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'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Premiere Sets Record Ratings

'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Premiere Sets Record Ratings

Not surprisingly, the fifth season premiere of Jon & Kate Plus 8 reached a record 9.8 million viewers on Monday.

The premiere episode, “Cake Boss”, garnered TWICE as many viewers as the show’s previous series high, according to THR.

Looks like the plea made by Kate Gosselin‘s sister-in-law Jodi‘s sister Julie, urging viewers not to watch didn’t work!

Julie wrote, “Please don’t watch on Monday. You’re not going to learn anything new by watching. They will only show what they think people want to see and it isn’t real anyway. They will probably drag this out (J&K’s ‘relationship’) for the entire season. They just string the viewers along hoping that they will come back for more.”

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148 Responses to “'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Premiere Sets Record Ratings”

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  1. 26
    dingus Says:

    Do you know why Jodi is no longer on the show?

    The real reason comes down to the fact that TLC wanted to involve Jodi a little more, they wanted to compensate her for her time and bring her into the show as a family member to dispell the idea that kate has shut out all family from their lives and has been using access to the kids as a weapon against her parents and brothers and sisters – when Kate found out that the TLC producers offered to compensate Jodi – she threw a fit and told them that the only people on the show that will be paid are John and herself! – she immediately forbade Jodi from having any contact with the children! That is why Jodi is no longer on the show – the show is really “Kate and Kate plus Kate” now – the children are just “inventory”, as well as Jon is now just “inventory” – The show is just one big scripted lie that is always in search of a new angle for ratings – think about the “puppies”, or “going green” or the “new house” or the “renewed vows” – everything is being done for ratings and income – and to build Kate as a brand – greed – plain and simple! – an interesting back story to all of this is how Kate became estranged from her parents – her Father is a minister with a small congregation – when the congregation found out about kate’s pregnancy with the 6 babies, they pulled together and arranged for donations to help out Jon and Kate – Kate rejected much of the donations, with comments like “the cribs don’t match and I would never dress her children in those clothes” and told her father she would only accept cash!!! – that really embarrassed her father and insulted his congregation – When her wishes were not met, she eliminated her parents from her life and denies them access to the children – tjis is the type of person she is!

    @christain Bale:

  2. 27
    jdub Says:

    @!!!: yea but jodi’s sister’s name is Julie. and she’s the one telling people not to watch.

    i love jon & kate + 8. This whole situation sucks and i feel bad for both of them and the kids. Even tho Kate is a b****, its not like she doesnt know it. She admitted to being one and that she’s been very hard on Jon the last 5 years. I have sympathy for her tho, bc having to handle 8 kids is alot. Some mothers cant even handle 1 child, so i know Kate is struggling right now. Last night, she showed that she loves her kids and will do anything for them by throwing that party for them, even tho she didnt have jon helping her. And i understand that Jon’s going thru alot right now. I just hope they can work something out. Oh, and i wish they’d stop treating this family like celebrities and having the paps follow them around. its ridiculous!

  3. 28
    carley Says:

    i absolutely love this show first off.
    yes, kate can go a bit over the top sometimes but people and magazines are making her out to be some selfish person, i’m sure she really does love her children.
    i feel horrible for jon and what he has to go through.

    last night’s show made it clear that he really loves his kids and that he’s concerned foremost about them in all of this.

    another thing that’s been bothering me is the fact that all their “family” have been coming out and saying such horrible things.
    like HELLO you’re their family, support them!

    i truly believe that kate is a great mom and that this situation has just brought them more into the spotlight and given a reason for other people to begin spreading rude and hurtful rumours about the family.

    i wish them all the best and hope they figure everything out soon, out of the camera’s eye.

  4. 29
    pr person Says:

    A reality show that isn’t real? DUH!

    What is “sad” is that Julie, Kates brothers wife’s(Jodie) sister feels the need to comment. This woman supposedly has made it a “personal decision to give the kids privacy and respect that they deserve…” ???? Maybe she can explain how it is respectful to those children to completely bash on their mother in a VERY public way?! Why the need to even open her big mouth when the Gosslins show doesn’t even effect HER? She isn’t even related to them! Jealous much?? With ‘family’ like this… who needs enemies??!! Disgusting!

  5. 30
    Donna Says:

    If my memory serves me right, Jon said at the end of last season that he didn’t know if he wanted to do this anymore and Kate basically disagreed. She wanted to. Doesn’t matter what anyone else wants as longs as she gets what she wants. ( I-I-I-I- ME- ME- ME is all she says) She is mean and abusive and finds every reason in the world to justify her actions while tearing down everyone else. She has emasculated Jon so many times that he probably doesn’t even try to give his two cents for fear of her drama and hatefulness. The sad part is, their kids are seeing this. Their daughters are learning already to treat their future husbands like crap and their sons are learning to “shut up and take it”. Kate has belittled her husband in front of the kids and to the kids and they are the ones, in the long run, who are going to be the “losers” in the situation. TLC has created a monster!

  6. 31
    LolaSvelt Says:

    Well we already know that today’s society is facing a downturn, but the fact that people actually watch this trash shows that you are giving these low lives the satisfaction they thrive for.

