sitting there talking shit, she is out there earning lots of money while being cute and sexy. De ja jealous anyone?

  • J_Thunder


    And finishes off with a comment inspired by Stick It. That’s a (nice) surprise! ;-)

  • jhawk08

    Sorry haters, she’s hot. Total babe.

  • mikeJ

    Shawn is cute, adorable, and, very SEXY! I’m not creepy, I’m 18 so I can say that ;)
    Go Shawn!!!

  • ej

    I agree with all the posts about her gaining weight when she stoped training….its the only natural thing that would happen. you just watch…check back in a couple weeks when she gets back in the gym and then call her fat. haters. shes adorable and awesome and cute and a babe and you people calling her fat have obviously never seen a gymnast before

  • Aaron

    Iam jelous Iam a big NASCAR fan I’ve wated to do the Richard Petty Driving experience for a longtime you and Carl Edwards have somthing in common the back flip #99. I think The critics Are roung Shawn is not fat she looks geat . I think their all jeious, she has awsome personalty . I did like watching the Olympics. I like the fact that you said you only have good nerves to NBC at the Olympics like bad nerves wats that and you always smile even though you may not always get the gold that is awsome at your age. Iam 33 and happly married have ben for seven years yesterday the 25th. If I Had a daughter Shawn Would make make a good role modle for her.

  • ej

    shes still America’s golden girl…

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She’s a little chunker!

  • tj

    she is taking right after her mom…..chunky

  • Jennifer

    Leave the girl alone…she isn’t fat at all…that is muscle…her BMI is probably so low…people love to make fun of people they’re jealous of…losers

  • bobbio