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Megan Fox To Cover Entertainment Weekly

Megan Fox To Cover Entertainment Weekly

Megan Fox turns on the sex appeal as she heats up Los Angeles on Tuesday (May 26) during a photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly.

It’s likely that the 23-year-old actress will take the cover of an upcoming issue of EW to promote the much-anticipated sequel of Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, due for release on June 24.

If you haven’t seen the 2.5-minute clip from Transformers 2 from ShoWest, watch it now!

15+ pictures inside of EW model Megan Fox

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megan fox entertainment weekly cover 01
megan fox entertainment weekly cover 02
megan fox entertainment weekly cover 03
megan fox entertainment weekly cover 04
megan fox entertainment weekly cover 05
megan fox entertainment weekly cover 06
megan fox entertainment weekly cover 07
megan fox entertainment weekly cover 08
megan fox entertainment weekly cover 09
megan fox entertainment weekly cover 10
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megan fox entertainment weekly cover 18

Credit: James Breeden; Photos: INFdaily, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • vivian

    damn she is hot!!!

  • Verónica

    Yay! I lthe pictures with a normal outfit: jeans, t-shirt and boots,

    By the way, she’s all brunette again!!!

  • metin

    she is SMOKIN!!!!!!

  • bones



  • ashi jiji


  • jenny


    shut up, troll.

  • a total fan

    I love these types of movies. I just watch Terminator and it was great. Can’t wait to see this one. Action movies my favorites.

  • asdfghjkl;

    shes so prettyyyy.
    those heels are goregeouss.

  • Desireé

    her thumbs are DISTGUSTING!!!!!!! they look like toes!!!! GROSSS!!!!!!!!!!

  • jade


  • Verónica

    Go away, haters.
    If you don’t like her, not comment!

  • annie

    i agree with bones shes pretty but her mouth is her downfall ,she should model she cannot act.

  • Babydoll♥

    I don’t think she’s pretty at all.
    Pretty is Jessica Alba,Marilyn Monroe,Doutzen Kroes,etc.

    Megan just looks like a pornstar.


    “It’s not true i had nothing on.I had the radio on”

  • mickey

    To Veronica:

    Why shouldn’t you comment if you don’t like her? This is a gossip website not a Megan Fox appreciation board. A better way to handle it is to not let other people’s opinion of a celebrity (who doesn’t know or care that any of us exist) bother you so much.

  • Andrew

    Nice figure. Pity she’s too shallow. I read her recent intervie and I find her rather silly.

  • Andrew

    sorry meant interview

  • Megan Sucks

    Megan Fox is a complete TRAMPPP. I thinks its totally unfair that her pornstar looks and her fake boobs have gotten her to where she is at. She is completely undeserving of any media attention. Because the truth is, Megan can’t act to save her life. She’s a HORRIBLE actress who only got famous due to her very FAKE looks which aren’t even natural. Megan is NOT a natural beauty. The girl has gotten so many plastic surgeries, that I’m sure she’s lost count herself. Plus, its no secret that when she opens up her mouth and talks, she sounds like pure white trailer trash.

  • elizabeth

    megan is gorgeous. she has to be the most beautiful girl in hollywood or possibly the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. her hair and eyes are remarkably stunning. she looks strikingly familiar to jessica lowndes doesn’t she?

  • Shar


  • hey

    i love jealous people. lmao u wish u looked liked her

  • dee

    love this bitch ….wanna lick sweat offa her!!!! and thank god she died her hair back to dark brown i hated those weird bottom tip ..wtvr streaks she did …man they were weird!

    love u meg!

  • SUBsub

    @ #13 (Babydoll), hilarious quote.

  • blah

    shes cute and all, but she has that trampy appeal about her.

  • to haters

    there must b something hot about this chick…. other chicks feel threatened. lol

  • Calyy

    How can someone be jealous of her????
    I mean if she was a natural beauty and wasn’t so fake and spoke like a classy woman instead of a like a five year old, then I’d understand why people would be jealous.
    The truth is that if ordinary people had the money to get plastic surgeries like Megan does, every woman would look just like her…..hotter even. But since not all of us are that fortunate money wise, we can’t get the plastic surgeries to make ourselves look prettier the way Megan has. Any one who believes that Megans lips, boobs, and nose is real, has got to be one BLIND IDIOT.