  7. 32
    #18 Says:

    Is Aunt Jodi and/or her fugly sister Julie.
    Eff both of you!
    Thanks for promoting my show!!!
    Ratings are thru the roof!!
    Thanks for talking sh^it bi%tches!!!!

  8. 33
    mertz Says:

    lol. i didn’t watch it. i don’t think i’m missed as a non-viewer. good on tlc.

  9. 34
    Emma_nems Says:

    @Georgia: Yes, the story is referring to the comment that Julie, JODI’S SISTER, made…

  10. 35
    Richard Garner Says:

    Although the prayer schedule featured on the link below has the Gosselin’s with 24/7 prayer coverage, there’s always more room to remember this family in the coming days as the media and others continue their campaign of gossip and hate.

  11. 36
    TVsnark Says:

    I cannot watch children being damaged. Poor kids. Poor Jon and Rich Kate. She obviously will not try to work on her marriage. I think she hates Jon.

  12. 37
    TVsnark Says:

    I cannot watch children being damaged. Poor kids. Poor Jon and Rich Kate. She obviously will not try to work on her marriage. I think she hates Jon.

  13. 38
    Lillianne Says:

    Can’t stand her. Won’t watch the show unless its children only.

  14. 39
    MULLINS Says:

    Radar on line says the show had the highest rating ever.

  15. 40
    TVsnark Says:

    Those of you trashing Jodi and Julie need to read the Truth.
    It might hurt to know you were duped but you were. THIS IS NOT REALITY! These people are scam artists and they are being exposed.

    Don’t blame the messenger, just listen to the message.

  16. 41
    15 minutes are up Says:

    Just because it had good rating doesn’t mean “people love the show” or that “people love Jon and Kate”. Rating mean people watched the show.

    Telling you “train wreck” ………………………………people watch.

  17. 42
    TVsnark Says:

    If Jodi and kevin are lying why are they being sued??

  18. 43
    Mean mommy Says:

    What mom would make their five year old children work to pay for their own college? She the biggest hag and these children are being exploited to pay the mortgage on the million dollar home. Kate! Wake up out of your fake tan and fingernails dream world and start being a mommy again.

  19. 44
    Emma_nems Says:

    Kate could NOT have been any more honest…

    Shout-out to Jon & all others who hate Kate: When one is in a family –no matter how big– one has to fight for the kids in the family AND not say things like, “I quit my job 2 years ago for her;” everything I’ve done, I’ve done for the kids AND here’s how what Kate’s been doing has ruined me, “there are even some people who think I don’t breathe right…” I’ve done some THINGS and blah blah blah…

    AND let me, Jon, also complain about how my wife’s finally trying to take my family to the next level while I go around jeopardizing that by even hinting (or giving the “p-people” reason to believe) that I am in fact cheating on my wife…

    Could you all not see just how RESENTFUL Jon was at Kate’s apparent success?! And pretty much at everything the mother of his 8 children is?

    “I had to drive back because Kate forgot this and Kate forgot that”– Come on! OK, as the “loyal” husband that you are, don’t complain about you wife’s behavior on national TV and much less blame her for how your life’s turned out!

    AND don’t make her sound like the bad one in the marriage– @ least she went ahead and put on the pants in the relationship you seemed to have taken off a long time ago!

    All mothers out there: YOU would try to advance your career and family– why can’t Kate show you how it’s done? If a husband can’t tolerate that, the hell w/him!

  20. 45
    kath Says:

    well, then, don’t you think that the affair thing was a publicity stunt? it sure has worked hasn’t it?

  21. 46
    Halli Says:

    Jodie, her sister Julie and her husband Kevin are all bitter trailer trash who are just angry they’re not on the show anymore. Exposing lies or extremly personal stories about these parents is NOT helpful to the children. Its sick and transparent that they just want to trash Jon and Kate. At least Jon and Kate are the parents and choose what they feel is best for their family, but the hubris that Kevin, Jodie and Julie wrap themeselves in is sickening. How can they pretend they only care about the kids when its is they who are spreading a lot of these rumors for $$$ from STAR magazine and RADAR online.

  22. 47
    MULLINS Says:

    Jon and Kate and,TLC- Are smiling all the way to the bank-$$$$$ ching-ching -They went fishing and the people took the bait- line and sinker- Sooo funny- :} Stay tunned people they will have more bait for you all that is Drama- They know people love Drama-

  23. 48
    MULLINS Says:

    The reality about the show Jon and Kate plus 8 is they want you to keep watching.

  24. 49
    slugo Says:

    There’s no underestimating the stupidity of middle America and unfortunately the acceptance of this crap will only bring more like it arrrrrghaa

  25. 50
    blove Says:

    ive watched this show for the past seasons and tuned into last nights show only to be really saddened by what has happened to this family. kate has changed so much, she is so fake, and you can tell shes all about the celebrity. its quite annoying, as for jon, you can tell he just hates everything. he even said “i dont like this life” yet kate must have said 5 times after that “i love it, i love it, i love it” yea we get it b****!! jon seemed to just want his kids to have fun, they should fix the family before it gets worse. i feel for the kids and i hope they work things out

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