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'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Premiere Sets Record Ratings

'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Premiere Sets Record Ratings

Not surprisingly, the fifth season premiere of Jon & Kate Plus 8 reached a record 9.8 million viewers on Monday.

The premiere episode, “Cake Boss”, garnered TWICE as many viewers as the show’s previous series high, according to THR.

Looks like the plea made by Kate Gosselin‘s sister-in-law Jodi‘s sister Julie, urging viewers not to watch didn’t work!

Julie wrote, “Please don’t watch on Monday. You’re not going to learn anything new by watching. They will only show what they think people want to see and it isn’t real anyway. They will probably drag this out (J&K’s ‘relationship’) for the entire season. They just string the viewers along hoping that they will come back for more.”

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  • JFS in IL

    I think Jodi and Kevin are brave and have the best interests of the Gosselin kids at heart.

    Jon may say that some folks will say anything for $20,000. How much are YOU getting per episode to sell out your kids, Jon?

  • *******

    I wasn’t going to watch this show, but with all the hype I had to see what would be said. Jon looked horrible. He looked like he had been crying for days and just before the 9pm airing was the show airing the 4th season. Kate said she loved being on tv, the book tours, traveling the whole package. Jon said he hated it and he admitted he never wanted any of it to begin with. He said he loved his family and the decision was made. If Kate loves her husband and kids, she seriously needs to end her contract and work on her relationship with Jon. But for the most part.. I FELT SAD FOR THIS FAMILY AND NO MATTER WHOS FAULT IT IS.. I FIGURE THEY NEED LOTS OF PRAYERS. And that is what I’m going to do…. pray for them!

  • baby jesus

    - success is a double-edged sword. Now the price goes up for a story or a pic about these two and people in the know come out of the woodwork.

  • Dave

    “Kate Gosselin’s sister-in-law Jodi’s sister Julie”

    How much further removed from the Kate can you be?…lets throw in what Kate’s former roommate’s cousin’s brother’s neighbor’s wife has to say about this show.

  • Meg

    @a total fan:

    100% agree with you.

  • Valeria

    I am only 12 and i agree with this this show should just be the “kate show” becouse from what i saw……….she barely pays attention to the children and she always screams at them all she wasnts is money and for her friking house to be perfect. atleast jon is not that bad.

  • Halli

    I think the major problem between Jon and Kate is this:

    Kate see’s this as her career. Something she is obviously very good at doing. She’s a good writer and a good speaker. Jon is resentful of Kate’s abilities and success and hates that he’s so mediocre that he couldn’t even finish University. So he hates the show becuase its made Kate much more of the breadwinner and the “pants” of the family.

    Jon feels disconnected with Kate and she see’s this as him being jealous and insecure. This infuriates her and she feels like Jon is acting like a baby (which he is).

    So Kate’s angry about this, which makes Jon even more resentful of Kate so he’s been trying to relive his stolen youth (remember he married at only 22 years old and had twins at 24 and sextuplets at 27) and he’s acting a fool.

    So now both parties hate each other.

  • pr person

    I’m going to scream if I read another “poor, poor Jon” post. Blah! Why should Kate be villainized for being a strong, intelligent, opinionated woman, who works to support her family? Jon is a big boy who has also enjoyed whatever ‘wealth’ this show has brought in. If the ‘man’ didn’t want to stay home and take care of his children, then why did he? The ‘man’ didn’t seem to mind the cameras or the attention, until it came out that he was trying to hit on and kiss college girls (then he wasn’t so sure he wanted to continue) and was caught out late at night with someone other than his wife. Now he “hates it”. Sure he does.

  • Julie

    Poor Jon, ditch the witch.

  • Keeks

    It’s Aunt Jodi’s SISTER who said those things, not Aunt Jodi herself. Everyone is misreading it.

