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Kate Gosselin Gave Jon $5 Daily Allowance

Kate Gosselin Gave Jon $5 Daily Allowance

For the FIFTH week in a row, Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom Kate Gosselin takes the cover of Us Weekly (See: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4).

“[Kate] used to give [husband Jon] only $5 to spend, and if he was out and needed more money, she would give him hell,” says his former employer at Style Craft Corp, David Rothermel. “She came in raising hell [one day in the office] because Jon‘s father was supposed to bring her lunch and he was late. She got up out of bed rest to come in and yell at anyone who would listen!”

The mag claims the Gosselins later publicly concocted a story that Jon was fired because the company didn’t want to insure the sextuplets.

Almost 10 million people tuned in on Monday to watch the season premiere of J&K+8. Will you be tuning in next week??

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  • Olivia

    How is this anything new? Anyone who has ever watched the show can see the “prison” that is Jon’s life. TLC is milking this bish for all it’s worth.

  • loo

    seriously people are soooooooooo dumb if they believe this crap! LOL

  • a total fan

    NO, will not watch, never have never will.

  • egg

    US weekly is a crap tabloid magazine along with Star, In touch and Ok. They always make blah rumors all the time with their so called unreliable sources. Only dumbfcuks would believe what they are writing and would buy their magazine.

  • Aussie Girl

    Does US Weakly have issues with this couple? They are harping on this story and are probably making things worse!! J&K should stop doing this show and see if they can work it out. And don’t forget there are 8 kids involved!!!

  • liz

    people are dumb if they don’t believe this crap. i’m sure these magazines are really exaggerating everything to draw in readers, but i wouldn’t put any of this past kate. how can so many people think she is actually the victim? have we not been watching the same show for the past four seasons? kate treats jon like he’s a child. i never hear her say anything nice to the poor man. she just puts him down constantly. it’s horrible. i feel bad for him. i am not one to condone cheating at all, but if he did, i don’t blame him at all. i got sick of hearing the whole “i’m doing this alone” crap. she’s not doing anything alone, she’s got a whole crew of people who work for tlc who are doing most of the work for her. what really disgusts me about her is the fact that jon has clearly come to his senses and realizes that all this media attention is not good for their family. it was clear from the season premiere that he is no longer comfortable being on this show. they need to stop it. kate needs to get over her arrogant self and stop exploiting her children and letting this show ruin her marriage. i hope this woman comes to her senses and realizes that the happiness of her children is more important than fame.

  • jdub

    this is bulls***. why do they keep making this stupid stuff up about this family. i know kate’s tough on Jon, but come on now! $5!!! magazines make up the dumbest ish and expect us to believe it.

  • Emit

    OMG, us weekly is obsessed.

  • lilly

    Liz…thank you..I agree 100%

  • TonyXLD87

    i don’t know who to believed….lolol first time i watch a full episode of there show….its okay..must watch again….

  • melissa asherman


    I love the show… I love Kate and I don’t care who says it but I don’t feel it’s staged. Do I think they get everything for free? The trips… definitely – they promote those places for the trips therefore, they should get it for free – it’s only fair. Maybe she should cut down on the work but I truly believe she loves her kids and everything is for them. If Jon and Kate didn’t get the trips they got… They wouldn’t go anywhere. I mean, they have 8 KIDS. No matter what job Jon got, I doubt they would have enough money for college, clothes, food, trips, etc, and the trips aren’t just vacations – they are so educational. I think the media needs to lay off and Aunt Jodi needs to lay off BIG time. They are doing a good job – everyone goes thru rocky times, and yes they have been a little seperated at the party and events like that on last night’s episode but the fact they were there – TOGETHER – says a lot. Kate nor Jon HAD to be at the Kids party, they could have told a babysitter to do it but they were there. I’m for them. I’m not for all the media and aunt jodi. period. And if anyone is ruining the kids… it’s the media AND aunt jodi. If aunt jodi cares so much about the kids, she wouldn’t bring this all up – and that’s my piece.

  • dfgfdg

    Yes, the boss has come out in an article way before this fiasco to say that Jon was fired because he paid more attention to his “family business” than his work, not because of the insurance thing. So yes, the Gosselins lied to make themselves look good. Surprise!

  • dfgfdg

    And Melissa: While you’re screaming your head off and typing incoherently, please, STOP USING COLLEGE AS AN EXCUSE. If you’re such a fan, you’ll know that numerous articles came out when the children were born that they have college funds established for them by the state of PA. This is something the Gosselins omitted to tell sheeple like you

  • emma
  • sucre

    1. Its actually 10million +, add people from Europe who watched it on youtube (like me), or somewhere else.
    2. For the first time in my life I prayed for someone so distant and unrelated, like this family, but I felt an urge to do so. Why? Dont know.
    3…dfgfdg….I really didnt know about the college funds and if its true, all this makes me even sicker!
    I mean, enough with saying shes doing it all for the kids – they have the amazing house, enoug space, jeez what more do they need. Designer clothes? The kids would love her even if they lived in a cardboard box and ate cheap bread. As she once said herself – you could easily take all their toys away and they wouldnt even notice, they have enough company to play with and have a great imagination, they dont need all that stuff.
    I think Kate has seriously forgotten shes not that special! 8 kids is not that rare after all! We can help her, but its not our responsibility to support her luxurious lifestyle.