  • copycat

    It’s sad how hard they are trying to sell her as the “new Angelina Jolie”. I mean, the last Esquire cover she did was an exact rip-off of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Part of it is Megan being a try-hard, the other part is her PR. Fact is, until Megan got the Angelina make-over she was pretty unnoticeable. I’ve seen her on that crap show Hope and Faith and she looks like any over-tanned Malibu bimbo. I mean, Megan’s pretty and all, but she sure as HELL ain’t no Angelina Jolie. She’s just a cheap knock-off.

  • meggyurfaceisoozing

    Bones…. you are correct. Her publicist gives her everything to say, in fact, I think they sit around and think of this bullsh*t stories together. Problem is….. she has no brain, and if you’ve seen her on tv, she has no balls either. She’s only “confident” in print! LMAO!

  • jdub

    omg she’s gorgeous!!

  • sonia

    in the green dress it’s so obvious she a boob job, they even look hard on the top, her boobs must feel like 2 rocks to the touch.

  • ana

    she looks amazing!

  • Jughed

    Hoo boy, she is soooo hot :D

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    @to haters: cause she’s fcuking young and gorgeous! hahaha.. megan makes old, ugly, poor bishes sick.

  • Hannah

    I never really liked her.. She is hot but she comes off as an air head.

  • hey

    who cares if she had a boob job lmao if i could I SO WOULD LMAO

  • vmars111

    If she does grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly, I’m going to send my copy to acting classes.

  • diva

    U kno I dont understand why ppl still call her a slut or badmouth her becasue of the way she looks she’s been with the same guy for ages she’s hardly out clubbing and she isn’t a mediawhore as some proclaim I think she’s gorgeous and she still looks the same as she was young go and see her movie with lindsay lohan who’d have ever guess that Megan would be the one with the career so suck on that haters also luv the shoes!

  • Libbya

    it’s true, i wished i looked like her.
    but then i wish i looked like almost anyone in hollywood

    doesn’t mean she’s all THAT hot though, she does look like a pornstar. Not a natural beauty at all. she has that trashy hot thing going on.

    and yeeahh i dont find her the hottest person on the planet. and she is quite silly.

  • me

    She’s so fake! I’m probably one of the only people who don’t think she’s sexy. She just looks too sun-tanned, has on too much make up, and tries way to hard to live up her “sex symbol” status.

  • Kel

    I don’t think it makes much of a difference if she had her nose snipped, lips plumped, and a boob job. That might make somebody look better, but it can’t make someone drop dead gorgeous. And I think she’s pretty hot! She has a beautiful face, amazing eyes, and the tiniest waist ever. I mean really…how do you get a waist that small? Someone please tell me if they know. Seriously. She’s pretty & sexy, regardless of the extra “help” from plastic surgery.

  • Cari

    I think she’s beautiful any moron could see that but her personality sucks. I mean from what I’ve read about her, things that SHE has actually said are really stupid, immature and just show exactly how smart she is. Looks can only get you so far, even in Hollywood.

  • Liverwurst

    Ugh..her hair is too dark and she has that look about her that she could be really fat by her 30′s. Poor man’s Angelina.

  • Thay


  • shauna

    The less slap Megan wears on her face the better she looks. She seems quite candid in her interviews and doesn’t come across like someone that tolerates BS. I kind of like her for this. The same reason why I like Pamela Anderson.

  • stophating


    “there must be something hot about this chick…other chicks feel threatened”

    so true!!!

    ladies, megan fox is a damn hottie. get over it, hop on the treadmill and put on some makeup…cause hating on her wont make you any more attractive…

    girls should spend less time hating on other girls and working on themselves… then maybe guys will like them more.

  • stophating

    she is hot but she isnt angelina. i think people compare her to angelina because of her attitude and general sultry apperance

    megan is absolutely stunning but i dont see how she really LOOKS like angelina…her nose, lips, eyes, theyre different from angelinas, and megans lips arent as full as angelina’s

    i dont think any woman can beat angelina’s beauty….hers is out of the world. megan is beautiful of course but she doesnt measure up to angelina

  • Megan fan

    Stunning! I’d love to see her, Shia, and Bumblebee on a cover. I can’t wait for this movie, it looks amazing!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She’s not that pretty.

  • Thay