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Ashley Tisdale Packs On The Protein

Ashley Tisdale Packs On The Protein

Ashley Tisdale is upping her game, scoring the cover of OK! magazine‘s latest issue. Here are some highlights from her interview:

On Hollywood’s obsession with being thin: “I’ve been very skinny my whole life… I don’t really like this look. I like curves – I think that’s more beautiful… I look at Jessica Alba and think she’s got a great body. I think that’s what women are supposed to look like.”

On her eating habits: “I love French fries and bread, and when I’m on tour I have McDonald’s… At home, I like to cook – I love omelets in the morning. Still, I have started working out, so I do try to limit carbs and add protein. I want to build a little muscle.”

On her dream co-stars: “I’m a big fan of Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn and Cameron Diaz. They’re strong, independent women who don’t hold back. I’d love to work with them.”

Ashley has a starring role in the upcoming summer flick Aliens in the Attic, and her sophomore album, Guilty Pleasure hits stores July 28.

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  • NativeNYker

    Why do we care?

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • LolaSvelt

    “I look at Jessica Alba and think she’s got a great body. I think that’s what women are supposed to look like.”

    Oh my. Did she really say that?

  • identified

    why didn’t they ask her about her obsession with hurting peoples ears with her croacking that she calls singing?
    or her obsession with being so ugly?
    this would’ve made much more sense ..
    talentless freak .. why on earth is she on that cover ..
    to hurt ppls eys too ??

  • Natasha

    Uhh… “I’ve been skinny my whole life.” NO YOU HAVEN’T. I have seen pics of Ashley before she became all disney and she was a little bit more round. Slightly plump. In HSM 2, she was uber skinny. Admit you puke ashley.

  • helen

    you have left the rudest comments i’ve seen in a long time.
    Ashley is beautiful and talented, accept that and move on.
    why are you even leaving comments and reading through this if you do not like her, it is a waste of your time and everyone else’s to read them.

  • mika

    jessica alba?? she is skinny. im fatter that jessica alba.. maybe i should go barf.

  • mika

    i feel like barfing….

  • Moment of truth

    OK cover? Is that a compliment? Others are scoring Elle, Instyle, Allure etc and she’s scoring a tabloid magazine cover?!!!

    Was that post supposed to be sarcastic? I don’t see any upping here, I see major downgrade.

    Wierdly, in looks and personality, she’s like young hollywood’s Jennifer Aniston (without the movie roles yet) and her former co-star, Vanessa is like young hollywood’s Angelina Jolie.

    It’s creepy how similar their behaviors, careers and way they handle publicity are for each set of women.

    Even her idol, Diaz, has the same taste in men as Aniston. I wonder what is common with all these dream co-stars?

    I leave that to you.

  • Crush on hill

    Goooosh , she’s So stupid , what the hill she’s think herself , did she really releze that she’s grow up women she’s mostly 24 ppl

    when she’s was 20 and 21 shoting sute life of z and c and high school musical and 22 for hsm2 and 23 for hsm3

    goood i think she’s so jalouse of that girl who’s could vanessa hudgens

    i think that girl is a young hot and sexy girl bised she’s talented

    and i’m so agree with @3

    and nothing gr8 on her to be jalouse

  • katie

    leave ash alone, she’s gorgeous.

  • katie

    @identified: how old are you? you sounds about 5, come back when you’ve grown up a little.

  • katie


  • emma

    Zac gets Interview and GQ and Vanessa gets Instyle and ashley gets a tabloid cover.

  • Sofia

    @emma: LOL!XD

  • ainamae


    haha i know, oh so shame a tabliod cover??? downhill…

    look at your other co stars( zac and vanessa), they’re being covered with some right-age magazines, and you only got OK! oh i forgot couple of days you’ve got sugar mag right? w/c is a teeny booper magazine… LOL!
    oh yeah continue to build up muscles so that soon we’ll see you doing body building!! LOL!!

    tsk, tsk tsk…

  • ZOGA


  • asinine

    no new movie roles, no new tv roles, promoting album with a tabloid cover…

    dude, time to fire your management.

  • ZJ207

    @emma: well, i didn’t see Vanessa on Cosmopolitan… and i didn’t see her on Sugar (UK) either… so put a sock in it you jealous freak!
    Ashley is gorgeous and seriously talented! She’s becoming more and more hotter everyyy day! the pics on OK’s website are extremly sexy! so grow up a little bit ppl…
    You shouldn’t compare Ashley to all disney stars these days, ashley is over those!

  • rooroo

    @asinine: hahahaha! so true. why the heck is she even on JJ? JJJ please, maybe the little kiddies will appreciate her more over there.

