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'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Premiere Sets Record Ratings

'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Premiere Sets Record Ratings

Not surprisingly, the fifth season premiere of Jon & Kate Plus 8 reached a record 9.8 million viewers on Monday.

The premiere episode, “Cake Boss”, garnered TWICE as many viewers as the show’s previous series high, according to THR.

Looks like the plea made by Kate Gosselin‘s sister-in-law Jodi‘s sister Julie, urging viewers not to watch didn’t work!

Julie wrote, “Please don’t watch on Monday. You’re not going to learn anything new by watching. They will only show what they think people want to see and it isn’t real anyway. They will probably drag this out (J&K’s ‘relationship’) for the entire season. They just string the viewers along hoping that they will come back for more.”

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  • Susan

    You know I don’t see people going after the Duggars who are absolutely wierd. I don’t see anyone going after the Table for 12 people. I think some people on the internet have an agenda.
    Jodi sure didn’t mind the show when she was on it. I think she wanted that paid gig.


  • Halli


    You’re right of course.

    The reason its Kate the go after instead of the little-people folk, or the slightly creepy Duggars or that Tabel for 12 yawnfest is because:

    a) Jon & Kate + Eight is the highest rated TV show becuase its entertaining in its own way becuase they are so imperfect. Whereas the Duggars, Table for 12 pretend liek they are always happy.

    b) Kate is the main target also becuase despite her biggest critics say. Yes, she is successful (books, speaking tours), she’s a good looking woman especially after 8 freakin kids and also becuase she is Type A and doesn’t hide it.

    I don’t get why some people say Kate tries to act all perfect. If you watch the show and her commentaries, its clear she’s just being as honest on camera as she is. In fact they all are, which makes them easy targets.

  • ginger

    I watched this show because of the kids! I’m sure this may be their last season… I think it’s time for the kids to move away from the cameras now and start living a normal life without cameras in their face all the time.

    Trust me, you hate house guests who stays too long but to have camera crews around you all the time too? The ugliness will come out sooner or later.

    But there’s a time to just stop and take a break and have everyone move out of the house.


    kiddo- When it showed her with white sunglasses I thought Paris-when she has the black sunglasses I think Octomom

  • Susan

    What about the Duggars and the family Lil People, notbody ever says they are hurting their kids, What is the matter with this family that makes you hate them? Sounds like we have someone with an agenda.


    kiddo- LMAO

  • dr. bernardo

    Operation Wacko:

    Effective immediately all of the over-the-top J&K+8 supporters should be rounded up and put into FEMA internment camps for observation. It would seem that a deadly brain wasting disease has been unleashed on America reducing viewers to imaginary delusional relationships and mental involvement with people they do not know nor will ever know. Isolation is of great importance in case this plague is transmissible. Thank You.


    Donzey 560- Did you not watch the show- Jon always bathed the children-dressed the children-

  • Jan

    I thought Kate’s feelings were real and HONEST. She knows she has been hard on Jon but having 8 children so small she HAD to be organized. Jon did not take charge so Kate HAD to. He would do what she said for 4 years because Jon did not know what to do and Kate tried as someone had to be the adult.The last year Jon has been showing he is tired of it and wants to exit helping raise these 8 children. His new sports car, hanging out with friends in their 20′s at bars at 2am and leaving the bar with one of them a FEMALE is like a young teenager. He has been staying at his Mom’s house when Kate is in town and staying at home when she travels WITH a sitter for the kids. Kate has tried to raise her children in a healthy and clean way. Jodie has always undermined Kate by giving the kids gum,candy,and loads of junk food knowing all along Kate only fed them organic healthy food except on special occasions like birthdays and holidays. I would not want Jodi to babysit my dogs much less my child. She and Kate’s brother have shown their LACK OF character by sitting multiple times for RADAR ONLINE to put Kate down. IF they loved the children like they claim, they would not accept money to talk badly about their mother on tape. Jodi and her husband are white trash. I wish Kate the best as she has an immature husband and 8 children. I know she is hurting but she may realize she was living with 9 children all along.GOOD LUCK KATE, WE WANT TO KEEP SEEING YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN ON TV. YOU ARE DOING JUST FINE. THEY ARE WELL BEHAVED PRECIOUS BLESSINGS.

