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Bikini Babe Melissa Joan Hart Covers People Magazine

Bikini Babe Melissa Joan Hart Covers People Magazine

Melissa Joan Hart flaunts her 113-lb. bikini body on the latest cover of People. The 33-year-old former Sabrina, the Teenage Witch actress had gotten up to 155 pounds after giving birth to sons Mason, 3, and Braydon, 14 months. Here’s what Melissa has to say now:

On fighting off misconceptions other people have of her body: “I still read blogs about me discussing how fat I’ve become. Everyone still thinks I’m huge. But I’m not anymore!”

On how she lost the weight with her trainer Mark Harari at Pulse Fitness Studio and nutritionist Derek Johnson at New Metabolism: “It didn’t happen by magic – it was as hard for me as it would be for anyone else.”

On how she feels now: “I feel amazing! I had to prove to myself that I could do it.”

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  • AJ

    Love her! Wow can’t believe she lost that much weight. Haha she has two young sons and she lost 42 pounds! What a role model :D
    I feel so lazy ha I’m going to go exercise right now. I don’t have any kids, and she still weighs less than me!

  • kelly

    love her shows and movie

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow she looks much better than before
    what’s she even doing nowadays
    i use 2 have a thing for her watching sabrina =p


    She looks great…not contribed, or lypoed like most celebs after babies
    You go girl!

  • molly

    good to see someone doing it the right way. good for her!

  • yoyo

    No amount of weight loss with help that fugly mug of hers. Along with the wandering lazy eye, this chick has a face only a blind mother could love.

  • Foodie mcbody

    I can’t believe that she or anybody else would consider 155 lbs “so huge.”

  • erin

    shes looking a lot better.
    but is definately no 113 lbs.

  • me

    I have lost 40lbs and I have 4 kids. How did she get rid of the skin. I am thinking Tummy tuck. There is no way that is all natural. Not that there is anything wrong with that. If I could afford it, I would.

  • Kenny


  • duh

    I think that 113lbs is a bit exaggerated.

  • NJ

    She’s probably quite short.

  • RC

    Her hair looks aweful!!!

  • marisa

    wow i love her. she was never fat before, but now she looks great!

  • Seb

    i love mel,she’s tiny and her body looks normal cute.

  • Anne

    Good for her! She looks fabulous!

  • LuckyL

    Still big. No excuse, since she -can- afford personal chefs.

  • wallace smith

    Do you really mean it?

  • alpal

    why does People always put z-list people-we’ve-forgotten onto their covers just because they lost weight?

  • oly

    OMG…another “i’m so sad” Kate Gosselin story…PEOPLE MAG…give it a rest!!!!!

  • berrypunch

    aww i love sabrina, the teenage witch… so happy shes doing stuff again!!

  • Dread not

    Nothing says Hollywood, like a young actress caving into pressure to lose weight after being torched for having the audacity to actually have gained baby weight. MJH will have the last laugh, though. All that pressure made her lose the baby weight, and now she looks F’n sweet! Put enough pressure on a piece of coal for long enough, and you get a diamond. MJH looks like the gem that she is.

  • whatever

    113 lbs. my f-ing yeah right!!!!!!!!!!!

  • emele

    113lbs would be about right. If you have ever seen her on TV she is quite short

  • david

    She is 5ft 2. So 155lbs on a such a short person is pretty huge.

    But she looks terrific, good for her.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    She looks GOOD!

  • Soralynn

    she looks great!

  • dee

    I don’t see what is so unlikely about 113lb. She is 5ft2, it’s pretty average for the height. If she was say 5ft6 she’d be a bit over 130lb.

    And 155lb is 10lb away from being obese for a 5ft2 person, if you are 5ft8 it’s fine.

  • dee

    Also this was not about pressure to conform to hollywood standards. She wanted to lose weight for her health and her children. Any doctor will tell you 155lb at 5ft2 is not healthy.

  • Sasha

    For all those haters who claim it doesn’t look like 113lbs or that she’s still big, I would love to see what you look like! Keep hiding behind your computer screens.

  • speak the truth

    Agree with emele, she is 5’2″, so 113 lbs still can look big for her height. She still looks chubby to me.

  • Colleen

    If she’s 113 lbs, I’ll eat people magazine for dinner. I CALL BS! No way she is less than 130 – which is a good weight. WHY LIE?

  • dee

    Collen trust me unless you have a sh*t load of muscle you can’t look like THAT at 5ft2 and 130lb.

    And no she does NOT look big, she looks fit and lean and probably in the low 20′s body fat. I don’t see any chubbiness whatsoever…unless your idea of chubby is any female without 6 pack abs…..

  • Tina29

    Losing weight is hard work, congrats! but what’s the secret here? Sounds like every other rich and famous celebrity diet (including you Valerie) who had lots of help with their nutritionist and trainer to get their new body. Unless Melissa wants to fork the bill for us poor folks who can’t aford nutritionist’s and personal trainer’s I wouldn’t be so hyped on the famous “If I can do it, you can to!” phrase.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Who cares? You suck.

  • ed hardy

    She looks great…not contribed

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  • Cheap Ed Hardy

    ~! As i know,
    i love sabrina most~~~~~~~~~!

  • Authentic Ed Hardy

    Oh i don’t like it.She looks terrfic.