  • ZJ207

    @asinine: no new movie roles?? i’m guessing you don’t really know a lot about her!

  • reese

    LOL at the difference in comments left here and over at JJJ. People over here hate this chick and little kids praise this girl on JJJ. Ashley will forever be a little Disney girl, a waste of red carpet space in A-list hollywood.
    P.S. ZJ207 Vanessa’s been on more GROWN up magazines. Thank the lord she wasn’t on UK’s Sugar magazine or on a tabloid mag to promote her music career. OK! mag is a joke and so is Ashley Tisdale’s career.

  • asinine


    lol, don’t spar with me, dude, if she has any movie or tv role, type it here.

    Sexy is not a job, sexy that is #73 on maxim’s hot 100? sexy that didn’t make FHM or askmen? Sexy that does not lead to any endorsement? Sexy that nabs tabloid magazine covers?

    Corbin, my man is doing A beautiful life as a model, Lucas is on broadway, the lovebirds are in high demand, even Mo has two roles, a tv guest spot and a movie attached to her name. If Tisdale has anything other than her album and the kiddy movie she shot last year, nobody has heard it yet.

    Even the disney stars have more work than she has now, they have albums, tv shows of their own and some are making movies as well.

    she should fire her management!

  • p.

    Curvy like Jessica Alba? … Curvy?? Yeah right.

  • me!


    If she’s getting over disney, then why is she still doing “Phineas & Pherb”???

    I think she’s ridiculous!

  • Such a big __

    Will No compares

    she wasn’t on UK’s Sugar magazine ( UK kids Magzine)

    But she was in the cover of instyle UK Magazine ( i don’t have to talk bout that )

  • emma


    Vanessa has been on Cosmopolitan and cosmo girl.

    Sugar and Ok are just downgrade magazines and Cosmopolitan is not that special either.

    Vanessa has down Elle, Vouge, Instyle, Cosmo girl, Cosmoplitan, Self

  • vic

    Really stupid your comments, guys (some of them)
    I think she is awesome. I mean, I really like her songs and i think she’s a great person.
    is just my opinion.
    But why some people hate her with no reason?
    She’s better than others that you think “have talent”
    Go Ashley! :D

  • Deebest

    Jessica Alba has curves? Last I saw of her, she was skinny.

  • vic


    you shut up.
    Go to see some pictures of Zanessa or whatever.

    You don’t know what are you talkin’ about.

    You think someone cares about what are you saying?
    you are another stupid who hates the real talent.
    Zac and Vanessa have more attention because they are the “HSM sweethearts”

    Still with HSM …
    If they break up then are nothing

    dont you get it?

    Better you go to do something more productive then comment bullshit

  • vic



    did you know WHY she has been sooo famous
    1. her boyfriend is Zac Efron.
    2. She has naked pictures.

    EVERYONE LOVES HER ! (sarcastic)

    REALLY hate people STUPID .

    This world is going down with people like that.

    Ashley rocks!

  • rachel

    Vanessa has not been on Cosmo or Vogue.

    She’s been on the cover for Lucky, Self, Cosmo girl, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Caras, Peopl Style watch and will be on the July cover for Instyle UK.

    She’s been on spreads for Glamour, GQ, Instyle US and Elle.

  • asinine


    put up or shut up man! name her new movie or tv roles or take a fly!

    Dude, if she ever takes naked pictures, we’ll take cover. she got some fame for her nose job but nose job alone will not give you a job, if there is talent, where are the jobs?

    you sit here abusing those that are getting work and plenty too.

    Haha, disney is over, no more favoritism, survival of the fittest and her management cannot survive. they are so used to being favored that now they don’t know how to go and hustle like everyone else. welcome to the real world where people earn their bread.

    From being disney darling to OK cover. things just dey begin.

  • edna

    I think the cover and the pics look nice, but Jessica Alba is not curvy, please!

  • .

    does anyone know a good zanessa fan site?
    ashley is really cute!

  • bored

    jessica alba isnt curvy at all!!!

  • Frida

    Curvy like Jessica Alba?! Really?! Jessica Alba is beautiful but she’s nowhere near curvy.

  • notsofast

    you cant say someone is succesful about her/his covers on magazines.
    it is not success,just popularity.
    popularity is always temporary.
    and i didn’t see vanessa on cosmopolitan.
    ashley had a contrat with instyle magazine(also she has gone their office),but after,it has been cancel.maybe they could not come to an agreement about money,i don’t know.
    vanessa hudgens is not young angelina jolie,she is another person !
    ashley is fierceiyou can say anything you want to,vanessa is just popular,not succesful
    and btw again,ashley’s new album will be at stores on june,so she must promote her upcoming album.