  • emmy jay

    Why couldn’t they have had the birthday party in their own backyard? With three or four rented tables, chairs, tent and bouncies, they could have avoided the whole papz issue. I truly think that Kate loves the attention.

    Both Jon and Kate are laughing all the way to the bank, along with TLC. As long as we watch this train wreck, they’ll keep bleeding on the screen. So, who are the fools, them or us? Hmmmmmm….

  • jen

    -next time Khate goes on the road to hustle money from clueless church people and silly lonely women, Jon will be right back out ,dipping his egg roll, only this time with the assistance of the production crew. It’s in the new contract. They must keep Jon’s noodle satisfied or he walks.

  • o the humanity

    @dr. bernardo:

    Welcome back, Dr. Bernardo!
    LMAO!!! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • Jess

    You can’t totally blame the show for ruining their marriage. If their love was really true and strong they could make it and none of this would be happening. If they really cared enough about about each other or their family they would stop the show if it was the reason for all of this mess. It is pretty obvious from watching the show as long as I have that John wanted to get married to Kate, at the time, but was forced or rushed into having children. And then having that many…really changed his life. They were both really young when all this happened to them. Kate was in such a hurry to have kids because she thought she could not. And the feelings John has for Kate have been changing for a while. You can’t blame either one of them. Yes, Kate was nagging at times, but she has EIGHT kids and a immature bot of a husband. Someone has to take control. Jon was always walking around like he did not care. Yes, John had an annoying wife at times and he was young and probably never expected his life to end up like it did. But his life did end up like this and he has to deal with it. To just walk away and not even face it head on is weak. He’s not even there. And for him to say he did not cheat on Kate, is a lie. It is pretty obvious he did. He said he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and that people were paid to say things. When he was lounging around at the other womans house he was not just at the wrong place at the wrong time. And the whole story about the car incident is ridiculous. He should have been at home with his EIGHT kids instead of getting drunk at the bar with college girls.Its obvious that something is going on and if both him and Kate would face up to reality and tell the truth and face life and the truth maybe things could change. But they are both acting immature and stubborn about everything. And if Kate is really just in it for the money and the show then I feel sorry for her and the kids. If John is really an a** in real life and doesn’t care and did cheat on Kate I feel sorry for him. Either way, everyone thinks their life is going to be different than it turns out…so what…deal with it and move on

  • nelson muntz

    Do you know how many hours Jon would have to spend in the office to make the coin that they are getting for putting those kids on display. Reminds me of what Apu and Mandula did on The Simpsons with their 8 kids. Haw Haw

  • Jaz

    I have noticed that Kate has gained a little bit(not a lot) of weight since all of these stories have come out. of course, who wouldn’t stress out and start eating more/exercising less when your life comes dramatically crashing down. I’m praying for her to move on after their divorce and for Jon to finally get a divorce from her. In all 5 seasons of the show I have watched, he has always had that “pissed” face stuck on his face. I would like to see them both happy again.

  • kiddo

    Emmy if you didnt know they had a private party on the kids actual birthday. it was reported jon was there. So that is why the lackluster children at second and taped party for them and it was freakin freezing so no water bouncy. No biggie, just didnt know if you knew.

    Face it, it was sponsor driven. Duties as Kate puts it. I mean really folks, say what we want, its easy money (not listing sacrifices). Base salary 3.5 million. Free “green” on a house you know that was re-wired for free, new appliances for free a lot of stuff.

    She is preparing for a life when TLC is no longer taping, but probably still touring and ghost writing her books. (notice Beth got $, but Jodi didnt, wonder what really happend that got Jodi out).