  • Baby Huey

    How anyone can stand this show with all those whiney brats and the flakey parents is beyond me. Oi Vey


    This show has become more like a soap opera-

  • Jennah

    I felt sad when Alexis was talking to her Daddy, and held his face, kissing him. She then said “I don’t want you to leave again, Daddy.”
    So this IS affecting the kids. Even Cara, the sassy twin, was calm last night. It’s as if by acting nicer, maybe Daddy will stay ? I also noticed Kate STILL bossed Jon around ! And Jon looked VERY depressed last night. I feel bad for HIM. After being scolded, slapped in the face, made fun of, humiliated, etc. for five years (That we actually saw), no wonder he feels the way he does. How can anyone love someone who treats them like dirt.
    So very sad.

  • t

    @donna: please leave them alone they should quit the show for the kids 4 years of this shit.


    The show started out about a family and now it is more about the Mom and Dad and maybe divorce-cheating-Sad!!!

  • tilly

    baby daddys right.


    I feel sorry for the children.

  • Beth

    Jon minus nine. :(

  • t

    I have personally interacted with the Gosselins back in her pregnancy, helping care for her for 3 months. I am also a practicing Christian who values the true meaning of following Christ in a broken, fallen world. What I find really upsetting about this family is that it’s destroying credibility for those of us who are open about our struggles in our journey of life and with Christ at our side. There’s an air of self-righteousness and selfish-ness, and it’s infuriating. And, honestly, I saw the roots of this WAY back in her pregnancy as well, as they didn’t call providers by their names, express thankfulness for care, but rather helped convey a sense of entitlement and rudeness. Why drag God’s Word and being Christians into the show? Stop the labeling, alright… It’s a set-up for increased scrutiny and hypocrisy. At a time when they should be exhibiting HUMILITY as a prime opportunity to be REAL Christians, instead PRIDE and ANGER are prevalent. The flesh of the world and lust of the eyes have taken over their lives. I pray that God will convict them both, and that they will RESPOND IN HUMILITY, putting God and His Kingdom purposes first. They need major marital and individual counseling, as well as treatment for narcisstic and OCD personality disorders. I fear for the children’s future. Do what’s right and discontinue or suspend the show, Jon and Kate, or even TLC. It’s not about the $1 million mansions, first class traveling, and high-quality lifestyles. God wants to meet you in your brokenness, but you have to be willing to obey and follow God’s principles… We reap what we sow…

  • chelsea

    1. why should they plan their lives around the paps!? like they’re trying to be as normal as can be!
    2. Jons the biggest loser every, he’s 30 something… whether or not he cheated on kate is his issue.. BUT HE”S A FATHER! he shouldnt be partying till 2:30 am with anyone! and he can’t just ‘TAKE A BREAK’ from his family for a weekend… like wtf, grow so balls and man up jon!
    3. Kate is handling this all too well, sure she may be a Bee sometimes but if you had 8 kids how would you be!? She pulling together for her kids and you really saw that in this episode.. I used to not like kate so much, but after this i have soo so much respect for kate.

  • Fran

    9.8 million? ….pathetic…..only uneducated white trash would watch this crap………. thanx American Education System for turning out so many mental cripples

  • Kate Gosselin

    Hey everybody,
    Thanks for watching my show.
    Here’s all the celebrities that want my hairdo.
    They all wanna be me!!!

  • Kate Gosselin

    I look better than all those bi^tches!!!

  • betsy

    Yes, post #71, U R right, regardless he is a father and shouldn’t be out partying until 2:30 am.

    If he wants to have a guys night out, then hook up with some other married fathers, dads, etc. and plan poker night. Go to a sports club and grab a beer. He doesn’t have to hang with 20 yr olds and posse for pics. Jon needs “buddies” not star/fame seekers.

    Still don’t know why they have to air all of their mess for TLC. Have a talk off camera and figure out what is what, not in front of the camera.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i saw the show and honestly they have grown really far apart from each other
    the 1st time u see them together it’s really awkward
    i will not b surprised a bit if they get divorced
    i found it kinda sad when she said they 2 older girls were stepping up…..they should be kids, not b worrying about helping u out with the kids

  • imprisoned jon

    the reason Jon looks so depressed is that his fresh young poon has been cut off—— I say sneak out and get some tonight Jon


    this message board is probably gonna run dry soon…I just wanted to point out a few things…
    1. Kate has thrown her husband under the bus a million plus times, and keeps playing the victim..
    2. All she keeps telling everyone is how he’s changed, he’s not the same person, she’d tried and tried to change him but he wont budge..
    ….Uh, bi tch…guess who’s changed…YOU! Kate is not the same woman HE married! She’s now got into the fame and fortune, the glam and glamourous, and the entaurage of oodles and oodles of camera men, staff, crew and security gaurd!
    3. Jon has remained the same…he just wants to be the dad, the husband bringing home the income, and the man who has privacy.