  • aida

    Why are some people insisting that Kate does the show to pay for her children’s college funds? Kate is an RN. So much for her education. She will never work as an RN again. Jon began his college education in the computer field, and dropped out. Why would their children value education by the way they are raised? They will grow up believing that everything is free if you are on tv.

  • Kates Pr team

    I see Kate’s PR team is out in full force to deny these claims. Well I say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire and I think there is good reason to believe US Weekly.

    Anyone who’s watched the program knows Kate is a shrew. Those poor children with a monster mommy.


    The last show I watched was showing the new house they had just moved in to. Yes I believe the story of the $5.00 due to the fact the way she went off over him buying a showerhead without a coupon-

  • Shaking my head

    This article takes the cake. The media needs to gather up their cameras and go home. Of course, THAT won’t happen because the magazines SELL! That being said, I do have some thoughts on all this obvious misery and sadness we watched on Monday evening. I think this couple had a PLAN right from the start with Kate being the “front” person as Jon was working. He probably said, “Sure, go ahead.” never dreaming they really would find a place for Kate’s ideas (TLC). No doubt he went along with it as they really were making money. Then he quit (or got fired…who really knows) his job. THAT is when Kate’s obvious attacks on Jon really picked up…it was pretty clear when watching the program that Jon became even more “laid back” than usual. It became pretty clear that the plan would be HE would be the “at home” person…the errand runner, etc. and she would get her writing career up and running. The problem is, Jon’s laid back personality along with his passive-agression went into high gear and that only worsened the situation. He almost seemed to enjoy getting the high powered Kate wound up and, if anyone was paying attention, he said some pretty snide things himself not to mention, he would make remarks about the kids noise and the cooped up stress he was feeling. Jon is no innocent bystander here but he is making every effort to make Kate look like the bad guy. The man should have gone back to work or to school and finished up that degree. He needed an outlet…and I do not mean meeting his women friends at all hours of the night at bars. I mean something adult that he felt good about and his kids could look up to him. Kate was smart enough to realize that this show had a limited lifetime…especially with the kids in school…so she got the writing career under way. All Jon does is complain that he cannot write. So Jon, stop whinning, grow up, and find your own outlet. Even Kate has stated that she has made a million suggestions only to have Jon have one excuse after another. I get how she feels…I would be just as frustrated as she obviously is! Kate is not going to stand around and wait for Jon to grow up. He needs to stop feeling sorry for himself, pull it together, sign up for something ADULT, and get going. The “little” kids are going to kindegarten this Fall and he will have more time on his hands than he knows what to do with. Plus, Jon would do himself a lot of good NOT to pick out events like the fifth birthday to go into reverse…definitely not smart. Just gives Kate something to harp on.


    She always said they was getting the big house for the children and them- They needed more space she said- Then it showed her looking out the kitchen window and instead of saying all ours- What did she say- she said something like all mine -this is all mine as far as the eyes can see- or something like that. I knew that the show was for her agenda at that moment I stopped watching the show. I feel sorry for the children.

  • Stephanie

    Jon was not fired. He quit his job two years ago (thats what he said on monday

  • emily

    Am I the only one that thinks J & K are staging this? The publicity they have received has been outrageous and has turned them into superstars, so to speak. Their ratings are way up. They could both walk away from the show if they wanted to. Even though they are under contract, there are always ways to wiggle out of them with an attorney helping them. I mean TLC would like like total asses if they forced them to continue if they both claimed they needed to step down because it was ripping their family apart. They still choose to be in the spotlight. They are playing us by setting the stage so their ratings will continue to soar. And guess what, if they continue to soar, they get more $$ !! Duh.

  • Shelby

    Only gullible idiots would believe this stuff. Whatever!

  • Shelby

    I’ve watched many episodes. She can be bossy, but she HAS to be. If she were wimpy like her husband, those kids would run all over her.

    She’s not perfect, but nobody is.

  • boo

    any woman who actively decides to implant 6 embryos should be in the looney bin. she has issues of control from the start. she trapped a very young boy into her her infertility mess & is getting upset because he won’t take her cr*p any more. jon never takes cheapshots at kate like she does. real women never speak to people they love the way she does and her misery is constant.