    Think of it. All the money, trips, memories she doesnt have to pay for. Things her children have gotten for free. They didnt look like they were suffering at globetrotter game, nor did Jon.

    Kids spend time under the camera in every home. Novice ones with portable camcorders. My sister send me a 30 sec video clip of my kids while at work. Thankfully she is an at home mom, which allows for sitting. Dont worry no turncoat aunt jodi’s here. lol

    The paps are freaky. Maybe TLC and hollywierd investigate them and harrass them and list a website, another side line. lol Take it Jared Take it.

    So she looks like a media w-h-o-r-e. She is handling it, he needs to deal. He is Mr. Kate. She at the least is prepping a future at TLC’s and vendors expense.

    Bet she is on Oprah within a month.


    Did everyone watch the same show as I did? Everyone is saying Jon is lazy- On the show he did everything people- The other neighbors , friends came in did ironing,folding clothes,even putting the clothes in the drawers for Kate.Jon bathed the children,dressed the children .played with the children.did all the moving,brought Kate her coffee of the morning,fixed coffee in coffee pot for when she got up- Even showed her how to dress herself. Even when they went on ski trip – Kate was sick till Jon got children dressed then she was fine had to go to spa. Come on did you all go fix some popcorn or go to the bathroom when the show was showing all that- I not a fan of neither one but I use to watch the show-But, give credit where credit is due!!! A man will just take soo much abuse like she dished out to him on the couch during interviews and this was while camera was on them – Just imagine when there were no cameras-Jon did not walk out the door – She pushed him out with her mouth- there is a thing called verbal abuse- She did not appreciate him at all-


    All I got from the show was when Kate did not need anyone anymore than she had nothing else to do with them. She manipulates people to get what she wants. That is what I got out of the show.


    Kate always made sure that everyone else did the shitty job while she stood and bossed. That is what I got out of the show.


    You all can say what you want about Jon not being a man- Jon was a gentleman to this women. It takes a gentleman to turn his head and ignore her mouth- Most men would not have been a gentleman to her.


    I think they need to focus on their marriage and family and not the camera.


    They need to focus on their marriage and family instead of the camera.


    They need to focus on their marriage and family instead of the camera.


    Sorry- did not mean to post same comment more than once.

  • Jamie

    I have got two comments.

    1. I love this show.
    2. If you dont like the show.. why are you even wasting time reading, watching and commenting……? DUH.


    Jamie-I never said I never liked the show- I use to like the show- I dont watch the show anymore- I’m reading because I have a right to and commenting because I have a right to- Free country – This is America!!!

  • maxi

    sad….that’s what this makes me. In a scene from the season premiere, one of the girls hugged Jon and said, “I love you Daddy,” and turned around and then said, “I don’t want you to leave again,” and Jon said, “Sometimes Daddy’s have to work…”

    Come on Jon and Kate…don’t you see what your doing to these innocent children who didn’t even know what paparazzi were until KATE pointed them out at Target!!!!