    4. Even though this is a ratings bonanza…there are countless news media circuits who are giving thier opinion on her…and none of them are shedding her in a good light.

  • Rhonda

    TLC–how about this for a plot line—Jon and the kids go out for the day, Kate and her boyfriend , the bodyguard, get it on and she belittles him the way she does Jon and the bodygurard knocks her on her ass! I think that would be a REAL ratings boost.

  • kiddo

    chelsea-I agree.

    Yeah he was a hot young punk at 22. He played sports, snowboarded prob “had fun” and now is trying to go back again. Cant go back when you have 8 kids. Stay at home Jon. It wasnt your birthday, you didnt get a promotion and it was mid week right?

    He is a “computer guy”, yeah good one. we called them “stockbrokers” in my day. He is an office clerk and now out of his game (computers) by two years.

    At least she is honest-I love it. At least she didnt minimalize it. He has trouble with the job duties? How much you gotta make sitting on your @ss to be that lazy?

    I have twins, trust me, trust me, trust me-I could give her shouting lessons. My Rap Nickname is “ol’ yella.” However I dont degrade.

    You only can dish out what one will take. So if he is an underachiving whimp who doesnt mind the perks but doesnt again want to work, then politely steps out whilst she is whoring herself for him as well, well geez. After watching the last few episodes, clearly she is leaving him behind. It happens.

    Personally, i think they hit a bump, Jodi did her blah blah blah (unless in on it hmmm???) and Tlc and Kate jumped right on the free publicity.

    They should have plastered the faces of the paps on TV! Maybe they have cheating spouses, afterall they live the life too.

    Boy I am in a mood. lol

  • Bernie madoff

    Holy batpoop, she stuffed her bra with all the money she stole from the Christians.

  • The pope

    Man, what a bitch. I’m glad I never got married.

  • kiddo

    She is a media lover. She went from one energetic prof (nursing) to another.

    For 3.5 million dollars-Shut up Jon and wipe the kids @ss.

    I work minimal like u mutts 40 plus hours a week. I get up, I get dressed, my children get up, Its a process.

    My job used to offer “work at home”, until, you will love this -A person put in a workmans comp claim when they tripped at home and Buh-Bye went ther at home.

    I didnt have kids then!! I could kill the person now.

    If mummy is willing to whore it out without putting it out, shut up Jon and wipe the kids @ss.

    8 day care bills, 8 lunches, 8 anything! Jon and Kate would be on welfare without TLC, so as a taxpayer, shut up Jon and wipe the kids @ss.

    its ok for him to be all pissy about her sucess, and again we ahve covered the media w-h-o-r-e angle, but i dont think his lazy butt wants to get off the couch and work.

    Mullins- new one

    You think with all the running from the Paps, they would be thinner.

    Bet you paris Hilton peeved that Kates Been in the

    Jon & Kate just Ate ????wtF BOTH GOT FAT.

  • kiddo

    Laker fan in Boston-

    You are a pilgrim in an unholy Land my friend.

    Good luck with that. Boston not big on the non-bostoners.

    Notre Dame girl here!

    Love the name. Its apt, its apt (lisa simpson)

  • blah

    i cant stand these two.

  • boytoy

    chiñata LMAO :D

  • jaye

    I want the season openers although I’m not a regular viewer. I think the kids are adorable, but Kate gets on my nerves too much to watch it on a regular basis. The saddest thing was when one of the little girls told Jon she didn’t want him to go away again. Of course he lied to her and said he had to work. It’s obviously that some sort of separation is going on. Neither Jon or Kate said anything about they were going to work on their marriage. I think what is going on has been going on for a long time and they KNOW whether or not they are staying together, but aren’t directly saying. Some reports says she and Jon have already separated.

