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Suri Cruise: Sunflower Sweetheart

Suri Cruise: Sunflower Sweetheart

Katie Holmes takes daughter Suri to dance class on Thursday morning (May 28) in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

The 30-year-old actress wore a purple top and matching pale purple snakeskin flats by Roger Vivier. 3-year-old Suri donned a pretty brown sunflower dress.

The mother-daughter pair will soon join Tom Cruise in Melbourne for the filming of Katie‘s horror thriller Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark.

15+ pictures inside of sunflower sweet Suri Cruise and mama Katie

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suri cruise sunflower dress 02
suri cruise sunflower dress 03
suri cruise sunflower dress 04
suri cruise sunflower dress 05
suri cruise sunflower dress 06
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suri cruise sunflower dress 08
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suri cruise sunflower dress 10
suri cruise sunflower dress 11
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  • emma

    nothing special about the kid she is just normal looking

  • Katie Reprimanded in Public!!!
  • swinefluclear

    very cute girl. please check out
    Nearly 13,000 people infected with Swine Flu around the world.

  • LolaSvelt


  • Love

    Celebrity kids do not need to walk

  • Poppy

    mother &daughter both look adorable.

  • tutu

    suri has potato nose


    MOVIE FROM THE 70′S!!!

  • jennifer

    Suri looks so much like Katie! They’re really cute together! :)

  • sandi


    I think you meant to say…” Sunflower Brat”

  • mariana

    Jared I love your site, but you have to stop publishing pictures where the paps are obviously crossing the line. They are at an arms length from K. Holmes, while on a flight stairs, AND carrying a small child. These kinds of pictures and all involving Michelle Williams with her child are tacky.

  • cdn

    these pics are kinda sad…that kid looks scared all the time and the paps won’t even let them go to a dance class in peace!!

  • yipee!

    she’s adorable! suri is the cutest celebrity baby ever! seriously.
    but, i agree this is sad….the paps should leave her alone!

  • cecile

    i think Suri is a very cute girl but i don’t know why every time i see her i think she looks like a diva, a spoiled brat…

  • kitty

    Jared, reread your article. Katie’s joining Tom Cruise in Australia to do her movie? I realize this site is a joke, but give the appearance….

  • #2 is right

    remember that suri’s first breakdowns were when katie would take her to broadway shows at night. poor suri was only 2.

  • Annie

    Both unhappy, yet again…I see her bathing only lasted a day too…
    What a gross disgusting pig, and that poor kid. Something wrong with her. She looks like she’s getting smaller, not bigger. Must be the Sci-Fi FRAUD diet she’s on.

  • ck

    Katie has an inny hinee

  • lakers fan in boston

    i kinda like her outfit
    love the short jeans
    good thing is she isnt looking her usual boring self

  • yeah, right

    attending dance class in a dress and unkept hair?

  • sade

    Poor litle rich girl. So sad. I wonder when they will allow her to wear pants again. I thought it was so funny on about the same day that Tom Cruise says Suri just WONT wear pants that Suri was wearing the cutest little jeans in NYC… course that had to embarras Tom and since then we have never seen her in pants since.

  • pheony

    Nothing really cute about the child except her dress.

  • Paley

    Katie needs to do something with Suri’s hair; i.e. barrette, head band, pony tail … I am sure Suri rules the roost and probably won’t let her.

  • dabu

    Wow, hot new body guard!

  • Fanfan from France

    Mais je crois que je ne l’ais jamais vu porter un seul pantalon cette petite… sais pas ├ža fait bizzare quand meme…je sais bien que c’est jolie, une petite fille en robe mais c’est pratique pour jouer quand meme les pantalons….
    puis c’est drole, elle n’a jamais l’air heureuse cette enfant….
    ceci dit, Katie n’a pas l’air de respirer le bonheur non plus….

  • mela

    does anyone think suri cruise might be autistic?

    whenever you see her, she looks very uncomfortable and is having sensory overload. She always looks very frustrated. always. Other celeb babies like Shiloh, Zahara, etc do not get so overwhelmed and frustrated in public, even with the paps.

    Also, I have never seen a picture of Suri interacting/playing with another child.

    Additionally, i have read an interview where Katie Holmes said Suri refuses to wear pants or long sleeved shirts. I know that autistic children are often very particular about their clothing. This could be innocent enough, but combined with her other behaviors it makes me wonder.

    what do you guys think?

  • Donatello

    Don’t believe everything you read and don;t be so judgmental, #2. Her comeuppance? She hasn’t done a thing to you or anyone ever!

    How does one LOOK like a spoiled brat, #14?

    Her breakdowns, #16?

    I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the same day and he just meant it was difficult to get her to wear any, #21. Why would he disallow her to wear pants in the first place to have people wonder about it so he can tell them that she doesn’t wear pants and then allow her to wear pants to contradict himself?

    Why does she NEED to do something, #23. Please tell me how you’re so sure about the lives of people you’ve never met?