  • kathleen

    Are you lovers of this show even watching it? Not only is Kate mean to Jon but do u not hear her talk to her children? Try listening. The 5th party she was lovin all over them, not the normal Kate. When she found out she was having tups, dollar signs were in her eyes. Her dad is a minister and kate herself said that all the church people donated huge amounts of stuff, but it wasn’t what she wanted and wanted the $ instead so she could pick out everything. The family has been estranged ever since. She has driven out every member of her family and friends because she wants the limelite. I don’t condone cheating and Jon in the car w/his “friend” was not the first mistake, in March he was at a party w/college girls, and other times spotted w/women, he says he needs friends, but I don’t see him w/ any men friends. In the new season you can see that kate wants out and I think Jon too, who knows maybe Kate wants a different man, maybe it’s not just Jon’s mistakes. And as far as letting them have their privacy, when you open your family and home to the public and make millions of dollars what do you think is going to happen when something goes wrong. Yea the paps make money, but so do Jon and Kate off other people which is us the public, watching the show, buying her books, pics of the kids and her, they have tee shirts mugs etc. This is n0 ordi nary family showing the struggles and all that goes w/raising a big family. She wants the kids to experience everything, yea, private ski lessons, theyown a ski home too, Utah trips, Hawaii, Cal. NC, every place possible, and they get to stay in the best of hotels, homes and it is all paid for by the owners because they are the beautiful family w/the beautiful kids, so they advertise for them. Yes everyone would like freebies, but this show is nothing but trips, clothes,toys, a home 1.3 million, housekeepers,nannies,gardener,security guard, pr people, and live like movie stars, and then complain that media writes about their troubles. All she says is how tired she is, how she does so much, how the kids drive her nuts, she has an ego as big as the rooster on her head. It’s all about Kate and her looks, her surgeries, her new boobs, jewerly, her private hairdresser,she thinks she is a queen. She pimps out her children, because they are the workers in this family, which should be against the law for them to work so much. They are going to be so spoiled they are going to think they are stars and need everything given to them. What average family can relate to this? When they went to the new home, two of the kids had a bathroom accident and she called Jon in to deal w/it because she had to spend 4hours cleaning that disgusting refg. She said it hadn’t been cleaned in 10 years, that home doesn’t look that old and everything looks perfect.. She goes all over the country speaking at churches for price,about being a mom, lol. promoting her books, also enjoying spas shopping and relazing, because we all know how hard her life is.’She wants people out of their business but then goes on every talk show she can, begging for pity. She was the one when the tups where born that took pics and vid ios and sent them to tv stations to get a show. And it worked because they looked like such a beautiful family and it was good wholesome tv for the tlc network. This network cares nothing of this family and those kids, they love the ratings and now w/all this going on the ratings are off the charts because people are curious and they love that, more moeny for them too. All in all everyone, the media, the station, and the family are getting rich of this fake family. I’m sure she loves her kids, but she is leading them into a bumpy ride. They have been on long enough and this show needs to stop. This is not family tv now it’s a big joke. She said of the new home, this is my house, all mine, and told the kids to look at her bedroom once and then never come in here again. Perfect mom, not so much. Lay on the laundry room floor when you are sick, don’t ever get dirty, does he have any parenting skills at all? Years ago Jon would get up w/the kids, get breakfast, make Kates coffee let her sleep till 8am then go to work.It was his job to do baths alone and put them to bed. And they say he is not hands on dad. He plays w/the kids while the queen sits on her throne and directs his every move. She wants to be a star, live the life of the rich and famous. She loves the attention,Karma is a strong force and what goes around comes around. Your kids are gonna love this when they get older, all the tapes of their lives. Get some help you don’t need to be rich to have ahappy loving family. Your not doing it just for the kids. Ever heard of working for a living,RN’s get paid 50-70 thousand, and Jon can work too. Just like most of us do. And when these tups were born there was a trust set up for their college, so don’t cry that excuse. Your money will be the root of your evil because of how you recieve it.

  • Ann

    It is such a sad thing when families split. I so enjoy watching the everyday things the kids do, and how Jon & Kate react to what is going on. It makes you wonder if all the media attention is the cause of their family problems, and that because we (america) are watching their every move, its our fault.

  • kathleen

    To the person talking about table for 12, this is a real family and look at how they act with their kids. They don’t act anything like the Gossins, they have patience, show lots of love and also said it was up to the kids and they had been approched many times about a show. They wanted to wait till the kids were older and could decide if they wanted to do it. They also said as soon as the kids don’t want it anymore they will stop.You are comparing apples and oranges here. And as far as the Duggers, I don’t watch it because I don’t like their ways, and they are just trying to populate the world with their own kind of people and are expploting their kids too. They don’t believe in watching tv, but don’t mind the camera in their home and be on tv. They are a cult and I don’t believe that show either.

  • kathleen

    And you should use spell check or get a dictionary.

