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Hugh Jackman & Daniel Craig To Hit Broadway Together in 'A Steady Rain'

Hugh Jackman & Daniel Craig To Hit Broadway Together in 'A Steady Rain'

Wolverine hunk Hugh Jackman and James Bond stud Daniel Craig will be starring in a new play on Broadway this fall, according to The Post.

The drama, A Steady Rain by Keith Huff, is about two Chicago cops whose lifelong friendship is put to the test when they become involved in a domestic dispute in a poor neighborhood.

This will be Craig‘s New York stage debut. In 2004, Hugh won a Tony Award for his role as Peter Allen in the musical The Boy From Oz.

WILL YOU BUY tickets to see two of Hollywood’s hottest hunks on Broadway?

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Credit: Carlos Costas; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • snoopy

    damn, if only I lived in the u.s.
    the only time in my life I wish I could have gone to broadway.

  • oh yeah

    i’ll buy tickets to see hugh and daniel on stage together anytime

  • Denise

    SNOOPY: yeah i know what you mean. :P i really wanted to watch The Boy From Oz and Equus in Broadway. but even if i lived the US tickets are expensive!! waaahhhh!!! *crying*

  • anon

    Hell yes.

  • Lo

    Hugh Jackman is hot, can act and sing. I would love to see him on broadway. Unfortunately I also don’t live in the US :(

  • snoopy

    there’s a very active message board for jackman called “ozalots” that followed his boy from oz show very extensively in 03-04 and the australian tour.
    I’m sure they’ll post pics and stories about this play as well, if you’re interested. hardly the same thing but hey, better than nothing :)
    and there’s a boy from oz media reel on youtube, maybe someone will eventually post some parts of this play as well.
    still wish he did a musical though.

  • H.

    Good grief, testosterone overload. lol

  • middle-aged hippie

    Oh yes! I saw Boy From Oz and Hugh Jackman was fabulous, not to mention gorgeous. I hope there will be at least one scene where they have their shirts off. I may be getting older, but I still enjoy the view!

  • Lisa

    Ew i Do not find them attractive at all.

  • Smart Daniel is best!


  • JJ


  • ra

    Hell YES I’ll buy tickets – for more than one performance. I saw Hugh in “The Boy From Oz” and it’s an experience I’ll never forget. I don’t like Daniel Craig but I’ll make the sacrifice just to see Hugh on stage again. Hugh is incredible!

  • snoopy

    ikr? it’s so nice to have some equality here. all those bikini clad women for the guys, and some eye candy for the girls (and for some boys..)

  • Hugh

    Love Hugh-can’t wait to see him in this play. Hope Daniel’s mediocre acting doesn’t ruin the play. Hope it is better than Bab’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

  • snoopy

    did you see daniel craig on “road to perdition”? he was pretty good. and paul newman.. wow. fantastic.

  • Nahla

    Hugh is so damn HOT. I’d do a (kinda) old man like this anyday LOL

  • Coffee Fetcher

    Heard Daniel Craig’s fugly gf is going to be the official coffee fetcher for this production.

  • Yes yes yes

    Hugh is very very hot, charismatic and so sexy….sigh!

    Daniel is ok but doesn’t have charisma like Hugh, but
    I’d force myself to watch him, but Hugh is the man.

  • World’s sexiest man

    Live in NY and will definitely go to see Hugh-gorgeous, talented and a nice guy!!! Love his witty remarks to the paps.

  • Hugh Hugh Hugh

    Barbara B. was smart to cast Hugh as DC is not as popular as Hugh in the US. Agree Hugh is the charismatic and most talented of the two.

  • mac

    Yum, Yum! I will def be going to see Daniel Craig – he is hotttttt…
    de-lish… ; )

  • jc

    Second #4′s comment. Enough said.

  • :D

    @Hugh Hugh Hugh: Agree. Jackman’s charisma can’t be compared with Craig’s. I mean, Hugh Jackman is unique. There is noone like him in Hollywood. He is a veteran on the stage but I think Craig will be good too. He is a good actor, though I’m sure Hugh will steal the show once again. The man knows how to work the stage and the audience. He is born to be up there.

  • Dee

    No, Daniel’s not a triple threat – actor, singer, dancer, like Hugh but I don’t believe he’s less talented in the genre of drama. Daniel doesn’t come across as charismatic but that maybe personality more than anything else. Daniel seems more introverted/private than Hugh.

  • Dee


    I so empathize with you [and the others]. Factoring in travel from my home to NYC, lodging, cost of the bloody ticket to the show, etc, etc, etc—it’s way beyond my means. I sound petty, but I do feel quite jealous of people who can afford to see Broadway productions.

  • Cranky Brit

    Daniel Craig is a cranky Brit who only smiles when he’s drunk or is pimping a movie. Playing Bond is 95% looks and 5% acting. Hugh can play any part and is a nice person. He is always walking around NYC with his family and is not a stuck up snob like Craig.

  • Dee


    I don’t think this is the type of a play where he’ll be ‘working’ the audience, so the playing field may be more equal as far as who dominates. I’ve seen a bit of the script and reviews of the show when it was done in Chicago and it seems very intense, gritty and somewhat disturbing. It’s the dramatic role that Hugh really needs to prevent him from being typecast.