    Jon said they are going in different directions. I don’t think either of them are concerned about the marriage staying together, only the kids. But I’m sure they’re keep up the pretense of working on the marriage at least until the end of this season. They have a contractual obligation to the show for this season.

    They don’t need to stay together because of the kinds; kids aren’t dumb, they know when something is wrong. If they both continue to be in the kids lives on a daily basis then any unneeded trauma can be avoided.

  • just me

    I watched the show and still love it. They are the sweetest, most lovable and loving children ever! I take a lot of the gossip with a grain of salt. Jon was right. People will say or make up anything for $20,000.00. I really hope they can work things out. Love them.

  • Donzey 560

    Have any of you ever been around 6-8 children (3/4 of them under the age of 5) for longer than 5 minutes? I ran a preschool one year for 12 – 3 year olds with 2-4 high school student teachers to help, and after 3 1/2 hours I was exhausted! How do think it is for someone who has these children 24/7, help or no help?

    1. You have to be organized.
    2. You have to set boundaries for children.
    3. You have to find time to give them attention and meet their individual personalities.
    (that’s only 3 of a gazillion)

    I see Kate doing all those things. When I first started watching the show John used to make me so mad, Kate would have things in order, ask John to help, then he would somehow undermind her which would set her off–understandable. Don’t “help” if you don’t follow through what is asked of you. There is a reason why you put special shoes, jackets, etc. on children, not because she wanted to be a fish wife. No wonder why she would come off as the “bitch”, he is lazy and frustrating. Don’t forget, editing makes good tv.

    So what if they have things paid for? It’s the price and the perks for signing up to be in everyone’s livingroom. You don’t have people invade your life without making a deal for yourself. That’s business. If they have invested their money wisely, the kids will be lucky enough to have college paid for in 13 years. The paps–including this website, are paying for info and photos to line their own wallets, isn’t that also trying to “mooch” off of the kids too? AND YOU DON’T HAVE A CONTRACT WITH TLC.

    I’m so sick of the “Poor John”line — he’s a selfish looser. Did you notice in yesterday’s show he pulled up in a flashy white sports car and Kate had the van? Grow up John, be a man and not just a “baby daddy.” Kate is clearly overwhelmed and dissapointed that their marriage is very difficult and I believe John said something like, “I take them to school every day.” BFD!!! Does he dress them, bathe them, comb their hair, feed them, take them to the doctor, etc. He clearly is a selfish jerk.

    Women always have do everything then get the blame.

  • aryn

    Im not sure jon has enough job skills to provide for the 8, plus college so i think they got the hook up with the show. just seems like her family needs to get over the anger. Thats how some jealos people r
    I hate people who r so negative that like to bring people down

  • aryn

    maybe jodi and julie should go repent….
    or go to hell.

  • mike

    i think the 2 sisters need to repent or shut the effff up

  • Carol Daus

    Hi Kate & Jon, I am a total fan of the show. I have been home for the past year stuck in a wheel chair. My kids are now 24, 19, and 18. My youngest will leave for college this fall. The time goes to FAST!!

    I want to thank you form the bottom of my heart for all the happy tear’s the eight of you have brought to my eye’s. This past year, my tear’s have been, because I am sad over my accident. I miss my family being around me. It’s been hard, and your show has been great to watch. I have been routing for you 8 since the start.

    I want to give you a word of advice. You two just renewed your vow’s! You both love each each other very much. Kate gave up nursing, so she shouldn’t pass up this writting deal. Jon is a man, and no man want’s to be home, because he has to be. They rather work!! Kate, please don’t be so vocal on everything Jon does, and believe him first, until you can be 100% sure. Don’t ever wear your heart on your sleeve. It’s what everyone want’s, so they can roll with it. Kate, if you all ready know the answer about Jon’s supposed affair and we don’t, then get private counciling, and if it all possible keep that private to. Even if you can prove all these rummors are false, don’t bother putting it out there. They will be forsed to come up with an other story to hert you again. I hope you make it work!