  • Michelle

    i love them and they are not perfect – people here on this board really know how to cast the first stone – take the plank out of your own eyes first. The important and very SAD thing are the children…they have no clue right now how their parents are not happy together. I hope the family can work it out and they will be blessed and well.

  • melissa asherman

    I love the show… I love Kate and I don’t care who says it but I don’t feel it’s staged. Do I think they get everything for free? The trips… definitely – they promote those places for the trips therefore, they should get it for free – it’s only fair. Maybe she should cut down on the work but I truly believe she loves her kids and everything is for them. If Jon and Kate didn’t get the trips they got… They wouldn’t go anywhere. I mean, they have 8 KIDS. No matter what job Jon got, I doubt they would have enough money for college, clothes, food, trips, etc, and the trips aren’t just vacations – they are so educational. I think the media needs to lay off and Aunt Jodi needs to lay off BIG time. They are doing a good job – everyone goes thru rocky times, and yes they have been a little seperated at the party and events like that on last night’s episode but the fact they were there – TOGETHER – says a lot. Kate nor Jon HAD to be at the Kids party, they could have told a babysitter to do it but they were there. I’m for them. I’m not for all the media and aunt jodi. period. And if anyone is ruining the kids… it’s the media AND aunt jodi. If aunt jodi (and julie for that matter) cares so much about the kids, she wouldn’t bring this all up – and that’s my piece.

  • melissa asherman

    I love the show… I love Kate and I don’t care who says it but I don’t feel it’s staged. Do I think they get everything for free? The trips… definitely – they promote those places for the trips therefore, they should get it for free – it’s only fair. Maybe she should cut down on the work but I truly believe she loves her kids and everything is for them. If Jon and Kate didn’t get the trips they got… They wouldn’t go anywhere. I mean, they have 8 KIDS. No matter what job Jon got, I doubt they would have enough money for college, clothes, food, trips, etc, and the trips aren’t just vacations – they are so educational. I think the media needs to lay off and Aunt Jodi needs to lay off BIG time. They are doing a good job – everyone goes thru rocky times, and yes they have been a little seperated at the party and events like that on last night’s episode but the fact they were there – TOGETHER – says a lot. Kate nor Jon HAD to be at the Kids party, they could have told a babysitter to do it but they were there. I’m for them. I’m not for all the media and aunt jodi. period. And if anyone is ruining the kids… it’s the media AND aunt jodi. If aunt jodi (and julie for that matter) cares so much about the kids, she wouldn’t bring this all up – and that’s my piece.

  • Lisa too

    Gosh… some of you posters really go on and on…..

    Look, both Jon and Kate both have issues that need to be worked on.

    To start off. “We” have no clue what life is really like for them to have 8 children and especially having the 6 being the same age. I’m sure it has to be hard and we shouldn’t fault either Jon or Kate on how to raise their children. I have issues with both Jon and Kate.

    I will start off with Kate since she is probably 75% of the problem. I feel that Jon has probably taken so much bashing that he just can’t take it anymore. When she goes off on him, it is amazing that he takes it from her as much as he has. Jon really does try to be the best father he can be, but you can tell at times that he is learning as he goes as well. Kate I feel has changed more to me over these years though that Jon has. I think she has let her fame get to her a bit too much. I think she loves being in the spotlight where as Jon is just wanting his family and not the limelight of being famous. I think Kate knows that if they want to keep the lifestyle that they now have, they have to continue with the show and all the speaking engagements that go along with having a new book if they want to have it be successful. I don’t hold it against her, but it just seems they both have different idea on how they want to raise and provide for their large family.

    As far as Jon, he is the 25% of the problem. He needs to step up and either provide for the family or stand back and let Kate do what she needs to do if he can’t provide for them. With Jon taking the abusive behavior that Kate belittling him it has to be hard on him and most likely has taken it’s toll and feels enought is enough, but that doesn’t mean he needs to be out at all hours of the night and hanging out with younger girls for whatever reason. It is not appropriate for any married man, and it’s totally disrespectful to Kate and his family which he says means the most to him.

