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Megan Fox Bashes Wonder Woman

Megan Fox Bashes Wonder Woman

Megan Fox passes through security at at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Thursday (May 28).

The 23-year-old actress won’t be in the running to play Wonder Woman any time soon. In fact, Megan is not a fan of the heroine at all!

“Wonder Woman is a lame superhero,” she tells UK’s Times Online. “She flies around in her invisible jet and her weaponry is a lasso that makes you tell the truth. I just don’t get it. Somebody has a big challenge on their hands whoever takes that role but I don’t want to do it.”

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129 Responses to “Megan Fox Bashes Wonder Woman”

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  1. 76
    mela Says:

    she is beautiful but she’s kind of snotty and arrogant. she acts like she’s too good and too smart (question for megan: where did you earn your bachelors degree or other form of higher education?).

    kinda turns me off.

  2. 77
    celebrityobsessed. Says:

    She wears the same damn outfit pretty much every day! Geez. And the only reason she’s bashing the role is because she probably auditioned for it and missed out, ha! She is a good looking girl but her awful personality and constant b!tching about people/roles/whatever is a big big turn off. She needs to learn to keep her cosmetically enhanced mouth SHUT.

  3. 78
    Wonderwomanslame Says:

    Wonder Woman is never anything to began with….no hoop lalalalalalala….

  4. 79
    Ambrose Mugwump Says:

    “Wonder Woman is a lame superhero,”

    Fox is a lame actress so it should work out well.

  5. 80
    LadyS Says:

    Spoken like someone who wasn’t offered the part….

  6. 81
    anne Says:

    Wonder Woman was an amazon. Amazons are known as warriors. Wonder Woman was also very intelligent and a true feminist. Oh my fault, she may be basing her idiotic point of view on the Superfriends. Oh wait, my fault, she wouldn’t even know who they were.

    Like someone said, “Here today…GONE today.” Keep it up Megan, you’re gonna let that non SAT vocab blaring mouth talk you right out of a lot of roles. then when you need a role to get another edgy tattoo, you’ll be out on your ass wishing you never said anything.

    Let’s just sit back and watch this slow motion train wreck go down. She’ll be releasing a hard core album next with David Silver and that’s when the other boot will drop.

  7. 82
    anne Says:

    PS Find J Lo’s interview with movieline magazine where she bashed every (then) major star. That was like stink on a fly and she couldn’t shake that crap for years.

    I’m just saying…

  8. 83
    Halo Says:


    Uh…she was offered the part. That’s why I said I remember her saying something similar.

  9. 84
    anne Says:

    @Ambrose Mugwump:

    ha ha, really…love it.

  10. 85
    blah Says:

    shes yesterdays news. shes trying to stay in the press no matter what. flush her down the toilet like the **** she is.

  11. 86

    Wait Wonder Woman’s lasso makes people tell the truth. What kind of power is that. It’s called a lie detector. Man they always give females sucky powers

  12. 87
    Pati Says:

    Of course you can’t get it! You need a brain t understand!

  13. 88
    ME Says:

    THis girl is annoying! She has no talent…the only reason she’s in terminator is because of her looks…which are not even that great. She looks like a hooker and acts like one too. i don’t even think she’s been in anything other than Terminator because she has NO TALENT!

  14. 89
    ME Says:

    *i meant Transformers…but you get the point. :P

  15. 90
    thetruth Says:

    This shows what a vapid, shallow dipshit she is. Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston (creator of the ploygraph) as a female empowerment figure, with strange undercurrents of psycho-sexuality and bondage.

    Read about WW and Marston a bit in the “Creation” section of the wikiepdia entry:

    WW has got great depth and complexity to play, and a talented actress would bring out the feminism, the sexual undercurrents and the camp.

    But Megan Fox obviously knows better because her career is based upon running away from giant robot cars.

  16. 91
    duh Says:

    Apparently those making the remarks about WW’s powers haven’t looked at the franchise in years. WW is today one of DC’s powerheroes, possessing flight, near-Superman strength and fight skills, along with her impact-resistant jewelry and lasso. Update your knowledge before slamming something.

  17. 92
    jason Says:

    she freakin’ smells like aphaero clouds.

  18. 93
    ginger Says:

    I can’t stand Megan Fox and her bashing! As if she’s a great actress or won an Oscar. hahaha If she plays Wonder Woman or Lara Croft, I’m not going to watch it. And she needs to fix her crater face!!!

  19. 94
    Wino Says:

    It’s verbal diarrhea when ever this bimbo opens her mouth. That’s all I got to say.

  20. 95
    Brooke Says:

    Is she at any point in her career where she can turn down stuff? Physically, she could pull it off, but if she thinks Wonder Woman is lame, well, who needs her.

    And while I agree that Wonder Woman has some lame attributes, from what I’ve heard WB has done with her storyline, it sounds interesting again. I’ll defend the Lasso of Truth or whatever… but admittedly the jet is dumb.

    Is it just me, or do those sunglasses make her look like Octomom?

  21. 96
    ty Says:

    she is the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 97
    **** Says:

    Yeah well beetch, people don’t want a hore playing Wonder Woman either, so there!

  23. 98
    The Edit Says:

    She’d be surprised if she actually bothered to do any research. Wonder Woman is nothing like she was depicted years ago. As long as the writers kept her close to the way she is as a character currenty, the role would be a great one. One thing: she is an Amazon, and an actress should have the stature of an Amazon. Fox couldn’t carry Wonder Woman’s tiara.

  24. 99
    megan fail Says:

    lol looks like someone auditioned for the role and didn’t get it and now she’s being bitter at not getting cast as lame superhero who rides in an invisible jet armed with a lasso that makes you tell the truth, Wonder Woman.

    good, because she would have been a horrible Diana. someone like Catherine Zeta-Jones fits the role more. she’s got class, acting chops and not an Angelina Jolie wannabe, like Ms. Fox here.

    and Wonder Woman lame?

    more like incredibly badass. her calling Diana lame just shows how ignorant she is, which probably also contributed as to why she didn’t get the part.

  25. 100
    tyna Says:

    wonder woman is lameeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO MEGAN!!!!

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