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Lindsay Lohan Pays Samantha Ronson A Visit

Lindsay Lohan Pays Samantha Ronson A Visit

Lindsay Lohan is spotted leaving Samantha Ronson‘s house looking a little upset on Wednesday (May 27) Los Angeles, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress was recently snubbed by rapper Asher Roth during his performance at the University of California’s Santa Barbara campus. “Lindsay was bugging both Asher and his management team to get onstage during ‘She Don’t Want a Man,’ but Asher was so annoyed by her requests that he actually skipped performing the single,” an insider told the NY Daily News. Lindsay then tweeted, “Wow, Asher was cocky to all my friends and not that nice.”

Michael Lohan, Lindsay‘s dad, reportedly told his girlfriend he would kill her and himself if she left him, and now faces misdemeanor charges of aggravated harassment.

15+ pictures inside of Lindsay Lohan paying Samantha Ronson a visit…

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26 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Pays Samantha Ronson A Visit”

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  1. 1
    maxi Says:

    What has happened to Lindsay’s drive and ambition? She’s not a bad actress at all, but is just a waste of space now . Come on, Lindsay, pull yourself together!

  2. 2
    bohe_mia Says:


  3. 3
    nat Says:

    @maxi: Drugs and party heavy party, that’s what happen to her. She thought that just because she was a “celebrity” she was beyond anything and anyone, now as you said she is just a wast of space. Its sad what its happening to her, but she is the only one to blame. None else is responsible for what is going on here but her. She is not even that great of an actress in my opinion, she was below average.

  4. 4
    tanii Says:

    Lindsay has friends?

  5. 5
    What's wrong with these people Says:

    Quoted from the above article:

    “Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s dad, reportedly told his girlfriend he would kill her and himself if she left him, and now faces misdemeanor charges of aggravated harassment.”

    This is why Lindsey is so messed up! Look at her parents, they obviously suffer from some mental (depression) issue and Lindsey’s got the genes. BTW, what kind of grown man would make such threats unless he had mental health issues. Lindsey is heading down the same road. We will see it in 10-15 yrs. if she lives that long.

  6. 6
    bijou Says:

    Man she always looks dirty, she looks a mess, besides the fancy shoes, she looks dishelved and unkept, like an addict I sometimes see wandering around near by office building downtown. I can certainly see why nobody wants to hire her for their movies, she’s not appealing in any way anymore and would be hard for an audience to forget who she is when she’s in character, she’s not that good of an actress, she was always overated anyway, peopel quote Parent Trap and Mean Girls and that was like a gazillion years ago when she was young, fresh, innocent and humble, but those days are long, long gone. Wonder if she ever wakes up in a cold sweat thinking about all she lost, about how embarassing it is to beg for roles, how she has to crawl back up Hollywood chain and how she may likely never get back there, maybe why she still parties, to try and forget about how she crashed and burned and was ungrateful.

  7. 7
    shirley Says:

    She lost her cuteness long ago. girl looks rough, like she’s low class, like a gal from the wrong side of the tracks now. Can’t imagine how old she’s going to look at 32 when she looks this rough at 22. My friends and I are 31 and we all look younger than her!!!

  8. 8
    anonymous Says:

    No wonder her hair always looks awful and stringy, she’s always got her likely greasy hands in it. She must have the worst stringy extensions in all of Hollywood!!!!

  9. 9
    mertz Says:

    lol. asher is a good kid on his grind shizzy, and who she thinking she can be up all over him. w/e. he said she is not his scene. i was laughing so hard last night when i saw. hit up aher’s twitter people. everyone thinks he’s the fake eminem, but they rap different so check your tip and stop being whack.

  10. 10
    Lillianne Says:

    She may need Dina more than we think she should. Her life seems to be a little out of control with no direction. And she’s beginning to get that “crazy Britney” look.

  11. 11
    caray Says:

    Well is if she was planning to do a lame dance on stage with Asher like she did at Lily Allen’s concert a while back (so embarassing for her, she looked like an idiot), no wonder he said no LOL!. I think many in Hollywood are keeping their distance from LL because when you’ree associated with her, the public may take it as they are also living the over-partying, out of control lifestyle. Since LL partied with Adrien Grenier and Leo Dicaprio lately, found myself thinking when I read that that maybe they too are cokeheads if they would hang with her. Can’t stand Adrian, but fan of Leo’s so hope not.