    The premiere show was very uncomfortable to watch. Jon didn’t get much air time since he didn’t seem to be around much, and it was odd that Kate had to prepare their childrens party pretty much alone with the help of the twins. I felt Jon should have been at the park along with Kate preparing for the party. He could have been in charge of the games while Kate prepared the snacks and cake. Even if they weren’t getting along, they should have BOTH prepared for the kids party. Kate did a wonderful job arranging the party and Jon should not have made a fuss about having to get the cakes. He didn’t do anything but show up to the party. He looked like a “guest” than the kids father.

    I didn’t plan on wrting a long posting… lol…but both Jon and Kate need to figure out if they love one another enought to make thing work between them because the kids are smart and know something is very wrong. I almost think they should have stayed in the small house, since things seem worse since they moved into the larger house that they really can’t afford if their income was what it would be if they had regular jobs like the average amercian.

    What do you all think? Do you think that they will get divorced or stay together? I really don’t think that this all fake, because they both love their children way too much to put them through all this if it is just for ratings.

  • emma

    I am just hoping for the best for Cara, Mady, Lex, Han, Aaden, Colli, Leah and Joel. As long as the kids are well taken cared of, loved, are happy and safe and healthy then thats all that matters here.

  • dfgfdg

    “People will say or make up anything for $20,000.00″
    And Jon and Kate will sell their children out for $75,000. Pot, kettle, black


    I think that if anyone is most blame for their problems just on what the camera has showed us- It would have to be Kate is the problem- the way she acts- That is on just what the camera has showed us all- They say they dont sugar coat anything- If so then just imagine when the camera was not around. Sad!!!

  • emma

    I am just hoping for the best for the 8 kids. I really hope they can work things out for the sake of there kids whether that is sorting there marriage out or divorcing. If they divorce i hope it is done calmly and i hope they can remain friends and sort out things for the kids. I see that Mady grew up a lot and not that i hated her before but she does not seem to resent the six younger children now as much as she did in season 4. Mady also seems a lot more helpful now which is nice to see. I teared up last night when Alexis said “I don’t want you to go daddy.” Collin was a cutie in the episode when he told Kate “Thank you for my birthday party mommy.” And Hannah was sweet when she was chasing Collin on the bike and then Hannah goes to Collin “Do you want a snack, It’s a whole apple.” Joel was funny when he was placing his paper plate in the bin and he was about to pout his fork in the bin to and he looked and smiled and then said “No.” and he went to put it by the sink. Also the but with Aaden, Collin and Joel like beating each other up was funny. It was funny how now the 3 boys are together and the 5 girls spend time alone. It was like the girls watching television and talking and the boys like play fighting and calling each other names.

  • Vanity

    publicity stunt..its so obvious
    to get ratings..
    oh well;;kate you media whore you got what you wanted..

  • Raylene

    I am dirt poor and my trailer is being repossessed but I still want to give all my money to the Gosslins. I just luv’em so . I’d give ‘em the teeth out of my mouth if I had any. Blesss them all.

  • Sylvia Coffield


    I did watch off and on and I couldn’t believe how she talked to him and the kids. What I worry about are children. I keep hearing how many people are so worried, but has anyone thought about the sexual preditors that watch them? Showing these children being potty trained is so unneccessary. Every aspect of their little young lives is aired. I think they are being exploited and I pray nothing bad happens to them. I think they should have been seen for the last time,

