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Charlize Theron: Down With Homophobia!

Charlize Theron: Down With Homophobia!

Charlize Theron is very displeased with California Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold Proposition 8, which makes it illegal for same-sex couples to marry.

“I am deeply disappointed by the Supreme Court’s ruling on Prop 8 today,” the Academy Award-winner tells E!’s Marc Malkin. “I don’t agree with homophobia or discrimination of any kind. I will continue to fight this fight for equality and speak up for the basic civil rights of all Americans.”

Earlier this month, Charlize, 33, attended the Meet in the Middle for Equality rally. Yesterday, stars like Drew Barrymore and Sophia Bush was seen showing her support at the gay marriage rally.

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  • remember da truth

    Good for her.

    To think there are still people who can’t stand the idea of two people united in love just because they dont’ have the kind of sex they feel they should is mind-boggling.

    You can break every one of the Ten Commandments and still get married. But heaven forbid you love someone of the same gender.

  • we

    she’s trained hard for the new flick ‘the untouchable’:

  • we

    she’s trained hard for the new flick ‘the untouchable’:

  • emma
  • sylvie

    I lreally ike this classy lady. She’s not one to capitalize on her beauty or over-exposure herself like many less attractive/talented actresses. She chooses her roles carefully and always puts in a top performance. I wish her continued success with landing roles that challenge her.

  • ellie’

    I also agree a couple of any sex should be together, But my beliefs are a man and women are a marriage.. I don’t know why they just can’t come up with another word, its the word of marriage thats the problem. Like come up with partnership any word but marriage we get into this a lot and I can care less even if the same sex marry, but my beliefs are the word, thats holding this up. Someone has to give in understand why they can’t be together.
    Charlize you the best and so beautiful too..

  • marie

    I’m sick of celebrities and politics. Please shut up. It doesn’t matter if I agree with them or not.

  • Cammie

    Jumping on the bandwagon

  • NativeNYker

    Our community thanks her for her articulate statement!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • kudos

    kudos to her but people of the same sex can be together in civil unions. Marirrage in it’s original form was meant to procreate, which people of the same sex can’t do and also means that the woman is the mans property. Marriage is also used to move up the socio economic ladder. A marriage based on love is only recent and really a weird concept. Why would so called progressive people even want to engage in an archaic practice such as marriage? Why stop there? Why not endorse arranged marriages? It’s still done in half the world.

  • sillyme

    Yawn. Well, I look forward to Charlize’s support when the proponents of polygamous marriages start to make their case…and, they will. I mean, they are Americans and have rights, too, right, Charlize? Ironic, too, how the gays want everyone to support their “right” to be married, but don’t support the right of other non-traditional Americans who want to be married. Hypocrites.

  • jenny

    Even when gays can marry, I will be discriminated against unless they open up marriage to more than two people. I have a boyfriend and a girlfriend and we live together with our children. My boyfriend’s boyfriend lives with us too. I can marry my boyfriend and if gay marriage is ever legal in our state, I can marry my girlfriend, but I’ll never be able to marry them both. Why should I have to choose? Just because most people are only capable of loving one person of one gender, why should my family not be recognized? I hope one day the Supreme Court just opens the door for anyone, no matter how many, to get married to whoever they want. That’s freedom and equality.

  • tweety



    These Americans are fighting in support of the pair-bond, not polygamy. When will people get that through their thick heads? Then they always roll out the absurd: “what about pair bonds between humans and sheep?” What about getting a clue? Shouldn’t we encourage the pair bond in general? Yes between humans thanks very much. We are talking about freedom here people, not anarchy. These people are entitled to their pursuit of happiness so please stop being hurtful and ignorant. Hypocrisy is denying other couples the myriad of rights and responsibilities that go along with the institution of marriage.

  • to jenny the tease

    jenny i find it hard to believe that would accept your lovers loving everyone else but you. i would think you’d want all the attention going to you. resentment is a problem and i find it hard to believe that is not an issue in your scenario.

    all you have to do is read the bible to know that your lifestyle does not proudce happiness. jacob was married to two wives…sisters no less…a major headache. they were at each others throats. and then the kids too.

    its a perfect example of a dysfunctional family. the kids were at each others throats too. leah’s kids persecuting rachel’s kids.

    oh and then there are the two housemaids….and their kids.

    so he essentially had 4 wives but their status was different….rachel was the least loved because she was supposedly the most loved

    if i were jacob i’d be hating life. and never want to be home at night. i’d be saying get me out of here.

    anyway, i think you are being facetious and are trying to make trouble

  • marriage

    all is not lost….it is only a 4% spread which means a lot more people will vote for gay marriage in the near future. the pro marriage people need to work on overcoming the lies and misinformation of the anti marriage people…

    its just going to take time and education and denouncing myths and lies etc. false perceptions etc.

  • Jennifer Freil


    Legalize Gay!!!
    NO H8.
    I DO support the freedom to Marry!
    Why are we criticizing two people for LOVING each other? Stupid!

    Just for the record, I’m a Girl, 18, Catholic, Heterosexual.

