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Adam Lambert's Album Will Be Fusion Fierce

Adam Lambert's Album Will Be Fusion Fierce

Adam Lambert smiles and waves at fans as he performs live in front of a large crowd for the CBS Early Show in NYC on Tuesday (May 26).

The 27-year-old American Idol runner-up recently shared his plans to record: “Labels tend to try to put one box around every artist and keep them in one genre, but I think [my album] can be a collection of different styles. I don’t want to do one specific genre. I’m more about fusion. There are a lot of pop artists that are using the ‘glam’ kind of vibe in their music currently so I think I’m actually part of a wave. There just happens to not be many guys doing it right now.”

15+ pictures inside of Adam Lambert looking white hot…

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adam lambert fusion album 02
adam lambert fusion album 03
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adam lambert fusion album 08
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  • sexxibitch!

    he sooooooooooooo sexyyyy!!!!!!!!!


    I’m glad he didn’t win, his screeching, yelling got on my last nerves

  • Cooh

    I think that he will be able to do his own thing with his album,kris has it all decided for him,Adam is a free spirit,he needs freedom
    He’ll rock the world

  • Helena

    This guy needs a stylist.

  • HH

    I LOVE Kris’ music, his talent and his style and think he will do well. Adam has an unbelievable voice and is fabulous and will be successful too. The only losers are the bitter name calling fans of both of these guys. Kris and Adam love each other and their fans should follow their examples. So much TALENT! I am in awe.

  • mary

    Love Adams voice!! He’s the best!!

  • ~A

    Adam is amazing- Always something good and positive to say about even the neg. in life. I hope he meets all his challenges and dreams head on. (Pray he doesn’t end up high as a kite)-God bless your talented journey Adam Lambert.

  • Understone

    The male banshee, that scream he does that he thinks is singing is NOT.

    Having range is one thing but he always cops out and fall back on that screech which is highly annoying.

  • Tata

    I can’t wait for his album!

  • Kateline

    Move out the way, Sexy coming through.

  • lovedjny

    I love Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so excited for his album. It’s going to be AWESOME.

  • hannah

    they are feeding my addiction when they show me pic’s of him!! HES SO SEXY!!!CUTE!!AMAZING im adam all the way can’t wait 2 buy his album!! L♥VE U ADAM!!!!♥♥♥♫♪ :}

  • JD

    i cant wait. i will actually “buy” his record.

  • emma

    watch and comment please

  • emma
  • Janette Sauer

    That is one sexy guy. Yes, make up, guy liner, but it is Adam and that is one sexy thing. Love that he can be who he wants to be and proud of it. More people ought to follow his trail. Love the pics!! And his music is pretty amazing too!!

  • Anon

    ” More people ought to follow his trail….”

    A lot of guys would be happy to follow his trail! LOLOL!

  • lori

    people bitching about his screaming again
    dont like it. dont listen to it. simple .easy. done

    kris makes me fall asleep, but i dont say that in every article about him.

    imagine yourself at the weel of your car. then comes on a kris allen song. then bang you dont now what happened.

    you hit into a tree and tell hte police that you went to jail cause you fell asleep at a kris allen song =)

  • Gaby

    Thank you for posting these! Adam is just amazing, he is so adorable and hot and cute and everything in between. He seemes like the nicest guy in the world at the same time he’s one of the coolest performers ever. Gotta love him!

  • Angela

    ADAM, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sorry

    He’s rather dumpy looking IMO.

  • sandi

    Adam is one of a kind! awesome too.

    It will be interesting to follow him in his career

    He should do an Elvis Presley song, etc….he almost lookslike him!

  • jj

    I love seeing Adam stories. Keep it up! I absolutely love him and his music.

    For those whining, he hit a lot of big notes during his Idol run, in part because you can’t sing Aerosmith and Zeppelin without them, but in large part because it was a show and he was trying to win. Check out his iTunes album. The songs are the full versions (not the truncated versions like on the show) and they showcase his gorgeous voice. Definitely not over the top. If you think he can’t sing, you’re crazy!

    btw, he’ll be on Regis and Kelly tomorrow and the Today Show and the Early Show on Thursday (check out his performance of Mad World on the Early Show on YouTube).