  • Eiram

    Kathleen, you are so right about Kate. I loved the show at first but Kate just got on my nerves and I stopped watching. I would watch now and again to see what the kids were doing and when Kate got on my nerves, I would change the channel. She is so controlling and a b**ch. I almost died when the twins were playing mommie and daddy to the little ones and Maddie was yelling at them. Kate tells her that mommies don’t yell. What??? That is all she does. Remember Jon roller blading down the street with one of the twins, the shopping fiasco when she was screaming at him, the hay ride – pumpkin yell fest. In the new house, all she did was complain about how dirty it was. Then she got all new appliances. What about when she looked out her kitchen window and waved her hand across saying this is all mine. She certainly has changed – and not for the better.
    I think that Jon did a lot around the house. Kate always had all of the jobs for him to do. He bathed the kids, brushed their teeth and put them to bed. He made the beds because the kids liked how he made their beds. He played with them and took them on hikes and tried to have fund with them. Kate was always too prissy or afraid of everything. One of the twins said that mom likes to sit on her chair in the garage and be the boss. I hate it when she stands with her right hand in her left. It just bugs me.
    I thought the 5th birthday party was sad. At least Kate wasn’t yelling at Jon like she did at the other parties. She was on super nice behavior. She did a lot of laughing – kind of a nervous reaction. I thought she was very phony when she kissed all the kids. She was putting on an act and trying to be something she is not which is nice to everyone. If Jon was doing the decorating, she would have been yelling at him.
    She was complaining about her having to do all the birthday party preparation by herself. Puliise!! She has help. I hated the pity me pitch. And the tears at the end. Oh my!! I don’t buy it.
    She is dressing much nicer. She looks 100% better now than at the beginning of the series. But that hair do must go. But she really does love herself.
    I feel sorry for the kids. I hope they find someone to keep them grounded since all relatives have been alienated from them.

  • laura

    Jon needs to grab a camera, drive to both is sister in law’s house, then his own brother’s house, tell them both to shut their g’damn mouths about his wife and his family, then drive the hell home, tell Kate he loves her and his family and whatever it takes, it’s not ending. Period, then shove the cameras out of the house, slam the door and take control of his family. If the show continues, it needs to be Jon, growing some balls and taking his family in hand like a real man and not sitting on a couch all day like a sack of shit letting his wife do everything, then complaining about everything she’s doing…that’s putting food on HIS table too! Man up, Jon, that’s what America wants. Time to see strong men in charge of their families, loving their wives, respecting their homes and not out driving sports cars with teenagers while playing the victim…he’s only a victim of having no testosterone. No one wants to see this family fall apart, they would tune in to see him taking some control though, and pulling their lives back together. Show America how a real man brings a family back from the brink of catastrophy, because you can tell, Kate needs a strong man, not another child.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    It’s pretty pathetic when even your family turns on you.

  • ivy

    ok everyone. all i am hearing is how bad kate is. she is not bad. she is just taking charge. someone has to when their husband wants to be a little kid. and yes, he does help with the kids alot i give him that and thats great because he is a dad and a guy so he knows how to keep them more entertained than kate could. and he helps by keeping them busy when she is making meals. but kate does do alot of things. she make EVERY meal and makes sure that they are healthy and well balanced. if i had 8 kids i wouldnt care what they had as long as they were fed. and do you see her take her kids to mcdonalds every other day like alot of us do now? nope. she takes care of her kids like a mom should. and jon cery well as a dad. they are having some issues right now and i feel very bad for the kids because they have no idea iits going on. and jon and kate just went and got their vows redone in the fall of 2008 to show the kids how much they love each other.. well its all for the camera people. i think they need to stop the show, and figure out their family because their family really is in stake right now. they have 8 kids and one person can not take care of all 8 because two can barely take care of them all. i am not pointing fingers to any of them. but they do need to figure out whats going to happen to their family before they worry about thier t.v. show.

  • ivy

    laura is right!! jon needs to man up, take control and take care of his family. during show he just goes to work, come home and eat and go to bed. he helps with the kids but he doesnt help kate much. he needs to have the cameras go away, get his family back together and then bring the cameras back so we can all see a big family with love instead of a big family with hate and a couple who dont even sit together. thats what we all want to see. and he needs to tell the family to stay out of his business and quit being jealous of him and his awesome family. dont show the camera fake stuff. show them real stuff, then there would be the whole world watching this!!

  • isidora

    i have one comment,i love love this show very very much muchand im jealost very much on the kate.