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Jon & Kate: $10 Million Divorce?

Jon & Kate: $10 Million Divorce?

Scandal-plagued pair Jon and Kate Gosselin‘s may be headed for a nasty $10 million divorce, reports National Enqurier.

Jon said their goal is to be legally separated by July 15 because Kate wants to move on quickly,” an insider reveals. “Jon is going to push for half of their money, but Kate is determined to hang on to as much as she can – and they’re worth more than you think… Needless to say, there’s a small fortune at stake here – easily $10 million. And Jon and Kate will be fighting over it like cats and dogs!”

TLC says it has plans to renew Jon & Kate Plus 8, which kicked off its fifth season on Monday to a record 9.8 million viewers – more than double the show’s previous series high.

“The show’s ratings have grown consistently, as there has been interest in these real-life issues of this real-life family,” TLC said in a statement to E! News. “We will continue to air as the interest continues, and the family wants to do it.”

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  • wallace smith

    Dead birds for food, man-made death Finance

  • shleprock

    wowzee wowzee wow…No talent and 10 million ….what a world

  • Lizbeth

    We’re well into “this is wrong” territory here, people.

    Those kids should be protected by some sort of labor law. It’s unnatural for a child to be taped absolutely everywhere they go, and I can’t imagine what a kid like Mady will face when she’s haunted by a childhood like hers (kid’s a brat, but kids usually are allowed to grow up and forget their brattiness — not her).

    Film a special once a year, fine. Twice a year even. But what TLC is doing is ruining this family, and if the parents aren’t together enough to figure it out, someone else should. This is wrong.

  • akmvc

    I was finally able to watch the premiere episode and it just left me more confused. I understand their need for some sort of privacy, especially now. But whatever it is they’re going through, I just hope and pray for their children. These kids don’t even have an idea of what’s going on out there (what’s being written online and in print) and I just hope that whatever it is they decide to do will really be in the best interest of the 8.

  • Jamie

    Sorry to say but Jon & Kate are over rated. I just feel bad for those children.

  • Raylene

    I sold my food stamps for half price for cash just so I could buy their new book. Bless them little asians. And that wunderful mom. She has such beatiful teeth. Brings back memories when I had a few.

  • had enough

    I am so sick of these two. They are exploiting their kids and probably both of them have been cheating.

    Raise your kids!

  • a total fan

    10 million dollars??!! I thought they were struggling and NEEDED the reality show to make ends meet. Those 10 million shouldn’t even be up to discussion since I assumed any money made was for the children. Thank goodness I never watched them.

  • Annie

    IT cant be good for their kids to be on TV during all of this! What horrible parents!!!! If they have 10 mil, they don’t need the money either. Now its about greed.

  • Rayan

    Ok why would you post something on here from the National Enquier????

    SO FAKE and MADE UP!!!

  • joss

    they said they want the best for their children, yet they decide to get a divorce? wow so smart of them…

  • andrea

    Don’t believe the National Enquirer!!!!

  • marisa

    national enquirer hahhhahahhhaa
    enough said

  • bintk

    Don’t really believe it.

  • TP

    This is really sad. They even renewed their vows in Hawaii last year. You can see the clip on youtube.

  • pam

    These two are pitiful!

    Kate- a real b i t c h among other things…and Jon, immature and needs to grow up as well.

    Pity those poor kids!

  • Jen

    Great….now the lawyers can get all the money and the kids will get the shaft again. I would hope that a certain percentage is required by law to be held in trust for each child that can’t be attached by lawyers or a judgment of divorce.

    Hope someone looks into that at least, so that the kids can afford their therapy bills once they’re adults.


    The children made the show- without the children there would not have been a show- The children made this money and the children should be the ones that get the money- There should be laws for children working.Sad!!!

  • Jen

    For people dissing the National Enquirer, keep in mind that they have been first ( and correct) with many scandals in the past two or three years. Their research and investigation has been better than their reputation would imply.

  • Ariana

    Who gives a shaaaat.

  • Raylene

    I borrowed some money and traveled by Greyound Bus over 400 hundred miles to see Kate speak ($25) and get an autographed book ($80) It was well worth it. She told us about her story and her daily struggles. So inspiring. So courageous . I cried. Couln’t afford the meet and greet ($150) . I spent most of my food money on Kate but I learned that Vienna Sausage in a can and Slim Jims ain’t so bad with a little Mountain Dew to wash it down. Memories.

