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Sophia Bush: Legalize Gay Marriage!

Sophia Bush: Legalize Gay Marriage!

Sophia Bush joins a slew of celebrities at the gay marriage rally following the California Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold Proposition 8, on Tuesday (May 26) at the intersection of Santa Monica and San Vicente in West Hollywood.

The 26-year-old One Tree Hill actress was accompanied by: Drew Barrymore, Emmy Rossum, Lance Bass, Sally Kirkland, Deborah Gibson, Haylie Duff, Shanna Moakler, Kelly Osbourne (with fiance Luke Worrall), Gloria Allred, George Takei and others.

To help Sophia‘s cause, visit Equality California at

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  • Paula

    YEAH! It’s nice to see her around town again. She’s a huge influence to young people out there because of her show. Sophia doesn’t go around and party hard like most girls do. She’s a good example. \m/

  • An


  • mimi

    Legalize Gay Marriage! go Sophia

  • hahaha

    hahahahahahahahaha, just wanna laugh. those loser……

  • Jennifer

    I love Sophia Bush.

  • T

    good for her

  • Charles U. Farley


  • Sophia(L)

    aaaw my hero

  • fashion

    I also support gay marriage. Say NO to Prop 8!

  • Nadine

    she’s really a good role model! i love her :)

    plus, she looks beautiful as always!

  • Jake

    Thank you Sophia!

  • brandy

    shes a dumb pathetic bimbo but kudos to everyone else that was involved. i cannot believe this is what it’s come to. discrimination needs to end

  • k

    The people of the state of California voted. What part of that are none of you understanding? The majority voted no to same sex marriage. The Supreme Court held up the vote. MOVE ON !!

  • Soralynn

    sophia bush is a great actress, but posting this makes what difference?

    but as K said the state of CA voted, so that’s that!

  • Ambrose Mugwump

    I couldnt care less what a bunch of empty heads think about this issue. Actors are notoriously unintelligent people and they should all just shut up and act.

    PS i support gay marriage but am not an actor and therefore my view counts.

  • NativeNYker

    That a girl! Its outrageous that California of all places in the USA has taken this route. SAD!~

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • alicia

    Sophia is an intelligent woman. Just because they are actors doesn’t mean they aren’t well educated. I believe people should be able to marry who they want. It is not fair for the government to tell people who they can and can’t marry. Sophia is a major influence and I believe it is important for those with a large influence to support causes.

  • tinnii

    she like supporting every possible cause – Peta, Unfpa whatever u think:

    sophia bush for the pandas:

  • Cammie

    Jumping on the bandwagon

  • ganymede30324

    Really? How many days did her marriage to Chad last? As a gay man, the LAST thing I want is her idea of ‘marriage’.

  • Stephanie

    This is why I LOVEEEE Sophia!! Shes an amazing role model!! (:

  • Nico

    So, if people in california votes for some proposition, lets call it Prop 9 where people of different sex can’t get marry. and the majority votes for Yes to Prop 9… will you move on?

  • T

    I love how no matter where she is she rallys for gay marriage. Whether it be in a small town, like Wilmy. Which she has rallied there multiple times. Or in LA. I think its great that she’s willing to lose fans who may disagree with her to stand up for what she believes in. Like she has said it’s sad that with the world in the state it is now, people shouldn’t be putting to much effort into stopping two people who love each other from being married. This is a religious matter. Separation of church and state anyone?

  • bre

    sophia participates in these “good” causes when she knows that the media will be there so it seems she just jumps on the bandwagon.
    when she does something good for the public without the media buzz I might say it’s genuine on her part but till then it seems staged. end of

  • Austin

    Go Sophia! :)

  • http://8noooooo zktoy

    MOVE ON CELEB!!! we are not going to change our minds just because you guys are for it. I don’t care who supports it “MARRIAGE is between a woman and a Man “end of the story…lololol we voted NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO understood.