  • this family is so fubar

    So, explain Jon’s new wheels, hair plugs; Kate’s botox, bigger tah-tahs, tummy tuck, lipo and teeth whitening for both. Are these to benefit their children too? People, wake up – these kids are putting $$ in these peep’s pockets.

  • Saudia

    oh please .. US weekly is full of BS !! You cannot judge these people by what you see on TV .. I hate that the media is making this into a major thing, they’re not celebrities .. I’m so sick of all the Jon and Kate talk, the fact that E! has a special on them annoys me .. I love the show and will continue to watch it, I don’t care what people say because the media does not know the truth and I just watch the show for entertainment ..

  • Savior

    Emily, you are so right. It is all staged but Kate is a real bitch and all that happened. The only thing staged is all this publicity.

    As far as I am concerned, they should both be in a real prison for child abuse and impersonating Christians.

  • cluck cluck cluck cluuuk

    I really have to laugh at the obviously lowly white trash women on here who continually defend this pig and her litter. Keep typing away you fowl cackling hens. Are you ugly fat asses getting paid by the word? and a little suggestion…. NO BODY IS READING your run-on drivel …….the eyes skip right over and keep going…….till they reach a comment …… a real human being………..who doesn’t like to waste others time……………and gets to the point….and has their facts straight…….and doesn’t give long winded, all ready hashed -out, over and over again, opinions.

  • cluck cluck cluck cluuuk

    only uneducated white trash watch this crap

  • mertz

    us weekly must really like and need that money they getting in. go ahead us. whatever keeps your rag afloat eh? lol. since when did no bodies bump brad and angelina to a crop in on the side of this magazine. what a bunch of __________.

  • mertz

    also the only victims who don’t have a say in this are the kids. w/e. tlc is laughing all the way to the bank, and so are the tabloids. i think this will go on for a long time unless someone comes up with a better story to dethrone these guys from page one. even people that have never seen their show or watched tlc one day in their life are now being forced to know who these guys are because there’s so much coverage it’s hard to escape it. maybe my prayers will be heard and these non-celebrities can go along their way and maybe let real celebrities back into the fold again. lol. and maybe the economy will not suck hard (Not).

  • .

    people need to leave them alone……. atleast their children will be upstanding contributors to society and not welfare sucking deliquents like the octomoms kids.

  • mertz

    i don’t claim to be a pure person…but that is exactly what is wrong with society nowadays. really. since when did reality tv actually start beating real tv programming, or even since when did reality tv stars become such huge celebrities that eclipse actual considered celebrities. do we really need kathy griffen to define to us who can and cannot be a celebritiy. does having a tv show…lol. even a tv show on tlc where you make more money than the average person and because you’ve sold your soul and probably signed a syndication deal and a deal to have your show broadcasted worldwide, thereby make you a celebrity. ala susan boyle…susan boyle is now a celebrity? really? like she has a career? or even wait…some people can remember a time before google and youtube…does being a viral sensation make you a celebrity. gah.

  • savior

    Of course she only gave him $5.00 she needed to save money for her new boobies. Tonight on Jon and Kate Plus 8: Kates gets on the Pole. I guess TLC is not paying them enough.

  • Jon and kate + 8 + “friends”

    Of course I watch this effin show.
    I am on it for fu&ck’s sake!
    Oh by the way – Fu^ck you Aunt Jodi and Julie – the peeps love my hair and the show. Thanks 4 talking sh*it!

  • In all fairness

    Dfense of te’s behavior w/ Jon b’cz he’s a passive aggressive closet a*hole os acceptable, but what about the other people she has managed to drum out of their lives, who were once prominently featured in seasons past?

    If the roles were reversed, we’d claim he was being mentally and emotionally abusive.

  • How about?

    They DO NOT have to pay for their childrens’ college expenses- After the tups were born, they received all-paid college expenses for ALL 8 kids from one of their local Pennsylvania Universities. That, among all the other “FREE” stuff they have accumulated is SICKENING. How about FREE college for the children of all the hard-working AMERICANS who have LOST their jobs in this recession or for the children of our military, etc. you know ppl. who are ACTUALLY making a DIFFERENCE in our world! Unlike some very greed-inspired, selfish nut-case like KG!

  • In all fairness

    If she is so “put upon” b’cz of Jon’s lack of interest/initiative/ability, and he’s so “put out” b’cz she’s never there (or wishes she wasn’t when she is there) then why turn around and add 2 dogs, no, PUPPIES into the mix?
    That’s just 2 more innocent bystander souls to have passive-aggressive mental/emotional battles over, right?

