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Kris Allen Spills Album Details

Kris Allen Spills Album Details

American Idol champ Kris Allen is seen smiling for photos and signing autographs for fans in New York City on Tuesday morning (May 26).

The 23-year-old recently gave a little insight as to the kind of album he wants to make: “‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ – that’s the kind of stuff I want to do, stuff that has that feel, that kind of moves people. I’m not a man of many words. I’m not very expressive or emotional but it comes out in my music. It’s the way I express how I feel.”

10+ pictures inside of Kris Allen doing the media rounds in NYC…

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Credit: Derek Storm; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • WWW

    cute he is :)

  • jtredway

    What a nice guy.

  • christain Bale

    please watch these videos and make comments and rate

  • mertz

    i hope he gets to do what he wants his way…and they keep the idol machine from corrupting his soul. make beautiful music kris!

  • astrogal

    Such a talented guy!! He really worked hard and deserves the title.

  • Chupa

    not buying it

  • SANS

    Boring dude.

  • Fergie Fan !

    He is so soo soo soo CUTE

  • jesshuiio

    so buying it! Kris! U deserve it!

  • rael

    To me he was in the right place at the right time. He won, because whoever was up against Adam would have won. But he certainly is not an outstanding talent. Nice guy, but ordinary. Would rather Allison or Danny had won, if certain segments of the country were against Adam.

  • christain Bale
  • rpatzfan

    so hot

  • mertz

    yeah w/e. it’s over. understand that all these guys have the ability to move on and have great careers, so adam lambert is not a loser. no one is really a loser with this show. we know how the voting is…if you’ve watched since season 1 you know. this guy kris is a totally normal aka kinda boring guy…like that guy jason castro, and even like kc, the blonde chick with the ugly personality cu, and lots of others who have walked through the idol walls. if anything adam lambert has the potential to be a bigger star than kris. it all depends on what they want to do. is he (kris) gonna go soul, country, pop (david archuleta…what a waste of a voice having him sing all those pop songs), jazz. kris can do w/e he wants…so he better stay true to himself and not let idol get the best of him. he should set his own path and be different, like how he said on larry king live (i can’t believe they got to do two episodes of lk. ughhhhhhh!!!!! why).

    since american idol has become boring…you know what they should do…they should have battles between all the tp 2′s of every single season and make it into like a mini drama. compare record sales, pit fans against fans. i think it would be hilarious/kinda epic…and they shouldn’t just let it be with the ai’s they should take the top 2 of each season of the idol franchise from around the world and have them battle each other out, so we can pick a top idol.

  • rachel

    omg! totally am gonna buy it once it’s released!
    make beautiful music, kris! i’ll support ya !

  • lilly

    im sure his wife is loving the attention he’s getting LOL!

  • PP

    Meh, He’s soo dull.

  • mtlfan

    ..sooo buying it!!!

    and btw, kind of getting tired of the bitterberts!!

  • HH

    I LOVE Kris’ music, his talent and his style and think he will do well. Adam has an unbelievable voice and is fabulous and will be successful too. The only losers are the bitter name calling fans of both of these guys. Kris and Adam love each other and their fans should follow their examples. So much TALENT! I am in awe.

  • suzy q

    Love him! His music moves me!

  • casey

    i love kris. he is very talented. i can’t wait to see and hear more from him

  • celeblover


  • marisa

    i’ll buy adam’s album before his anyday.

  • j

    omg i love kris allen! his album is going to be amazing! best american idol winner ever!

  • k

    kris allen is the best! he is so talented and way better than adam. adam lambert is overrated.

  • KarismaticKris

    Kris deserves every bit of fame he’s getting.

    He’s a real talent and a genuinely nice guy.

  • LALA


  • leonor


  • angie

    yay I am excited for his album!!

  • LOL…


  • MK

    I love Kris. Can’t wait for his CD.

  • MEI


  • Jackie

    He’s so amazing. Wonderful artist, great person. Go Kris!

  • Jen

    adorable! great artists! very talented man!

  • ella

    so true #24!
    adam’s okay…but I THINK adam’s fame has something to do with the judges’ bias. O_o

  • lee

    This guy is so incredibly normal looking with a very average voice. I just don’t get it. Plus the side mouth singing and absolutely no style whatsoever. Tennis shoes and t shirts almost every single performance. What a dork.

  • lee

    adam’s fame has to do with his being an incredible perfomer with a vocal abitlity and range that is lightyears’ more than Kris’. It is no wonder to me at all that Kris was totally surprised to win and one of the first things he said was that Adam deserved it. No kidding. I know it and Kris knows it too. It has to weigh a little on his mind that he wasn’t the best vocalist on the show with mediocre talent. I live in Austin, Tx and can hear talent better than Kris any night of the week. One word describes him-average.

  • Shenna

    I will buy his album 3 copies hahahahahahah

  • Lauren

    im soooooo happy he won
    but adam is a great singer too

  • Jackson

    Kris so deserved to win, he worked hard to earn the title and I believe Kris said Adam deserved it too. Kris knows he deserved to win. You Adam fans are bitter fanatics who will ruin his career with your obsessions. You’re worse than the claymates, actually I think you may be claymates.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    He is going to be a one hit wonder.

  • Anny

    GO KRIS!!! you are the best…

  • k.a

    Goodness! Can’t wait for his release of his album. So gonna buy it :D
    A totally talented guy yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

  • k.a

    Adam’s a performer, no one say he isn’t. He should really go light on his make up though. His make up just freaks me out, bah.
    On the other hand, Kris is natural and that’s what people love about him. With the boy-next-door image, that doesn’t make him bland, normal. He’s one of a kind. Don’t be jealous girls go all crazy for Kris cos if they don’t, they aren’t normal. No offence. But really, he’s like a Mr Perfect.
    Don’t judge Kris’s vocals cos his vocals move people.
    Adam fans, stop complaining and get a life.

  • cal

    Well good for you Marisa! You immature troll….Why are you reading an article about Kris? Oh yeah, I get it… so you can bash Kris and build up Adam. I”m telling you, Adam has some of the nastiest fans out there. Adam is a nice guy and I’m sure he’d be so angry that you are a bitter fan that posts crap about his friend Kris. Grow up and get over it already!