  • Charlotte

    @Ambrose Mugwump: Hey how do you even know actors are stupid?? First of all, a lot of famous actors attended really prestigious universities. Second of all, even if they were stupid, how does that make their judgment meaningless? Saying this just proves how stupid you are.

  • Charlotte

    Her marriage didn’t last because he cheated on her. So maybe she’s not the problem; he is.

  • Jennifer Freil

    Legalize Gay!!!
    NO H8.
    I DO support the freedom to Marry!
    Why are we criticizing two people for LOVING each other? Stupid!
    Just for the record, I’m a Girl, 18, Catholic, Heterosexual.

  • Tara

    The reason that Sophia is such a huge supporter of legalizing gay marriage is because she is a strong believer of EVERYONE having equal rights. No one should be told who they can marry and who they can’t. Sophia has a lot of friends who are gay and someone REALLY close to her passed away a few years back who was homosexual and I know ever since then, she’s voiced her belief about having equality for everyone more louder and stronger.
    And she isn’t just doing this for “media” attention and nor did anyone else at that rally. If you live in Wilmington, then you’d know that Sophia also rallied their as well. So get with the program.

  • Mila

    No one should be told how to live their life and who they can spend it with!!
    Legalize gay marriage!!!!!!

  • yay

    wow she looks passionate!


    gay marraige is WRONG!!! God loves gays, but HE does NOT love the sin of homosexuality

  • Jess

    How can you say that??
    God loves everyone. Yes, there are people who believe that a marriage should solely be between a man and a woman. But its not fair to tell people how to live their lives. If two men or two women want to get married then who cares?? Its their lives and they should be allowed to live it the way they want to. As long as you love the other person, then thats all that matters.
    We’ve always had some sort of discrimination in this country. Like when their was so much prejudice against black people. All of this unnecessary hate needs to stop.


    God does love everyone; it’s not about hate; it’s about what’s right and what’s WRONG in the sight of the Almighty God. It’s a sin to practice homosexuality; however, it’s is NOT A SIN TO BE BLACK, WHITE, ASIAN, etc. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because men were sleeping with men, and God Himself called it evil. They even begged Lot to allow them to sleep with the Angels. (read Genesis 19).
    Please understand, we have to reach a state of accountability. We all have to answer to God at some point. I know it feels better to say things that will make people “like” you, but I personally feel that it’s in our best interest to be on God’s good side, not Man’s.

  • lakers fan in boston

    my girl emmy was there =]
    looking her cute self
    really cute outfit as well, love the scarf
    love yah emmy!

  • claudia


    I would not blame Sophia for the divorce. Chad cheated on her. She has alluded to it in interviews that that was why the marriage ended. Although, not being a media whore, she does not mention her private life AT ALL in interviews anymore. When she was young she did it a little, but that is because she was new to the buissness and thought she had to. Chad also has not denied it, and has admitted that he was the one to screw up. I find it very sad that someone who does not know this woman personally, who is standing up for YOUR cause, as I do, is degrading her and her image on a subject of her private life/relationship that you know nothing about. And also, to these other individuals who are saying that Ms. Bush is a “bimbo” or, in more eloquent terms, “unintelligent”, should be informed of one little fact: Not all actors choose fame. Many just want a job like the rest of us, and fame just comes with the package. And don’t even get me started on magazine covers and others things that you will probably say actors just use to, as you would so stupidly put it, “pimp” their image. They need to do PR (press) for their projects (films) it is part of their job (about 40% is acting 60% is PR- I am a young film director and casting director, I should know) it is not their fault that these interviewers ask them questions about their private lives which many decent actors, like Ms. Bush, must then politely, briefly reply. I cannot believe that someone would say that when an actor goes out for a good and just cause that that is a bad thing. Considering how many “unintelligent” people who are out there, many would just listen to a famous person, and sadly, that is the truth. Ms. Bush can either be doing one of two things: Using her celeberty to promote a very important topic, or simply as an individual and citizen of this country, is supporting a cause and being followed by the paparazzi. You decide. But I don’t think it is simply because she wants publicity, go look at the new pictures of Paris Hilton grinding her boyfriend for that.