  • fyi

    also the court upheld the 18000 marriages which means they approve. voters do not have a right to decide who can and can’t marry. if they did, then their marriages can be easily destroyed. only the actual parties in a marriage have the authority to contract it.

    so…if two people want to get married all they have to do is apply for it. the mayor was right in issuing the licenses.

    the fact that the vote was so close tells me that its actually a 50-50 split…the older generation is most likely against it and they will keep dying off so that number will chip away and the tide will turn in favor of the pro marriage people. however there are young people who are anti marriage and divorced people who would be anti marriage and people who were unhappily married who would be anti marriage. there are emotional issues in this that are affecting the vote. also there are people who don’t want other people to be happy because they aren’t so they are anti marraige. and there are jealous rejected people who were jilted who would be anti marriage. but there are jilted rejected peopel who want to be married. so there are emotional issues involved in the vote of the anti marriage crowd.

    teh problem with the churches is that they try to control who can and can’t marry even within their own churches…they try to control who can and can’t talk to each other even amongst their own members. they try to break up other people’s relationship all the time. those are cults. so you are fighting cult like behavior as well. they like to control every aspect of their members lives. they are cults. and that is what you are dealing with with the so called moral majority. they have a political agenda that the gay group can dismantle. it has to be dismantled and that is what is really at stake. the mind control has to be broken.

  • Beca

    She’s so fake.
    Banging Will Smith.

  • marisa

    Oh Gosh, here we go again with these half-witt celebrities pretending to know what they are talking about when it comes to politics. She is just one of the many that jump on the bandwagon to sound cool. just another lefty liberal

  • Joe

    marriage is meant for a man and a woman ONLY. it’s God’s way of life. you can’t argue or change it. period.


    I can’t take all of these celebrities and their fake political views. They are just trying to fit in with the rest of hollywood and california. God forbid one of them think something undemocratic.

  • http://jk Shelly

    This is NOT about politics. This is about CIVIL RIGHTS that every American is guaranteed. So stop it with the BS Bible talk.

    “The majority, oppressing an individual, is guilty of a crime, abuses its strength, and by acting on the law of the strongest breaks up the foundations of society.” Thomas Jefferson

  • jaye

    Why do people think everyone who doesn’t believe in GAY marriage is a homophobe? That’s just stupid. You’re think something smarter would come out of her mouth.

    There is no civil right to Gay Marriage. There are no absolutes in law. We are a country of ‘Free Speech” but there are consequences to some speech. Not being legally married is not keeping Gays from living their lives, working etc. There are many communities where Civil Unions are accepted, but that not good enough for them now. They want people to VOTE and therefore support the way they live their lives. I don’t care if they are allowed to marriage, I just won’t be one putting my seal of approval on it by voting for it.. Which btw is MY right. In this country everyone is entitled to an opinion, but only if they AGREE with whatever craziness that is presented to them by the LOUDEST among us.

    The problem with us is that as humans we believe everything we FEEL is natural. If we feel it it MUST be right, true, natural’ besides who is it hurting. How about the human race. When and how do you draw the line when you REDEFINE what a marriage is? What about the polygamists, aren’t they entitled to be happy and love ALL of their wives and have it legal? What about those who want to marry their blood relatives? I can hear people going ewwwwwwww. Some of those are the same people who think marrying two men or two women is perfectly fine and natural.

    If they can get voters to back them, good luck to them. This is not a political choice or Religious. It’s a human choice. I hope that this doesn’t one day become the MORAL decision that broke the back of what we call our Society. Remember it wasn’t a foe that defeated Rome, but it’s lifestyle and lack of morals.

  • Justice

    There is no such thing as traditional marriage either. Look at the divorce rates, single mothers in America. I say drop the word marriage all together. Lets all call it civil unions. eh?

    I agree with Shelly. Any right guaranteed to an individual is a civil right. No human being should be denied these fundamental rights.

  • mlk

    Why doesn’t this ugly, know -nothing hag just STFU.

  • RE:mlk

    ugly? B.I.T.C.H you must be deaf, dumb and blind.

  • qboy

    she is amazing …. and support for equality that’s all it has nothing to do with homophobia but it’s all about EQUALITY … so they should allow gay marriage :) that’s all

  • H

    I don’t believe most of these celebrities truly believe in this, they’re simply jumping on the bandwagon because it’s good PR and currently “politically correct”. It makes people think they want “equality”

    and thank you #24 for pointing out that just because some people might have reservations about things concerning gay people, doesn’t make them homophobes. It’s ridiculous to always jump to the homophobe accusation. It’s gotten worse than when people called those who didn’t vote Obama racist, honestly some people choose opinions based on values and politics it has nothing to do with racism or homophobia, deal with it.

    If any celebs who support this actually believe in it (which I doubt for most of them) then good for them for sticking to their beliefs, but otherwise they need to do more to make me believe they actually support gay marriage.

  • sav

    Voting against gay marriage is just stupidity and lacks any understanding of what social fairness is.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Why don’t they just legalize it?

  • Sillyphobe

    I like socks as a pair too.
    Charlize is so adorable.

  • kanalia

    Too bad she had no qualms about equality when she voted for Obama, a man who feels that a baby surviving a late-term abortion deserves no medical care.
    Seems about right.