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Levi Johnston is Shirtless, Shows Off Son Tripp

Levi Johnston is Shirtless, Shows Off Son Tripp

Levi Johnston is shirtless sexy in this new GQ photo shoot with his son Tripp, 4 months.

Here’s a comprehensive list the mag compiled of what Levi has experienced in roughly the past year:
(a) having dad leave home;
(b) seeing mom get arrested and face incarceration, in national news;
(c) watching own son be born, with Sarah Palin also in room;
(d) dropping out of high school and taking electrician job;
(e) losing fiancée, son, job for reasons that mystify him and may be political;
(f) becoming instantaneously megafamous—Antichrist to some, slab of sweet Arctic man-beef to others—but either way finding self at center of momentous events with zero comprehension or aid after having left home to go on sheep hunt.

Levi‘s ex, Bristol Palin (the daughter of Sarah Palin) was most recently out and about promoting abstinence.

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Photos: Ture Lillegraven/GQ
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  • Joce


  • Halo

    What the hell?

    I remember the days that you had to be someone pretty famous to be on the cover of a magazine. I mean like Ava Gardner, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor or Desi Arnaz famous.

    The BOY is only famous for having a child at 17 years old. That doesn’t warrant him this much fame. I don’t care if he’s the ex of a governor’s daughter.

  • Halli

    Why are you posting this incredibly (well it should be) private photo?

    Imagine if this whitetrash family of Palin and her extended trashy family actually won the election?

    They would be America’s Second Family. They would have probably stunk up the Vice President’s mansion with Moose chili and baby poo.

  • Thing big

    Sheesh. Why is that photo up here? The F.B.I. go after people for this kind of stuff. This is a BIG NO NO!!!

  • harper

    I’m sure the Palin camp will love this.

  • LoserLevi

    Levi is a doucebag… totally classless for going on talk shows and bashing his baby’s mama.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    #6: agree!

  • Hmmm

    Is his 15 minutes up yet? enough already.

  • Thing big

    So inappropriate

  • oly

    #4, you are right…they should never have photos of childrens privates…this is awful. Bristol is going to come unglued..i don’t even like her!

  • francesca

    he’s attractive!

  • LuckyL

    Ok, this is too much

  • joanne

    This is just sick. why would he exploit his kid like that? Bristol was in the cover of People with the baby and now this?? Poor kid is gonna be messed up!!

  • Shawna

    That is completely inappropriate!

  • joanne

    This is just sick. why would he exploit his kid like that? Bristol was in the cover of People with the baby and now this?? Poor kid is gonna be messed up!!

  • tara

    Absolutely and utterly vile!!! This photo shoot has crossed the limits when it comes to inappropriate photos.

  • jo

    What is he trying to promote here? That being a teenaged dad can land him in magazines? with his shirt off no less. disgusting!

  • jaye

    He shouldn’t have had 15 minutes in the first place. Probably can’t tell time, so he doesn’t know it’s UP.

  • James

    i think he’s sweet, and the Palin family would have had a lot to do with him not being with his fiancee anymore.

  • Thing big

    That picture shouldn’t be up here. *goes to check buzznets legal rules*

  • jo

    i’m pretty sure his babymama knew about this shoot, he had to do it with her consent. she’s just as bad as he is

  • Ashley

    I think they’re both crazy. I’m sure they both need the money that they get paid by magazines, but still. They should try to stay out of the limelight and focus on being good parents. I mean compare them to jamie Lynn Spears her and her boyfriend went through the same thing and they’ve kept it together. These people really need to grow up.

  • shellrunner

    absolutely TASTELESS!!

  • roosta

    do we really need to see the babies privates?

  • Bunny

    Well Bristol was just on the cover of People magazine with the baby. So what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Hopefully he got paid or the interview and photos and will use that money to help his son.

  • eva

    Why is this nobody on a magazine? with that little one who didn’t ask to be in the middle of a tacky family feud? these people are so selfish, claiming attention for being rich jerks with a little baby. How irrelevant and classless.

  • sugaroo

    He is gorgeous and so is the baby.

  • sugaroo

    I wonder if he is a good Dad and if he visits the baby often. So cute!!

  • Drex

    You people are sick. You can barely even see the baby’s private parts, and honestly, even if you could see all of it, he’s a BABY. How is it inappropriate? It’s a dad changing his son’s diaper. Damn, talk about being prudes. If the kid was five or six and naked in a magazine, now THAT would be inappropriate and out of line. This is innocent and not at all something to get all bent out of shape about.