  • molly

    It looks like she got labeled as the bad guy in this situation. The media always picks on when a relationship falls apart and it looks like in this relationship it is Kate. I will say she can be rather tough on her husband, but man he would just stand there are watch the kids spill juice or make a huge mess. It looks like he had checked out a long time ago and I’m sure that was hard for her and did not bring out the best in her or him for that matter. It seems like most people know what $5 dollars a day is a bunch of BS, I mean really Us Weekly do you really think we are all that stupid. I hope that these people get left alone for the sake of their kids, the possibility of a reconciliation, or a divorce that is not made more difficult by the media. That is what I hope but that is just me. I know a lot of people like watching a car accident happen and thankfully (for those people) TLC has brought/created on for them to watch.

  • Cara

    Are Americans lives so boring and non-creative (9.8 million), they would watch and support a show where a dysfunctional couple (parents) are placing the long-term psychological wellbeing of their far-too-large litter of humans at risk for millions of dollars? The mother is a narcissist and, yes, I have compassion for the father, too, though he is totally complicit in the long-term potential injury of these children for the almighty dollar. Ms. Gloria Allred needs to use her influence by ensuring laws are passed throughout the country wherein “no child” is ever portrayed on these reality television shows by their own parents and/or others no matter how protective or large the future trust. If they don’t grow-up to be heathy and contributing adults themselves for the betterment of American society, then all the money in the world will not help.

  • Zoe

    Leave them both alone. This is such crap. He suposedly cheated on her and its her fault, she drove him to it. Yah, right. Leave them both alone. I don’t believe she is the monster the magazine is making her out to be in order to sell magazines.

    Leave them both alone to work this out and DON’T BUY THE STUPID MAGAZINES to suport this crap.

  • Kriss

    I hope this season ends with her in a car crash; right through the window and on to the hood. Then Jon will be free to enjoy life again.

  • jenna

    I read all of this more than a year ago, before they were in the spotlight. It is true and backed up by several sources. His former boss kept his mouth shut for a while till he could no longer take her lies about him and his Co. He did Jon a favor by hiring him. $5 /day ? true, several sources. Google it.
    Why doesn’t she talk to her father? he gave her donated second-hand mismatched baby furniture and she FREAKED. Her own sister said this.
    She is what they say she is and much worse.

  • Kate’s friend

    Poster’s 12 and 13 and 26. I have known Jon and Kate a long time. You all are right. They would never have the camera’s ” go away ” because that would mean the end of a lucrative contract that they have taken time to write and bicker over.
    Kate is all about ” Kate. ” Always has been, ever since the show has been on the air. Jon was fired, because he never did any work. He thought it was more important to stay online to see what they could buy, and what major companies he could suck-up to, to get all the free merchandise for his children. AND, for he and Kate. He just lost interest in his job and could not concentrate.
    The cribs her Father had obtained for them from his church and newborn clothes were beautiful, but she threw the biggest screaming tantrum you ever heard. Just because the cribs did not match and were not ” the latest “, and the clothes ” were not identical ” she ditched them. Actually, I would have thought it would have been easier in THOSE cribs. You could have identified the children easier, plus, they are not in cribs forever. What a waste of money, that she could have used for something else.
    Now that they have everything or think they do, they have lost each other in the process. They don’t even know their own children anymore. So much time was spent acquiring celebrities to ” teach them things on the show, ” and traveling, and wasting energy on her constant cleaning and O.C.D., ( obcessive complusive disorder ), and screaming at the little ones. She is always angry or scowling at someone or something. Kate is NOT a pleasant person to be near. Her book signings are extremely MISLEADING WITH HER FAKE SMILES. Kate smiles when she NEEDS to smile. When it benefits HER.
    Her sister-in-law is right !!!!!! Quit watching and feeding their pockets with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
    You are only doing the children a severe disservice, because this is the ONLY thing Kate and Jon want out of all of this. The fame and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. They have become addicted to it. And have lost their family and friends because of it. If something drastic doesn’t happen soon, the children will be next. They will start acting out, then mimic their parents. Monkey see, monkey do, as they say. How tragic for all of them.

  • mertz

    why is my comment awaiting moderation. again. i’m not even cursing.

    anyways what i said was it’s interesting how quick we all are to blame the woman and not the man. and i also said that he who shall not be named on his site called this story a big fake also.

  • http://Justjared soprano

    Geez, what is the attraction? I’d rather watch paint dry.

  • Kate Gosselin

    That little weasel is lucky I gave him 25 cents a day and a few crackers.
    Yeah, Jon is pissed because on $5 a day, he can’t buy him the secret sauce and prosti^tutes when he goes to the bar at 2am to meet “friends”. If you save it up – you can, Jon. That’s how he got Deanna. Use the coupons I gave you for the ti&tty bar!!!
    Don’t forget to watch next week people!!!

  • Kate Gosselin

    Oh I forgot, Fuc^K you Aunt Jodi and Aunt Julie!!!!!

  • Loopy

    Jon’s father died years ago when the sextuplets were only months old so this story is obviously BS.