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Gerard Butler Likes Long Walks On The Beach

Gerard Butler Likes Long Walks On The Beach

Gerard Butler chats it up with some friends and then goes for a walk on the beach in Malibu on Monday (May 25).

The 39-year-old Scottish actor can be seen this summer in the romantic comedy The Ugly Truth, which will premiere on July 24. The official website’s synopsis: “The battle of the sexes heats up in Columbia Pictures’ comedy The Ugly Truth. Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) is a romantically challenged morning show producer whose search for Mr. Perfect has left her hopelessly single. She’s in for a rude awakening when her bosses team her with Mike Chadway (Butler), a hardcore TV personality who promises to spill the ugly truth on what makes men and women tick.

Earlier this month, Gerard was charged with misdemeanor battery. His attorney, Blair Berk, said he is not required to and will not appear in court on the charge.

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gerard butler likes long walks on the beach 01
gerard butler likes long walks on the beach 02
gerard butler likes long walks on the beach 03
gerard butler likes long walks on the beach 04
gerard butler likes long walks on the beach 05
gerard butler likes long walks on the beach 06

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  • Lawrence

    He’s such a hunk!.

  • Me!

    He used to be so hot! What happened? He is looking like a over-stuffed meatball lately!

  • xxx

    He is such a man. better than all those skinny shortass male celebs that seem to be the rage these days. Give me Gerry in any shape over that lot


    Completely agree with Me!, Gerard is looking like a homeless man you’d find wandering around on the beach.

  • this is hilarious

    the girl is a prop. She is the only one in bathing attire. What a joke.

  • bijou

    Always looks like he needs a good shower, kind of dirty, like he’s the type who has been drinking all night and slept in his clothes, ugh, not hot at all.

  • just saying
  • nyob

    @just saying:

    Good god woman, don’t post that stuff. Those will make you question his sexuality. Damn.

    He looks hot in the beach pictures. Put on some shorts gerry – you have great legs.

  • just no

    Ick. Nast.

  • this is hilarious

    She doesn’t look skinny enough to be a model

  • me

    #5 and #10: The girl is actually Olga Fonda, Ariel Vromen’s girlfriend (he is the guy with the blue jacket). So no PR stunt here, sorry, LOL.

  • Rozzzzzzz

    That girl is his best friends girlfriend! Chill out losers!

    He is so gorgeous!!!!!

  • pafan

    How I would love to run into him on the beach.

  • Holly

    Love him! He is all man, all day! His body is rockin sweet!

  • Noticias de famosos

    It is all very well, but that most often came out in the photo …

  • @me

    He is posing for the pictures….he knows the camera is there. Please don’t insult our intelligence.

  • victoria

    I don’t usually find him particularly attractive – but he looks relaxed and kinda sexy in these shots. :-)

  • christain Bale
  • StinkyLouise

    His fly is partially open.

  • bonnie

    NYOB (poster #8),
    To answer your question based on the pictures you posted Gerry was probably about 26 or 27 in those pictures. His hair had to be dyed that color and styled like that for a ROLE in a play on the West End, London with Rachel Weisz called Suddenly Last Summer. This was after he had already done Corialonis after being hired by Stephen Berkoff so it was his second West End play. After that he did a Brit TV series before beginning a big screen career.

  • me

    #17: No, you troll are insulting OUR intelligence. So what if he knew the cameras were there? Of course he knew that there’d be lots of paps on Malibu Beach on Memorial Day. Still this woman is no “prop” of his but simply another man’s girlfriend. What are you trying to insinuate with your stupid posts? The age old gay rumor? Then proof if, you moron.

  • me

    I meant to write “prove”, sorry.

  • Julie

    Gerry looks delish to me. I know it’s sometimes hard to accept the fact that people do age as the years go by, but it’s a fact. Gerry isn’t the young pup we all so adored. He has matured bodily and face wise very nicely.

  • pafan

    Did anyone read the article from India this morning that Gerry (off the PR radar) had visited several of the Slumdog kids in their homes, was upset by their living conditions and is helping them financially? Good guy.

  • #25

    It was hardly off the PR radar since the papers reported about it, LOL.

  • pafan

    They only got hold of the story several weeks after it happened. He didn’t drag any cameras with him.

  • NDA

    He doesn’t take this shirt off on the beach because he’s hiding a hairy, third nipple. It’s not funny, it’s a serious condition.

  • StinkyLouise

    G’s people probably gave them the story. All the PR is starting to accelerate in advance of his new films. And probably to couteract any negative publicity arising from the battery charges.