  • Anne

    Love Adam!
    He has such a kind beautiful soul and the most incredible talent for singing. I cannot wait to buy his album! I’m sure it will be phenominal.

  • Luvrgrl90

    For those who think that all he can do is scream, go listen to his recorded songs. He can sing, he’s fantastic. Although Kris is amazing too, Adam will go farther.

  • marisa


  • jenny

    love him!

  • ~A

    @lori: I HEAR THAT! LOL!

  • LuckyL

    He’ll be as amazing and eclectic as Lady Gaga =)

  • yup

    I LOvE ADAMMM!!! :) Although, usually a sweet girl like me doesn’t like someone so wreckless, I just love him!!! I just can’t understand how some people don’t!! I hope his album is amazing!

    and, all he does is NOT “scream”. Listen to the studio version of Tracks of My Tears?? If I can’t Have You?? One?? and ofcourse Mad World?! He sounds breath taking in those and you can really tell how awesome his voice is! and when he does hit though high notes and find it fun, exciting, and very impressive!!!

    I find it weird he didn’t win idol, when he kinda is what made the whole season popular, but congrats to kris! Can’t wait to see how both of them do!

  • LuckyL

    So handsome, and sweet, and cute =)

  • Mari

    OMG Adam is so fabulous!! I cant wait to buy his album!!

  • Another davis Brother?

    Jee, if this guy gains some weight, he will look like Brandon Davis’ brother Gummi Bear!

  • Jory

    God I love ADAM so freakin much I am so addicted on him .. he is amazing amazing human being and a great flawless artist I just love him to pieces .. he is the best thing happened to AI period .. he is the worldwide super star :) I can’t wait to see what next with him and i will buy everything hold his name :)

  • gigi

    I like Adam,and i think Kris is ok,very boring if i may say.

  • gigi

    I like Adam,and i think Kris is ok,very boring if i may say.

  • JT


    sounds like somebody’s jealous!!!! I bet when you sing, blood comes out of peoples ears!

  • francesca

    his skin is so bad!
    and i agree he needs a stylist.

  • nikolle

    way to go for the greatest SINGER who ever touched down on earth………..

  • MARG

    The man is sooo hot. I just melt watching him perform…

  • Ben Dover

    Adam is just, well, thuper and dreamy

  • brittany

    i love adam he is awsom i cant wait for his albam i going to buy it and i love his style vary diffrent from other singers out here

  • leanne

    amazing, creative, talented ….this guy gonna be a MEGA STAR…..
    I can’t wait for his album to come out…

  • iloveadam

    He is gorgeous! i’m so gonna buy all his music!!!!!!!! love him!

  • Jennifer

    yay for an Adam post!!! Thanks JJ!!

    I can’t wait for his album, and music videos! His voice is as beautiful as he is! I love that he has never once tried to be anything but himself, and he’s proven that people like and appreciate that.

    Go Adam! You can do anything!


    I need more adam,I miss him every Tuesday and Wednesday the most.

  • true idol

    Adam is the real American idol………..Kris is the Arkansas idol….lol

  • Lovin’ Adam

    I am just lovin’ this guy!!! As for the “dumpy looking” comment…..Adam USED to be blond and chubby (check the YouTube of his HS graduation performance). He has come a long way and reinvented himself since then. That is what WE as American’s have in their right to do because it is ONLY in this country that we can do and be ANYTHING as long as we work hard for it! I think he looks GREAT!!! Very handsome, macho and SEXY!!!

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    hahaha.. his career didn’t even start yet and it’s already bigger and going in a better direction than the other guy. LOL..


    He is the first singer to make me scream and jump up and down since Simon LeBon stuttered “The Reflex” in the late 80′s.

    I would throw my panties, but I doubt I could breech the 1000+ mile distance…