  • Cranky Brit

    Daniel Craig is a cranky Brit who only smiles when he is drunk or is selling a movie. Playing James Bond is 95% looks and 5% acting. Hugh can play any part and is a nice person. Hugh is always walking around NYC with his family and is not a stuck up snob.

  • HH


  • Noticias de famosos

    fence are the two bodies …

  • snoopy

    most of his roles were actually very dramatic. correlli – prisoner. wolverine in x-men, a vilain in deception, the fountain, good guy turns bad in the prestige, the rough drover in australia..
    i hope he does a movie musical to show that other side of him that people got a glimpse of at the oscars. cause usually he plays very serious, conflicted individuals.

  • to 27

    Agree-not in love with DC and don’t think playing James Bond is a real acting challenge. Bond movies are very formulated and what sells are the attractive actors/actresses, the locations and the action scenes.
    Hugh has shown a great deal of versatility in his career and can even host the Oscars!!! I know celebs are not perfect but he certainly comes close and I love looking at him!!!

  • to 32

    Hugh has done Broadway-I think playing Peter Allen. I don’t think he wants to do another musical as that is when the “gay” rumors started. I personally think he is totally hetero with mucho testosterone!!!!!

  • snoopy

    @to 32:
    what?? you think he cares about that? we’re talking about a guy that loves singing and dancing and has been seen doing impressions of sandy from “greese” in interviews. he actually said that he took the gay rumours as a compliment because it means he did his job right.
    And he always talks about the boy from oz as one of the most fun times he’s ever had.
    and btw, he’s also mentioned wanting to do a musical. he was supposed to do houdini on stage, and he’s working on a movie musical adaptation of “carousel”. already has a script ready.
    And I personally can’t wait.

  • Theresa

    I’ll buy tickets on a heart beat!!!

  • to 35

    Good point-he did his job so well that people thought he was gay!!! Would love to see him in Houdini. I hope this play is taken seriously and not viewed as the beefcake play. It will be very hard to screw this play up with this casting-the publicity alone will fill the seats. I hope to see Hugh as I think he is a very unique and talented actor.

  • smart

    Is it only rumour that Daniel will play in Broadway? I thought he is preparing and training for 23.Bond, this fall is highest time to jump to work on Bond. There were rumours he will be Thor and it was not truth, there were hints he can play Steve McQuuen and Hadrian and it was not truth. Daniel is not good for Broadway because he doen not sing or YES?

  • to 38

    Could be with the legal and money problems that Bond will be postponed. I really don’t care as I think the world can live without a Bond movie for the next couple of years.

  • snoopy

    @to 35:
    the audience may come for the beefcake, but they’ll stay for the great acting :)

  • play

    the author about the play

    so calm down girls and boys, no shirtless hunks LOL!
    A table, two chairs and two cups of coffee and two cops talking 90 minutes.
    This will sooooo be Daniel’s thing, it’s like A number, a great play which lives only trough a very sensitive and enigmatic kind of acting.
    Perfect for both of them to avoid being typecasted as Bond or Wolverine

  • to 38

    Thor – Never a possibility.
    McQueen – Pitt has signed up (or will).
    Sinatra – Not on the cards.
    Hadrian – No
    I Lucifer – No

    This play does not have singing in but some dramatic fight scenes and a death. Not saying who.
    Very intense two man play, something Daniel is used to.
    He garnished rave reviews when he did “A Number” in 2002.

    I think Daniel will shine and Hugh will have to pull it back to prevent the OTT side he has.

  • smart

    @Coffee Fetcher:
    Satsuki, bring me a coffe, and please strong coffe, hurry!!!! šup šup!

  • to 42

    Sorry but Hugh has no bad side and he is a nice guy too!! Hopefully Daniel will leave the “icy Bond” stare at home.

  • to play

    Thanks for the link!
    It hilarious that the writer say on the end of that interview that it would be cool seeing Daniel Craig playing the cop and that his wife would be sooo happy.
    Well Keith, not only your wife!!

  • to 44

    But that Bond stare is so multi-dimensional!! Ha, Ha, Ha!!! Hope acting lessions are included in his contract! I don’t think Hugh has anything to worry about.

  • smart to 42

    in this case I am really wondering, but I don’t think Hugh is any handsome and extra an actor.
    Daniel is better dandy, Hugh is not James Bond, an agent 007 like Daniel. I hope Hugh will have properly kicked ass or hit nose.

  • to 39

    Could be with the legal and money problems that Bond will be postponed. I really don’t care as I think the world can live without a Bond movie for the next couple of years.
    according to the sun may 22 -michael wilson says that work has started on the next bond film -see the site listed. which could mean that filming could start next year.

    as for waiting for a couple of years for the next bond movie; no way. i’m not willing to have the same situation that existed after license to kill; where bond fans had to wait 6 years for another bond.

  • smart to 42

    I hope Hugh will have properly kicked ass or hit nose in drama fight with Daniel. Daniel is better fighter and his Bond is a proper killer!!
    Daniel- do! on him! properly! kick him! properly!! kick kop him!!

  • to smart

    are you really that stupid or are you just pretending to be that dull?

    It’s a play, two people sitting at a table and talking about life.
    Nobody has to sing or “kick ass”

  • snoopy

    @to smart:
    god i hope this person is pretending, and not really that stupid.