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The Price of Beauty: Jessica Simpson's New Reality Show!

The Price of Beauty: Jessica Simpson's New Reality Show!

Jessica Simpson, who has been lambasted in the media for her fluctuating weight, is working on a reality show called The Price of Beauty.

The reality series is about society’s scrutiny of women’s bodies. A source tells Us Weekly: “She and a friend set off on a road trip around the world in search of what people find beautiful and why.”

The series have been pitched to several TV networks but hasn’t been picked up yet.

WOULD YOU WATCH a new Jessica Simpson reality TV show — YAY or NAY?

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  • asdfghjkl;

    she really needs to wear longer/bigger shirts
    if shes gonna be raising her hands like that xP

  • vivian

    wow why you gotta post the most unflatter picture of her. my god she look pregnant here.

  • cletus

    cut to the chase……& take off your top . That’s what men find attractive. 1 episode that men will replay over and over. You don’t need to go ’round the world or make a series.

  • Mrs. JRM

    This is sad; damn papa Joe will do anything to keep her in the limelight.

  • MIke

    –Jessica and her friend take up pole dancing . That I’ll watch.

  • lanna

    The concept for the show is lovely. Girls, young women, need to know that being a size 2 isn’t necessary.

    Having dumbass Jessica Simpson do the show is not. She’s a bonafide idiot.

  • lanna

    men are pigs. end of story

  • kate

    Oh hell no.

  • wtf

    Didn’t she learn anything from her other reality show?

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    can this girl fall any lower?! LOL.. her level of pathetic-ness would shame any normal person.

  • flu


  • guest

    so that’s why she’s no longer blaming ‘newlyweds’ for the demise of her marriage! & didn’t vanessa just do a ‘reality’ show called true beauty?

  • LolaSvelt

    This is a new career low for Messica. I hope this show bombs so then she can realise how irrelevant she is now.

  • victoria

    What did the TV co’s spend their cash on before the explosion of reality shows?! There are sooooo many of them, it’s crazy, soon I’ll have one, we’ll all have one!

  • oink

    Jessica’s a pig. End of story.

  • nay

    I hope no network picks it up.

  • Lillianne

    This is just her daddy floating an idea to see if he can make some more moolah off of her. They really are pathetic people.

  • sucre

    Maybe a good show idea, but Jess?

  • Her2braincellsaren’tconnecti

    Good God this woman is a pig! I don’t mean her weight. I mean the way she dresses and acts. She’s a pig! She is stupid, and needs to take some college classes, because that body( which isn’t all that ) is going fast! She certainly doesn’t have brains, so hope Tony homo runs for the hills! No I wouldn;’t watch any show with this BIMBO on it! She’s a disgrace!!!

  • Emma

    I guess this is what she gets for wearing mama-jeans to one chili cookout…a WHOLE reality show about it. We need to stop paying attention to her she has no talent.

  • effy

    Woof! She just gets uglier!

  • natyg

    @Emma: Couldn’t agree with Emma more, you are right, just because she was call fat does not make her an expert on body issues, every women(or at least most) have been criticized about her body, it does not matter weather you are skinny, fat, curvy, etc someone has criticized your body. Welcome to the real world Jessica. Get over your self.

  • Michelle

    no. i hope it doesn’t get picked up. how stupid. a beautiful blonde with millions talking about the “price of beauty”. someone get her out of her bubble.

  • Meream

    What a way to milk an ugly situation. Gotta admire Mr. Simpson for thinking of these ways to make money.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    What has happened to this woman ? Is she replacing the old Britney Spears from years ago ? Should we be on the look-out for a bald head break-down soon ? It is the saddest thing I have seen on this site all week.

  • dom

    NO WAY!

  • Shamu

    A new reality show for the untalented Jessie who does not know how to dress.
    No – I am not watching this stupid show.
    Sounds like Papa Joe needs a bigger condo and finds a way to pimp out his untalented kids again.
    Go back to SeaWorld – try to sing some more songs and forget the words in a hideous outfit.
    Then sit right in front of the fish and eat their cousins in a sandwich and smile at them while you do it.

  • Shamu

    The “friend” on the road trip is Papa Joe – he sits in the car etc. and searches for new houses and cars for himself on his iphone to buy from the $$$ he gets from this stupid show.
    He looks up and nods every once in a while to pretend to give a sh&it in what stupid Jessie says to the people on the show. Then back to shopping again!!!
    They cannot get non-family members not in need of cash to volunteer for this idiotic show.

  • zipcity

    Can’t someone just make Jessica Simpson go away? Just send her off somewhere where she can marry some dumb yahoo with the means to keep her in Malomars and sweat pants so she can watch “her stories” on TV, get fat and keep out of the public eye. I’m sure we’d all be happier that way.

  • Jen

    good idea for a show.. not sure if Jessica is the adequate person to do it though

  • lakers fan in boston

    sorry jessica but ur career is over with, i really dont see u doing well in any category, including porn, since u lost ur looks
    i mean just look at that belly in that pic lol, looks like a small baby bump

  • silentsophi


  • anonymous

    She just needs to be consistent at something & mean what she says when she says it. She gives up too easy on a project when things don’t do well. Stick to something Jessica. Don’t bounce all over. You can sing so what happened to another album or Country Music? It’s hard to take Jessica seriously when she is not serious about much.


    I’m not sure what the answer is for this girl. Either get married and get out of the limelight or go back to school and pursue a degree. Both have to be done with passion. The career as she has know it is over.idon’t think a reality show in which she analyzes and spotlights beauty trend would be well received given her 6 months worth of negative fat and weight publicity.


    I’m not sure what the answer is for this girl. Either get married and get out of the limelight or go back to school and pursue a degree. Both have to be done with passion. The career as she has know it is over.idon’t think a reality show in which she analyzes and spotlights beauty trend would be well received given her 6 months worth of negative fat and weight publicity.

  • Soralynn

    show sounds interesting but she’s not popular anymore, talk about trying to boost her popularity!

  • kim

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Make her go away!! No more tv for her please!!

  • wvgirl

    the idea of the show is cool i guess? But no matter what society will always say that skin and bones is what guys want. real men dont like to see ribs and spine. They like healthy.

    Jessica is a great talent thats wasted on the dumbest shit, like this.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She looks extremely pregnant and no, definetly not.

  • amanda

    Yes I would watch this reality show, not only do I love Jessica Simpson because she is real person but I think she has a a huge heart for people. You need to hand it to Jessica, she has been through alot these last few years and she keeps trying, I think that is an insperation to us all!

  • Brie

    WOW! I dunno if most of you are jealous on here or what the hell it is….if you all would take your head out of your asses, you would realize that this show has a great message for all women, young or old and that Jessica Simpson is a sweet person, yes thats right a PERSON, with feelings! I can’t understand all the hatred toward a person that has done nothing to any of you! MY GOD! DISGUSTING!

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