  • Donatello

    A bunch of people keep saying she;s autistic, #26. Not because they care but to bash TomKat more.

    There are tons of pics of Suri Cruise interacting with the Beckahm boys that you ‘conveniently’ miss. Funny, I’ve NEVER seen Matilda Ledger play with other kids but I don’t hear the same comments. The same for Violet Affleck.

    You diagnose people via paparazzi photos.

  • Greentea

    Suri’s dress is from Baby Gap.

  • Ambrose Mugwump

    Cute kid – shame about the dad.

  • len

    # 26 mela….you could be right about Suri having some level of autism.
    I have three friends that work with children with different levels of autism.

    Suri seems to fit one of the levels. It’s very possible and even more possible that her parents won’t even entertain that thought.

    Ugh….I see that Michaelangelo has morphed into……

    Donatello !!

    LOL LOL LOL…….what a creep

  • Michaelangelo

    Hi everyone. I’m hoping that I can start using the new screen name Donatello. I guess I just love those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle names. But anyway, I just changed screen names again and I don’t want you to notice ok? This is NOT me, Michaelangelo, using the new screen name Donatello now. It is someone else who sounds just like me and agrees with everything I’ve been saying. . My checks from the Church Of Scientology are getting smaller and smaller. They say I’m just not making an impact with my comments and that I’m kinda getting sloppy and saying the same thing over and over again. Well, the new Donatello is going to change all that! See above, I didn’t address everyone by their number? HA! I guess I’m just crazy like that! See COS, me, Michaelangelo… I mean Donatello is going to set all these people straight!!!

  • carly

    I understand casual dressing. I really love it myself. But…. with all the cash and clothing options … Katie, c’mon some style, if not something interesting, would be nice. I do like the shoes. The shorts, gotta go. Terribly unattractive. I can appreciate how hard it is to grow out a hair style but there has to be a better way to do it. I just don’t understand.

  • ria

    Suri is the cutest celebrity baby.I don’t get it,how can you tell that this little girl is don’t even know these’s just ridiculous.

  • Donatella

    I’m sorry, what I really meant to say was: I think Suri IS Autistic. Screw my boss, he doesnt pay me enough. And Violet and Matilda always look so happy, damn, that poor little Cruise control kid, can’t break a smile most the time.

  • ria

    #35, why that little girl has to ‘break a smile’ at papps? and that means she’s unhappy? come on,that makes me laugh at all

  • cc

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  • ads

    one word for ya #35,


  • r

    they are precious

  • thanks jared

    America’s Sweethearts for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ian


  • awww

    Such a beautiful family in & out….

  • donna

    I <3 them

  • LuckyL

    Tarzan and Mowgli

  • Jokergurl

    It makes me sick when people pick on celebrity children. It’s not Suri Cruises fault she’s the daughter of Tom Cruise, she gets pampered yes, but what little kid doesn’t? It’s just her toys cost more than most toys, to put it mildly. To say this kids autistic or otherwise is just out of line. Katie carries Suri all the time because guess what, some kids like to be held! I would beat the crap out of anyone who says bad things about children, celebrity or otherwise. The kid probably is always hiding because she’s got a camera in her face! How would deal with that kind of public scrutiny? Don’t pick at Katie either, she’s a good mother. News flash, celebrity kids usually don’t hang out with regular kids either, know why? It’s a little thing called paparazzi and a security risk. See, vultures follow these little kids around 24/7 whether they are with their parents or not. I would not be a good celebrity the first time some photographer stepped over the line and shoved a camera in my little kids face I would be like WOLVERINE. No mercy, and I ‘m just an aunt. :)

  • Poppy

    #45, I agree with most of your post, but Suri does interact with regular kids! On x17online you can see a video of other little girls leaving her dance class.

  • Megan fox rocks

    Katie is natural beauty

  • LuckyL

    Poppy @ 05/28/2009 at 9:13 pm

    #45, I agree with most of your post, but Suri does interact with regular kids! On x17online you can see a video of other little girls leaving her dance class.
    I presume you’ve never taken ballet or tap if you think it’s one big fun party with everyone dancing with one another. Or maybe don’t have any children.

  • Poppy

    #48, I don’t have children but I have taken dance classes. I never said it was a “party” but kids do interact with each other, especially in toddler classes. In fact, at Suri’s age most kids are too young really master even the basic ballet positions. Many parents sign their toddlers up for these dance classes just to get some exercise and have fun with other children.

    My point is that Suri is not isolated from the “real world” like many tomkat critics believe. Of course she is rich and pampered, but she also goes out&about and does “normal” things like taking dance classes with non-celebrity children.

  • chloe

    I think Suri looks adorable here .Everyone complains that Suri is always dressed up and then when she is out looking like a regular cute little girl with tossled /messy kid hair everyone says “oh , look shes so unkept… Katie can’t even do Suri’s hair”….sheesh…she looks like a normal kid going to dance class.

    Just because you don’t like Tom and Katie there is no reason to act like an ass and call a child names.

    And if she is spoiled how exactly is that her fault ????