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Adam Lambert's Got A Pink Elephant

Adam Lambert's Got A Pink Elephant
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  • Kelly

    Nice interview with Adam. No denying that he’s charming and adorable. Man I love that guy! Give us more!

  • serena

    kheigl b!tchy, always complaint about her salary, think about the poverty in the wolrd b!tch!!!!!!! shame on you katherine heigl!!!!!!!!

  • Anne

    Gotta love Adam! What a talented sweetheart!
    I cannot believe the way people are always badgering him about whether or not he is gay. Does it matter? No! It’s all about the music and the heart, people!

  • luz

    Selena… u actually believe what they said about KH?… if u do… im so sorry for you…

  • lakers fan in boston

    ashley u have a pretty nice body, but ur face is just way way 2 average, it’s a damn shame
    ur nose also looks weird
    lol at chris brown, trying 2 act a lil g, i believe u now since u beat some1, i mean u did manage 2 beat a tranny
    i h8 karl, he just looks like a douche lol, he nos his fashion 2, i give him that

  • Jalisa

    I didn’t know what elephant in the room meant, I had to look it up.
    Love the interview though

  • ADAM

    Why are Americans so hung up about sexuality???……Who cares if
    Adam is gay, bi or straight, it’s his business and everybody should
    mind theirs……get over it and grow up!!!

  • Stoobie

    What has happened to America? Adam has said in so revealed in so many ways his sexual orientation. Has everyone’s reading skills gone down the drain? What has happened to reading between the lines and beyond the lines. It seems that most people can just read the lines.

  • MIA

    Oh adam,boy u r so charming,funny and smart.I just love who u are.

  • Persa

    I don’t think this is an issue of “who cares” that Adam is gay. He is gay, he is out, he is proud and he’s made song choices to reflect that fact.
    I’m sure he didn’t want to be the GAY MAN SINGING on Idol all year long but that isn’t about being closeted it’s about focusing on his talent.

    Like Adam, I am not the kind of dyke who wants to blend in. For bad or good yes, I do want folks to know I’m a lady loving lesbo because being out and in folks faces makes the whole sexuality less of an issue. The power of visibility cannot be underestimated because people would rather we never talked about it even in a culture that spends a majority of its time talking about love, romance, dating and sex regarding Straight folks and no one seems to think it’s “personal” or “private” to talk about who some celebrity is dating.

    Adam is as OUT, OUT as anybody writing onmany of thse comments boards (and probably MORE OUT than most). Why does he have to enable stupid Americans who are so AFRAID of THE GAY that we’d rather pretend there is doubt than just accept the obvious FACT that his is gay AND out.

    So many older gay men seem to want him to be gay and be out to please them, to make up for how horribly they’ve been treated in the past or just because they themselves are closeted and need to lash out.

    This wonderfully talented, charming and gracious young man makes out with his boyfriends on camera and completely owns those photos and every sexified photo of him from his Cabaret and Drag performances. OWNS THEM! He is very brave and very humble at the same time and can sang his behind off. That’s what matters.

    His Friendster page (which the AI producers never touched) IS GAY AS THE DAY IS LONG and openly sitting there for the world to see with the writer of MILK as one of his top 8 friends.

    Clearly folks don’t actually know what someone being “closeted” looks like. Anyone who thinks Adam is closeted is crazy, blind or being willfully ignorant.

    The issue isn’t why he doesn’t announce to People magazine that he’s gay (which you would all mock him for anyway) or even why do folks care that he’s gay (because gays are discriminate against and being out is a powerful tool against it) the issue is why folks don’t just accept that he is Gay and Fabulous and focus on his musical abilities.

    Talk about his music (he’s also a song writer) talk about his style, talk about his friendship with Kris Allen, talk about his performances.

  • Angiebaby

    I apologize in advance for this rant. But you get to a point where you just can’t sit back and not say anything. After all these months, why does the media still insist on asking the obvious question when they interview Adam? I go online today and the headlines are….Adam to come out in Rolling Stones magazine next month. Are you kidding me? Is the media that stupid that after all the pictures plastered all over the internet, you still have to ask the question? I commend Adam for not coming right out and giving the media what is so obvious. All they want is for Adam to verbally answer the question himself…but why should he? What he does behind closed doors is no one’s business but his own, however everyone, especially the media has this hard on about “is Adam gay or not”? Again…are you that stupid that you have to ask the question in the first place. If I was Adam…that is exactly what I would say the next time I was interviewed and asked…are you gay? Are you that stupid to ask me that question…again? And why does it matter? Oh yah, I know why, because people have this sick demented attraction to force celebrities into saying things that are controversial. I honestly hope Adam NEVER says if he is or isn’t. I think I would have more respect for him if he never actually answers the question. Let him walk around with his boyfriend and/or girlfriend openly and happy, yet never come right out and say either way. If there were pictures plastered all over the internet of him kissing women, do you honestly think that the media would ask…are you a heterosexual male? HELL NO. It infuriates me to think that all “they” are concerned about is his sexual preference. People, all you have to do is listen to what he says when asked the question. He hasn’t said no…he makes references that are so obvious, yet all the media wants is a YES or NO answer and he’s not giving it to them. Good for him, and again, I hope he never comes right out and answers it. Just to make a point. If you are that ignorant to ask the same question over and over…then screw them….don’t answer the question. Why not focus on what he set out to do and that was to entertain and perform. Focus on his talent and his vocal ability and not on who he kisses. The media has made such a big deal out of nothing and it’s sad that every interview the same question is asked over and over. Adam’s answer from the very beginning…“I am who I am and I have nothing to hide”. Get over it. I assure you that if the media wasn’t so pushy about his sexuality, he would have answered the question already…out of respect for himself, his family and his fans. It saddens me that the perverse curiosity of so many has become the focus of his interviews lately. Adam has such amazing talent…he has captured the world, mind, body and soul in such a short time. Please allow him to focus on what he does best, and not what his private life is.
    Adam…if you read this, please continue to stay true to yourself and know that your fans love you for who you are. Continue to ROCK OUR WORLD and we will continue to love and support you for years to come.

  • Suppress your appetite

    @Angiebaby: okey =]]]

  • joy

    i was shocked when i found out that adam is gay however i love his album “for your entertainment “well goodluck to your career and to your lovelife stay safe^_^