  • lol

    I never heard he’s helping the Slumdog kids, and I doubt it other than buying them a pizza. Where’s your proof pafan? You’re such a fangurl, you’d claim he was the Messiah.

    NDA, you’ve confused that nipple with something else. It might look like a nipple, but that’s just because it’s small.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    There are alot of stars who give their time and money to charities without the media’s knowledge.

    BTW, Gerry looks great on the beach!!

  • Iagree

    I agree with #28. And who says he didn’t drag any cameras with him? Just because no pictures were posted? He probably took his whole entourage with him. Very low key, LOL. Fact is, the newspaper got hold of the story. And don’t tell me with all that’s been posted by the Indian rags lately he didn’t know this story would end up in the papers. This is just pathetic. Anyone can help a third-world child with a relatively small amount of money every month. And there are a lot of people who actually do, yet they don’t go around publicising it. If you want to do good, you can do it completely under the radar. This is nothing more than a PR stunt to distract from the battery charge.

  • link the story

    about the slumdog kids and gerry helping them

  • story

    Here’s the link to the story:

    Doesn’t mean he actually ever paid a dime for them. You can promise a lot of things. And strangely there was no word about this when they tore down the kid’s houses.

  • ?

    It’s really funny, when the Indian media came up with all the other gossip stories about him, the fangurls immediately dismissed them as fiction, rumors, and bad rapping. But as soon as they printed something that made him look like a saint, they believed every word of that article without questioning the story itself nor the motives. Makes me puke.

  • Julie


    Would you like a barf bag, Dearie?

    IF this article is true, I suspect Gerry will follow through. He is nothing if not generous toward children.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I believe Julie is correct..Guess time will tell on this story

  • StinkyLouise

    The director and producer of Slumdog are paying for proper homes for the two kids who lost theirs. They’ve also set up trusts to provide a monthly income and proper schooling.

  • Julie


    That is the way it should be. I hope what you say is true.

  • sonia

    He’s dating Jen Aniston

  • sonia

    He’s dating Jen Aniston

  • mamma mia

    Actually, it has never been substantiated that Ariel has/had a girlfriend either. The fangirls saw Olga Fonda pictured with Ariel once and ASSUMED it was his woman…just like they did with Bianca. Gerry has NEVER admitted that Bianca (or any other woman for that matter) was his signficant other. It is all indeed PR.

  • mamma mia

    I gotta a better idea…………prove that he’s straight. That should be easy. Ten bucks says that you can’t come up with one name let alone two. BTW, fangirl assumptions/backstories/fanfic don’t count. Don’t think too hard cause it may just ruin your day. Truth hurts.

  • age in the blonde pics


    Bonnie – Suddenly Last Summer was in 1999. Therefore, he was 30 in those pics with the blonde hair, not 26.

  • s.d.

    When ever I hear the term “butterface” bandied about, I always think of Gerard Butler. He has a good body and stature, but has a face that could stop a bus! His countenance is bulbous, and his cheekbones look like he is storing nuts for the winter. His face reminds of a bloated gerbil, in that it’s so spherical.

    If you were to take, let’s say, Robert Downey Jr.’s face, or Johnny Depp’s, and put it on Gerard’s body, you’d have the perfect male specimen IMO.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder..I’ve seen Gerry’s face up close..I’d say he looks fine..Some of you should look into a mirror and see what features you have…that could potentially stop a bus

  • anon


    I don’t think his face is that bad, but I do think that he looks much older than 39. He needs to stay out of the sun.

  • what is up with…..

    Why does JJ have so much coverage of this guy doing nothing but cruising bars and hanging out at razzi hot spots?
    Is there some sort of arrangement with Butler’s PR team?
    And does he ever do anything interesting or is it just posing in public?

  • gong

    did anyone notice that he looks completely different from the pics taken of him on sat ourside that bar. (the ones on the entry right before this)? how is it possible to age rapidly in 3 days!!! ??? it is amazing to me how different he looks in those pics in comparison to these! i mean the man looks great nonetheless! and yes even i think his fly looks half open!!! LOL

  • pafan

    #47: Most pictures on JJ are of celebs just hanging out somewhere, leaving a store etc. Where would you suggest they be photographed by razzis? Performing brain surgery?

  • true dat


    you said a mouthful, zzzzz! I wonder how many perfect specimens we have here in this thread that own the bragging rights to critique Gerry so harshly, hmmmm? as for me, he looks just fine.