  • Chandler colby canterbury
  • sugaroo

    I concur #29.

  • shea

    i hope they work it out. both families fighting isn’t good for Tripp. they should have kept their disagreements,conflicts private and handled them better from the beginning. they should have tried to reconcile their differences to make it fair for Tripp, both parents and families.

  • Craig Marriott – Australia

    All you people are prudes. Have you ever been to South America where family nu|de beaches are the norm? Or how about naturist (aka nudist) resorts in Europe? Or the fact that Scandinavian countries have family saunas together? You Yanks NEED to get over yourselves and grow up. lol ;-)

    Yeah. “RIC (Routine Infant Circumcision) = MGM (Male Genital Mutilation)!” Less than 10% of Aussie boys are circumcised. Glad we’ve virtually abandoned such a barbaric practice.

    Tripp’s STILL a bastard, BTW. Poor thing’s screwed in sooo many ways.

  • Craig Marriott – Australia

    Jared sucks!!!!!! [B]astard is what I called Tripp.

  • Jane

    Million dollar body, ten cent head.

  • Outraged

    He should be arrested for having that poor boy’s genitals mutilated (circumcised).

  • Charles U. Farley

    Nice weiner

  • Amanda

    okay I usually don’t bother commenting on articles on here but this is just INAPPROPRIATE! Children’s genitals should NEVER EVER be photographs for ANY reason! This is wrong and sick, shame on the photographs, the Palin’s, Johnson’s and that poor child’s parents for consenting to this photo being taken or published!

  • sugaroo

    I hope they work it out too. They will make a beautiful family.


    jared- are you kidding?! take that picture of the baby off right now. you can get in serious trouble and that is so disrespectful

  • whatever

    @Bunny: at least she had the baby clothed.

  • rella

    Jared, why are you posting this? it’s such trash!

  • vivian


  • Kim

    If you are going to post pics of the baby, you should of least blurred or pixelated his private parts.


    “Amanda” and “Kim” are [F]ucking mor|on prudes. Haven’t you ever heard of Flickr/SmugMug/Webshots/Picasa for posting family-friendly photos/videos of your family? Should _they_ be forced to do the same just because you’re too [f]ucking stu|pid to live?

    I agree w/ “Outraged”.

    Top Ten (10) Ways Circumcised Male Sex Hurts Women!

  • g!na

    Jared displayed the baby’s privates on purpose for more comments! By the way, most Americans circumcise their babies for many reasons! Yes it’s easier to clean! I had a ex boyfriend who wasn’t circumcized it was the grossiest thing ever! i will not go into detail!

  • Pandora

    He’s attractive in a very base way (and as long as he doesn’t open his mouth). I don’t blame him for cashing in, taking advantage of opportunities that come his way. Afterall, I think he was a puppet of the Palin’s while they could use him as a means to their end. Then it seems they decided to dump him and diss him. Turnabout is fair play.

    That said, I don’t think he should be exploting this little baby. I also used to think GQ was a showcase of classy men. You know the saying “he is very GQ”? This must have been their trailer trash edition. He cleans up well, but still…GQ?

  • Jan

    Just Jared, You are first person to post that Sarah’s son was Bristol’s now this is Bristol’s son. That part is true. Levi should NEVER pose showing his naked baby and his private parts. He just wanted to take the baby alone to MAKE MONEY OFF THIS LITTLE BABY!!! THIS IS TRUE WHITE TRASH!! Just Jared, your comments want to slam Palin again when YOU SHOULD BE SLAMMING LEVI FOR HIS LACK OF JUDGMENT HERE. The child protective services should investigate how this child in being treated in Levi’s care. Levi has on a coat outside but the baby has on shorts and Levi holds the baby away from his body like he is showing off a fish he just caught. He is saying, see my CASH FISHY. I just caught it after bashing it’s mommy on Larry King. I will sell photos of his little naked body to be posted all over the internet and in magazines. Maybe we can get in the Playgirl magazine together too.


    @g!na: Oh, there goes braindead “G!ina” again, being the mindless sheep that she is… “sheeple” is the correct word. Have you NOT bothered to click on _any_ of educational links given to you?????

    If you read all this and STILL believe the b.s. you’re spewing, then you truly _are_ too [f]ucking stu|pid to live. lol By the by….. I absolutely DON’T believe your (((lies))) about an intact ex-bf. 80% of the world that doesn’t circumcise thinks Americans are savages because of this. Food for thought, deary. ;-)

  • mina

    #29 I totally agree. Innocent baby in his birthday suit is pure innocence.