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Kris Allen's One Wish: Chest Hair

Kris Allen's One Wish: Chest Hair
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  • Sugaroo

    I power voted for Kris Allen. I cant wait for his CD to come out. I will buy them all. Hee Hee.

  • sade

    Love Kris Allen and hate chest hair. Why would any guy want to buy chest hair. Plus he is only 23 years old… so, if I remember correctly my boyfriend couldnt fully grow a beard and was still getting chest hair when he was around 26…

    Lighten up on Kris Allen! If he were gay he would be so popular in the press… that is very sad.

  • sugaroo

    Megan Fox is no Angelina Jolie. She will never have that kind of beauty and class EVER!!

  • sugaroo

    Kris Allen rocks my socks.

  • lakers fan in boston

    susan boyle is extremely overrated, yes she’s a good singer but ppl acted like if she was the best thing they’ve ever heard
    cameron looks alright, better than i thought she would
    i either h8 katherine or like her, with that cig in her hand, she’s disgusting
    im sorry as much as a love megan, she’s a bad actress, if she does get tomb raider it’ll just make her look bad

  • Savannah

    Poor, Mel. I hope all works out for him & congrats on the new baby<3

  • http://isreal Lisa rose

    jared please give us some Zach Braff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!

  • sugaroo

    K Kardasion totes has a cat lady face.

    Susan Boyle is a marvelous singer. I can totes relate to her.

  • sugaroo

    How come some of you names are blue? Sorry Im new to posting here.

  • You/Me

    Mel Gibson’s two oldest sons, twins Edward and Christian, have hired lawyers to protect their share of the actor/director’s fortune now that Mel, who’s worth is estimated at about $900 million, has announced he has another kid on the way.
    And they think they are entitled to his money because……??? Serves them right if he makes a will and cuts them out completely! That is so wrong, they didn’t work for all that money, Mel did!

  • Noticias de famosos

    Kris Allen is the best !!!!!!!!!!!

  • meganisafox

    no body really wants to be Angelina Jolie…..

  • mslewis

    Is think they should just sit back and keep quiet. They can’t force their father to leave them any money. As you said, they are not entitled to anything. They only get what their father wants to give them so they had best just sit down and shut up; show their new sibling respect and don’t maker Daddy mad!!!

  • mattchew

    I agree with You/Me. Who do they think they are?

  • Alyssa

    Kris Allen is beautiful!
    i hate chest hair, its so unttractive!
    im glad he doesn’t have it!

  • LuckyL

    Meg version will fail. Not even Charlize Theron–much better actress–could make a success out of Aeon Flux. The only successful female action star I know of in this decade is Angelina Jolie.

  • Sarah

    I don’t care about Kris and his chest!
    I just know that ADAM LAMBERT ROCKS!

  • h

    about the mel story….are you effing kidding me??? what spolied brats!! they aren’t entitled to anything. it’s mel’s money. whatever he chooses to leave them, they get. it would seem that now the inheritance would be split eight ways instead of seven. if they aren’t happy with that they should get nothing. case closed.

  • rfb

    Chest hair or not, Kris is a great singer/artist. He will go far.
    Oh yeah, and he is sooooo likeable.

  • anonymous

    While I’d love to see Megan as Lara. I doubt she’ll do it. She wants to be taken as a “serious” actress.

  • a total fan

    Many actors are replace by others as the years go by. We don’t have the same actors that played the roles in 007Bond, or the same Batman, we don’t have the same Superman, or the same Joker. As the years go by new actor take over the old rolls but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are trying to be the new anything. Meagan wouldn’t be trying to be the next Jolie just the next Lara Croft.

  • TEDS

    I cannot beleive Mel’s kids! It is not there money, they are adults capable of earning a living by themselves! What selfish little brats, I hope Mel/Oksana does a better job with the new kid!! I hope Mel gives them fu*k all in his will, serve them right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen

    Why doesn’t Adam Lambert take HIS shirt off?

    Oh he can’t because he is FAT.

  • Joe


    Then get lost.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    He has chest hair?

  • …………

    @Karen: You have really worrying body image issues if you class a healthy body like this:
    ‘fat’. I feel sorry for you. But it’s all I expect from Kris stans.