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Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern -- Watch Now!

Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern -- Watch Now!

Nathan Fillion, best known for his work in the sci-fi projects Firefly and Serenity, was never considered for the role of superhero Green Lantern but thanks to YouTube wunderkind Jaron Pitts, the possibility seems all too real.

Check out the below fan-made video of the Green Lantern movie starring Nathan as Hal Jordan. It’s so well-edited!

The actual movie will be directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, Goldeneye) and shot at Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia with a $150 million budget. The casting for Green Lantern has not been finalized.

Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern — Watch Now!
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  • emma.

    That is well made! It would work, yes. And he’s really hot hah.

  • Jennifer

    I thought Green Lantern was a black guy.

  • mertz

    this guy has some good suggestions for the casting. it’s good to know i’m not the only one who watched firefly, serenity, castle and all these other shows that ended up getting shanked. it looks really good…i only saw a couple seconds but from what i saw i thought it was a real trailor. isn’t bradley cooper and chris pine on the rumour mill for this film. i don’t think fillion will get the role, even if he’s a good actor. green lantern is too huge to fail, and there will be riots if they get the casting wrong. i totally disagree with the scarjo recommendation as the girlfriend. oh wait she’s gonna be in ironman yea…i’ll re-evaluate my thoughts after i see her in that.

  • silentsophi

    Great editing, I see his vision!

  • silentsophi

    Wait is green lantern black? If so I rescind my support for Nathan until I see the others being considered.

  • maryelle

    in my head, i was like ‘isn’t the green lantern a black guy?’ then i opened the vid in a new window and saw it was a FAN MADE TRAILER. thank goodness because i was like, why is there a scene from star trek?? haha that looked wayyy legit.

  • brush yo teefs!

    there is a black green lantern but hal jordan was the first one and he was white but he dies therefore the blacks guy comes in and so forth

  • damien

    yeah! i saw a star trek scene! i think it was a fan made trailer. a good one tho!

  • Charles U. Farley

    this guy sucks

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    i’m so not use to seeing this kind of stuff on this site. lol.. weird.

  • claude

    i gotta hand it to this person. he should be working in the film industry.

  • Andrea

    I would so go see this if it involved Nathan Fillion. The person who did it did a pretty good job.

  • NativeNYker
  • Barb

    Nathan Fillion should be considered for Green Lantern. I’d go see it. :) This was an awesome video, and I certainly hope the one who did this picks up some work because of it.

  • swinefluclear
  • Ellie

    If I hadn’t recognized a couple of lines from Lord of the Rings and the new Star Trek, I wouldn’t have known this was a fanvid. This guy is good.

  • Lillianne

    I really like him in that tv show he has been doing that runs after Dancing with the Stars. I hope it’s going to continue. Does anyone know? I don’t even know the name of the tv show.

  • H.

    Nathan tweeted a few days ago that this is the “first time in a long time” that he gets to go back for a second season, Lillianne. So I think that means Castle will be back. Thank goodness, he’s fantastic in it!

    You can follow him (yes, it’s really him!) on Twitter at

  • celery gloss

    the person did an excellent job with this clip.
    if it wasn’t for the star trek scene, i’d have thought it was a studio project or something.

  • Joy

    I have been a fan of Nathan’s since he was on One Life to Live. He is a great actor and this would be such a great break for him. He is so good in everything he does.

  • whatever, yo


  • whatever, yo

    nevermind… missed that part in the blurb…

    here’s more info on the fan video:

  • trekkier

    absolutely AMAZING! someone knows their first years issues of the green lantern comic book from the very early 60′s. detail is amazing although the guardian of oa was the wrong shade of blue and should have been slightly larger than yoda sized and rounder.

    the thing with the ring going to hal is better than they way it happens in the comic where a flight simulator hal is in gets yanked off its base and actually flys to abn sur.

    they also changed the pieface character to an african american which is a good thing. in the comic he was a native alaskan and hal called him pieface, as in eskimo.

    the black green lantern came years and years after this version and he might be the most familiar to people because he is on the justice league cartoon show.

    hal jordon is the first silver age green lantern from when dc rebooted the character from the basic concept of the original from the 40′s.

    a great sequal idea would be for hal of earth one to meet alan scott the 40′s version from earth 2.

    dc has a line of trade paperbacks where they reprint the original comics in 500 page black and white format. the green lantern is a hoot and a half.

    the fantastic 4 movie are all like they were written by dc and this looks like it was written by marvel. interesting.

  • Will

    The first Green Lantern was Alan Scott, but that was the golden age GL, and his storyline did not involve the guardians. The main GL was Hal Jordan, as depicted in this trailer. John Stewart is the black GL, he hasn’t been a lantern nearly as long as Hal, but people are familiar with him because he was GL in the cartoon. Other humans to bear the ring are Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner.

  • Ian

    Dang, that was one FINE fanvid trailer! I was fooled till halfway through that it was the real upcoming movie! Great job by the creator!

  • Ian

    Everything I am reading states that the WB is adamant that the actor be under 30 (ageist!!!) and that Chris Pine is currently at the top of the heap to be considered. Absolute GAG on that choice, Nathan looked good, maybe even Bradley Cooper but if Pine is the one there is NO way I would go see that movie. Sorry but I think he SUCKED in the Star Trek movie. WB only wants him as they think his looks will horny up the teens to go see it, and not concerned as to the actual quality of the film. Hal Jordan IS slightly older, his character has freaking grey streaks on the sides of his head for crying out loud. Oh well, as usual the fans in the fanvid did a WAY better job than the actual people who will produce the movie, who are only concerned with getting an actor who will look good shaking his ass and not concerned if he is actually right for the ROLE.

  • ulfric69


    The name of the show is Castle

  • Starkiller


    FYI, Hal Jordan didn’t always have those grey streaks to his hair, and more recently (the last two years or so) he no longer has them. The canon revealed that there was an impurity *Parallax* in his body, which caused the grey streaks to appear. Once this impurity was out of his body, Hal Jordan no longer has the grey streaks.

    I for one would LOVE to see Nathan Fillion in another action/sci-fi type role and firmly believe he would do the bitter, snarky Hal Jordan justice. Ryan Reynolds is more befitting a Guy Gardner or Kyle Rayner Green Lantern role.