  • dingus

    It is incredible that no one sees this for what it is – This is all about ratings and money – The show needs to have at least 7 million viewers to be successful – Getting an new house did not improve the ratings enough – getting a pair of puppies did not help the ratings – renewing vows did not help the ratings – so the latest thing to do is invent a “new story” to build up ratings – This situation is pathetic – Both parents are making their living off of publicizing their children’s lives! Look at some of the facts finally reveled – Jon quit his job 2 years ago (he does not work from home) – Kate has plenty of helpers (all hidden from the camera – a chef, a nutritionist, baby sitters, cleaning personnel and so on) – now add to that how Kate has eliminated “family” from the show (remember Aunt Jodie? and Kate is estranged from her parents and siblings) – the idea is to eliminate any “leaks” to the truth – To continue to make a living off of their kids – an illusion must be created!

    what happens when some one tries to undo the illusion? Just look at what happened with Kate’s sister-in-law – Jodi:

    Do you know why Jodi is no longer on the show?

    The real reason comes down to the fact that TLC wanted to involve Jodi a little more, they wanted to compensate her for her time and bring her into the show as a family member to dispell the idea that kate has shut out all family from their lives and has been using access to the kids as a weapon against her parents and brothers and sisters – when Kate found out that the TLC producers offered to compensate Jodi – she threw a fit and told them that the only people on the show that will be paid are John and herself! – she immediately forbade Jodi from having any contact with the children! That is why Jodi is no longer on the show – the show is really “Kate and Kate plus Kate” now – the children are just “inventory”, as well as Jon is now just “inventory” – The show is just one big scripted lie that is always in search of a new angle for ratings – think about the “puppies”, or “going green” or the “new house” or the “renewed vows” – everything is being done for ratings and income – and to build Kate as a brand – greed – plain and simple! – an interesting back story to all of this is how Kate became estranged from her parents – her Father is a minister with a small congregation – when the congregation found out about kate’s pregnancy with the 6 babies, they pulled together and arranged for donations to help out Jon and Kate – Kate rejected much of the donations, with comments like “the cribs don’t match and I would never dress her children in those clothes” and told her father she would only accept cash!!! – that really embarrassed her father and insulted his congregation – When her wishes were not met, she eliminated her parents from her life and denies them access to the children – this is the type of person she is!


    this is such a great publicity stunt by tlc about these two. i had no idea who jon and kate were until all this “drama.”

  • Kev

    If they keep this show on a solid five year run then the really big money rolls in with sydication and if they control a piece by being producers ,huge bucks. It’s how Oafrah got rich. Perhaps Kate is cutting clueless Jon out now so she can get the real big money down the road . GET a good LAWYER Jon.


    The new show might be called Kate plus 8 because heeelllooooo Jon went out on a date.

  • @6 and 21

    Raylene LOL!!!!!!!
    You da best!

  • vivian

    wow didnt know they have that much money

  • Kev

    The real scoop on Kate is that she is shopping a family talk show around featuring her, of course. Discovery Health has shown some interest, supposedly owned by Oafrah. It’s part of the reason she is on the road all the time.


    I would say when Jon did not want them to continue doing the show – Kate was not going to have the show gone- I say that she did tell Jon that it was over – She wanted a talk show so now she will have the whole show- Her own show- the show she is on now but differant name- Maybe they will name it Kate left with 8- You know they have to make Jon look bad and Kate look good.It also might be Kate having it hard raising 8 – Now she can go around and tell a new story-new book which equals $$$$$$ ching -ching


    Raylene- LMAO

  • mandy

    I personally don’t care for what’s happened on this show for the past few years…I think that Kate is a control freak, and thinks of jon as one of her children…(this is why the marriage doesn’t workkk….”walk beside me, not in front or behind”…..
    Anyway..What disgusts me on a bigger level is that TLC is a family network..and the fact that they haven’t had the courtesey to let this family rest and take a year off…(despite the outcome of a divorce) is beyond my imagination. I hold TLC responsible, and I’ve gone to the website to say so.
    Boycott this show for the kids’ sake.
    It’s digusting, dirty money quite frankly.

