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Megan Fox Bashes Wonder Woman

Megan Fox Bashes Wonder Woman

Megan Fox passes through security at at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Thursday (May 28).

The 23-year-old actress won’t be in the running to play Wonder Woman any time soon. In fact, Megan is not a fan of the heroine at all!

“Wonder Woman is a lame superhero,” she tells UK’s Times Online. “She flies around in her invisible jet and her weaponry is a lasso that makes you tell the truth. I just don’t get it. Somebody has a big challenge on their hands whoever takes that role but I don’t want to do it.”

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129 Responses to “Megan Fox Bashes Wonder Woman”

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  1. 101
    rekk Says:

    Ha! Wonder Woman is probably at the limit of her acting capabilities, and she turned it down! Someone else here said that they should she ‘could’ become the flavor of the month and I say she already is

  2. 102
    soph Says:

    as if transformers isnt lame enough! LOL

  3. 103
    NB_wolf Says:

    Have to agree with her… The whole invisible jet but not invisible Wonder Woman thing always seemed like a really weak, flawed concept to me.
    Wonder Woman was just Superman in a baithing suit anyway. She was an attempt at “sexual equality” in the Super Hero world… Personally, I always thought she was an epic fail, but that’s my opinion.
    I’ll take Mikaela Barnes over Wonder Woman any day!

  4. 104
    Ellington Says:

    Well sadly Megan Fox is grossly misinformed about Wonder Woman in her latest incarnation. She does not use her invisible jet she actually can fly. She is gifted by her patron goddesses (Greek) and she is very bad ass, and yes she does still have her lasso but it does more than just makes people tell the truth.
    She is an Amazon warrior. She is no longer like the character that was (very well portrayed) played by Lynda Carter in the tv show.
    If she was aware, she and some of the others on this blog would not make the Wonder Woman is lame post. Before you speak on something that you know very little of I suggest that you read up on it.
    Check out DC comics or even Wikipedia to learn before you speak. And as for Megan Fox I myself would not want her to play Princess Diana of Theymiscria, she is not the right fit. She seems to be geared to play the sexy girlfriend of the hero, not the lead or the heroine.

  5. 105
    lyla Says:

    megan fox is AWSOME, I think she’s right

  6. 106
    Shesaidwhat?! Says:

    If Megan’s going off the t.v. show I can understand what she’s saying, to a certain extent (aside from anything negative about Linda Carter because she filled that role exceptionally in ever sense of the word). But to call Wonder Woman a “lame superhero” is quite honestly ignorant.

    Wonder Woman was the first female superhero created and she is still the most recognizable female superhero character to date. She is a part of the most reknowned trio/ founding members of the Justice League and stands equally with Superman and Batman. Any woman would KILL to play this iconic character. I, for one, am glad Megan isn’t playing WW. She isn’t nearly imposing, strong, or Amazonian enough to fill WW boots. If Megan knew anything about WW, especially as she has evolved over the decades, she would know that WW is so much more than just her jet and her lasso; WW is an ass-kicker.

    As for why the movie hasn’t been made yet? It’s because a good enough script hasn’t been written. People want this movie made, that’s no lie. So, Megan, hats off to you for being smokin’ hot and also for laying off playing a role that you cannot handle, ever.

  7. 107
    so true. Says:

    I would like her alot better if someone did the world a favor and duct taped her stupid mouth SHUT… I have read many quotes from Megan where she just sounds extremely ignorant and jealous. you will never be as talented as scarlett or angelina. and I think both of them are hotter than you.

  8. 108
    pinkrose Says:

    Wonder Woman was great for its time. Anyone making a movie about her now would have to update the character. But that doesn’t give Porn Face carte blance to bash her. LAiney is right…Megan Fox has a stripper face that’s just right for porn. She won’t get very far in main stream.

  9. 109
    pinkrose Says:

    Wonder Woman was great for its time. Anyone making a movie about her now would have to update the character. But that doesn’t give Stripper Face carte blance to bash her. LAiney is right…Megan Fox has a stripper face that’s just right for p orn. She won’t get very far in main stream.

  10. 110
    pinkrose Says:

    Wonder Woman may be lame now, but it was great for the time in which it was produced. Anyone producing a movie today would have to update the character and her gizmos. That doesn’t give Stripper Face the right to bash her. Lainey is right…Megan Fox has a Stripper’s face…just right for P-orn. she won’t get very far in main stream with such a distinctive Stripper Face.

  11. 111
    not!!! Says:


  12. 112
    Melissa Says:

    Yes, that may be true, but it will make you a bigger star.

  13. 113
    Frankiepitt Says:

    Wonder Woman has endured as a pop culture icon for over 60 years. I doubt anyone will remember Megan Fox beyond the next 6.

  14. 114
    CC Says:

    I don’t see why what she said is such a big thing…she has a point though.imagine an actress in a wonder woman suit flying around in an INVISIBLE jet =/ it would look really stupid on the big screen. and then if they make the jet visible, fans would *****.

    a wonder woman movie would probably be horrible. its one of those superheroes thats just not interesting enough for the big screen or maybe they are interesting but it just wouldn’t be good for a movie. like daredevil, catowmen, etc.

  15. 115
    CC Says:

    Btw, you have to admit, Megan Foxx is one of the bes if not THE best looking actress in the business right now. She would look great in a WW suit.

  16. 116
    4werweqrtwertw Says:

    Megan Fox always has something negative to say.

  17. 117
    What what what? Says:

    Everytime this ***** opens her mouth something hateful is coming out of it. What have you been in besides Transformers??? I see fame does not equal class.

  18. 118
    mertz Says:

    you mean fame doesn’t equal brains or intelligence.

    she’s becoming like katherin heigel. i have never watched a movie that this twat has been in. i love transformers, but not enough to see the movie ruin the original shows.

  19. 119
    kk Says:


    if what that has been said abt her so far were true, she’s quite bitchy in her comments and thinks too highly of herself .. .sure, she maybe a eye candy, but she put on way too much make up…******..
    you can only go so far with looks … with a “zero” badass personality..

  20. 120
    ammie Says:

    wow just because she doesn’t like something you trash her lame,she not as bad as miley cyrus aka: destiny hope.

  21. 121
    Lena Says:

    yeah, she is beautiful, but that’s not a reason to bash everybody. I don’t really now who she is, except that she was in Transformers but really. She has a big head. the only thing she is doing recently is bash EVERYBODY. That’s annoying.

  22. 122
    flomo Says:

    Megan Fox, nice excuse! Truth is you can’t act and you know it. People used to think Batman was a lame character… until of course a good actor was able to do something with the character.

    Her Mikaela in Transformers is a lame character. She’s just eye candy that follows Shia around. Oh wait, that’s pretty much the roles Megan Fox has ever done because it requires no acting.

  23. 123
    ... Says:

    This girl is a menace. The tough girl, sex symbol act is getting old fast. She’s pretty –yes, but she goes way overboard with her comments ( nearly all of which are completely unnecessary) Id like he more if she just kept her mouth SHUT

  24. 124
    vee! Says:

    i love her

  25. 125
    Milton fludgecow Says:

    What a bunch of idiots.

    Are people really bashing Wonder Woman because their only exposure to her was Lynda Carter’s version and the SuperFriends?

    What a bunch of ignorant artards.

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