    Jon it’s hard on you now, but step-up keep your head up. Stay closer to your family. Don’t look like life sucks on tv. Don’t ever show there getting to you. It make good new’s, so screw them!!! PS: Give your wife your full attendtion, and stand by her. Like you said your kids will one day google you, so give them only good things on your side to look at. Both of you need to do this.

    I think it’s so awesome how many people have given your family such great trip’s, but stay together! Tell your job’s it will be a trip without the camera’s. Most parent’s don’t get to fly to diffrent place’s to ski, spa, ect. I think all this trips seperatly opened a can a worm’s for the camera’s. You guy’s have done it right for 10yr’s, so you know what work’s, so concentrate on that.

    One last thing! Tell your family to stop talking to the media, and get a lawyer , if you need to. That is awful! If, this will ease your heart, remember karma is a B—-!

    You only have to work on the show a few day’s a week, the rest of the week try to focus on the 8 of you.

    I would love to meet you all one day. I live in PA, only 1 1/2hr’s from you. Best Wishes to all of you. Hang in there. I am in your corner!

    Best Wishe’s

  • kiddo

    So what ever happened to sticking it out? Guess that doesnt happen anymore huh. Just the richer, not the poorer (we know that will be Jon).

    Poor Bradd Pitt. lol If Jon bolts he has no chance of fleeing the “whatever you call the adoptee’s” mom. Guy Ritchie Jumped at a good time. lol

    I dont feel bad for them. Maybe when AAden is found cracking it up, yeah maybe but probably not.

    I know Kids, exploited. But in todays age, phones with camera’s, everywhere a camera, we are all expoited and over exposed. We just dont get paid for it.

    What Kate needs is Madonna, or Angelina do a crazy adoption. (Wonder if Angelina is jealous of Kates mighty womb?).

    I like the show for what it is entertainment. I get good tips once in a while. A little less now.

    So where does Jon think the money tree is planted? DId Utah send a branch for him and Cara. I think they gave him that trip to shut him up. lol

    He does work from home, like my sister, and a few other lucky people.

    I liked how Kate dimes his butt out-He has help. He doesnt do this alone. (neither did you but you know the sound of a good gravy train).

    Face it folks. The show stops, we pay for Jon n Kate or at least the kids. They need to work. This show is going to go on for a while.

    Aunt Jodi is being sued? By who? TLC? I hope they bleed them dry. Never air your family laundry. I cant stand people like Jodi and the “sister”. I say plaster her face and her trailer on the web. See how “privacy” feels.

    I am in a mood. I dont mean to offend. except Jodi

  • lilly

    OMG Carol Daus..why don’t you go move next door and wipe Kate’s Asss when she goes peee. R u for real…??
    If this show makes such an impact on you, you might want to look into applying for the sound crew for TLC.
    And do you really think jon and kate read this…I mean, you addressed it to both of them..
    I’m worried for you if you really think your love letter will be seen…

  • kiddo

    Donzey 500-

    fish wife. i love it. we use that too.

  • powers

    omg!!! wow that was really nice ya know they are having a hard time trying to go through it for the kids and she is just like hwo the f*** cares dont watch !!!!!! whoa that is effed up!!!

  • woof

    Well of course TLC pays for things. The show is a job for Kate and John and these are some of the benefits. Who cares?

    The relatives seem jealous and for those who don’t like the show, don’t watch.

    I’ll admit I had never watched and didn’t know who they were until I saw the mom on the People cover. Well, then I had to see what was going on and I watched almost every episode over Memorial weekend.

    I loved the kids. They are so cute; as far as exploitation, parents do it all the time when they allow their little ones to act, model, perform in pageants, etc. Doesn’t make it right but it is the parents’ decision.

  • million2one


    That’s heavy duty. Do you know for a fact she has all these hands to help? It’s easy to say all these things when it’s not your family there talking about. It’s ok for music, movie, athlete, children to live offer, but their the worst. Do you know what Karma means?

  • million2one


    I am with you. They had mentioned a year or so back that they weren’t very close to there families. Aunt Jodie is not a nice lady. How dare she cause trouble for her niece’s & newphew’s. She probly got paid big bucks to lie.

  • million2one

    @Kate Gosselin:

    I hope this isn’t really you Kate. Don’t lower yourself to her level.