  • chels

    @rooroo: i knwo get out of here this stupid loser

  • thelittlebadangel

    Hey STUPIDS stop saying bull*shits
    She’s beautiful,she sings great and so what
    U R jealous .. GET A LIFE AND A JOB
    and stop coomenting cr*ap …
    ur only stupid people that dont have brain
    and Liife … Why u dont bother to Ur mother and
    stop ruined our happy lifes’ .. only because U dont have a LIFE
    dont means ur going to ruined us ..
    ASHLEY ROCKS!! she looks amazing in the cover
    u can scream shout and kill ur self but thats the truee ..
    and she’s not skiiny she is pretty ..!!
    and you freaks are ridiculous

  • Libbya

    JJ please don’t post ashley tisdale here. now all the little kids are comming here and acting immature.

    i dont care about some non talent disney princess

  • thelittlebadangel

    @asinine: hey you freak
    GET A LIFE. go see zannessa pictures or go and bother ur mother
    not to us bitch or what you are .. ASHLEY IS SWEET,GORGOUS, SINGS GREAT, PRETTY, SO WHAT?
    ur jelous big sock! go and sell some oranges to the street .. or maybe go to the doctor, u have to check ur brain,.. well if u have, your eyes, and check if u have commn sense

    really u have an autoestim problem doucebag.. u only talk cra’p or bla,bla,bla ..

    post when u get mature, or when u get a life
    and we all know that is going to take a lot of timee


  • lakers fan in boston

    u wanna be the slut kate hudson?
    personally idk what she’s talking about being skinny
    from what ive seen of her, she’s in pretty good shape
    not curvy nor skinny, at a good size
    ashley is a hit or miss for me, her she just looks bad on the cover
    plain average

  • rachel

    just sharing, i didn’t say it :)

    Ashley Tisdale did make the full cover of OK! Magazine.

    It’s a fact! I’m not kidding. It’s really her!

    Why is she on the cover?

    She has a hot boyfriend, new album and a rockin’ body.

    According to OK!, Ashley is saying bye-bye to High School and we’ll get to see her as we’ve never seen her before.

    How will this one do for the new gossip-less OK! Magazine?

    Make the jump to see the full cover and see the full cover critique


    While I applaud OK! Magazine for trying a new, younger star on the cover in the way that Life & Style has taken Robert Pattinson under its wings, Ashley Tisdale was a bad choice.

    There is absolutely no heat on Ashley Tisdale. (BTW – It’s the third time I almost said Ashlee Simpson.)

    This might have been a good choice when HSM3 hit movie theaters – but why now?

    In addition to nobody talking about Ashley Tisdale, she is COMPLETELY UNRECOGNIZABLE on this cover of OK!

    The magazine is certainly correct that we’ll see her as we’ve never seen her before. But, I would never show her on the cover looking like a complete stranger. Plus, her hair is covering her face?!?

    Another sign that the magazine realized it had a problem with its cover photo is the main headline, which is Ashley’s name.

    Rule numero uno in the celebrity weekly space is that you don’t make the stars name a headline! The reader should know who is on the cover!

    What could have improved this cover besides not featuring Ashley Tisdale?

    The magazine mentions her hot boyfriend and rockin body. Why not inset the boyfriend and show a body shot of Ashley Tisdale?

    Bottom Line: An unrecognizable c-list star on the cover leads to bad sales.
    Pop Quiz! who is trying to use a ‘hot’ boyfriend for fame and publicity and failing?

    The article says it all, i rest my case.

    when you point a finger at someone else, 3 fingers point back at you.

    cheerio :)

  • lacey

    people are just so mean!

  • Solange

    #44: they are all Vaness’s stupid fans who have no life and being jealous of Ashley!

  • retrobanana

    omgggg i cannot belkieve she just said she wishes she jad a curvy body like jessica alba….haha

    if alba read that she better watch out.

    jess will be hitting the gym tomorrow
    i meann jess probably weighs less then her. and in her prebaby days she had a tinier body with a lower body fat percentage than her. omg ashley is a moron. wow this is really sad……beyonce, kim kardashian, selma hayek, catherine zeta jones all fat pigs!

  • Kim

    What the hell is going on here?
    Why is everybody so rude?
    If you don`t like Ashley Tisdale then leave her alone and don`t waste your time with reading stuff about her!

    The One who wrote stuff like “Ashley isn`t grown up” should better think about themselfes, because their behavour is very childish too!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Ashley looks so amazing with her new brown locks. HSM ruined her but now she’s back!!