  • Melanie

    That was a fantastic post.
    I am so proud of Sophia for standing up and voicing her opinions and beliefs about such an important topic. She is a wonderful person and I think its so great of her for supporting something she believes so strongly in. From start to end, that was an excellent post Claudia and I completely agree with everything you said.

  • jacob

    I think it’s cool that Sophia is supportive and passionate about this cause but I don’t really think there’s that much her or any other celebrities can do about it. A lot of people may think that it sucks that gay people can’t get married everywhere in America. In California, the people voted to ban gay marriage in their state. If gay people really wanted to make gay marriage legal then they should have tried harder to make sure that it didn’t get banned. I do think that there is a band wagon of support gay marriage and opposing Prop 8.

  • jack rohf

    wow.. didnt know sophia could be a pinhead too.

    as soon as they ask her about it im sure she wont come up with anything to knowledgeable to say, just bein one of those liberal parrots.

  • sam smith

    i feel bad for those MORONS.

    thumbs up to Cali Supreme court!

  • alissa bock

    SRSLY, they voted NO, just move on and get a life people!

    all these protest seem to be doing good but they’re NOT.

  • traceshang

    Get a life! i used to like her, but now… look at her.. men 2 men and g2g? is that want you want?where are your values people!

    is it because her marriage to chad didnt last long?..come on!

  • Zachary

    Is she a lesbian?

  • Arianna

    No, she is not a lesbian you idiot. A person doesn’t have to be gay or a lesbian in order to support same sex marriage. Millions of straight people across the US support same sex marriage, so I’m assuming you think they’re all gay too.
    Sophia is not a liberal parrot. Just because actors and actresses work in Hollywood making a career out of acting does not mean they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about when it comes to politics or anything else for that matter. There are plenty of actors and actresses in Hollywood who are SMART and have had gone to colleges. Granted that Hollywood has plenty of airheads. But Sophia is NOT one of them. If you’ve ever heard her talk about politics and same sex rights, then you would know that.
    If people believe in same sex marriage, then LET them. Let them support what they want and you go on ahead and support what you want. No one is stopping you.

  • sav

    People against some type of civil rights issue where a minority wants social fairness, always loses in the end. It’s inevitable. Blacks marrying whites, women’s rights, religious rights, are always opposed by people who thump the bible over everyone else invoking God’s law that these are against him. They’re just crazy.

    Eventually california will allow marriage. it’s just a matter of time. The beauty of California law is that you can vote on an issue as many times as you want. prop 8 stands today. It won’t stand in a a few more years. People are beginning to wise up to social fairness.

  • anonymous

    To Claudia:

    I’m sorry but I vehemently disagree. A lot of things that Sophia has uttered have bordered on compete ridiculousness and the fact that she routinely contradicts herself does not help her case either. Sure, she puts on a facade but she is an actress, and a poor one at that, so a lot of her motives are very transparent.

  • KC


  • Claudia


    My comment was directed at an individual who commented on Bush’s marriage and the other immature people calling her such crass names as “bimbo”. I was simply trying to say that now one should comment on someone’s private relationships when they do not know them personally, nor subject someone that they do not know to such abhorent names. Sure Sophia is no Meryl Streep, but she is not a “poor” actress. And, please, give me some examples of these so called “apparent motives”. Again, these comments should not even be addressed at Sophia herself, but the cause that she is standing up for.

  • Claudia


    My comment was directed at an individual who commented on Bush’s marriage and the other immature people calling her such crass names as “bimbo”. I was simply trying to say that now one should comment on someone’s private relationships when they do not know them personally, nor subject someone that they do not know to such abhorent names. Sure Sophia is no Meryl Streep, but she is not a “poor” actress. And, please, give me some examples of these so called “apparent motives”. Again, these comments should not even be addressed at Sophia herself, but the cause that she is standing up for.