  • francesca

    i bet this whole thing is just a publicity stunt to get more people to watch their show.
    i mean half the things celebrities say, do, and where they go is purely for publicity and to promote their tv show, album, clothing line, etc.
    i’m sure it’s no different here.

  • pam

    # 21

    you went thru all that trouble to hear the self absorbed idiot speak????

    She is responsible for her stupid decisions, etc…and I would not pay one penny to listen to that idiot!

    Where is your head? OMG!

    some people!



  • Raylene

    My my stepson once removed… (by child services) and I collected over $65 in aluminum cans by the side of the road and turned them in for the deposit money… cypherin that would be 65…..20 carry the naught.. pert near 1300 cans and sent it to them poor asian kids at the Gosslings . I believe they , the church, called it a Love Offering, to help deefray expenses with all them mouths to feed……..I just hope it bought lots of Spaghettios, Hamburger Helper and soda pop for them…Bless em all

  • jAN

    National Enquirer had it right with John Edwards for years. They may be correct on this one too.I don’t think the show hurt the children. Jon getting caught by paps coming out of a bar at 2am with younger woman has caused this media frenzy and now paps are camped out watching EVERY MOVE they make. New show should be, “Kate plus 8 Jon on Date” I think Kate has done a good job with the children. Someone had to take charge in that large family and Jon was too immature to do it so she did.

  • cas

    this is so sad


    Now I know why Kate said on the show when it showed them in the new house- Remember- She said- Mine – All mine as far as I can see or something like that. She has always wanted it all- all her way.

  • Neil

    I was a fan but not anymore. I am just fed up watching the kids through the filter of Kate’s drama and to a lesser extent Jon’s also. And yet I hear ratings are good. I wonder if one type of viewer is replacing another. I loved watching the kids. I think now people are tuning for the train wreck. Married to that woman would be a living hell.

  • redheads rock!

    Poor kids! The older ones are going to see the magazines on the newsstand at the store and hear about it at school, it is so sad but fame and money can hurt a lot of marriages, why do you think you hear of so many celebs getting a divorce! I feel bad for the kids, they are caught in the middle of all of this

  • resist

    I want more + 8 and less jon and kate.

  • mary

    @Jamie: completely agree.

  • Rhonda

    Now Octomom doesn’t look so stupid, the people of the state of California pick up the tab for the little darlings and then mom cleans up. Whose stupid? we are, for watching this c–p.

  • Raynel

    I hear you, Raylene! I walked 200 miles just to hear Kate’s pearls of wisdom, and get some advice on how to raise them 12 kids of mine.

    That welfare peanut butter and Vienna sausage loaf recipe is real good!

  • Donna

    With 10 million dollars, why do they have to continue the show? Greed and selfishness.

  • Mousse

    They’d better stay out of the spotlights and work on their relationship.


    Jon and Kate went on a date- got married had eight- got on the internet told their story- TLC picked them up in a hurry-All the public pitched in to help- Tried to buy as many books as they could sell- people payed money to listen to their story from town to town- Even flew them all around- That seem to not be enough-So they started sending them free stuff-Even though people watched their story on tv over and over again-They could not understand why she was always yelling at him-Heeellloooo she would yell and make fun of how he would breath only to act like she was the Queen of the tv-Now they have moved from that little house they said was to small- To a mansion with lots of room for them all-But with all the money and free stuff that seem not to be enough- Now the ratings of their show soar because of the Dad he got bored -because the wife was always gone- trying to make a name for heself so she could one day have a show all her own- Now while the wife was away – the tabloids were having a field day – With pictures of him with women out in town- Then their were stories of her with a man – That was suppose to be protecting her from her fans- Now the ratings on the show are high- because these two don’t want to sit on couch side by side. Now we hear of a divorce in the making – Ten Million is up for the taking- who will win- The sad thing about this is it is the children who will be sad because this stupid show and money has broke up their Mom and Dad-

  • jaxon

    The show plans to go on? Tell me they won’t film their bloody and acrimonious divorce? This is beyond belief. Most people want privacy at a time like this. Poor, poor little kids. Kate is a woman who will eat her young.

  • lolo’s island

    They should rename the show to “Jon & Kate: Separ8″

  • not

    does Jon do anything to help out besides mope around and looks slow? The few episodes I’ve watched show Kate doing everything and she has to ask jon to help out with their children. he’s a little punk. Kate needs to show him the door.