  12. 12
    Kaka Says:

    Who has time to wash their hair? It’s like when the cops thought her place was robbed but it’s just a messy shi^thole. You know how crackheads are when they can’t find their 8 ball. They knife open the matress and the couch, rip up the wood floor & tile, throw the drawers out of the cabinets, dig holes in the backyard, etc. It’s chaos until they realize it was in their purse the whole time. That’s why she stays in hotels like a mile from her house to get away from that shiznithole.
    Whatever. In more important news – Team Firecrotch gots a job! And no, it’s not a por&no. But that white maserati was pretty sweet no?

  13. 13
    Doreen Says:

    I used Ms. Lindsay’s Sevin Nyne tanning spray last nite. That’s how I spell it too. Now I look like I put down some newspapers on the floor and rolled in my own diarrhea after eating fire red hot Cheetos. I looks just like that picture of Demi Moore missing her teeth at the dentist but orange. Thanks Ms. Lindsay.
    I am saving cans and bottles to get enough change to see hew new movie. Does “indie” mean it might not show in the theaters?

  14. 14
    chloe Says:

    She looks so nasty all the time, like she smells or something. Sienna Miller is like that, too. Definitely no hotness.

  15. 15
    Maya Says:

    Damn, i want her body.

  16. 16
    mertz Says:

    lol. you want to be anorexic? i wouldn’t wish that sickness on my worst enemy

  17. 17
    canadaeh. Says:

    Yikes, to stay Lindsay looks like a 30 or 40 year old is actually an insult to those age groups. For someone who shops and spends so much, she dresses like she shops at the Goodwill and and looks like she’s on welfare, the party life catches up with you no matter who you are.

  18. 18
    bobjustbob Says:

    She needs to COMB THE WEAVE/HAIR!!! Her hair makes me itchy just looking at her, like there are little itty bugs camped out in there. Well she has always said she hates being alone, so without Samantha, the bugs can keep her company then, hee, hee.

  19. 19
    Jayckson Lucy Says:

    Yeah, Lindsay is back to red again! thats so awesome, she has such amazing hair of herself, its good she has her natural colour and she looks good, less skinny. the parent trap is one of my favorite movies and lindsay is a good actress. hollywood is just a dangerous world, especially for teen actors, its hard to survive in that world. about everything is a hype. i still have respect for lindsay and i will always have, because i know she will always be the 11 year old she was during parent trap, somewhere inside of her. shes just amazing.

  20. 20
    soprano Says:


  21. 21
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    wow im actually surprised she doesnt look her usual messy **** self
    better than she was
    and i respect asher roth more for being a cool dude, show that ***** she’s trash roth!
    whoever’s phantom that is, it looks really nice
    carbon black look looks hot

  22. 22
    Tunni Says:

    Snubbed by Asher Roth of all people?! Darn, Lindsay. What’s going on? LOL.

  23. 23
    shameonher Says:

    Lindsay needs Rehab desperately..everyone in her circle knows she’s back on the drugs and booze. I’m sure it’s why Sam doesn’t want her back. Sam may be anorexic, but I think she’s clean as far as drugs go..
    This girl really gave up a lucrative career in film for the life of a scummy party girl who gets paid to show up to clubs…may as well join up with Paris Hilton now for a Reality show based on Coke & Adderol addiction.

  24. 24
    natka Says:

    well, it’d be easier to see the character in the movie and not Lindsay if people were not so obsessed with celebrities private lifes… the truth is we care a great deal more about what they do in their bedrooms than on the screen or stage . and I don’t understand how people can be so hypocritic like you’ve never had a day in your life when your hair looked dirty or never gained or lost weight, or never got stressed and of course none of us have ever partied… and the only difference is nobody gives a **** when we do it and no paparazzi taking our pictuires so we can sit in front of our computers and ***** about Lindsay… she can’t step out of the house without us judging her hair and clothes? this is sick
    and those saying she won’t last long are so damn mean, she’s only 22.
    she got access to everything in life as a kid, she messed up but there’s no need to be such haters and btw do you know how long you’ll last yourself ?

  25. 25
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    Lindsay is washed up.

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