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Scarlett Johansson Breaks Up With Pete Yorn

Scarlett Johansson Breaks Up With Pete Yorn

In 2006, singer/songwriter Pete Yorn contacted Scarlett Johansson with the idea to record a duets album in the spirit of Serge Gainsbourg‘s 1960s recordings with Brigitte Bardot.

“I was having a strange week of insomnia and when I finally passed out, it came to me in a dream,” says Yorn. “I woke up and the whole thing was in my head, fully formed.” Scarlett was intrigued by Yorn‘s out-of-the-blue invitation. “It sounded like an interesting little adventure,” she explains. “The idea of two people vocalizing their relationship through duets.”

The album Break Up was recorded in producer Sunny Levine‘s garage studio and is set for a September 8 release. “I always thought of it as just a small project between friends,” explains Scarlett. “I’ve loved the album ever since I heard it completed. It perfectly captured where I was in my life at the time.”

Preview one of the songs called “Relator” at Thanks, Nylon!

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  • ashi jiji

    WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • remember da truth

    This sounds so cool, so artsy. Very European.

    I don’t expect many Americans will have the sophistication for it.

  • Heloise

    I’m from Europe and I’m telling you… it’s not good.

  • mertz

    okay. people liston to this and tell me what you think. i hear it’s not bad…but i’m actually kind of scared to hear it because i listened to her last record and it scarred me for life…and i don’t want to hate her, but if she keeps releasing bad music i will start to bitch.

    also ahahah at #3′s comment

    american’s aren’t sophisticated enough to know good music. well then. that sounds like something i would say, but i’m not totally ignorant or arrogant, so i’ma stay away from that. like american’s don’t listen to the carla bruni record or listen to edith piaf or patti smith. w/e. artsy is overrated.

  • cm

    she really really needs to stop!

  • MarieMJS

    Geez the hatred against ScarJo is strong… I have a feeling that people hate her so much that they will destroy everything she does without even listening to it.
    I heard the song the other day and I think it’s lovely, very old school, she does have a great sexy voice, and even if her previous album was a bit strange sometimes, and too experimental, I’m very interested in hearing the rest of that new CD.
    But then again I’m “european” so Im supposedly snobish in my music taste right?
    LOL, I think their music is just nice and joyfully 70′s poppish mixed with a more modern sound, I really like that song, can’t wait for the album :)

  • lakers fan in boston

    scarlett, i love u and all
    but bitch, u cant sing at all
    i just heard 1 of ur songs on perez, and omg did it suck
    couldnt stand hearing it
    srry scarlett, but music isnt ur thing

  • Ilovelondon

    Sounds great

  • mickey

    If at first you don’t succeed…

  • Amy

    Way to rip a line from the Beatles.

    “While I’m away I write home every day.”

  • Flanders

    I’ve heard it, and it is awesome. Get your small minded hater minds out of your head, and you ‘ll listen, and you’ll listen over and over. You know why? It’s a solidly great album.

  • Gary Peterson

    You all hate it because you have been TOLD to hate it! I think it’s awesome!!!!

  • http://megsshop Jolie Hot Chin not

    wow! i lov eit. what a great voice and a great sound. i am getting it on itunes. she should do a duet with adam lambert!

  • sweetness

    it’s bad. it’s really bad.

  • tgk

    She may not be the next vocal sensation but Bardot wasn’t exactly a great vocalist either.The Gainsbourg Bardot collaboration didn’t make musical history because of Bardot’s prodigious singing.

    So if their goal is just to emulate the songwriter-pretty doll experience, why not?

  • Gary W. Peterson

    You all love her because you have been told to love to her. I think that sucks!!!

  • Mia

    i heard the song, it’s kind of cute, or at least way better than the epic pretentious fail that was her first album

    she doesn’t bother me as a celeb, but she’s always being shoved down our throats as some kind of uber-talented modern icon and she’s just . . . not. maybe that’s why everyone dislikes her? she tries too hard to be taken seriously, but with all the bratty lindsays and mischas and heidi montags out there taking up space I’ll take ScarJo anyday

  • lyla

    omg, the hatred stinks in here
    i’m sure that if it was another anoknown girl singing, everyone would like the song, or maybe you guys only listen to “real singer” whatever that means
    i dont understand why people think she shouldn’t be singing, who made you people in charge of her life, you don’t have to love it, but at least don’t hate it before you even heard it, i’m sure some people already made up their minds before even listening to the song

  • sunny

    @remember da truth: @remember da truth:

    OK “remember da truth” enough with this Europe is so sophisticated. Europe is the land of the cheesball. Just watch that cheese feast Eurovision.

  • mertz

    lol. i listened to 10 seconds of the song…and it wasn’t bad. i never said scarjo doesn’t have a voice to sing. she can. it’s just that she’s not much of a singer. this one sounds better than the stuff i listened to previously, like there’s vocal variations going on and she’s coming from a certain style. good for her and i love pete yorn either way. it’s not BAD guys. give it a listen. it’s better than the previous stuff. lol. it’s better than florida…

  • fg

    I listened…I liked.
    very cool sounds. Hey…lighten up !!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    This sounds seriously amazing!

  • Suppress your appetite

    ohhh yeah